Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Multipost: auction reminder and sales

Hi guys I'm back with a multipost! First of all, thanks to all that give me suggestions about Rakuten, I can say it's fixed and Politoed strap plush has been paid :D A japanese friend is helping me with it.

Secondly, a reminder than the auction for the Slowking and company dices is going to end tomorrow and most of them are without bids!! You can click HERE or on the photos to see the post

Thirdly, I have updated my sales post with more figures (bell keychains, shinx bobble head, more kids and more random figures) and I have added non-pokemon sales (danganronpa, yowamushi pedal, digimon and durarara things) you can click on the Poochy to see them
Finally, a quick sale. I found this adhesive tape on a lot I got. It seems it has the full 150 pokemon on it. You can see more photos under the cut. I wanted to ask 10$ for it OBO.

Tags: auction, sales
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