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End of September custom plush slots

With September nearing its end I've finally got some time for custom plush! I'm opening up 3 slots right now so if you're interested please check out the details below!

EDIT: All slots have been filled! If you would like to be notified when I'm open for customs again let me know. Thanks a bunch!

General Policies
*All Pokemon Collectors community rules apply
*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014
*Feedback can be found at:
*I ship from Orlando FL, USA and I am open to international shipping
*I only accept Paypal and Google Wallet at this time
*Haggling is not accepted unless otherwise stated
*My items come from a smoke-free but pet friendly home so please be aware! All items are kept away from animals but do understand that a stray hair or two can sometimes find it's way into things.
*Asking for a quote will not guarantee an item for you! You must let me know you are committed to an item in order for me to reserve it for you.
*Payment is due 24 hours after commitment. Paying late or backing out of committed purchases can result in negative or neutral feedback.
*When making payments, please put your USERNAME and the item you bought in the notes! ;)

*I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages but I will always do my best to resolve issues.
* Items will be shipped in a bubble mailer or box with added padding/protection when needed.
*Tracking is always included unless otherwise stated.
*I can accommodate shipping to decrease price but please be aware this may increase the risk of damage to your item at the hands of the post office.
*I will notify you of shipping and any updates.

Examples : For more examples of Pokemon and non-Pokemon plush see

DX Pokedoll

Felties (very small)

Laying Plush

Other Customs

F. A. Q.

What materials do you work with?

Materials I use:
Cuddle fabrics (fluffy fleece and minky)
Polyfill (regular stuffing)
Cluster stuff (special stuffing, makes items squishy!)

Can you make ____?

I'm happy to emulate styles like Pokedolls, Pokemon Time, Beanie Babies, etc. I will not copy another artist's work (for example, please do not send me pictures of another artist's plush work asking me to make an exact copy).

What's your turnaround time?

Each custom can take between 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity though I've been known to finish quickly. Felties usually take up to 1 week. I work in order going down the list, so if you're last in line and haven't heard from me for a bit I have not forgotten you I promise! You're welcome to PM me for updates at any time.

Do you send concept sketches/progress pictures?

Yes! :D I try to be very communicative about your order to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.

How many plush can I order with one slot?

As many as you want within reason. A laying plush and three felties? Sure! Every Eeveelution at once? @^@; Too much.

What are your prices like?

They vary, it really depends on what you want! These prices reflect the bare minimum based on the most simplistic characters (Think Ditto, Metapod, etc) and materials, or are an estimated average just to give you an idea. These are not quotes.
Felties: $3
Laying plush: $15
Pokedolls: $25
Other Customs: small $10 medium $25 big $45

Okay great! So how do I pay you?

Payment is given through PayPal and is divided into two seperate payments: The initial price which I will need before starting, and then the cost of shipping which is calculated after the custom is completed. I do accept payment plans on orders over $100.

Custom Plush slots:
1. eat_my_bear : Wurmple Pokedoll in fleece Payment Received


2. mizunosakura : Mega Audino soft and cuddly 1' custom Payment Received Planning pattern

3. poliwhirl : Poliwhirl Pokedoll in cuddle fabric Payment Received

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