January 1st, 2011

Starly - in a tree

Pokemon Center Oshawott + new here

Hey, I'm new here and I'm looking for the Pokemon Center Oshawott.

The ones at sunyshore are sold out apparently and I'd feel more comfortable buying from the community than Chinese / Japanese sellers on eBay.

Also, can anyone identify this Starly for me? I cant find him on PokePlushProject.
He is on eBay for eight dollars from Hong Kong. eBay item title is: POKEMON STARLY POKE DOLL SOFT PLUSH Stuffed Toys 4" If anyone has him for sale I might be interested. :>

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preorder ad and FC 2011

Happy new year everyone! :D

First off I hope everyone had a safe and awesome New Years! And second I was just lurking the forum and thought I saw a preorder ad for the zekrom and reshiram pokedolls but unfortunately tthe page changed on my phone and I couldn't find it again :/ is this a real ad or am I just crazy? And if the ad is real may I get a link if someone knows it?

Also is anyone going to FC 2011? It'd be cool to meet my fellow pokemon collectors and I will even do free badges or doorhangers for members here :)

looking for booties plus pokedoll run again

first off im looking for bootlegs for a project im doing. i wanted to know if anyone here had some i could buy for cheap before i go to ebay.

now then i still have a snorlax and a gizamimi pichu both nwt for sale $17 shipped and a medium wobbuffet shirt for $23 shipped

I will be going to the nintendo world store on the 9th

heres the pokedolls they had today, the 2nd;

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I can also pickup non pokemon items.

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im also stopping in the disney store, if anyone wants something disney related ask ^^

all pokedolls and shirts from the previous run have not been mailed due to bad weather. im unable to get too far from my house at the moment and the post office is further away than the subway station is XP but when the snow starts melting ill start sending them over. my apologies for the delay.

may not reply right away <3 sorry if i take too long!

forgot to note that my sister will be helping me with replies on my account since im going to be in and out today. she will be texting me to ask me for help when she needs it, but not for everything. if i say something odd please disregard, and if you suspect me of over (or under) charging notify me and i will check it up.
Jessie Grace

Interest in items?

 This is a post to gain the information that i need to decide weither to run a sales post on these
 im not going to all this effort if there would be no interest in them.

UPDATEEEEEE again lol:
Pictures of items here:
Minus the plushes.
(warning very very image heavy!)
ALSO i have been given sales permition by denkimouse Today (1.1.11)
there will be a auction post up on the zukans this weekend! The rest will be up for sale a little after that!

still looking for some help on pricing all these though so please dont be afraid to help me out!

i have a bunch of Zukan's BUT they for some reason when i bought the lot of them have been glued onto their bases which makes them worth alot less i assume! so wouldnt be sure how to price them all...some of them are fine though.... 
i have the Seel Diorama, Manaphy/Buzel/Mantine/Remoraid Diorama, Feralgator/Crownaw/Totodile, Bayleaf/Chikorita/ Meganium,Raikou (broken tail has been stuck awkwardly on its butt),Wailmer (paint is wierd on its butt and has stuck to the holder a bit, Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup Tree Diorama, Rayqauza,Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra, Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion,Phanpy/Donphan,Croagunk/Toxicroak,Shuppet/Banette,Kangaskhan,Mew/Ash scale, Detoxys/Ash Scale, Manaphy/Ash Scale - some of the scales and zukans have white stains on the bases also.
(may have spelt alot of the names wrong here im in a rush haha)

also have a few tomy figures, Pencil Toppers, Figurines, A few plushes.

also maybe to a bit banged up pokemon masks Pichu and Pikachu (if anyone shows interest)

a pikachu with pecha berry that lights up and says pikachu.

would there be much iterest in these babies?

if not i was just going to do a mass lot on ebay :)

Also there will be a collection update soon with my new Spirit Banpresto's (Uxie/Mespirt, Gyarados hasbro beanie, Pokemon String lights >.<, Totodile Banpresto (christmas prezzy) yayayay!

If this post is not alowed please let me know!

pika cap2

Item Question

Hello everyone my birthday's coming up next month and I'm planning on getting a DSi or DSi XL so I'm
getting a new carrying case for it. I've seen these cool pouches but before I get one I was wondering
can they fit a DSi or DSi XL so if anyone  knows please let me know

  • renshao

A Viny Want.

 Heya! Happy New Year to everyone! 

Just a really quick want - does anybody have a Bellsprout Zukan piece they're willing to sell me? I have both other pieces, I'm literally just looking for the Bellsprout piece!

Let me know if you have one lying around, I'd love to complete this zukan :P

Look how lonely they look without their viny mate :P

Thanks guys n_n
  • iza_7

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone's been having a blast! I just wanted to let you guys know I'm diligently working away on the LJ pkmn icon's I'm making for everyone! I got requests for around 110, so boy do I got my work cut out for me!

Also, in the meantime, I wanted to share this pic of some new strap figures I saw on the AAPF blog:


I believe these are coming out sometime mid april.

Also, these watches:


Gotta LOVE Zuruggu! I sure as heck can't wait to see more merch of him, as well as people's customs! :D

TO all my friends and clients of this comm my apologizes ;__;

all my friends and customers of this great community, I apologize for my sudden disappearance
is that in my town there was a severe flooding and power lines were cut and obviously the same thing happened with the internet too but I have to say that all packages that are delayed them safe and only remains for me to finish some repairs this week will be lists and can finally send their packages to all my clients I apologize again to everyone for everything that happened and not to disappoint any meet and those who choose me for their commish,i really hope they can understand and I apologize for all this dammit delay >_<

sincerely dark_tigrus
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Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Cards for Sale/Trade!

I wanted to tell ya'll I am selling a TON of Pokemon stuff over on eBay for a starting bid of 99 cents. Lots of my collection weeding things ended up there- very sad to give up my Ursarings and Shaymins, but that's how it's gotta be I guess! I also have some Digimon and stuff if you're interested in that.
Here is the link to all those auctions! http://shop.ebay.com/grrrowly/m.html

And now for the real meat and potatoes of this post- I am getting rid of all my unwanted TCG cards, so what better way than a mega sale, eh? ^^

-Paypal only unless you are trading
-Trades are good! I want to trade! I am looking for shiny cards (I already have Lotad, Swablu, Ponyta, and Entei), and rares and promos illustrated by Tomokazu Komiya and Naoyo Kimura. Just show me what you're willing to offer and I'll let ya know if I have it already!
-I'll also trade for any Growlithe/Arcanine item I don't have, flat or otherwise!
-I ship worldwide. For trades I'd like it if we ship at the same time. ^^

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TO ORDER: List the cards you want and your country. If offering a trade, tell me which ones you want and show me what you are offering in exchange. I'll deal with comments in the order they appear on this page.

Small GA Starts Now! (and first sales post is coming soon)

Hi guys, I recently received sales permission on December 30, 2010 by denkimouse and I wanted to start things off with a small GA. The reason I am running this is to get me used to the system, the whole cost isn't too much to handle and overall it is easy to deal with. I do plan to do bigger GA's but this is practice for me and so you can get cool stuff!

Please be supportive of my auction and be patient with me. I will greatly appreciate advice, suggestions or if you think I'm doing something completely wrong, please don't hesitate to tell me. I want to become a great known sales person here in the community. Also, I will be posting my sales thread soon! Please support and look at that as well when It comes out. And with no further ado to the GA~


I know this is small but again here we have four canvas plushies and for extra practice I won't be claiming anything.
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  • aleyina

New Years Sales!

Hello Everybody! Happy New Year! Hope it was great!
I got some new items in and marked down the prices of them drastically.
I am open to haggling but please be fair. I am not making a profit off this stuff. I buy in bulk to get the item I want and sell this stuff to make up the difference.

SAVE $1 on shipping! New base price is $2.50!
Spend $30 or more and get free shipping!

I have Kids-plush-pencil toppers-tomy's-FCS-keychains-bottlecaps-and soooo much more!

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Last minute contest entry and AWESOME get!!

 My contest entry is at the end of this post.

Soooo, I was browsing ebay last week, and guess what I found? The pokedoll of my favorite Pokemon that I've been searching for for ages! And he came in the mail yesterday!!
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And on a side note: If anyone has any Pokemon dice with any of the following on it: Absol, Sneasel, Glaceon, Celebi, Jolteon, Zoroark, or Team Rocket, I'd probably be interested in buying them from you(:
Pogeys ☆ Meguroko

Quick Sales + Auction!

I need to get a few things out out out while I work on rebuilding my permanent sales post. Pluuuus I need to start saving for a few things.

Sorry in advance for cruddy pictures!

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I am not sure how rare this actually is, but I know that Mew and Eevee are both popular, so I'm putting it up for auction. I have two.
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I am making a post office trip on Monday. After that, I won't be able to get to the P.O. until after Thursday.

A note: Please let me know if something you have purchased from me prior to this has not been received. ;w; Some I sent a while back was lost in the mail and I am a bit paranoid!
Pillow, Eevee

Ninjask Pokedoll request :D

Hiya guys!!!!!


So I'm looking to commission someone to make a Ninjask plush in the style of a PokeDoll?

I'm willing to wait a long time for the end result and am willing to spend $40/$50 plus P+P for the plush it's self...I also live in the UK....

If people are willing to make my dream come true please send me a message/post and a link to some of your past work, just so we can come to an agreement if your style is what I'm looking for.... but it's basically the same as any PokeDoll, small body but big head and cute eyes :) it also has to be made from a fuzzy material like PokeDolls as Ninjask to me is a fuzzy bumble bee, however not made out of felt....

So hope to hear from someone soon, hope everyone is having a wicked new year :) xXx
Buizel art

A Very Buizel Christmas

I hope that everyone had a great holiday, and that 2011 is off to a great start! :3 I'm here to share a little photostory starring my buddy, Buoy the Buizel Pokedoll.

Buoy is all ready to celebrate Christmas with his friends! It's his first Christmas, what will he get?

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Thanks for reading, everyone! My next post will be a collection update, because I got tons of Pokemon goodies for Christmas. :) There will be lots of Buis, for sure! :D