January 2nd, 2011


Canvas GB


 Hi again guys, sorry for posting again so soon but I'd like to run this GB for you :D

Each will be $15 plus three shipping payments (internal shipping, shipping to me, and shipping to you.)
Only commit if you can pay straight away! 

I will be claiming Ampharos, if that's okay (: *if there is no interest for Pikachu I will claim him too*

Dragonite - lunglock 
Pikachu - 
Chikorita - 
Riolu - 
Landmin - chairoi 
Latios - I'ma chillin' all cool.
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Hello all! I'm Ion. I've been around here for quite awhile now (tomorrow is one year, actually!), but have lately kept myself to just lurking around. Sadly, Pokémon collecting has had to take a backseat to some other things. Not so sadly, I've still picked up a few things! I'd like to start paying a bit more attention to this community, so I thought a collection update would be appropriate.

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Outofplace and awkward

(no subject)

Ok, life has been insane. I haven't been keeping up too great with the com or anything really.

If anyone is owed money, package results, ect... please contact me.

Again, life has been crazy. I haven't even had time to work on my Kokoromori plush!
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Vulpix/Ninetales Offers

Hello! This is a reminder that I am taking offers on my Vulpix and Ninetales zukan here. I have someone potentially interested at $150, so now is the time to make your offers or buy it now! These don't show up too often, so get them while you can!

Also, if you are just interested in one zukan and you know someone else who wants the other piece, I have no problem with two people going in on an offer or BIN together. :)

Again, please make your offers HERE and PM me with anything you might need. :)
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Heyooo~ I hope everyone had a good and safe new years C:
I have a question!
Does anyone know if the eBay user Infinityzone is trustworthy? Are their items official? I've been searching for a Weavile pokedoll for some time, and they have one for sale @v@ Their stock photo seems a bit suss, though.

Alternatively, if anyone here is selling one (minky or non-minky, I don't mind~) I'll gladly check my finances :3 I'd rather buy on here than eBay anyway 8D I'll consider any other Weavile items too~~

Thanks all!
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Offers Reminder / In-Case Figures for Auction


Just a reminder that nearly-1:1 Big Bulba and the Bulbasaur line zukan are up for offers until this Wednesday at 9:00PM EST. There are some other plush up for offers as well.

( Fake Cut to Offers )

Additionally, I have the following in-case figures up for auction. c:

Auction ends Wednesday at 9PM EST. PayPal only, must be ready to pay right away.

Mewtwo starts at $3
Vulpix starts at $4
Vaporeons each start at $5
Zoro Derp

GA ending at midnight! Plus a quick want and reduced prices in my sales :)

Just a quick reminder that this GA is goin' DOWN and ends tonight at midnight, EST!  There are still a couple plush with no bids!
Click here or the pic to be transported.
EDIT: I usually wouldn't update a post like this, but since I'm already editing it... I wanted to say that we won this auction and there should be an awesome discount. :D

On another note, I have reduced prices in my sales post, so please check it out!  I am back to school finally and am able to ship out items very quickly now that I'm back. :)  And speaking of shipping... most orders have been shipped.  I will be making a PO run tomorrow to get the stragglers in the mail.
EDIT: I lied when I said this because I completely forgot about my lack of mailers. >.<  I should be getting some in the next day or two, so the PO run will happen later this week.  My apologies for the false information. ;_;

Finally, I have one little, specific want: another Jolteon Pokedoll (I know, I have quite a few already XD).  I'd prefer one without the hang tag because this one will be the one I hope to love and carry with me everywhere. ^_^  It seems silly to buy a NWT one because of this.  I would like it to still have a tush tag because I can't help but think plush look kinda odd without it. >.<  I don't care when/where it was released and I don't mind what condition it's in as long as it isn't totally gross.  I'm hoping to not have to pay much for one, but considering it's an Eeveelution, I might not be able to avoid that. XD

Banpresto Giant 13" Oshawott and Snivy ready to ship

Sorry for the long delay, but I've finally finished most of the shipping back log and am ready to tackle the shipping for the 13" Chibi Plush. ^_^


Each plush is $40 shipped to US, $44 shipped to Canada, and $47 shipped to EU/OZ.

Here are the list of confirmed orders:



Pokemon Fan Vol 15 (plus the bundled freebies) are ready to ship as well.  Each copy is $20 shipped to US, $23 shipped to Canada, and $26 shipped to EU/OZ.

Pokemon Fan Confirmed Orders

If you have already sent in payment for Pokemon Fan 15, please disregard this post. ^_^;;

Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Please visit the sales page for complete shipping rules and what not.

Here is a little update on the Keshipoke BW1.  The chance of Reshiram and Zekrom is 1:24 (each). >_<

I will post pricing for the preview items in the next couple days. =)

A Shiny Zard Appeared

To celebrate the beginnings of the New Year I bring the community something special... My first custom plush and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I will be putting this plush up for auction so click on the cut to find out more!


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EDIT: Thank you to everyone who has left such kind words <3
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First simple wants post

This should be an easy one I hope.

Would there happen to be a person kind enough to get me these two Clash of Legends boxes?


According to Pokebeach these are sold "at many Target and Wal-Mart stores for $14.99"

And... (now that I thought about it) there should be this one too somewhere. It's supposed to cost $19.99.


I would like to receive them in their original packages, but if it brings up the shipping cost a lot, shipping only the contents of the packages is fine. I live in Finland and these kind of boxes usually cost over $30 here.

If the same person could get all of these, I would be really happy :D Of course I will pay some extra on top the item and shipping costs. It won't be that much, but something at least. That is why I hope only one person could get all of these, because then I won't have to split the extra payment among many helpers and it keeps the shipping costs low.

Please tell me if you are willing to do this. Thank you!

Little Christmas Story

None of my family enjoyed this as it happened Christmas morning, but I thought the community might get a laugh out of it.

For Christmas this year my 4 year-old asked santa for a doll house.  So under the tree was this 3 foot pink and purple doll house, with two bags full of accessories (the whole thing was from my parents).  While we waited for the rest of the family to arrive, I let her empty her stocking.  This was my big mistake.  It was packed to the brim with POKEMON (all from me =D).  She was in heaven.  When her 9 year-old cousin Zack arrived, they poured over her pokemon cards. 

She left her gifts long enough to eat and dress.  But when we returned to open gifts from under the tree... she only wanted to play with her pokemon.  Repeatedly through out the morning, we had to pull her away from the shocking gifts to open presents.  Finally, everything was opened and I went to the kitchen to cook.

Later my mother comes in looking very annoyed.  "I just don't believe this."  I followed her to the living room and there they were, a 9 year-old boy and a 4 year-old girl playing with a doll house.

Only, it wasn't really a doll house anymore.  It was more of a Pokemon Center.  =D 

All of the dolls & extras were still in the bags and the pokemon had taken over.  (Sorry no pics)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
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