January 3rd, 2011

Eevee & Vulpix
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Contest Entry - Photostory: A Snowy Adventure

 Okay, I'm doing this at the very last minute but I wanted to do it anyway :3 
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Vep's Holiday Contest entry for 2010/ 2011!  I hope U'll like it n_n

... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Go ahead and read it! XD

*sneak peek/ woting photo: A tea party under the christmas tree*

One morning Eevee (who doesn't have any special name at yet) went to see through the window
and what a very nice surprise for her there was waiting for her!

*quick notes about the story*
Character introduction:
Eevee (doesn't have any special name)
Flare - the Flareon
Melody - the Espeon
Mio - the Umbreon
Lily - the Leafeon
Sonata - the Glaceon

I'm doing my well earned storytellers's job like this :3  Happy reading!

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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Commission Slots: Auction Open!

Click the banner above to check it out! Three more slots are available for auction. :)

ALSO! If anyone is interested, I now have a Livestream Channel! I try to paint about 4 nights a week, we'll see! But so far I'm addicted and it's been a lot of fun! If you commission me, you might catch me working on yours! :) Bookmark it and check it at night! (EST night that is!) I hope to see some of you there! <3

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first of all, i've add MOAR POKEMON KIDS! from the latest set, although some are GONE and i probably won't get them back, so grab who you want now! :D

AND NOW!! a strange new proposition for you folks... a group buy bulk order kind of deal!

what are these? they are NOT pokemon kids/finger puppets. solid all around! they are sukui dolls...like rubber duckies! well, they are used for a festival game here in japan, where they float around in a little circular river and you have to scoop them up.

i've never seen these guys for sale in stores, advertised for sale, or up for auction (yet). i don't even think they are sold in stores at all, they are meant for people running festivals to bulk order online for the sukui doll game.

anyway i want to try to place some orders, but i don't have room for a billion of them hanging around. you have to order them separately, and the minimum is ten per pokemon. so for the crazy expensive price of 5.50$ shipped each (to YOU, as in, that's all you pay!) if we can get at least ten folks per pokemon i will place orders for them! and hey, even if we go over ten folks, keep commenting since i can place a few more orders!

comment in the thread for the pokemon/s you want and i will edit this post once we have enough to make an order (or two! who knows!). you don't have to pay until the order is confirmed.


EDIT:AAAH!! there's a lot more interest than i thought. i'll post totals and tallies tomorrow but for now i'm stopping at 2 sets each (3 for reshiram XD)! i can do more next week :)

Metal Figures (and more) Sales!

All right, the holidays have ended and so I'm back with another sales post! \o/

Today I have for sale metal collection figures! These are smaller than Kids figures (at about an inch tall), and made of solid metal. (This also makes most of them a touch heavy for shipping purposes.) I've also included some leftover bottle caps from my auction a few months ago, so if you're new to the comm, collecting a new Pokemon, or just have more spending money, check those out too!

The post can be found here on my LJ:

Thanks all!
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Last Auction Reminder and Some Wants

 Hey guys! Just here to remind you that there's only about 12 hours left to put in your final bid in my auctions and sales HERE:

It has some pretty rare TFGs and some sealed zukans plus a few loved plushes so check it out!

Finally I also would like to know if anyone has any clipping figures for sale or know where I could get some (preferably in sets). I've ordered some sets in eBay already I'm kinda looking for some early sets. Also I'm looking forward to the BW clipping figures set! There's a seller in eBay who already have them for sale but it's for preorders only but I wasn't sure so I didn't buy it. 

Anyway here are the other things I'm looking for:
  • Kaiyodo Latios chess piece
  • Marshtomp TFG
  • Any other unreleased Groundbreakers or third set figures
That's all and thanks!!!

a new pokemon has appeared!

So I fell in love with a new pokemon...

I know I haven't been seen much lately since I been too busy working and wasting money on cosplay stuff that I haven't been buying as much pokemon stuff as I used to. But That does not mean I haven't stopped buying pokemon completely since I have a new collection update! I'm going to make this post all about my side collections!

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Quick Draw!

Pokemon Sales/Offers

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to say I got a Sales Permission from denkimouse yesterday, Jan2nd 2011 <3

so I am here to post my Sales Link.

If you think my banner is too big do let me know ^^

Do know that not all the items I am selling are up yet, but I am in the process of going through everything and taking pics. So do check back often for updates :]

I also have some items I am putting up for offers, which I will have in this post under the cut.

And if you have any suggestions as to better my sales post or my offers, I appreciate all advice <3

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Post Away~
Thanks for looking!

nintendo world store run this week, no slot limits!

now then i still have a snorlax and an entei both nwt for sale $17 shipped and a medium wobbuffet shirt for $23 shipped

I will be going to the nintendo world store on the 13th

heres what they had on the 2nd;

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im also stopping in the disney store, if anyone wants something disney related ask ^^

i will do my best to ship fast, but it all depends on the weather.

dont worry if i cant get your item you get an immediate refund ^^
Roan the Time Travelling Red Panda

First Sales Post!

Happy new year pkmncollectors! I hope you all had a great time :)

Alas, to start the new year I need to do some collection weeding to raise funds for my wedding. I've been part of this comm since Oct. 2009 and I was granted sales permission by denkimouse in Dec. 2010.

One of my prized plushies is part of these sales...the DX FUZZY RAICHU!


So fluffy :3 I don't even collect Raichu and I <3 it so...very hard to part with it!

Follow the link to my SALES!!

Thank you!

Sales update and GA payment 2 needed! And an apology!

 Hey guys!

Well, I was away in london for a few days, hence my late replies to everyone, but I'm back now and ready to get stuff done!


we got the shipping invoice in, and it aint all too pretty...

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And secondly, BIG BIG SALES UPDATE! Check the tags for some of the more popular pokemon featured! Includes zukans, candy figs, vs cards, japanese TCG and other awesome things!

Click either the banner or HERE to be transported!

and finally, I kind of owe everyone an apology...
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I hope you can all accept my apology! I love you guys!
Pokemon, Wooper

Pachirisu Pokedoll? + Slight collection update.

Hi everyoneeee :D!

My friend and I were in choir today, and, of course, we were talking about Pokemon. She's starting a pokedoll collection as well, and is currently in search of a Pachirisu Pokedoll. Does anyone have one for sale/know where I can get one for her? She's not picky on the year or anything, but she's not looking to spend a ridiculous amount on one (Probably no more than 25$ including shipping and fees, but I'll ask tomorrow to make sure).

On a collection note, I've gotten my first two pieces to my collection: a Pikachu Pokedoll and a Raikou <3 GAH, they're adorable. Sadly, I think I'm going to return the Raikou, as it looks like someone dropped hot glue on his fang and tried taking it off :( I'm waiting for some more stuff to come in the mail, so I'll give ya a photo update when it's more ... not empty? HAHA XD

Thanks for any help <3

quick question

does anybody know if the pre order bonuses have been announced for black and white yet?

what were the pre order bonuses for japan? i'm thinking they were sound drops but i'm not sure lol