January 4th, 2011

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Let me give you money!

I am desperately seeking some certain items...yes this is a wants post XD SORRY!!!
Does anyone have these at a reasonable price? Doesn't have to be mint but please no scratches on the face!

1) SQUIRTLE KID:The one where he is sitting and leaning back. I need this to complete my first gen collection ;_;

2) MEW KID: On her belly!

3) ANY Poochyena-Houndoom-Skitty kids: Yeah that's right...gimme!

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massive kids sales post!

hi community! hope everybody had a great new year holiday. this week, i'm having a massive kids sales post!

all those pictured are either $1 or $2, and may either be scruffed or with paint rubs. not pictured are some rarer kids like Glalie, Politoed, Venusaur etc which are up for offer starting from $3. some kids are also available in MIB if you prefer those! i have also reduced the prices of some MIB kids (many are now at $4) and zukans (many are at $5) just for this sale. i will stop taking offers on 8 Jan Saturday 8PM PDT.

(proceed to larvitarscar's shop here!)

i'm gonna turn in, so would reply any messages within 24hrs! =D

thanks for reading!

Sale's update! New Item's added!

Hey guy's! Just got a couple more boxes of Black and White in, I'm selling the doubles.
Please take a look under the cut. If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!

I also want to thank everyone for all the thanks you's and well wishes from my last post. I appreciate it!
Word's can't explain how much they mean to me!


(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00
Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Card List Updated 01/12/11 9:30PM

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Major Downsizing

Ive updated my sales post, Ive decided that I just dont need any of these pokemon anymore. Im still keeping my eevees, mews, and vulpixs and such but the rest I want them to go to new happy homes so here is my sales post
 click the picture to be teleported!!! (i drew it by the way!) Thanks for looking!

Also!!! Ill be leaving in a few minutes! so post what you want and I will come back laters and give totals and such so dont worry if i dont answer right away!

the crappiest collection post ever (and wants!)

i know that wanted posts are usually annoying (which is the reason behind 99% of my posts) so i figured, hey for my latest one why don't a do a little collection post! but first, let's go over the reasons behind this posts title:

1. i have a terrible collection, because i sort of jump around and just buy whatever i like.
2. every camera in our house has gone mia
3. i'm using the camera from my ipod to take pictures of tiny things in bad lighting
4. because of number two, there are only 4 pictures
5. my collection is scattered around the house and some of my favorite items have to make a guest appearance next collection post (in which hopefully i'll have a better camera to take pictures with!) anyway...

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hopefully that wasn't too abysmal! hopefully next update i'll have a lot more cool things (more zukans, more pokedolls and all my other various crap!) as for the real reason behind my post...

i'm currently on the prowl for the houndoom line and the rest of the arceus zukans, a combee plushie, the 25" dialga and palkia tomy plushies and the lucario pokemon center plush. so! if you are thinking about selling yours or have stumbled upon a post including any of them please tell me! my missing arceus list and other wishlist stuff is here but my main focus wants are the ones i've listed here.

happy collecting everyone! and thanks for reading :)
Alola Vulpix
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BIG Sales, Offers, and GA Updates

First off, GA/GB Updates:
Eevee Charms - Charms are all packed up and will be shipped today.  Thanks everyone for a very successful group buy! 
Eevee Pokedolls - Pokedolls have been mailed, please check your messages for a total!
Clear and Normal Kids - Our second invoice is in, please check your messages for a total as well :)

Now for the exciting part - I have a whole bunch of auctions and sales below.  I have HUNDREDS of NIP chou gets - most are multiples, but there's still quite a large selection for you guys ;)  Most things are $1 or lower!  Highlights include a Luxray line, Leafeon, and Vaporeon things for offers/sale.

Hawaii Store Runs!!

update 1 : http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/7997206.html January  5

Coming from Hawaii means being closer to Japan. This means by living where I do I have access to numerous stores that sell many imported legit Japanese pokemon products without having to live in Japan or have friends that live there. 

I will be doing store runs to several places around the island. I took pictures in store with permission and am going to post them below with some description and a price if I know it. I did not have time to write all the prices down.

I am going to ask for inquires on items that do not have a description and or price! 

<<<---Please Read Rules--->>


Rules for everything...
-Items are being shipped from Hawaii
-I accept only paypal and send all payment to snovak12@punahou.edu when I tell you your total
-USD Only! (Sorry!)
-I will accept trades...but I am very picky on my wants. If you have anything (ANYTHING) glaceon feel free to offer.
-Since I am new, on my products (not store runs) I will be accepting haggling if you think something is unfairly priced (please let me know)-I will hold items for 24 hours upon request

Sales permission granted December 30, 2010 by denkimouse

FEEDBACK--> place all feedback for me here

Rules specific to store runs:
-I will take 10% commission on all store runs excluding shipping
-If items do not have a price or description you must inquire about them 
-since I am buying the items. prices are non negotiable 
-if you have questions please ask

--------------ORDERING FORM--------------------

*Shipping will be calculated after getting the item*


IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot tell you the exact shipping for the item. First, I'd need to actually get the item to determine the weight. 

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sales/offers reminder!

Hey there! Just wanted to remind people that I still have some neat things up for sale/offer HERE, including a Raichu candy .. holder thing and a PokeCen Kyogre t-shirt, as well as in my permanent sales post HERE. Check 'em out!

And to anyone participating in my last GA - I haven't been able to ship out 99% of the packages yet, sorry! ;n; End of the year hectic holidays + getting a cold for Christmas + start of a new college semester =  shinyv is bad at getting things done. xD; Hoping to hit the post office by the end of the week to take care of my shipping backlog, though.. thank you very much for your patience!

Wants Post

Hello community, I haven't bought anything from here since like August, I feel so empty not getting packages in the mail anymore. xD So here's a wants post I'm pretty sure I won't find any of these at the moment but it never hurts to try.

Thanks for looking, hope everyone has a wonderful day. :D

EDIT: Well found something that got all my money lol
sad raven is sad

Apologies and sales

so pretty much i have sucked at getting everything out from my last sales. it's just been a great big pile of suck and holidays, and i haven't been able to mail anything. the following packages HAVE NOT been mailed, but WILL be mailed on Friday for sure.

zenity - your drawing and stuff. sorry ;-;
ambertdd - DX zekrom
kawaiikes - Zoroark zukan (standing)
whitecygnet - reshiram bag
folvey - glaceon tomy plush
jadekitty777 - your stickers, re-packaged with a drawin'

so yeah, i am pretty sorry. :/
if you'd like to leave negative feedback, let me know and i'll link you. for now, MORE SALES

because i'm reaaaallllyyy good at digging myself holes.


Now for some large sales!

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Gengar sees you there.

My first Sales - customs, etc!

Hey everyone, this is my first sales! I come bearing pokemon erasers, pez dispensers, custom stuff for sale and a few more things that all need homes. Everything in my sales is cheap, $6 at the most ! Please take this stuff, I need them gone!
I also have a custom painted mini tote bag I'm putting up for offers to test the waters...if it does well, I'll open commissions, so expect to see a post like that in the future! ;)

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Sales permission granted by denkimouse 1/1/2011.
Roko-Ro happy

Possible GAs?

Went looking up stuff I can't afford on eBay out of boredom, and found some stuff that the community as a whole may find interesting - either for GAs or to just buy!

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I hope there's something of interest! ... By the way? There were posts made about good and bad sellers on eBay, but I can't find them anymore. Is there any easy way to find them? Also, how do you look for a specific member's posts? (I forgot...)

I'll try to make a collection update soon!
new eeveelutions

Selling my Mew Collection and more sales!


Hey Pkmncollector's!

  I love my Mew cards that I worked so hard to get, but the truth is, I need the money and I am no mew collector. I really just want to stick to collecting my Eeveelutions. I collected these because the cards were so beautiful. But now I think it is time they go to somebody who really wants them and collects mew stuff. :) So, if interested in these cards please visit my sales HERE: http://eevee-evs-lover.livejournal.com/



All photos are taken from the web. Please inquire on the condition of individual cards if concerned. Most cards are in mint to near mint condition, but I will describe each card's condition upon request.
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120+ Tomy and ETC GA


Collapse )Auction ends Jan 10, 2011 1:20 PST/4:20 EST Ended! Please do not post any further bids.

Time for a super sales post!

Hey guys!

To start this post off, I want to let everyone know, all the zukan from the huge auction that were paid before December 31st, were shipped yesterday! Sorry that I was unable to get to the PO sooner, but not too big a delay there :)

In any case, I still seem to have a metric ton of pokemon goodies that need to find good homes.

But first...a sneak peek of my first collection update in almost a year! I say sneak peek because well, the pictures aren't the greatest, but I snapped them off for a friend and figured you guys might enjoy them as well :)
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So now, as a segway into my sales post, lets just say, I am really open to doing trades right now!


I currently want ANY mijumaru plush or figurine, all I have is the netsuke strap! I actually love Futachimaru most, but I don't really know how much merch he has yet :)

The same goes for darumakka! I'd like pretty much anything! I only have the namco plush and the chopstick rests :) More open to merch of him, excepting flats.

Lastly is a very unique request! So this:

is pretty much the coolest set I have ever seen. Honestly I'd be really happy to trade anything from my sales below, OR make you a sweet  custom plush! examples from my last auction, also a really sweet aerodactyl if you're not afraid to visit FA.

Okay so I hadn't realized how rare(and huge!) this set potentially is! I would def be more than happy to up the size of custom plush I am willing to trade :) If you would be interested in my trade offer, let me know what size and whatnot you're thinking and we can work it out! (I mean like, does 20-30" thrill you? cause thats what I'm thinking!)

OKAY enough dallying! You guys want sales! You got them!! Everything is discounted from my last post :D!! Hooray! AND THERES NEW ITEMS!

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Harry Potter - Plz

Late Contest Entry...

Ack! I have no idea if this is too late but this is my entry for the Xmas contest :3

I only just found my camera cable after a couple weeks of searching >.<;

Anyway, my boyfriend and I made a Snowpoke in the snow :3 I'll post more pics with my next update :) here's my contest entry:

Click for super-sized :3

(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in getting a custom pokemon t-shirt? Theyd be $15 shipped


The lugia shirt is mine and I wear it all the time and get lots of complimets haha. I can do any pokemon/digimon/whatever, on any color of t shirt in both men and womens sizes.

Now on to the plush sales! :D

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Hello community.
Updates, and one big question.
A really BIG question.

Okay, yeah, I know, it's a mewtwo on a toilet...
But what is it? The tag on his ear suggests that he's an American plush, and that he's official. He's not on pokeplush project, and I have never in my life seen one of these.
Basically, I need this thing in order to live.

Also, has anyone heard from rikufied or zealey lately? Or about the eeveelution charm GB they held months ago? The last I heard about it was a very long time ago as well, saying the rikufied was dealing with middleman shipping issues.

Everyone who has bought from my sales recently, your stuff will be shipped tomorrow. I'll be marking the paypal status as shipped once they're out. That being said, SALES UPDATE. Anyone that buys and sends in thier payment tonight will have thier item shipped tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, as always. <3
ur are special


THESE ARE PAYMENTS for the orders ive placed for the sukui dolls!

the original post for all who missed.

I'VE PLACED THE ORDERS FOR THE FIRST BATCH! so payments are required! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before paying!

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these are the pending lists that i will order next week if a total of ten each can be reached! there is NO GUARANTEE i can place these orders. if anybody wants the item badly enough, we can work out a different price to order the set even if 10 is not reached (so I am not out of pocket with items that might never sell).

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SPECIAL OFFER! take the rest of these off my hands?! add a stamp to your sukui doll order for just 1.50$ extra!!!!!!!!!!!!