January 5th, 2011

Pokedoll run reminder and looking for plush

http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/7976115.html sorry to post a reminder so soon, but it IS on Sunday after all so those that didnt pay please do before its too late! mailings are being done tomorrow and friday, ill do my best to get EVERYTHING out!

also, im looking for ZOROARK ITEMS. a lot of zoroarks

im also looking for plush. mainly pokedolls and banpresto plush but anythings okay. they dont need tags and can be loved <3 im also looking for non pokemon items so if you have a non pokemon sales post please link me <3 thanks guys XD
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So it's 2011. New year, new grail - and this one's a big one! Unfortunately, it's not Pokémon related, but you can bet once I get it I'll make it Pokémon related! I'm saving up for a car this year through every means possible, including, of course, sales and commissions through this community. So now, on to the sales!


Non-Holographic Cards: now with 3000% more old school cards (Base Set - Neo Genesis)
Holographic Cards & Promos: more ex, LV X and prime than you know what to do with. (Probably)
Non-TCG Merchandise: includes Tomys, topps cards, plushies, tins, coins and more

I've got two slots for general plush commissions - humans or Pokémon made of fleece. The humanoid UFO catcher dolls are always 12" tall, while the Pokémon can be between 7 and 20 inches (or smaller/bigger in rare cases). The three plush on the right of the banner are examples.

You can also commission felties (the adorable guys on the left side of the banner) or CharaGiri (plushie rice balls made to look like certain characters/Pokémon) at any point until the slots for those fill up.
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Re-Introduction, collection update, and some other stuff

Greetings PKMN Collectors!

This here is a re-introduction of myself (well, I never really introduced myself to everyone in the first place. I was too shy back then, and I'm still shy. XD I'm not posting any pics of myself anytime soon, due to a certain fear...). I suck at introductions, so I'm gonna go and break a leg. :D

Ok! My name is Sheridan aka. Azureyoshi, and I'm 18 yrs of age about to attend college in spring (hopefully they offer Japanese (started learning in middle school for two years) as I need to finish learning it). I'm from Richmond, Virginia (yeah, nothing exciting here), and I've been into Pokemon since I was 5, Nintendo(Yoshi, Mario, Kirby Series) at 6, and Sonic the Hedgehog at 9. My collections basically revolve around all of those franchises for some apparent reason(some of the stuff in my current collections I have had since I was in Kintergarden). And I like drawing (my icon is an example), playing video games, shopping, traveling, etc.

Well in other news, I went to this little oriental food market (mainly Japanese) that I never knew about (despite living in the area all of my life, and it being only 3 minutes away from me). My dad and I checked it out and it was really cool. He bought me some candy from out of there, and so far, it's actually really good. :)

A photo of the candy I got. Zekrom wants some pocky now. :)

And I don't have much else to say about myself, so onto my photos of my stuff around my room! :)

Pokemon I collect:

Pokemon I want to collect in the future:

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Sales Update,Eeveelution Sale + Lot

Alright so I decide to part with whats left of my Eeveelution items.Mostly
eeveelution tomys and jakks figures.I also added in a old Eevee Pokedoll
I got while back plus a Lot of Gold Mini Models I want gone.

Please feel free to check my post!
Thanks and Give these Eeveelution a Home :]
Will be having a Eevee Update soon so keep a eye out!
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Come on guys put down your pitchforks D: (It's a GA)

I'll be doing the bidding,shipping,answering questions and I will claim the Flareon tfg,The pikachu in cup/pot,the luxio kid,and teeny vaporeon for 60.00 and willing to go waay higher then that.

Sorry we get shipping charges this time xD

Bidding ends on January 14th 3:00 am pst (;__;)
All GA Rules apply this includes no backing out once you have made a bid


All starting bids are varied

Bidding has ended good luck to us

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Somethings I don't know what they are so if you see something you know tell me :3(I
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Proper intro & collection post~

Hello everyone! Had some time to myself today, and with a camera at my disposal, I decided it was about time to do a collection post with a proper intro.
Click the cut for some adorable plush who are eager to say hello~

What happens when you press B in the middle of evolution?

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Collection Get & Sales/Auction Preview

After looking for the longest time I finally found myself a Tyranitar VChip figure!


I had to clean it up with a Magic Eraser, but it looks amazing. Next up, I need to find the Tyranitar ThinkChip+ Figure. It's in an attack pose on a base. If you've seen/have one, you know who to get ahold of ;)!

Next up, my sales/auction post will be up tomorrow night. I bought a blind auction lot hoping to get a Pupitar Swing Keychain with no luck. However, I did come across these sealed beauties. All will be auctioned off starting tomorrow night plus many many new items up for sale from my personal collection.


NEW TO pkmncollectors! :3

 so, im very excited to be here with all you lovely people who collect and love pokemon as much as me :D 
My favorite pokemon are Gengar, Entei, Venusaur, and soo many more! 
I have a huge collection of TCG and alot of figures and some original tomy's i just got in their original boxes :3 
I basically collect anything pokemon! i want to have a huge Gengar collection one day :D 
I'm SO glad to be here :3 so HELLO :D
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questions and small wants.

hi first of all, Happy new year guys! I hope you all had a great christmas and new year and had just as much fun as me ^^ and also got just as much poke'things lol

so, out of gen 5 the only pokemon I will collect definetly (I usually wait for the program or game and then decide) are hiyappu/panpour, autumn shikijika and the tesshiido line :3



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Quick Question!

Hi! I have a quick question for now, will delete when I get an answer!

What is known about eBay seller im7coollook?

Do they sell official or bootleg plush/figures?

Edit: Ooops, I meant to put this link in here. This is what I was curious about :P

Edit2: Well the seller decided to relist and raise the price by $4 so, SO MUCH FOR THAT lol. Now its totally not worth it XD

Hawaii Store Runs UPDATE & FIRST SALES POST & Auction

Oh my goodness guys!! you really want the bulby's I sold two already and I am thinking it'd just be fair to auction the last off. I will be posting my sales thread with bulby soon :)

Had a little LJ posting problem that lead to me having to delete the post i posted 10 mins ago but heres my post again~

If you ordered something or inquired about something from my store run, I have a huge update so please read :)

if you don't know what I'm talking about you can check out my store run thread here: TO THE STORE

now for the updates:

I'm really sorry for big pictures, it's a lot of work to shrink them and I wanted everyone to see the quality (because last time I got complaints saying the pics were blurry)

Firstly If you ordered something all the stuff I bought is here --->Collapse )
also if you participated in my canvas GA I'm currently settling this

more stuff omg~~ AUCTIONS & SALES (Old items & retsudens )This is for the small things I have for sale and a few rare actionable items please offer on these as well thanks.
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Pokemon - birds of a feather...

Pan Sticker GA - Shipping Time~

Finally, after a month of this lot sitting in my room... pan sticker GA payments from the group auction run by zealey and I! I profusely apologize it took me so long to get this moving- I received the lot at a very unforeseen stressful time in-between the holidays and other events, but now life is no longer crazy so I have the time and energy to fulfill what I committed to- getting these stickers to you guys!

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[Wanted] Gizamimi Pichu Earband

Hello everyone. A couple years ago, when the Arceus movie had recently been released in Japan, I was at a convention, and I saw a few stands selling Gizamimi pichu ear headbands. Now I'm making a pichu cosplay for a convention next month, and I wanted a pair or those ears to make my costume into Gizamimi. However, I can't seem to find the ears anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know where I can find a pair, or have a pair they're willing to sell?

Hope to hear back from someone~

Also, this is my first post here, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong ^w^;;
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Cheapy Sales!

Click the pic!

I may just be moving out very soon and money is a little tight with tuition payments, any security deposits, and furnishings for any apartments... so selling some pokemon things that I REALLY do not want to take with me... so their cheap!
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Sales and Offers!

SALES FOUND HERE: http://omgitslph.livejournal.com/26205.html

It's that time of year where I decide what is more important, university or collecting.  Yet again collecting lost again so here's my massive weeding sales and offers post! :D

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on Jan 26, 2010

Offers on these and MORE found under the cut!

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please wait for threads to go up <3

Pokemon Trading Figure Game

Happy New Year!!!

Once again, scuse me for my poor english! It's my second post!
In the last article, I showed you my grounbreakers collection!

As you know guys, I collect Kaiyodo pokemon figures and today, I'd like to show you my homemade checklist for the tfg third wave.
Indeed, it doesn't exist such a proper list for the third wave.
All the figures you see come from my own collection. I tried to take the pictures in a way that makes it look as official as possible.
(thanks to zefiru for selling me Mew figure)

Click to enlarge :)

I'd like to complete these collections with your help! If you have any missing trading figure game, contact me!



two little things,

 SO, i just found theese! they look amazing! and i thought i would share! (i thought they were reasonibly priced aswell!

and now for the second item on the docket, i am making it through the wait time to B/W and its getting to my mind making, soon ebgames will let me pre-order, but what game do i pre-order!? black or white D: im so confused. I personally think reshiram is amazing, but from what ive read white sounds like  better game for its few differences then black, i was wondering if my fellow pkmncollectors could tell me what theyve found with their experiences! Thanks everyone :D
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Usako Custom Plush Auction!

Just a quick peep in to mention 2 1 custom spots are open.

They end SAT~! (11pm Eastern Standard/NYC time)
This will be the only notice (no reminder~~ ^_~)

Sold! Thank you guys~~ ;A; ♥

I have a few new plush to share, but I'll save it for another post/if people want to do collection posts first~ ♥
But here's a teaser though of one of them to make this post less boring~ ;D


She was for rikufied

♥ Happy New Year everyone~~ ♥