January 8th, 2011


Auction and Sales

Hey there everyone! I noted everybody who bought from my sales, but in case you missed them, I shipped everything on the 3rd and you should be getting your goodies soon. :) In my sales post, I lowered prices on categories which no one bought anything from last time. Also, a few new things have been added!

I am saving for something, so I'm auctioning off a small sculpture I made last summer.

(Fake Cut to the Auction!)

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 Hey guys, sorry for the quick rushed post, but two people were kinda getting into a bidwar over this and thought it might be easier for them to continue it in a post of some kind XD Also other people can offer too I guess ;'D So here is my beloved electronic lugia up for offers!

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Offers will end in 12 HOURS! Not long! So get yer bids in!
I ship from the UK
This guy is BIG! I can either ship him in a box or wrapped in loads of bubblewrap shoved in some bags all taped up. He will be safe either way. the second option is A LOT CHEAPER however.
and I believe thats it. Any questions just ask!


HIGHEST BID: neonr0se    @ $160
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Yay a big box appears

 yaay a big package I've been waiting for from ebay finally came 8D ,gorgeous hasbro charizard you are mine <3

First up is auctions
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ignore the zards and pika they aren't new

Does anyone know what mightyena is?  answered C: he's the Hasbro

<3 my own jakks ponyta


Offers + Clean out Sales!

So I am once again cleaning through my collection to make room for my haunted lights collection, and I have quite a few things to bring to the table. I'm really not good with pricing, so most of them are up for offers. C:

Included are a custom Minccino/Chillarmy Pokedoll, Poseable Bayleaf plush, Corsola Pokedoll, and Dragonite Ufo~

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articuno, pokemon

Price/Interest Check and one small want

So yesterday I hit up a small local convention, and was pleasantly surprised to find some interesting Pokémon stuff in the dealer's room!

These are the ones that I'm not planning on keeping for myself. ^^; I also snagged a Caterpie tomy and a Skiploom kid. Anyway, the last time I got some kids I ended up auctioning them off and that worked pretty well, so I figure I'll do it again. I'm just not entirely sure what to start bids at - I don't want to start them too high and have nobody interested!

The Wigglytuff and Quagsire are clear kids, the Dratini is a tomy keychain, Mew and Lucario are bottlecap figures, and the Gorebyss is also a kid, but of the non-clear variety.

Also, one small want. I'm looking for this card for sale or trade (trade preferred):

I already have one, but my copy seems to have some graffiti on it:

Oh, wait. That's not graffiti! That's just LISA ORTIZ'S AUTOGRAPH AWWW YEAH.
(She was the voice actress who played Sabrina in the anime, for those who don't know.)

I'm willing to trade for stuff in my sales or commission posts!

Hawaii Store Run Update 2/auction ends tonight!

 Hi, this is just another update letting you guys know whats happening. Another thing, I will not be accepting any more orders until I have edited my original post! I have gotten complaints about the structure so I will fix that before I accept more orders.

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Now, I have also posted an auction/small sales on the bottom of my first update post. The auction ends tonight so please check it out --->  AUCTION END: Thalnos8888 $10 slowking Sapphire luna $1articuno Pokepalace $1 togepi
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sorry to sound so n00b-esque

 i was hoping to gather up all my pokemerch and make my very first collection post, but how do i go about making a post with pictures? do i save them on my computer and then use them like that or do i need to make a photobucket account or somthing? I apreciate any advice :D thanks pokebrotheren!

Pokemon Books worth $90!?


I just got home from the used book store with a lot of goodies. two of them are pokemon related. they are the Pokemon Adventure comics that Viz put out 10 years ago. i only paid $10 each for them. why do i ask about them being worth $90? click the link to see why: 

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a wild candle appears for auction!


Some fifth gen buddies, just hanging out!

I was begged bribed demanded requested to make a hitomoshi by my bud bellyofthewolf and now I'm putting this cutie up for auction!
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Also just  reminder that I have some minky pokedolls and giant mew for offer in my sales post! Not too mention lots of other goodies available as well!

and finalllly!

I still need shipping payments from poprock_grey  dooman58  and robofunk151  for the zukan auction! stymphalid , i need ALL your payments D: You guys should have received PMs with the info!

2011 1st collection update & new shots for current collection & a possible TOMY MC figure GA

Actually THE two littles must have arrived my house before New Year. However, since the others haven't yet  joined the HAPPY FAMILY, I would like to do a quick update for them.
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Another brilliant TOMY MC auction with a really low bidding price pops up. It's not from Ebay, and looks 100% legit to me. I would be 100% interested in Zapdos since I think it is the one renewed by the new design. And those clear ones are uncommon. Especially Regice and Groudon, not even once did I see them on the AAPF. Also, I am not pretty sure but judging from this photo, Mew, Suicune, Pikachu, Absol, Celebi, and others in the below pic are the 10th anniversary pearly shine figures (AGAIN, I am not that sure 'cause the seller did not offer more information. If someone does not need the Zapdos figure is willing to GA this, I can PM you the link. Also, any comments about those look-like pearly shine figures would be appreciated.
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Auction reminder

Auction ending Jan. 17, so far only one bid on this awesome fuzzy Raichu :D


And this rare James and Meowth figure!



Also still lots of items in my sales post!

Kids, Canvas, clearfiles, and lots of pokemon coins :D Prices have been LOWERED for most items!

Please check them out!

Shipping / Sales / Offers~

All previous orders from my shop, private sales, and trades have been sent out. FFF. I have a bunch of tracking numbers to send out via PM--so if you don't get yours tonight you'll get it tomorrow :3 Sorry for the minor delay the holidays threw me off a bit XD

I've just updated my sales with various plush. Lion Mountain is being sliced and diced due to the fact that I need some funds (because my best buddy wants me to wear a neon orange suit to his wedding -.-). For that reason I won't be accepting trades unless Pokedolls are mentioned <.<; It's like an addiction.


I'm also taking offers on:: Giratina Pokedoll Charm, Custom Luxio Plush, Luxray Zukan so be sure to check it out!


I want to see your Pokedoll armies <.< Here's mine:: 

22 of the little gaiz. >.> C'mon do it you KNOW you wanna! LEAVE EM IN THE COMMENTS! XDD

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Looking for a Trade :3 (and small collection update preview)

All information is under the Cut:

It has come to my attention that I have alot and I mean ALOT of pokemon stuff and I really have run out of room.  :c  So after thinking it over I have decided to offer for trade one of my larger pieces to make room for my current collections :D  

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massive kids sales reminder

hey guys! this is a reminder for my big kids sales post. lots of $1 and $2 kids for direct sale, and there are some kids that are on offer from $3! some of them are quite rare, including Chinchou, Politoed, Glalie, Solrock, Froslass, Kecleon, Smoochum, Tangela, Sunflora, Venusaur, Swellow, Fridge Rotom, Riolu, Claydol, Cyndaquil, Diglett, Moltres, Victreebel, Forretress and Latios. i will stop taking offers for the kids on 8 Jan Saturday 8PM PDT, which is a few hours away. =D

(click this link to enter larvitarscar's shop!)

thanks for viewing!
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Wants Post: Set My Heart On Fire!

Hello there~ I really owe everyone a proper introductory/collections post having shadowed this place forever but! First, because I am squirming in frustration here, I am turning to all you lovely sweeties for some help.

I know it's super duper rare (as in I'd probably have more of a chance getting a real life unicorn at this point) but does anyone have a Blaziken pokedoll for sale? Or know where to scavenge for one? Doesn't have to be new or anything. I will pay good money for one! Thank you everyone for your help. ;W;
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Collection update and a multi-purpose post

Got a few new stuff arriving the past few days so it's time for a collection update for my new gets~~~ Pardon me if some of the photos are a bit blur, I have shaky hands ^^;

Here's a teaser just for the heck of it XD;

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Sales plug - Rena Chan's Sales

Notice to those that have bought from my sales and have paid for your items, I have created a spreadsheet just to document shipping status and whether your package has been shipped out for your convenience. This way, I don't have to clutter the comm with shipping status only posts and you can just refer to the spreadsheet to check whether your stuff has been shipped out ^_^ - Shipping Status for items bought from me

Lastly, to those that participated in my 100 Kids GA, the items are on their way to me from Noppin! I've taken EMS shipping (for some reason EMS shipping from Japan to Singapore doesn't cost so much, in fact it's almost the same price as Air Mail O_o;), so the items will be arriving at my house early/mid next week! Since the shipping from Noppin to me didn't cost a lot, I will be combining the second and third payments. It will take a while for me to sort out everything since there are quite a lot of items, so GA participants please be patient ^^; I will put up a claims post first for the winners from the GA to claim any leftovers for a small amount after sorting is done and this will be added to your final payment total. Thanks for participating in the GA :)