January 9th, 2011

Collection Update XD and Wants

So today I recieved a very tiny box in the mail from http://leludallas.deviantart.com/ who I asked to do an art trade with. I made her a little quagsire plush and in return she was going to make me a choroneko needle felt sculpture. In the package there was a note saying how she didn't think it turned out as well as she would have liked so she included some suprises to go along with it.

Not only did she make my Choroneko, but she sent me the Espeon that was the original reason I wanted to trade with her along with a little Choroneko charm!!! Let's just say I flipped out!!!!

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Custom Trainer and Miju

Collection Update ^^

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a collection update in quite awhile and I figured it was finally time. Got my camera out today and updated my website with everything, too. ^^

I’ve gotten a lot of Oshawott items recently, and bought several Pikachu items from the Pokemon Time promotion. I also received a nice package in the mail from Sunyshore today, too. 

Group photo of most of my Oshawott collection. ^^

Miju Group 

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I have many more photos of my Oshawott items and such that I uploaded onto my website today -- I didn't want to load the comm down with everything. Feel free to click the little banner below to visit my site to see everything. :) 



Plush identification, please? (:

So, I have been searching on eBay far and wide for Shinx Canvas Plush, as I have recently discovered there are two x___x The standing one I've found a few times, with ease, on the eBays, and will be purchasing when I have teh funds on Monday :3 Unfortunately, the newer, sitting one continues to elude me... until now?

This picture is from the JapanVideoGames site, and I can't quite tell @___@ is he sitting or standing? /fail, I know, XD but is he? D: I'm fairly sure he is, as I can't see his adoooorable (my Shinx on Platinum is a guy, his name is Electroboy and he evolved into a Luxio today :3, haven't played in a whiiile) tufty tail. But long story short, is he the kind-of-elusive probably-not-so-elusive-to-most-I-just-suck sitting position Shinxy? All the ones I've seen online are primarily from front-view D: and never say which year he's from X3
 Thanks guysss <3

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Opinions please?

 Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone could give me their opinions on the oshowatt plush the tomy one and the pokedoll...i'm debating which to get, i was originally wanting the newer tomy plush but someone kept saying that he had a messed up head and i did see a pic of a messed up headed-one which sort of discouraged me :/ the pokedolls are cute and all but i sort of was leaning towards the tomy...any opinion is much appreciated!

sorry for the boring post, i just thought this would be the best place to ask :D

still looking for: hard to catch dragon

-giratina grumpy face found on eeveelution.co-
Yeah, same ol' song I've been singin' but I still want to find this mysterious ghost.
And even though tag art would be amazing I am perfectly willing to get him in any form or at least not completely messed up condition.

And I have a friend in near Tokyo that said she'll keep an eye out for one. are there any good places she could look to start off with if no one here has one?
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Y!J helper?

So i was browsing Y!J for some old grails and two of them popped up. Only one I can afford, but I need help from an experienced Y!J user. Its under 3000Yen and ends in a day, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I will gladly pay any necessary fees including shipping from Japan to you, as well as from you to me. If anyone can help please PM me thanks
And to make this post less boring, I have a semi-grail on the way which I will post with my newly re-organized collection. but for now i leave you with this want:
Does anyone have any venusaur or typhlosion kids for sale? Been trying to get my hands on either one of those for a while now but everytime one came up here I was out of money.

Hawaii Store Run Update 3/GA update

 If I'm not allowed to post this often then someone let me know and I'll lengthen the time in between posts...But I always find myself with a lot to say XD.

If you participated in my GA...It looks like all the fees added up and we haven't raised enough money for this auction...It looks like a bust...but thanks for participating :(

Just by the way...I won't be accepting any more orders until I have settled with all of these and I update my store and store run page (as they normally fluctuate in their stock) You can however expect a sales page from me soon.

omg updates--->
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Custom Plush Auction Reminder

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I am having an auction for 2 custom plushies Kokoromori and a mini shiny Umbreon. Here is the link to my auction hottiehulio.livejournal.com/4019.html . The auction ends tonight at 11:59 EST and so far there have been no bids so I also lowered the starting bid price ;).

If you click on the pics below it will take you to more pictures of each plush.


Mini Shiny Umbreon

Please come by and check it out :)

Im Looking For...

My lil sister has some bootleg figures, and she would like to have the real things~ and so! Im looking for a glaceon tomy and a torterra tomy heres a pic of the bootlegs if anybody would want them, you can have them for $2.50 SHIPPED if you'd like them just post below
but if you are selling the legit tomys please post
 here! thanks for the help~

also I might buy two glaceon figures because I dont have one either :s

Custom Pokedoll Top Hats + Slot Auction

I honestly thought my clear out post would have been gone by now, and this is probably my only chance to post this since some unexpected things came up. I have had an idea to build off small top hats for a while, and while on break at work I just started making these. They fit perfectly on a pokedoll's head - examples of them being worn are under the cut~ C:


As you can see in the picture, I've got a sorta creepy theme going on for this round. C': Bachura and Kokoromori are up for auction as well as a single slot to have a custom top hat made for you~


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articuno, pokemon

Taking Offers!

I'll be taking offers on these figures until next Sunday, January 16th, at 8pm EST.

This works just like an auction - reply to the last person's offer with a higher offer.

There are a couple of small scuff marks on the clear Wigglytuff, but other than that all of these are pretty much mint condition.

Offers are over! Congrats to the winners!
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(no subject)

I may not be recognizable, but I've bought from a couple sellers in previous months, so I hope to become an important part of the community-Maybe not by having a sales post but rather a slight inspiration for people perhaps
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I know that Flareon Canvases are seemingly rare, but I would like one to match the Flareon Poke Doll.  I was wondering, how much do they usually go for? I was also wondering about how rare Banpresto Duskulls are & the possible price ranges for them.

I will try to become an important part of the community. =O  With that, this post is concluded, & I hope the community a good remainder of the weekend~
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question, wants and possible ga's

 Hi everyone!!!
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my wants are:

raichu canvas
houndoom merch ----->could be anything
and this rayquaza plush ------> http://www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/3775375477/  also any ifos about him would be appreciated :)))) answered :D thanks :)))

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to make this post less boring i'd like to end with this pic :))))

thanks for the help, and of course reading :))))))
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shiny rayquaza tomy?can it be?/WTF

hi everybody!

today i was listing thru Y!J and i saw a shiny rayquaza tomy figure. thirst i thought it was metallic one ('cause
shiny rayquaza should be black) but then i used Google Translate and in the discription it said it was a shiny one. 0_o)


and 1 question: were they ever produced or is it repainted?

Kamex Tournament Trophies?

This is a short post, but here we go:

What is this??

eBay link over here

I did some google and apparently these were given out at the "Kamex Tournament" (Blastoise Tournament), a Japan-only TCG tournament. According to the auction, Squirtle was given out for 3rd place, Wartortle for 2nd, and Blastoise for 1st - and there's only 2 of each in existence. Whoa, I never knew!

EDIT: The seller has also added that, "The trophy is about 11 inches high and about 5 or 6 inches wide. "

Does anyone happen to know more about these, or maybe even have photos of the other trophies? Is it even real? How big are they? Why do you think there was no Fushigibana Tournament? There apparently also was some kind of Lizardon/Charizard tournament.. see the comments!

I am a fan and collector of the Squirtle line, which is why this interested me. but the price is far beyond my budget! Perhaps some of you would enjoy it though? :} It looks like a really awesome collection piece! [If anyone is planning on actually buying it, I'll remove the link if you need]
Man Munna
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120+ Tomy GA Update


REMINDER: This group auction ends in 20 hours!
If anyone hasn't gotten bids in yet, place them soon! It shows we do have some competition, so let's keep our fingers crossed!
Bid threads are here!
Kei - Ken ga Kimi - widdle fangy
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Click the pic!

Thought I'd post a reminder of my sales post :3 I'm open to reasonable haggling because I need these items OUT by the 23rd of this month (when I start to move into my new apartment * 3*)

Items include custom made Luxray plush, Raikou UFO, Pokecen Chiraamii plush, charms, and other items (not poke related)

Purchases from previous sales post WILL be sent out on tuesday... this week just allowed no time to send anything out

wants! Buzz!!

Hello all! Recently I've started to realise I need more Electabuzz in my life! A favourite Pokemon of mine, and well.. I just love it! Heh. Anyway, I guess this is a wants post!

Anyone have any Electabuzz goods for sale? Lemme know, I might not buy it all right now, but I'm hoping to buy some things and maybe grab pics for a wants list.

And since there is only one Electabuzz plush out there, I was wondering if anyone was open for custom plush commissions atm? I'd love an Electabuzz plush, possibly Pokedoll style, but I'm open for just about anything! Again, I may not buy right away, as I'd likely need to save up a bit, but I'd love to get quotes from anyone making plush atm!

Bulbasaur (*_*)

WANTED Pokemon Calendar 2011

Hi all! Long time member/buyer but infrequent poster. ;) I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a Pokemon  2011 calendar. The last one I had was 2009 from someone in the community who was able to get it in a McDonalds in Japan when diamond /pearl came out. I know, super random but it was some offer they had. Last year I had no luck getting one and this year is going the same way... Please don't suggest ebay >_< but does anyone know of a store I can get them from? Or even better does anyone have one? Help me find a 2011 Calendar please (T_T)

Thanks Everyone!!