January 10th, 2011

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potential group auction?

 Hey guys, I never got around to doing my collection update the other day (and I still haven't taken picture, lol FAIL)

I was just browsing around and found this lot up on Ebay 

edit: LINK REMOVED. ask me for it if youd like to run this :)

EDIT 2: Some info about this....
It ends in 6 days, right now the lot has one bid and the price is 20 dollars, and it's based in Michigan, USA.

Just thought I'd throw it out there for a group auction if anyone was interested (I've got a friend who desperately wants that Flygon so I know she'd appreciate this being run). Have a great day guys!

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a new get + some rare pins up for offer!

After obtaining the super rare Slowpoke 2000 pin, I kept asking myself when I would ever find Slowbro, but somehow after a random search just days after I found Slowpoke, the Bro popped up at the most unexpected time! I have to give a big thanks to Kim for helping me with middlemanning this. <3

I now have the set of the two, and seeing them next to eachother gives me a big rush of satisfaction and completion. ;__;

Unfortunately this time, I did not get any extras, but I do have some others that came in the set which I will be putting up for offers:

Flareon starts at $10 and the rest $2. I will close offers either when I decide to accept or when offers begin to die down.

Short post is short, but hopefully it's of some use to those who may be after the extra pins. :)
Anybody else have frustrating Pokemon 2000 pin stories/are missing one they are still after?

ZEKROM dun dun dun

sukui dolls part two!

zekrom sukui doll and fozzywig the ichiban kuji zekrom are here to say, i will place a new sukui dolls order tomorrow for any doll with 7 or more reservations! that means zoroark, reshiram and tepig each need just one more to be included!

sukui dolls are only 5.50$ shipped each. go add yourself to the reservation list by commenting in the appropriate thread on this post!

"we are just too cool for you to refuse." B)

Collection Update and Sales Post

Hi all! Just wanted to let anyone who's interested know that I will be posting a collection update either tomorrow or the day after. My main collections are Leafeon, Kakuna, and Ditto/Dittomon <3 Along with some randoms that somehow found their way in ><;;

Also, I received sales permission about a week ago and have been preparing my wares. There are a few items that I'm not sure about selling so I'm basically just checking if anyone's interested ^w^ If you could, please let me know if you would buy or offer on any of the following:
Espeon Pokemon Time Charm
Larvitar Pokemon Time Bookmark
Clear Tropius Kid
Luxray Palace Figure
Dittochu FCS (no base)
Feraligr UFO
Flame Plate Arceus UFO
Zoroark Pokedoll

PS: I trade for Pokabu, Leafeon, Kakuna, or Ditto items =D
S Greninja Pokedoll

First Gen Tomy Advice

Hey guys! So my dad managed to unearth some of my old Tomy figures and I was basically looking for some advice on them. ^^; I don't have sales permission at the moment so these aren't for sale or anything but I was hoping to sell most of them off in the future. I just wondered if any were harder to find than others? I'm not looking to make tons off of them but it would help me when it comes to pricing XD (and for curiosity's sake). Any potential uncommons in there or are they all worth the same?

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They're all in perfect condition apart from Beedrill who has lost an antenna and Raichu who has a tiny bit of a paint rub on the back of one ear and a small red mark on his back. (Also poor things were so cold when they came out of storage ;;)

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And these are the ones I'm keeping for my collection (along with Mew and Dragonite who I didn't take a picture of!) Dodrio is my drunken Dodrio because his legs got a bit bent at some point so he leans over to one side. XD

aaah too many things!

Hey guys...I feel awful for making so many posts in such a short time span D: I will shut up for awhile after this I swear!

First off!
My custom hitomoshi auction ends tonight at 8pm EST! Thank so much for all the bids already @,@! You guys are great! If you still are interested, I am happy to work out payment plans :)


This quickie GA also ends tonight at 7pm EST. I have upped my claim on houndour, and I can go higher, but at this rate we stand little chance of winning regardless, so get those bids in!


I will be ending offers on the minky pokedolls and giant mew for offer in my sales post tonight as well. probably around 9pm or so.

Regarding my sales post, I think I'm caught up with everybody but if I missed you could you let me know? ! had quite the bug over the weekend so much of it was spent in a half conscious state D: I'm much better today and I'm about to drop off a bunch of stuff at the post office :)

I still need shipping payments from  dooman58   and  poprock_grey   for the zukan auction! stymphalid  , i need ALL your payments D: You guys should have received PMs with the info!

alright. phew. thats everything. sorry about the massive hemorrhage of information! 

Payment needed IMMEDIATELY

Hello all!  CALLING ALL DESE PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE! XD (Usernames will be removed as I get payment)

parkerer captainangel pokepalace 

Remember this Group Auction?


We won! VERY unforunately... For almost our max bid. There are no discounts after all the costs are in place... We raised $649 and the auction ended at $600.00 exactly. As proof here is the main auction link:


This being and Ebay auction, I need payments IMMEDIATELY. I cannot cover this myself no matter how much I would like to. =(

Here is the spreadsheet for the payment! Please pay the appropriate amount and mark yourself and your zipcode in the spot where is says "Payment". If you are international, please list that too!


Send payments to croagunk AT live DOT com

Thanks a bunch for participating everyone! I hope to get these pretties soon.

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Collection Update/misc updates/wants

First collection update for the new year contains something exciting.. end of a certain collection  ;P

CLICK THIS TO GO TO MY WANTS -- I will probably buy anything on there immediately

Also for my commissions:
These are the plush I am currently working on, and for those of you who ordered stamps, I only have 2 more of those left to complete <3
If you are interested in one, just ask ;P


This was roughly March 10, 2009.... aww how cute.

Current collection under cut/larger pics!
Starting off with a "then" and finishing with "now" shots <3

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lol collection update and some small wants

So yeah.  Some of you may or may not remember my intro post where I said all I really have as far as official merch went was a Jakks Wooper, an MIA KFC Vulpix, and a little Meguroko plush.  It uh... kind of exploded since then.

I only have one shelf in my apartment that's good for putting stuff on. XD So pardon the non-Pokemon clutters.

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Uh.  Wants.  I want fish kids. :D And blue Shellos line.  And a Flygon.  They don't have to be in perfect condition, and I really don't want to pay a fortune for them. :X

Another auction reminder

Lots of auction reminders today! Here's another one. Last chance to get this one-of-a-kind Shaymin sculpture! It ends tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11th, at 6pm EST.

(Pics, Info, and the Auction ahead!)

The recent Mewtwo card post reminded me of my own prized card. It's this Electrode, here.

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I've also updated my sales post again this week. Check it out, I got some non tcg-cards that feature some of the more unusual Pokemon. I also added a MIP Cherrim tomy that needs a home!

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 Hello, this is my second post here. I'm looking for some cards, and I live in the US (44133). I'm only looking for M/NM English cards. Please include your price (shipping included), what cards you have, and the condition of each card. I only pay with PayPal though. Check under the cut for the list!

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Collection Update!


This is only my second post ever so to those who haven't seen my name pop up on auction posts, hello! I'm Phil from UK...my 'User Info' says more about me if you wish to find out!

So...I'm primarily a card collector so that's what 95% of my Poke-holic-ism is concentrated on. I will however include the small amount of Poke-Merchandise I do own here though too as I haven't done that before.

In my previous post (Aug 18th 2010) I posted my cards, so you can go here: basilikus1990.livejournal.com/878.html to see the bulk of them...and below will be the ones that I didn't have back then.

Sooo...I'll post my most prized picture first! I've been wanting these for a long time but never looked due to their price, but I came across some and decided to go for it. They just arrived today, and so here they are below the cut! (I hope the cut works...)

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Giant freaking sales

Finally got around to collection weeding and sales!
Here you go!

SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALES. Holy crap. Click Irene to go!

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Come and get em! All prices lowered again. What doesn't sell will be thrown on Ebay. I need to pay my car note :)
Don't be shy if you have questions!

All packages have been shipped. Any issues please let me know. I double bubble wrapped an item and it still got broken in transit....and was RUBBER! I still don't know how it happened :(

Anyone have a picture of the new Umbreon Jakks scheduled to come out this month? I wanna see it so badly XD
Collection update soon. Still lacking many items from here.

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Harry Potter - Plz

Fun in the Snow & Collection updates!

Hi all, I bring you an image-heavy post!

I have some pics from the same day as my Xmas Contest Entry (Snowpoke ♥) :D These were taken last month, before Christmas!

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So I decided today I wanted to put all my Pokemon plushies on my bed! This is how it went :3

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I'm pretty much out of funds BUT if anyone has Slow Line or Bidoof Line stuff for sale, please let me know. I might be able to scrape something together - especially if they're plush! :D
absol happy love

Customs post~

click the picture to be teleported!~ all customs are open except for clay whistles, you can still buy the leafeon/vulpix/larvitar whistles for just $20!

Thanks for looking~