January 11th, 2011

A couple TCG cards for sale! And looking for a few cards!

I have multiples of Umbreon and Espeon Prime for sale. I have 6x Espeon, and 3x Umbreon for sale. Looking to get 6.50 each including shipping for them. I also have a couple cards I'd be willing to make trades for. I'm on the hunt for Mew Prime and Gengar Prime from Triumphant. I'm always looking for Uxie Lv. X and Luxray Gl Lv. X (not the World Championship ones) as well. I have other cards available also, so if there is something you are looking for, just ask! Pics of Espy and Umby under the cut! Collapse )

Reminder 1/2 - Jointed Raichu Custom

Hey guys, I figured I would post again so soon to let you know I re-vised my pricing, and I've lowered both the auction + my custom slot!

Click the picture to be teleported!

Let me know if it's not OK to post yet, and I'll delete/repost later. (My last post is almost off the front page)

zukan shipping GA payment?

Hey everyone,

I'll delete this post after I get an answer. I participated in a zukan GA about 2 months ago, and I havent gotten a shipping quote for them yet. Maybe I missed the post, but could the seller please report to me with my total to t2t3s1 canada? Thanks.

blaaaaargh dento

MORE! sukui doll payments!

so i ordered TEN MORE of each sukui doll yesterday! which was almost enough for everyone, but a couple of the lists went just a bit over ten... i don't see them reaching another full ten, and i can't place any more of these bulk orders next week since it'll be getting ready for ZEKROM AND RESHIRAM pokedolls time! but we'll see what happens :)

there are quite a few extras this time, however. if you want one, they are just 5.50$ each!
3 zekrom! nevermind!
1 reshiram! nevermind!
4 tepig! 3 tepig!
4 zoroark! 3 zoroark!

comment if you'd like one of the extras!!

send payments to denkimouse (AT) gmail.com, and include both your LJ NAME AND THE POKEMON YOU ORDERED in the subject! somehow like ten people always refuse to do this! so don't be one of them!

rentorar: Oshawott ($5.50) = $5.50

thunderwolfcat: Zoroa ($5.50) = $5.50

wayawolf711: Zoroa ($5.50) = $5.50

fiery_snow: Zoroark ($5.50) = $5.50

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thanks guys :D
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With the arrival of a new friend today, I decided to (finally) post a small collection update! ...Well, it's not really an update considering how I basically started a whole new collection, but whatev :P.


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snif snif
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Looking for Eevee!

I've been meaning to do a collection update but it has to be put on hold because the new items haven't arrived yet.. Is anybody else from Europe experiencing a delay on shipping? Two of the packges I'm waiting on were shipped the 24th, so that is a bit long right?

So instead of that: I have been debating over this a long time, but I have decided that I want a 1/1 Eevee!
Especially after seeing the post a few ones below this one =D

I checked Ebay and there is only one Eevee up there for $230 before shipping. And I found another one on hard-rock pokemon for $275 before shipping. That seems like a lot. I really want this Eevee but I'm hoping to get is for a bit less than that. I'm looking to spend around $150. Is that a reasonable price or is it too low?
So, if you were thinking about selling yours, please let me know!
And a last note, I don't have a deputy service and I really don't want to have to get one >.< =P

Thanks to everyone who commented. I bought the one on Ebay! lol =D With a little discount. I paid a little over $200 including shipping =)
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MASSIVE Sales and clearance

Updated sales post, getting rid of nearly EVERYTHING not in my main collections!

Main attractions include:
Roselia UFO catcher and Tomy Jirachi recall plush alongside the sale of my jirachi collection and extensive random plush.
   <--- Plush sales!
In figures, all Azelfs must go! Among other things, jirachi included, I'm selling all of my azelf figures. Metal figs, zukan, clipping figures, keshi... etc.
<--- Figure sales here!
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Hello, and what's this?

Hi there! My name is Ellie and this is my first post to this comm. I've been a huge Pokémon fan pretty much since my mom bought me Crystal and a GBA for my seventh birthday (aaand now you can tell my age, lol), but about a year ago I got rid of all my Pokemon merch, except for a few favorites, in a "I'm too old for this!" huff. So, at the moment, my collection is pitifully small, though I've been slowly building it back up, and I'm not going to post it. XD;;

Instead, I'm going to ask the assistance of you awesome collector people in identifying this Mew strap thing, because digging around on this comm and on Google a bit hasn't brought me much. Here he is:

Penny for size reference. The back of his head says "(C) Pokémon/Nintendo, YN MADE IN CHINA" in black. He seems to be in excellent condition, no scuff marks or anything.
This guy survived the great purge of my merchandise not because I particularly liked him, but because he'd somehow fallen behind my dresser many years ago, only to be rediscovered and cleaned up last month. I don't know when or where I got him in any detail, only that I have this feeling he came out of a gachapon type machine. So what's this Mew, and how much might he be worth?

First ever wants post :]

First of all, I was debating on posting this because I kow how much wants lists spam up the front page :( if this aiin't allowed I will delete it

Secondly, Its my b-day soon. HOORAH 8D


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also, any volbeats really :) Mainly volbeats actually

and expect a collection update soon ;)

http://electriked.livejournal.com/1044.html = my other wants ;)

I know, kinda short but my birthday in in less than a week and I don't have anything else to say xD


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Offers reminder

Just a reminder that I'll be taking offers on these figures until next Sunday, January 16th, at 8pm EST. That's in five more days!

Just click on the picture to go to the original post~
Dane Trainer Sprite + Oshawott &lt;3

Reintroduction + Collection Update

Hello again, everyone! I realize I don't post on this community much, but I assure you that I am very active in it! Given this, I feel like it's time for me to reintroduce myself to those who may not remember me or have never seen my name around on the community before.

My username is dappermiju, but you may call me Dane if you'd like. I live in Arizona and I will be 23 years old on February 3rd. I have loved Pokemon since Red and Blue first came out in the US. My boyfriend is also here on the community. His username is dakajojo ♥.

When it comes to collecting Pokemon, I can be a little all over the place with no rhyme or reason to what I collect. However, I identify the following as the Pokemon I collect. :D

My main collections are:


My many mini collections are:

In the future, I'd like to collect:

And without further ado, here is my collection update. :D

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Getupkid619 Sales Post Update!

I've updated my card store.
My store is the best place online to find single Black and White Collection Pokemon cards!
I have a lot left and I'd like to get rid of them, so please check out my store for affordable B&W Pokemon Cards!

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small sales :)

Hey guys :)

After taking a look at my shocking bank statement i've decided to do a bit of collection weeding to make me feel a bit more financially secure untill i get paid xD

all though i find it incredibly hard to part with these items, there are other -slightly more important- things that i need money for :)
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Offers Reminder~

 Hey guys just wanted to post a reminder about some items that I'm accepting offers on:: 


I plan to end these come Friday at the latest :3 So feel free to check it out--I also have some sales going on as well!

Also--ff I'm on the hunt for the following Pokedolls:: Phanpy, Lugia, Spheal. I know that a couple of them are older/harder to get/whatever but I thought I'd throw it out there. :3 I'm also interested in some of the dolls that are currently available so feel free to offer. 

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Hunting hunting.. for a kitty!

So I am on the hunt for the Osaka Meowth plush.. I have found a set on Ebay that looks pretty legit. Can anyone tell me if these plush are common booties? Doesnt seem like they would be but I suppose you never know.
Granted, I would like to not have to buy the whole set, unless it's a last resort. Funds being what they are and such - plus I dont really need Pikachu or Tepig. I wouldnt mind splitting the set up with someone or several folks whom have interest in the other plush. You'de need sales permission, though, as I lack it.
Of course the other route I would like to go would be if someone has that bow tie kitty for sale here in the community. I understand that he's a little on the rare side though I would like to not have to pay an arm and a leg for him. Just as arm might be alright, though. lol!

Im also curious how many of you out there are devoted Meowth collectors. Knowing just how much merchaindise there is with his face on it, how do you keep up? Do you collect it all? Or just plush? Or kids?
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Look at all my stuff!

Thanks to this community, my collection has grown and wallet has shrunk. XD I love all my new items and thought I'd share!

I have even started many unintended collections like Glameow, Absol, Pikachu, Meowth, Pokabu, Charmander, etc. I always liked cute Pokemon but never noticed that I had mini collections of so many!! This community has shown me a lot of merch I had never known about. Wish I still didn't cause now my wants list is 3 pages long! hehehe

I don't remember who I bought all these items from...so I want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who sold to me :3 Your items are in good hands and are loved dearly!
ALSO, I am still waiting on 28 items to arrive. So another update will be soon I hope. Please lemme know when my stuff has been shipped. Some items have been M.I.A for months :/

To my new items!


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I also got a Pikachu jacket from Hot Topic! It was on sale...0_o

Plus, I still have a lot of $1 items in my sales post.

looking for pokedolls and zoroarks

yep CX i can trade things from the nintendo world store too 8o anyone?

pokedolls i have: DX chimchar, DX turtwig, chimchar, turtwig, piplup, lugia, ho-oh, latias, latios, lucario, riolu, suicune, entei, raikou, wobbuffet, eevee, jolteon, umbreon, flareon, pikachu, gizamimi pichu, skitty, zoroark, zorua, snorlax, munchlax

will have soon: celebi, shadow lugia

just tell me any zoroarks XP not sure what everything i have is called
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Price on poke charms

  What is a good price to look for when your tryin to find poke charms. i some times see them around $10, but i think that's alittle to must for just one charm. i guess to say that i'm kind of lookin for charms...but not at the moment! just wondering is all~
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Zukan GA Update and Payment Needed!

Remember this auction? DISCOUNTS! :D I need payments from:

pay to croagunk AT live DOT com :D

Deja vu? WHY YES. YOU'VE SEEN IT BEFORE. GEEZ. xD Ok so attention everyone again since there is significantly new information and a few emails bounced back to me when I tried to mass e-mail. =)

parkerer joltzapvire jensoxen pokepalace 
kitbug  tornaderman renshao captainangel
dezchu pegasus2010 corn_dog_sologrimack  
irethsune bellyofthewolf nagaineko allinia
echizenakira sapphire_kuntsuki_no_eifie
fizzycat piratea chibichimp
meowthcollector xxcutesnakeyxx darkangellilith  


Please see that spreadsheet for all your informational needs. I have paid the seller PLUS refunded everyone their differences. That being said, I had to take a big hit out my bank account to cover for the refunds so please, people who didn't pay, pay soon!

I received a tracking number for our package, so anyone who wants to know it, they can PM me or something and I'll let you track away!

Plus, this was my first GA, so I would like to thank everyone for their patience <3333 It really is appreciated. I just would like everything to run smoothly and most of all, for everyone to be happy! The few of you who are so nice to me, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You guys are AWESOME!!!!

dice figures

hey guys quick question!

what is the official name for the small dice figures? (pictures below)

(hope you don't mind i borrowed this growly)

or like these

(random image from google)

i'm looking for the japanese name so i can just copy paste it on yahoo!japan lol,
or if you have some for sale (money is not an issue if you got an arcanine ;) please let me know!
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Pika-splosion GB

Quick pika gb to ease the strain were taking on that other ga :C

Everybody needs some pika in their lives 

Heres how its going to break down theoretically
14 items claimed 4.00
29 items claimed 2.00 each
Were at 1.50 each item :3
60 items claimed 1.00 each

The total will be 60.00 + shipping
Please do not back out once you have made a claim

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Please leave a comment with the names of the pikas you want to claim :3
EX: I want Pikachu C and 32