January 12th, 2011

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Re-Intro and Collection Post!

Despite being a member for nearly three years now, I've surprisingly never made a real introduction or collection post.  I've had the pleasure of getting to know a great deal of members through sales and group auctions, but there's still a whole bunch of you out there that I want to meet.  I suppose I should go ahead and do this properly :)

First off, I'm Allinia (or Allie) - I've loved Pokemon since I was 8 and I'm now 21.  I found out about Pokemon completely by chance before it was known in the states through a random Toys R US program, and you could say I've been collecting ever since.  I had all the typical toys as a child - TOMYs, Hasbro beanies, TCG cards - although I began "seriously" collecting once I discovered this community in 2008.  I joined pkmncollectors when I was going through a very difficult point in my life, and the members here, collecting, and Pokemon in general really helped me get through that tough time.  As such, the community means a lot to me on a personal level, as I'm sure it does for many others as well ♥

I guess being here since 2008 makes me an "oldie," but I'm still far from being a Pokemon merchandise expert. To be perfectly honest, I've never posted any collection pictures because I'm kind of embarrassed of how small my collection is after all this time.  Nevertheless, I would really love to track my collection as it grows throughout 2011 and I suppose I have to start somewhere!

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Also a reminder to Kids Lot GA and Plush GA participants: Please check your inboxes/email/notifications! I'm still waiting on a few payments~
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Birthday present for myself :) (grail get, photostory)

I decided this year I would get myself a birthday present of epicness and what's more epic then the Shinx line and a grail put together. So I gathered up my money and fought long and hard for this lovely. Thanks so much for shiny_vulpix  for hosting the GA that I got him in. I hope you enjoy the photostory I made of getting it:)


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Since today I turned 19, I thought the best presents would be pokemon:)

My parents bought my the Flygon plush of awesomeness and lumpyspaceking  and another friend of my pitched in to get me a custom Froslass plush. I'm sooo loved and dancing in my pants when both get here
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Offers Reminder

Hello everyone~

I am here to remind anyone who is interested that I have some items (TFGs, Strap, Zukan) up for offers.

I am planning to end it Thusday Night, which is January 13th @ 10pm EST.
I have also added BINs to the items :p

and I had hoped to have updated my shop by the time I was ready to make this update, but my cameras cord decided to not work anymore so I need to go get a new one soon before I can add anything to it

But anyways
I will make one more offers reminder about 3-4 hours before end time :]

Thanks for reading :D

Click this to go to the Offers~


Pokedoll question

Hi everyone, just a quick question. If a Pokedoll doesn't have a barcode on its tag, does that mean it's not legit?

Also, about a week ago I was at the post office. As I was leaving, a man walked in with a Halloween Umbreon Plush. I stopped and aww'd, and asked him "Are you on Pokémon Collectors, by any chance?". He said no, and that he was just mailing it for a friend. How rare..if anyone got an Umbreon from New Jersey recently, speak up!
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 as many of you know, there is a pokemon shindig going on in seattle in feb :3 i am very pleased to say i will be attending! 
So i was wondering, i would like to get into the pokemon mood overly much. So i want to make a hat! or two :3
I was hoping people would have reference images or paterns they could show me! 
my favorite poke's are Gengar, Venusaur(bulba and ivy too), Entei, Ludicolo(lotad), Snorlax, Togepi(togetic/togekiss)
so if anyone has anything that could help me in even the slightest way i would very much so apreciate it!
post picture comments please and thankyou!
hope to see you all there :3
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Auction Reminder and Small Get!

Hello everyone! Just a reminder, my Mexican bottle cap auctions are ending in just under a day! This will be my only reminder post, so go take a look now if you haven't already! All caps start at $3 and most do not have any bids yet. I have roughly half of the first 151 Pokemon and a handful of Johto Pokemon as well.

Auction post is here!

To make this post have a little more content for the rest of you, I'll also share a small item I received in the mail yesterday (along with a whopping 4 other packages!)

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THIS IS A NOTICE TO PARTICIPANTS OF cardwhale and swtlilangel666's zukan GA as seen here.

After initial suspicions it was proven that chunkyrooster9, a member of this community and the seller of the ebay lot, organized with kyoakira to add up the totals of the GA and had him shill bid the ebay auction up to just under the total raised.

Needless to say, this is absolutely abominable behavior. Not only is it strictly against Ebay's TOS, it's a misuse of this community, and I am just completely and utterly disappointed and crushed by this turn of events. It was known these two users had conspired together before to try to get each other's ebay auctions GA'd to get around sales permission rules here, but this goes above and beyond.

Of course the two users have been banned, and I am issuing a ban on the GAing, GBing, or advertising of any of their Ebay auctions from now on. Ebay is also being notified of this violation of their rules and will act accordingly against their accounts. All participants of the GA are getting the massive discounts they deserved to begin with.

Needless to say, if anyone is ever caught doing anything like this again, you will similarly be banned in every way possible. I know it can be frustrating and obnoxious to try to get sales permission here, especially when we mods can take a long time to reply and the requests become buried or lost. But there is a reason we have to take the time to examine each request as best we can. These two users were denied sales permission for various reasons, and decided to resort to underhanded methods to take advantage of the community as best as they could.

DO NOT BOTHER trying to be sneaky here. You will be caught eventually. And then you will lose the support and patronage of this amazing community, which is hands down acknowledged even by TCPi as the number one place to advertise, sell and buy Pokemon toys online.

Keep this community as friendly and trustworthy as possible. Do not commit acts like this. And instantly report any suspicious behaviour you notice. Don't be afraid to at least ask us for advice. We want to try to help as fairly as possible. Yes, even if it's an "oldskool" member or one of us mods ourselves you have a problem or concern with, please do not hesitate.

Comments are screened Unscreening for now so people can discuss this. This is not a call to arms against the two banned members, but it is a warning. But if you have any more worries or questions, go ahead and comment.

Long over due! Taking a few Commissions :)

Hi :)
I'll be taking a few commissions this month. I've had a lot of people ask me in the past when I was closed so I hope you will all take this rare opportunity ^_^

I also have finished a lot of new stuff so check out the pictures too!

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**All requests will be first come first serve**
Slot 1 - Poliwhirl for darkangelilith - PAID
Slot 2 - icecream keychain for astron - PAID
Slot 3 - diveball for peeche00 - PAID

My etsy store
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Hawaii Store Run LAST UPDATE + GA announcement

 Firstly the canvas GA I've been running. I have worked with schenzi and they really want this lot. Even though I am under bid we have made and agreement and I purchased the lot. It is currently being shipped to my house. As for payments! I am going to be accepting the first payment (which is to cover the stuff) now~ Shipping charges will be posted when I receive the items and your zip codes.

What people owe (prices using the group auction calculator)

Drifloon- Rivalsacha $13.78
Starly- jilllll $12.55
Cherrim Buizel- Schenzi 51.75

pay to snovak12@punahou.edu please
Please post that you paid and your zip code while you're at it

Hawaii Store Run Final Update!~~~

Same ol same ol.....


If your name is written here your stuff has been shipped:

doldolpang 30.9 paid
foureyedalien skiploom, jumpluf, 2 slugma tomy 25.27 paid
deadfishie Sticker sheet & Dunsparce Tomy 11.72 paid
kiiyame bulbasaur plush 30.9 paiddark_tyranitar bulbasaur plush 30.9 paid
megami36 oshwat, wartortle, 2 raichu postcards 26.58 paid
puyro gengar tomy, clefairy dito kid 13.39 paid
swtlilangel666 piplup plush 26.13 paid
leafeon_420 ninjask stamp 4.58 paid
meowllz swablu tomy 8.73 paid
thalnos8888 slowking bank $12.76 paid
pannsie dunsparce tomy paid
fizzycat gengar tomy 9.81
aburamechan 3 retsuden stampers

(this should be everyone~) post if you are not on this list O.o....

Any more questions just post :)
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Offers extented


Hi there!  I decided to extend offers on everything (including this lovely shiny entei!) due to the fact I won't be around until Friday and because I never was able to post a reminder.  Also, the shop will be closed until Friday.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Offers post here: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/7995889.html
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Pan Sticker GA shipping payments still due! (and also BIRDS)

I hate to make yet another post about this GA, but I haven't yet received shipping payments from several participants:

caffwin, chronidu, feraligroggles, furrettails, hamarill, iamdish, kasaii, koujakai, marphoria, peeche00, porcupine_paws, slashaddict, stymphalid, u2queenbee, wildorched, xlindziex, xxcutesnakeyxx

Please refer to this post for payment information and please read the entire post before sending payment! Following the protocol I laid out helps me keep everything in order. =) Also, I will be without transportation until Saturday at the latest, so I will do my best to have everything shipped early next week as soon as I'm able to make a trip to the post office. I apologize for the delay, but thank you for your patience!

And to avoid this being all about business, have my (tiny!) gen 5 bird collection so far under the cut~

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Collection Update!

Hey everyone! I doubt anyone remembers me, I have too little time to be very active here. D: But I collect plushies, zukans, and assorted other things so I thought I'd post a few of the new things I got. BUT since it got dark before I could finish taking photos, I'm really only posting my new zukans. >_>

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Pokemon sharing!

Pokemon are our companions whether they are a plushie or figure [Stickers definitely count too!] & many of us have our own favorite Pokemon that we each appreciate-& through the many cheerful words of people on the community, I have the confidence I need to make this post to ask EVERYONE this question--

Do you have a Pokemon that is your travel companion to everywhere you go? Why did you choose this Pokemon? If you have pictures with the activities/places, please do post them as well!
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I strongly hope that many people will post their stories & not be afraid! This community is all about coming together as one to help each other, & it doesn't hurt to share a bit about ourselves in the process =D
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Huge Sales Post! (Plush, Zukan, Kids and More!)

Hey everyone! Long time no see - it's great to be back though! ^_^ I've just come back from my honeymoon in Japan - so I need to post a collection update soon <3

I'm feeling incredibly happy today, as someone contacted me this morning to offer me my grail! That means it's time for a sales post! :D I've got lots of items for sale, and a few up for offer too - I hope you find something you like!~ Here are a few teaser pics - look under the cut for much more!

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Prepping for conventions, wild Pokemon appear!

I don't normally post, although I have no idea why.

The new year means time for conventions. I make my living traveling around the country and selling my artwork. Last night and tonight was dedicated to getting a new pattern ready for the con scene and I wanted to share with you lovely folks :3

Slightly Image heavy!

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My recent addictions/wants



- Japanese Pokemon cards

HOOO yes I dont know what possessed my to begin trying to collect them but I WANT TO <3

- Case Figures
Why, why are you so fun and addictive to stack up ;___;

- Mega Bloks

Also NOTE: I think im more likely to trade, or buy sort of cheapys (Specailly cheap common Japanese cards) since I don't have too much spending money XD; Sorry ;_;

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