January 13th, 2011


hello everyone, short time viewer, first time poster. i have been a big fan of the Pokemon franchise for many years however my collection is small simply because i never considered collecting merchandise at the time (unless cards count which i have a load of) anyways the purpose of this post is to inquire about possibly locating and purchasing some of the Japanese TCG league badges, specifically i am after the Earth Badge but to be honest any is good.

Also i just noticed that the first time i posted this i did it to my journal rather than to the community. DERP.
Bathtime :(
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Weeding some custom Luxio plush~

So, it happened; I ran out of room for all... 15+? of my custom Luxio plush. I'm moving in a month or two, and won't be able to take these 4 little guys with me, unfortunately. They're all gorgeous plush by amazing plush artists, and I'm hoping people here will be able to give them loving homes.

Luxios this-a-way

Floaroma Pokemart should be getting an update with new items within the next week~

*sits on hands waiting for official Erufuun and Yuniran merch*
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Shipping Update/Offers Reminder

Recently, my area got hit with the worst snowstorm we've seen in a while. (But since it's South Carolina, it was of course a pitiful little storm but it still shut the entire state down for like two days.) So shipping has been a bit delayed, but I'm finally going to be shipping out packages to panopticam , godudette , omgitslph , mandyseley , and princesspatamon  today. :)

Just a reminder that I'll be taking offers on these figures until next Sunday, January 16th, at 8pm EST. That's in three more days!

Just click on the picture to go to the original post~

Quick Birthday wants ^_^

 Hello comm! So it's my birthday and I've decided to buy myself a little something, particularly:

these two adorable cuties, so if you have them and are willing to sell please let me know and also let me know how much you would like for them.

Thank you!


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Charm and Keychain Sales

My bottle cap auctions from yesterday have ended! If you put in a bid, please check your email/comments for a total ^_^

I have also put up new sales, of charms and keychains this time! As is mentioned in the post, I can combine shipping with the bottle caps, and also with metal figures and Kids if you want to pick up some of those. (If you missed the bottle cap auctions, any unsold caps can now be bought at the start price!)

(Also, sentret_draws and marphoria, I haven't mailed your metal figure packages yet, so I can combine shipping on those as well if you want to buy anything else here.)

The sales post can be found here!


Thanks all! ^_^
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holiday contest results!

so, wow! as many already noticed, this entry killed the competition!!!

CONGRATS!!! to midnitesilven!!! you win a pokedoll or (new option) half off a biggish!pokedoll! or something around that price! from the pokemon center!! just contact me to

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN to all who participated, and i hope you had fun! :D stay tuned for the next contest which will commemorate B/W's international release (and nobody will enter since you'll all be busy playing...), and see you all again starting in fall for our always-annual halloween and holiday contests :D
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GB Potential?

So I came across these..


I didn't even know that they were out yet! Now, it's very possible that they have been out and everyone knew about it already, and that I have simply been living under a rock these past few months. If this exposes me as being ill-informed, then please forgive me, and I'll return to my rock. lol!

Anyhoot.. I thought this would make for a good GB to be picked up. The seller seems legit and I cant find any really bad notes or bootlegs to speak of. If there's any issues then I'll remove the link.
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(Pokemon) Jolteon
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Collection Weeding Sales

As painful this is to do, I've decided to part with a few things from my (small) personal collection due to space, other collection priorities and to hit my goal amount for an important trip very soon. This includes Eeveelutions, Rotoms, Raichu TFG and other things!

Collapse )

January customs post will be open in a few days, because I want these items gone first and I don't want to post a huge huge post with a ton of pictures. XD Traditional art (watercolors, markers) commissions will be open too, if anyone would be interested in that. Here are some samples! :')♥ Thank you!
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Y!J + deputy service questions

I didn't think I would ever be making one of these posts, but here I am. An item I've been looking for has popped up on Y!J, but I'm not currently signed up for any deputy services. I'm not sure of which service to use, so I'm here to ask for opinions. I'm leaning towards Noppin, because I've found a really helpful tutorial on how they work. I'm open to other suggestions, though, so please let me know your opinions!

I also have some questions for anyone who's had experience buying through Noppin.
1. Does buying multiple things really save that much on shipping to the US? I thought about asking someone on here to help, which would still be nice, but I wonder if the money saved on shipping to the US would be lost in the shipping to me plus a commission fee. ><
2. How much does internal shipping tend to run for a single plush about the size of the Pokecen fifth gen second starter evo plush (Futachimaru, etc)? The listing doesn't say how much it is, which I thought was kind of strange. Is there somewhere I can check to get an estimate?
3. About how much would shipping be to the US for one plush about the size mentioned earlier? I'm just trying to figure out how much this would cost me in total. I don't want to spend way more than the item is actually worth. DX

The shipping costs are my two biggest concerns, money-wise. I've seen how much GA shipping can be, and I would hope for a single item it would be significantly lower, but I have no experience so I don't even have an estimate. xD

Thanks in advance for any help, and I apologize for such a useless post. >.> I'll have a nice collection update in the future to make up for it. :)

EDIT: I found my wanted plush on eBay, but thank you so much to everyone for answering my questions! I love you all! <3 I'll leave this post up for anyone else who may have the same questions. ^__^ There's some very helpful information in these comments. :D

To make this more interesting: What is the first Pokemon item you see when you wake up in the morning? Mine is usually Buoy, my Buizel Pokedoll, although sometimes it's my Pikachu pillow. :D

Custom Pokedoll Hat Reminder~

Just giving everyone a heads up that my custom top hat auction for Kokoromori and Bachura ends tomorrow night at 5:00 PM PST! This is the only time I will ever make them, and Kokoromori is still at $15.00~

Also, the auction for the custom slot ends at the same time, so place your bid while you can because until other commissions are done I won't open a slot up for sometime.

Here's some models pokedolls workin' it with their hats! <3


AUCTION CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8028011.html

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 This GA is ending tonight in 9 hours,so get your guys bids in. were looking at 120 + shipping,but I wouldn't put it past the other person we've been bidding against to put in another bid or two.

and my auctions are ending in 5 days

My next post will be updates I swear XD
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New obsession/WANTS

HI GUYS! I've been absent for a while as I had no money to spend on Pokemon stuff but I was lurking @____@ I have a new Pokemon obsession.

THIS GUY Image and video hosting by TinyPicHE'S A PUPPY. AND I NEED MERCH OF HIM.

I haven't seen much of him other than a plush or two. Does anyone know if there's more of him available? AND IF YOU HAVES MERCH OF HIM I WANTS IT @____@ and his evos

I am also forming a new love affair with THIS GUY Image and video hosting by TinyPicALSO A DOG. I just love his angry face <3 I wants some Snubbulls as well.

I'm also always looking for merch of the DOOF. If you have any Bidoof stuff, send me your way! :D

Other Random Wants:
Leafeon Tomy plush, pokedoll
Dragonite canvas, UFO catcher
Typhlosion UFO catcher
Magikarp pokedoll
Raichu canvas
Arceus pokedoll/any plush other than Jakks

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Special Tomy GA Update! and... Clearfiles?

Hey everyone! 
I checked my Celga account and this auction was added to my "Auctions Won" list! 

And what was the winning bid? 1100 yen. That's less than $14 guys! And we raised $69, so you'll be looking at some nice discounts!

I'm waiting for Celga to send me the official invoice with internal shipping, so expect a payment post once I receive that. Until then, let's celebrate! :D

I also kinda want some clearfiles for this semester. Does anyone have any cheap ones for sale? I'm not looking to spend a fortune, so if anyone has some they're looking to get rid of, I will happily take a look! 

Corphish + Co. GA ............


But only just! Thanks to our lovely [info]ryunwoofie for snagging it, and thanks to all our bidders! <3
There defo wont be MUCH of any discounts im afraid <:(
But on behalf of both of us running this GA, thankyou for helping us win guys! :'D

HERE is the spreadsheet
Please EDIT IT to confirm payment and your location!

Send all payments to: Christafarrell45@yahoo.com

Keep your eyes peeled, were going to do a sales post when the stuff arrives, and sell on the unidentifiables and extras :3
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A wild box of "I own this?" appears!

I am so excited right now...XD
I found a lonely little box in the bonus room of the new house. It said 'Pikachu pillow' on the outside of it. So I opened it and found the old school Pikachu pillow buddy hiding in there. I smiled and brushed him off. But when I looked back in the box......the tall grass separated and a magical world appeared. It was like Narnia, but with plastic Pokemon!
What was in the Narnia box of plastic?

Collapse )

Some things I found that I may sell...*ponders*Collapse )

Now for some gets from the community!
Collapse )
Thanks everyone for looking. <3

Ever find anything you owned that you completely forgot about?? Made my night!

tira v
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final sticker sales post

Updated my cheap sticker photos!  Everything pictured is what  I have left. Also added some action flipz!
I changed the pricing to make it a little easier =D

Everything from my previous sales has been shipped!

Collapse )

If you're looking for some non-flat stuff like plush, I just listed some Pokedolls and the like on ebay CLICK
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RUSH Clear Tomy GA~!

Sorry for another post so shortly after my last one, but I decided to pick up this GA:

Auction ends TOMORROW (or I guess technically Saturday), 1 AM EST!  Countdown for your convenience. :)

All comm. rules apply.
No sniping please!  Bidding within 10 minutes of the end of the auction will result in a 10 minute extension for that item until bids stop.
Retracting bids will result in a negative feedback.
Bid increments of at least $0.50 please.
Shipping from the US.
There will be 3 payments, though perhaps only 2 if I can cover the initial payment myself. :)

I'm claiming Rayquaza for $5.  All figures start at $1.
Please wait for threads before bidding.  Threads are up, so start bidding! :3

PS: Ash and Gastly are NOT Tomys... Pretty sure they are both zuken pieces.  I also heard that Zapdos may not have a clear Tomy, though I'm not sure what it is if it's not a Tomy.  Sorry for the confusion.... I'm clearly not an expert on Pokemon figures, LOL.
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Let the music play!

Ok, I just had this thought, and I know you guys are the best ones to ask.

Is there any official Miror B. merchandise, and if so, what is it?  Because he is like the greatest Pokemon NPC that ever happened.

Just to make this fun for everyone else: Who is your favourite NPC and do they have any awesome merch you've collected?
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GA update and first (real) sales post

 GA'ers....I am missing one payment from jilllll for starly canvas for $12.55. Please send to snovak12@punahou.edu asap :) I will be taking shipping payments in about 3 days...

And the moment we've all been waiting for....OMG MY FIRST SALES XD get'em while you can please. I am selling towels that I've never seen any one sell ever!!!! so check it out please :)

Store runs are continuing...but only for tomy's. Read the update in my sales please. Comment, comment, buy,buy,buy :) thanks guys
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Semi-reintroduction + a happy new pair of dragons + something cute and pink?

Since I've been somewhat away from the community since my last collection update, I thought I'd return with an actual reintroduction, although I can't quite recall if I officially did an intro here before. Sorry about that, so let's get this rolling~!

So hello everyone! I'm tagami_yami, and feel free to call me Tagami. :) I joined this community back in 2008, although I no longer know the exact date (probably during late summer is my guess). 2+ years, oh yeah~! ^o^ For the fandom itself, I've been a Pokemon fan ever since the TV series first aired on American television. There was a period of time where I mainly lost touch with the series as a whole (around the time when Ruby, Sapphire, then Emerald were released), but Diamond and Pearl dragged me back in, haha.

My main collections involve Mewtwo and Darkrai, but I tend to collect plenty of others, such as Arceus, Espeon, Umbreon, Lugia, the Cyndaquil line, Zoroark, and really whatever else catches my interest. Why is there no official shiny Ninetales merchandise!?

My more active collections as of late involve Zekrom, Reshiram, and the Snivy line (Jalorda is my favorite of that trio). I'm still anxiously awaiting any Pendoraa releases because I think that's probably my favorite gen. 5 Pokemon. :D If you see me popping in either asking for or showing off Pokemon I haven't mentioned above, don't be surprised, haha.

Although I'm waiting for a couple more items to add to my collection, I can share a couple of silly updates since my last collection post here.

Collapse )

Thanks for reading, and I hope you got some laughs. :) The next update will probably be about those cutie grass snakes, haha.

Fuzzy Flowers

Hello All.
So I have these two figures and I guess they from a whole line! I really would like to have the Oddish and the Vileplume to go along with this lonely little GLoom! SOOO if you have either one or both and want to sell them or trade for this Poliwrath let me know!! :) Take care everyone!