January 14th, 2011

Looking for Large Pachirisu Plush

So I still want to do a real introduction thread and show off my pikachu collection sometime in the future, but collecting my pikachu into one area to take pictures would take time that I currently don't have...(now I know what to do on MLK day)
Anyway, right now I'm looking for a plush that my friend has been looking for a long time. She really wants a large pachirisu plush. She's seen them, but can't find anywhere to buy them. I don't know their exact size or who they might be made by, but I have a picture of a few.

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Artist's Spiritomb

Rare 2nd Gen Metal Swing Keychain Auctions!

Time to start up the SEALED 2nd Gen Metal Swing Keychain Auctions! I've been asked many times by new members "What are swing keychains?" If you don't know what a swing keychain is, it's a metal keychain with a metal charm of a Pokemon on it. These were only made for the 1st and 2nd Gen Pokemon. While most of the 1st Gen ones are somewhat easy to come by, the 2nd Gen ones have proven to be very hard to get obtain. I for one have been looking for over a year for a Pupitar with zero luck. I was lucky enough to come across some sealed 2nd gen ones while hoping to obtain a Pupitar and now have these available for auction. Considering they are over 10 years old, this might be your only opportunity to get a mint condition keychain of one of your favorite Pokemon.

I'll have plenty of 1st Gen swing keychains in my sales post. If you've been waiting patiently for more pictures to be uploaded for my sales, in the next 16hrs there's going to be an explosion of pictures, I promise you ;)!


Please wait until I have made all threads before commenting or placing a bid, thank you!

Auctions will end Wednesday January 19th @ 10PM EST.

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pokemon •• kokoromori snugs

a wild Kokoromori appears!!

This is really late.... two weeks late, in fact. I was busy with the holidays and then just got lazy, but finally, a little photo story!

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Also, to anyone who bought from my sales, I'm a little late shipping! Sorry for the delay, my work hours have not allowed me to get to the post office very easily! I'll be sending everything out Monday or Tuesday ^_^

If anyone is interested, I'm open for sculpture commissions :) just click the picture if you want to see my stuff, and ask me if you have any questions. If you want to commission me, do it now! I'm going to buy more clay on Sunday since I don't have many colours left, so it'd be helpful if I knew what colours to get if anyone wants something!



SO i keep putting this off waiting for more and more stuff, but here we go! for real! i swear!!

zekroms! denchura! raichus! here they are!

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i also want to post a link to a project i've been working on for months now. it's my more expensive pokemon collection... production artwork! i've been gathering tons of it and scanning like crazy, and my portal is ready to be checked out. all that's missing right now are my best wishes! anime genga, but those will be back up in february :)

check it out! lots of settei, genga, cels, storyboards, and more!!

as mentioned here, i will be posting the pokedolls on sunyshore tonight, with some clippin' figs. lots of folks keep asking, and i had to wait to see the exchange rate and such, but for now i'm settling on 38.50 + shipping for the pokedolls.

still waiting on some payments for sukui dolls, too!!

and thanks for reading, as always, guys :D
mijumaru, buneary

Reply Recieved!

Hey I was wondering if anyone had heard from "Astron" or "Astrostuff"? I believe it was them that I bought a Lugia Jakks and a Notched Ear Pichu cellphone charm from them for $13.50. But this was on December 23rd and its now January 14th. I've sent a message asking them on the status before I went out of town for my trip and when I came back the message was still unanswered, I left for my trip on the 2nd of January.

I would just like at least an answer from the person that I bought them from to tell me what is going on. <:/ What would you all suggest that I do?

I got my response and my package was shipped yesterday. ^^ I'll try to post a picture of my collection additions soon for you all though! When I was at a WalMart with my sister, I just about died when I saw that they had a few more of the pokemon plushies there! So I'll have to show you all for sure! :3
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We won,I need your payments :3

 Ick  xD->cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
So we managed to win without the bid going any higher then it already was,so we got some discounts :3

All payments are to darknisfalls(at)yahoo.com

When sending payment please put your username in the title and GA Payment 1 in the body C:

and please post here sometimes paypal spazzes and doesn't alert me to a payment

aleyina I added your payment for the pikachu c:
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

Boring want post...

There's this thing called the Christmas Jynx. And it has a Kid, and I really want it. XD 

I've seen it in a few auctions on Y!J, but the only one I could probably afford I totally forgot where to find, and the other one's like $250 with a  bunch of other Kids, but I can't afford that much--I'm already working on something else pretty expensive on Y!J. T.T

If anyone has any information on one at all, I'd love to hear it. I really want one of these politically incorrect babies. XD

So if you're browsing Y!J and see one, preez send link? :3 Even if has a bunch of other kids with Jynxie. ^^

Here's an example iffin' you don't know what she looks like~
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Is this a bootleg?

I have almost completed my first generation Tomy figure collection. But I'm not 100% sure that my Cloyster is official.

The right one is a bootleg, positive, but the one on the left is new. It looks a lot better than the one on the left but I'm still not sure. Can someone help me?

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And I have a question. I have been working on my collection website. It's coming along pretty good =)
A lot of the other people with a collection website have a fancy banner. How do I make something like that? How do I make a picture to be a link to my website?

And something else. This may sound confusing because I don't know how to explain it really well.. XD For my collection website I use Weebly. It is a great site and easy to use. But I was wondering how I make 'sub'pages. I'll try to explain with an example. I you set you mouse on 'the collection' you can choose from two different options. How do I do that? Anwsered =3
I wish I knew more of computers XD
Thanks everyone!

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW Promo Card Sale!

pokedoll run complete cx

i got all items except one umbreon (they had none but my friend got some for me a few days ago). whoever ordered umbreon tell me here (especially if you ordered them with something else) i just want to make sure i got them all XD

i also still have a snorlax and an entei pokedoll only $17 shipped and a wobbufett shirt for $25 shipped.

i may grab some DX pokedolls, they only have turtwig and chimchar. if anyone wants them they will be $35 shipped ^^

sales post update!

hi community! i have added loads of stuff into my shop, which include:

- the super sexy gold/silver-plated (MIP) chous for suicune/umbreon/eevee/lugia;
- a rare pikachu/mudkip water squirter set;
- an uber cute poster featuring the likes of glaceon, heracross and snorlax among others;
- a munchlax stamp keychain;
- flats! highlights include mew, absol, eevee, houndour and poochyena flats, with MANY others!

for the items on offer, i will stop taking offers on Jan 19, Wednesday 10PM PDT.

(follow the wriggling pine cone tail!)

thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead! i'm starting on photography on my collections and will hopefully be able to post a nice update soon! =D
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Selling my canvas plush set

The day has come where I had to make a hard choice between Pokemon and idols~ V_V (♥ Two of my lovesssss ♥) so I am doing to collection slimming in order to fund a possible trip to Seatle this April to meet some Berryz. ♥

I am taking offers on my Eevee Canvas Plush~



I am looking for about $70-80 each (or more) but offer what you like.
- I already have one offer for the set for $600 +shipping Individual offers finally beat the $600 offer~! =D ♥

They are all mint with tags and come from a smoke free home~~

ENDED! Thank you for participating~! ^o^
Thanks for looking~~! Please feel free to ask any questions!
hewwo giima

(no subject)

EDIT: READ BELOW before commenting about the lifesize zuruggu!!

EDIT2: !!!! i would make a new post but yeah. no. NEW KIDS PICS ALSO!!

so. freaking. zuruggu fest you guys. and it starts. ON FRIDAY. yes, in one week. wow, that big one is. wow. wow. just, wow. yes, it's lifesize. it says lifesize. holy crap.

jeez that came outta nowhere!!

EDIT: okay so here you go?? jeez!! and the pokedolls too. fine! have them!

RE: the other stuff
i can NOT get those life size zuruggu this weekend by myself folks! i will try to get some for you guys a week that doesn't release a ton of crazy stuff all at once. this weekend i'll get the pokedolls and zuruggu plush (normal size). the following week i'll try to bring home some of those lifesize ones. i can't give a price quote right now on them and i'm not taking reservations or anything. when i've got some home, i will post them here, it'll be first to comment first served.

they will surely be on ebay, etc, and other online stores, so don't panic or anything. you can get him! i'm not your only option, i promise! you can buy pokecen stuff from lots of places actually! it's true.

but he is gigantic! so beware! also, panicking or pestering about the lifesize plush will earn you this face!
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Best Wishes Group Buy Continued

Hey guys! I posted yesterday about doing the Best Wishes Zukan set as a group buy! Quite a few people were interested and two sets have been purchased!!
I will be notifying people of their first payment total in the comments (pic above is a link to original post) but if I've missed you out, please tell me!


The Zekrom in set two has not been claimed! Reply to this post if you want to claim him. I will need payment immediately
He will be $10.61 if you're inside UK or $10.72 if you're outside of UK

I will do another set if more people are interested in participating. These are the zukans unclaimed in set three

Set Three Claims
Zekrom - $10:
Reshiram - $10: neonr0se
Starters - $8: piratea
Munna/Musharna - $5.75: 
Minezumi/Miruhog - $5.75:

Custom Tin Auction Slots!

Happy 2011, first off - I hope this year is treating everyone well! :3

Second - with the new year, I brought one of my many ideas to life by making the first of my Custom Tins. I made one and fell in love with the project, wanting to create more. I showed my f-list and they seemed to really like the idea, so I'm opening 4 slots for these babies. I'm so excited, never done slot auctions before. :D Lots o' pictures ahead ~

Cloud the Dratini Tomy: "I'll be your handy-dandy size comparison model for today!"
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Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 1/1/2011.

Offers on my painted Togekiss bag are still up, highest offer is $6- I'll close it when the thread goes quiet. :)
 I'll be putting a few rare plushies up for auction and doing a collection update in the near future, so look out for those!
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I have some spare money, and since some rather depressing things have happened as of late, I would like some retail therapy. :B
pannsie DARLING I'll be mailing your stickers soon! This week as been messy :C I'm sorry D:


I would love aaaanything of Weavile, Zorua, Milotic or Latias/Latios! 
And also especially flats of Lati@s - I need moar to fill up their blank spaces :>
Just post away, I'll let you know if I have it or not. I can't take photos, sinceeee my collection is currently in boxes .___.!

Thank yoooou!

Collection post soon - I have lots coming in the mail~~!

Pegasus Fantasy - current wants list

Hello, community

     Never mind the first part of the title, it is just what bumped into my head and I said, 'Let's make this the title'. Sorry I know there have been already a lot of wants posts in this page. But, I just can not wait 'cause I have collected 10 feedbacks, FINALLY and YAYYY! Now I understand the feeling of collecting all League Badges. -_,- hahaha! Poor Ash I'd say. So I think it's time for my first wants+trade post.

      What I'm looking for can be found HERE - w/ pics, but just a part of it I want at this moment 'cause I can not afford that much. I've also thought about what if I can not  buy with the price I list. The solution comes out - Let's do trade if so! I'm not sure if my trades has enough attraction but let's see. BTW, I will directly buy the item at the price listed if you have them for sale. Prices are shipping included.
      Looking for: (Please let me know if some of the items are wrongly priced)
      R/S/E Sp.4 Lucario Zukan (crawling ver.) - $15
      Zapdos & Moltres DX Tomy figures - $7 each
      Venasaur clear cube figure - $7  (there is a whole set popping up on Y!J. If someone can GA that I may try help to see if I can claim Venasaur)
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      Altaria Banpresto UFO catcher plush - $20

      Items I put to trade:
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      Feel free to ask about the condition and the values I put on these.

      Also, I dunno know about the shipping part since I hardly shipped in the US, so please understand that I may ship items slow. I tend to use bubble mailers for the small ones, but how do you guys suggest to do with bigger ones like Blastoise figure and Smeargle plush?

      Another thing in my mind is that how people do trading negotiate the shipping cost if the size of items from both has a big difference? Do you add that cost to the value in your item or do you just ignore that cost? Please let me know.
      Finally, let's start and I will claim your SOUL.
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Arcanine UFO Catcher up for Offers + Leftover sales! + SHIPPING STATUS

sup guys.

Arcanine has been BIN'd! <3

I'm putting my Arcanine UFO Catcher up for offers! I'm not really into Arcanine that much anymore, and I kinda got this plush as sort of a substitute for the lack of official Growlithe plushes (soon after I got him, the Growlithe canvas came out, haha!). I'm still kind of attached though, and I'm not sure whether I should let him go, but I do need money, so we'll see how offers go.

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Aside from offers, I have a few items left in my sales post: CLICK ME

I've lowered the prices of the DX Fuzzy Pichu and Pikachu. Please just take them away! ;____;

Also, take all my left over kids for only $10! Feel free to offer ANYTHING for any of my left over plushes. I will most likely accept. I just want everything gone!

Thanks guys! <3


Oh yeah! I forgot to mention!

Anyone who has bought anything from my sales post... if you bought anything earlier on in the week, your items were shipped yesterday! The rest of you who bought items from me.. they were shipped today! c=

ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Kaiyodo still in their stride

Good news for those who like Kaiyodo figures! (They were responsible for the TFG, preorder figures, chesspieces and bottlecap figures among others) And honestly Kaiyodo do the best Pokémon sculpts in my opinion, so that should be all of you. They've certainly been in decline lately, with the TFG being cancelled and the lack of preorder figures with the recent games in Japan.

Some TCG collector tins due out in March alongside the release of Black & White, but what are those figures that are included? Most definitely Kaiyodo-sculpt, even on what look like the top part of a TFG base? I guess like the recent Entei-figure that was released with a TCG pack but these are definitely new moulds rather than a rehashed bottlecap.
Does this mean a return to the TFG if these sell well? More promotional figures? Nothing at all? Who knows, but I sure am excited. :D
Thanks to PokéBeach for the news.
Kururu: yay!

More plushie sales!

I have updated my sales post with more plushes and Gen V straps.

Among the plushes I'm selling is a Swampert Pokedoll, Bulbasaur PlushPlush, Reshiram and Zekrom PokeCen plushes.

Click on the banner to be directed to my sales.

confused kotone

Ending Tonight!



Offers are ending in an hour and many things are at the starting bid and I still am willing to take payment plans!  As for everyone waiting for  a reply in my sales I just got home from school and work so I'll be getting to all of your comments asap (it may take a day or so since it's 11 pm here).