January 15th, 2011

Quick Draw!

Looking for and a questions

I am in search of the Lugia Bottle Cap Figure, a Feraligatr and Kyogre TFGs

I can't say for sure if I can buy all these or not right away
but I do have some money left in my paypal and I want to check to see how much I'd need to get those 3 things

I just bought some of my major wants and also just bought a Luxray DX Plush O wO
Must say I am beyond excited for them all to arrive.

and a small question about pokemon kids.

Is it possible to paint them if say they have some of their color chipped off?
Is there a certain paint better then others?

I recently re-found my Mew Pillow.
Now I am thinking of selling it, but I can't say for sure. :x

if you have a price suggestion or a offer you'd like to make let me know!

(do note the pic isn't my pillow, just a stock photo since I'm still waiting for my new camera cord :P )

Thanks for any and all help!

Sorry if I posted too quickly
I didn't check to see if my last post from thursday was off the first page or not yet.

I was just excited to find help to look @ A@

If I did I'll delete this right away!

Gen5 fever continues! + Still taking offers on DX Pokedoll Weavile! + Sales update!

Good evening, children~ I've felt a little down lately - possibly because of the dark winter days - but looking at my collections and getting packages in the mail always cheer me up! I've got lots of nice 5th Gen Pokemon lately, so today I'll showcase my new (and super small) collections!

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I've also added these two European exclusive figures to my sales post! :D There are many other figures and a couple of plush looking for new homes, too! Click the pic to be teleported:

Aaaand, the last thing for now! I'm still taking offers on a DX Pokedoll Weavile. I'm taking offers for a couple more days and then see if I decide to part with her. Click the pic to find the offer post!

Jasmine & Steelix

Cutest Bellsprout ever~

During my sporadic exploration of Y!J for possible GAs for you lovely folks to get your poké-paws on, I stumbled upon a lot of figurines. The English translation says they're Bandai capsule figures, but I'm looking for a little more info than that.
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Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot for GAs tonight, because a lot of stuff either ends in several hours, or has a huge big war going on it. :(
If I DO happen to find any potential GAs, I will happily edit this post with the details. ^_^

And now a side question! Sure, a lot of us had plushies and figurines and cards, but it's rare for anyone to mention clothing. Idea for this question came from seeing a pack of Best Wishes boys' underwear during my Y!J adventures. xD What trendy threads did you rock back in the day? Did you ever wear an article of Pokemon clothing out completely? Did you ever have a problem with your prized limited edition collectors hat being stolen by a monkey?
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New BW Kids Set

Hi guys, been a while since I've come around here.

I've been really out of the loop of late, so if this question was already answered, please forgive me: I saw on Gin's journal the table for the new Kids set featuring, among other things, Musharna, Cofagrigus/Desukan, Galvantula/Denchura, and so on. When does this set come out, might I ask?

reminder: 1/2 scale ninetails custom plush ending soon

click the picture, or here, to go to the post~
the auction will end on Jan 16, 12pm PST, which is in just under 24 hours! I even made a nifty timer for those that are interested C: edit: NVM! the timer is crap. pretend it never existed :\
offer offerrrr
u can trust me on that |:U

Advice request

id like some reviews on the 2010 Canvas Raichu if it isn't too much trouble. I've been looking around on ebay it looks as though 50+USD is the standard asking price, its a bit steep to me but if the product is solid i dont mind.
Roan the Time Travelling Red Panda

(no subject)

Auctions ending THIS COMING MONDAY!

Raichu Currently at 50.00


And this rare James and Meowth figure!

Currently at 10.00!



Also still lots of items in my sales post!

Kids, Canvas, clearfiles, and lots of pokemon coins :D

Please check them out!

Couple of wants, and zukan auction came in!

Whoooo! First of all, the zukans all came in! ^_^ I will be going through the box and buying envelopes later tonight. It only took 2 days to get to me which is amazing. Shipping post will be tomorrow I presume, so keep a lookout for that! =D

Now for my little wants post, I know, I know... xD But I haven't posted a wants post for a REALLY long time! :D i want to treat myself.

Luvdisc plush! This little guy
I got this off google images. It has a chain around it I think. This is my most wanted. :(
Grimer Pokedoll
Sudowoodo Plush )Keychain I believe) or the big Pokemon Center Version!

Mightyena TFG, Salamence TFG, Diglett TFG.
**Will only purchase Salamence if you or another seller has a Mightyena TFG, please!**

Magar Line zukan with the fire base

Croagunk Compact Mirror
Cyndaquil "Attack" Keychain

That's it. Thanks for looking. I know these things are hard to find so I'm not getting my hopes up. BUT THANK YOU EVERYONE!
Alola Vulpix
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More Things for Offers and Sales

I've decided to save up for a new Wii and as such I'm putting some goodies up for offer.  I'll consider offers for a week, until Saturday, January 22nd (11:59:59 PM, EST).  I've also updated my sales (again!) and will gladly combine shipping/hold packages until next week, however all orders from my last sales have already been shipped.

Offers have ended, thanks to everyone who participated!  The items which were not sold will be eventually priced for straight sale :)

And click here for my updated sales post!

Kids GA Participants: The lot arrived at my apartment and we got real lucky, the majority of the Kids are in absolute mint condition :D  I'm waiting on shipping supplies to arrive and then I can calculate totals, so please keep an eye out for your last payment post.
Ryun - FNAF

Sales Plug

Sorry to post again so soon, but I got a car payment coming up soon that I need to make some $$ for, so here's a sales plug!

Highlighting some of my sales:

Got 2 custom plushies for sale + Loads more.

Furret Setti/Zukan, Zoroark Pokedoll, Togakiss Pokedoll, A Meowth Animation Cel, and lots more!
Come by check it out.

Previous buyers:
Stuff hasn't gone out due to a snow in, but it's melting so I can get your stuff out monday! :D
Pachirisu - I'm so cute
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sales update and shiny Pachirisu Pokedoll

Howdy y'all~

First off, I've updated my flat sales, and cleaned up the pictures a bit so you don't have to use a magnifying glass just to see the text derp.

>>>>>CARD SALES (rares only)
>>>>>other flats

Also, I took on a little project of my own recently. I know I keep saying I don't like customs blah blah blah but this one is just too cute to part with <333

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Also I'm working on getting some charms together, and hopefully soon I can take charm commissions ^^ I'm just waiting on my InkJet shrink paper because I don't think the general public would enjoy laminated art x'D

Kio and Shi

Feedback + New Old School Sales and Offers

All items where shipped out on monday,both U.S And intel some of you may have already received your items if you have time you can leave me feedback here http://eevee-kins.livejournal.com/3897.html
,if you want feedback just post your link!

With that said I received a big box of pokemon goods,
Party Favors xD,like sliders,tic-tac-toe..paddle balls lots of crazy stuff owo!
Beach Towel and lots more,I also still have  gold mini model lot and some old eeveelution tomys for sale still.Im also taking offers on a Larvitar Plush,unsure of brand it maybe tomy feel free correct me and also the Lugia Hasbro Talking Figure.Im taking offers since I dont know price and want to give everyone a chance.

Preview c:

For sales go here!
Offers for the Lugia and Larvitar go here aswell. thanks for reading Guys ^_^
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Just when I thought all hope is lost . . .


OH YES!!! 

Special collector tins featuring the three Unova starters will be released this March containing special "preview" cards" of the much anticipated BW TCG set. It will also contain booster packs from previous sets such as the Platinum series, HeartGold and SoulSIlver series and the Call of Legends set.


The best part (at least for me) is that each tin will contain a special figure of the three starters! Judging by the bottlecap base and dynamism and quality of the figures it's safe to say that these figures are crafted by *wait for it* KAIYODO.

(Source: Pokebeach)

Sorry if this was posted before but it just got me really excited that Kaiyodo hasn't given up on Pokemon figures!! It was an answered prayer indeed. :D
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Hi! I just got home from the holidays and I got a bunch of Pokemo stuff for Christmas, as well as stuff I had ordered when I got home!

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Also, I'm looking for Reshiram items. Not the huge, expensive plushes just yet, but smaller ones(if there are any!) and Reshiram kids and Zukans and... stuff.

Other things I'm interested are Pokemon with multiple colours - shinies, Shellos, the new Bambi-pokemon (I forgot their name already!), Burmy, etc. My last request is anything to do with the G/S protagonists and rivals. ANYTHING. Thanks for looking!

The unavoidable wants post

Indeed. I know, I dislike sorting through these posts as much as the rest of you. But it must be done.

I am mostly interested in buying plush (even if it's a custom plush you bought or are selling and want to be rid of) or TOMYs of the following pokemon:
Ninetails or Vulpix
Sandslash or Sandshrew
(I will seriously jump on things pertaining to those four pokemon, especially ninetails, then vulpix to a lesser degree... if it's not too overpriced)
Growlithe or Arcanine

You don't even have to waste time telling me a bunch of details, if you have something just please comment and link me to your sales post or something. ;u;
Btw a quick note. I love this community sooo much. You're all amazing. Everyone is so nice and things run so smoothly. You're all awesome. <3
(Also please don't be insulted if I pass up your offers. I only have so much money to spend, and I can always come back when I have more, right? xD;)

Wants :)

Sorry for the wants post but i havent posted in awhile so i think its excuseable haha :)
Im looking for these in specific:
Typhlosion UFO
Luxray plush (custom or UFO)

And what is this beautiful thing?!

Any info on how/where to get this would be awesome!

Thanks you guys and you guys are awesome! :D

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Questions about TOMYs

Does anyone know of a good place in Massachusets or Connecticut where you can buy TOMYs?
Another thing is I;ve heard that you can find pokemon figures/plush commonly at flea markets. Is this true?
My final question is: ToysNjoys is a great website, but are there any others that sell TOMY figures (other than hobbyvalley too)
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Update/Collection Progress & Translation Help?

My first collection update of the new year~! :D Most of my things have come in, so I figured I'd do my update now! I've gotten soooooooo many things since Christmas! (Thank you Christmas Cash. I love you.) I'm still waiting on my jumbo Shinx, but I don't want to wait until Tuesday to update...XD So anyway, my update~
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Need to Catch a Gloom

Hello everybody, this will be just a short post. I am getting ready to do a big collection post but, I am missing two of my grails and wondered if anyone could help me find them. As we all know I am a VIleplume line collector :).
I am really really looking for

these two!!
SO if anyone has any info help a friend out lol. I am willing to $$$ also. Take care everyone.