January 16th, 2011

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Need help...

Hello! I need a little help... I made my purchases of Christmas on Noppin (Creshent Shop) and package him has was sent 12/8 (Airmail, no tracking). I did not still receive him... I know that there were the holidays as well as disturbances because of the snow (Japan > Europe) but, I worry... There is more of 300USD in it package and several rares items (Shiny Raikou MC +, Limited Snivy familly plushies, Pokedolls, Zukans...). Members living in Europe are t-ils in the same case as me? Thank you!
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Quick Draw!

Updated Sales. Shipping and Question

Good Morning Everyone :]

I am here to post my sales, which has had a few items added to it, I still have a LOT more to post, but this is it for now. It has been updated with figures, kids, a dog tag and a pillow :O

And I'd also like to mention I have indeed mailed all items from my offers post Friday except for jensoxen 's order. Since I didn't get payment until after I had already left in the afternoon. But I am going to hopefully ship it out on Tuesday Jan18th :]

And I'd also like to thank anyone and everyone for helping me find/selling me some of the items I have been looking for!
Seriously can't thank you enough!

Also, a small question about pokemon kids.

Is it possible to paint them if say they have some of their color chipped off?
Is there a certain paint better then others?

Thanks for any advice!

Click the banner for my sales!

slowking's breakfast

I Want Your Slowkings (Gimme!)

I probably shouldn't be doing this, as I need to start saving for the big Victini hype I foresee coming in a few short months (among other things), but here goes...

I recently watched the Pokemon short "Yadoking's Day", and realised that I now have no choice but to dedicate my life to his teachings.  Therefore, I have decided that it would be a good idea to surround myself with objects and images in his likeness.


So, in short, I'm now officially on the prowl for Slowking items.  If you have any up for grabs, I'd like to see (though keep in mind that I can't get too carried away with spending - like I say, Victini...).  I'd also like to know how badly this decision is going to bite me in the gonads, if anyone has a rough esitimate.  Obviously, any collection is going to make my wallet suffer, but does Slowking have many mega rare items?

I do have a couple of Slowking-related questions:

1.  Firstly, I have seen a number of Slowking plushies circulating on ebay - are these likely to be legitimate?  This Hasbro-looking fella, for example:


And these Banprestos:



2. Maybe one of you can finally put my mind to rest on an issue that's been bugging me for the longest - namely, just what is Slowking and the rest of his line supposed to be anyway?!!!  Back in the days when Pokemon was a hot new phenomenon, I assumed that they were based on otters (we didn't have anything like Buizel and Oshawott to compare them to at the time, and Slowpoke and Slowbro were the most mustelid-looking pokemon we had in Generation I).  Some people reckon they're based on hippos, but  I don't really see it (sure, their muzzles look at bit hippo-ish from a certain angle, but what about the rest of them?  Their long tails and the like?).  Maybe they're not supposed to be anything, just derpy looking pink things Game Freak made up on the spot.  Oh, I don't know, it's complicated.  Whatever they are, they're awesome.
Awesome Scizor

Inevitable Wants post: Scizor!

Hey guyz! 

I have decided to collect my all time fav pokemon Scizor, along with the ghost pokemon, Deoxys, Darkrai, Regis, Tyranitar,etc.

I am mainly looking for anything Scizor related, from pokemon cards to figures, mainly the kids figures, cards, and the metal charm. Bottom line is I need more of this pokemon in my life. ;; Some Tyranitar things would be appreciated as well.

I'll look at everything, but please don't be offended if I turn you down, I only have so much spending money!

Also, anybody have any card binders for sale ( the large and small kind, and card protectors)? I would love to see them to get a good idea on how prices go. And another question: Zekrom collectors, what is by far the best all-around figure of him? I may start collecting him, but I don't know where to start.
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Offers reminder, Sales post pimp, and...

Still taking offers on these guys! Offers will end tonight at 8 EST - that's in less than 6 hours! The Clear Quagsire doesn't have an offer yet!

Second, pimping my sales posts:

I've got figures, plush, tins, coins, and more cards than I'll ever know what to do with...why not take a look?

And finally, one last thing:

It's been pretty cold lately where I am, so I decided to be productive and sew something for myself to help stave off the cold. And they turned out really cute!

So, for the rest of Winter (the end of February) I thought I'd take commissions for these! Any Pokéball can be made into a pair of custom earmuffs or a scarf. Click on the picture for more details!
Venu Pokedoll
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Just a quick little question

I know this is MASSIVELY uninteresting, but I have nothing else to tag this on the end to IF YOU WANT I'LL DELETE THIS AFTER I GET A FEW ANSWERS. ;;

So I found something I want SO HARD on Y!J, but, the only picture the sellers's provided is this:

Link for your curiousity: http://page19.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x59651605

My question is, do you think I can trust this auction? 8| It's just for one figure, but idk, the fact no pictures of the actual item have been provided is making me a little weary. ;;
But I want it so bad uhhhh.

Just to make this more interesting, here's a picture of Floss and Littlewig at Melbourne Airport, looking at dat plane. o -o From like... last year, I was going to make a photostory with them when I went to South Australia, but I forgot like a durp and this is the only picture I took. :U


Auction Ending Tonight!

That's right! I'm weeding out my collection and decided to part with a few things I could do without including these two items and an Espeon Pokemon Time charm. Auctions end at 9pm CST

Larvitar Pokemon Time bookmark: $11
Luxray Palace figure: $7 (no bids)

Espeon: $10 (no bids)
**Pictures in the link below ;3

Sale Plug (oh come on, you knew it was coming): http://joltzapvire.livejournal.com/6632.html#cutid1

zukan auction shipping post!

NOTE: parkerer  I need your first payment for your Dugtrio line. I included this in your shipping total =)

Ok Shipping time! I am so sorry, but I spent hours sorting through the zukans and making sure they have their pegs and sort them according to the buyers that I just couldn't find the time to mix everything up again and set up a group shot for each of them. There was nothing wrong with anything though and we got all the zukans plus the seller sent me a few extra gifts for me. Thank you to him! I just love my new Croagunk Plushes.

The pictures I will post here are ones by request of the users of my post yesterday and the ones in which the seller listed as "broken pegs" to show the condition. Otherwise, you should have no worries that your zukans are fine. Some zukan's pegs under the base, so keep a lookout for that  =)

If you must have a picture, then let me know and I will be happy to get you one!

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Ok! So with that, please visit:


To pay your shipping fee, please send to croagunk AT live DOT com with a note confirming that your Paypal address is the name and address you want me to send it to. If not, then please put a note! =D These prices are all first class mail. If you would like something else, a delivery confirmation number, insurance, signature confirmation, etc, then please discuss it with me. Thank you all very much for participating. Since Monday is a holiday, I will not have a chance to send these out until Thursday. Please pay ASAP as I do need too transfer funds to PayPal to pay for your shipping ;)
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:3 kay both the flareon tfg lot and pikalot have been paid for so all we gotta wait for is shipment.
phantomggirl I'm still waiting for you to confirm that your payment went through because I don't see it D;
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-Shameless sales plug- I found a box of my old pokemon episodes and added them in
Custom Trainer and Miju

collection weeding and snow photos

I've decided to do a bit of collection weeding. I'd like to make space for some gen5 stuffs, and I need the extra money, too.  :P Selling some Cresselia, Jirachi, Zoroark, Suicune, Wobbuffet items and more.

Click here to visit my sales page.

Also, my sister and I bought some new BW card packs, and she got an Ultra Rare 056/053 Holo Pikachu Card. She wanted me to put it up for offers (though she's not completely sure she wants to sell it).

Also, we've had alot of snow here this week, and I took the time earlier to photograph some Glaceon items. ;D 



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Pokedoll Collection Update!~ (and offers reminder!)

I've finally had some time today to work on updating my Pokedoll Collection Site - Amity Square!~ Please feel free to take a look at the new arrivals! :D Head to www.amitysquare.co.uk or click the banner below to look! <3

I have added some new Pokedolls, a piece of cute Pokedoll merch, and an ultra-rare cutie!

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For the past 6 months or so (in between wedding stuff XD) - I have been working on expanding Amity Square to become a Pokedoll resource and information website ^_^ I have taken photos of all the tags ready to go up, made a database of dolls and their release/re-release years and fabrics and have written some information on pokedoll merchandise <3 I hope that once its finished, it'll become a useful resource for all Pokedoll collectors! I made this a few months ago to give an idea of the information I want to inclde - this spreadsheet is based on dolls in my collection and isn't comprehensive yet, but feel free to take a look ^-^ ((spreadsheets.google.com/pub)

I'm now looking for more ideas of Pokedoll-related information that people would find useful - please let me know, and I'll do my best to include it! <3 

Lastly, a quick reminder! I'm currently accepting offers on 3 adorable items! - A New Year Isshu pillow, and two huge Pichu! Offers ave been slow so far, so I'll be closing them soon  - if you'd like to offer, please go to community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8077936.html <3

Happy Collecting Everyone!~

Epic Long Overdue Collection Update

It's been a while since I made a post. Any one miss me?? ^3^  Anyway, behold my long overdue collection update post

There is a lot of stuff here. !!!Warning!!! Post be picture heavy.

Below the cut you will find the following new items to my collections:
Pokemon Gameboys, Pokemon GBA SPs, Pokemon DSis, Pokemon Mini, Pokemon Pikachu Pockets, Loads of TFGs,  Weird soap things, Plushes and more!!!!

Follow the battling Groudon and Kyogre.

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Thanks for looking!!!!!

Collection Update w/ rare figures + GAs found

 I was just lurking around online and bring you these  three GAs. I would be glad to help put up threads/ update spreadsheet if I can get my hands on the DX Riolu plush. But if you want to host any of them your own or you have your best partner, I will just step down. Never mind. Just PM me when you are ready to host.

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I just found a huge box at the manager office with big "shoppingmalljapan" words on it. SMJ has always been so crazy of sending large boxes, but I guess they just want to assure the safety. So, what to deal with this large box?... OF COURSE another collection update!
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Zoro Derp

Some payments and reminders and stuff

CLEAR TOMY GA PARTICIPANTS: Victory is ours!!  And I have been invoiced for our first payment, so it's time to pay up. :D

We won with small discounts overall! I say overall because many of you owed so little that fees bumped the price up, so I apologize for that. >.<;
Spreadsheet is HERE!  Please send payments to nagainekowanagai[at]gmail[dot]com and include your username in the memo section. :3

And then a REMINDER: Kecleon is still up for offers.  If anyone could help me out with his value, I would really appreciate it. ^_^;;;  My pricing skills are quite bad and I want to make sure he gets sold at a good price.

Click the pic to be transported!

Finally, a sales plug because I can. >:3  I actually lowered a lot of my prices.  And I still have MWT Nintendo World Pokedolls available that aren't in my sales post:
Mew and Lapras - $22+shipping each
Arceus - $18+shipping
Snorlax - $16+shipping (because his tag is a little bent)
As always, offers are always welcome. <3
[pokemon] My icon - pkmncollectors

Displaying plushies (hanging/string/chains?)

Hey guys :D

I'm re-doing my gaming room, which includes my pokemon collection :D I was thinking of doing a line of the plushies (all around the size of a pokedoll) down the sides of my 4x4 cube unit + bookshelf. The only problem is, I've got a fair few of the ufos, and they don't have the hanging strings on their heads :O Some do, about say 7-8 of what I have, but the rest of like 20-30 don't :(

I have 1 white plastic chain thing that's short, that I found somewhere in my stuff, that I've used (and it works well) so far. But I can't buy those specifically anymore (already tried) :(

I was thinking those metal rings you get on your keyrings, if you can buy those separately and join em all up to make a custom chain for them :D

Oh and I live in Australia, so I won't have the same stores here :S

TLDR; If you hang your plushies somehow - whether its down the side of the bookshelf or along a wall - how do you do it? Also, how do you hang plushies that don't have a hang-string-thingy out of their heads? (Thought about doing it myself with a needle+thread but didn't want to destroy them by doing so)

Its prob the best way I can display them atm, cause its cute + I need the shelving space for my zukans / figures :D
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

BW Zukan Update + Wants

Hey guys!
To all those involved in my Best Wishes zukan buys, everyone has paid up! I'm really impressed so thanks guys!

I still have a Zekrom zukan who is still unclaimed.
He would be $10.61 inside Uk or $10.72 outside (this does not include shipping from me to you which should be around $3-4 anyway)

Onto my wants. I say wants but its not particular items.

I'm after two things: a bag and a drink tumbler/mug/thing (the one you can carry around)
The bag is for general every-day use so I don't want an ultra-rare and expensive one. I'm currently looking at a Pikachu Pokemon Time bag but am interested in anything cute yet stylish. As for the tumbler, I tend to carry around cold drinks so if it can't hold hot drinks, that's okay. I don't want to pay mega-bucks as I will be using these items regularly. If you guys have anything like that up for sale or offers, let me know!

Turns out I got a lot of uni books to get this semester

My iPhone is broken and, whilst I await the third iPhone 4 to get to me, I can't take any pics but as soon as I get it, MAJOR collection update and sales.