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I'm quite new to LiveJournal and to this community. I love pokemon, and I have been a fan ever since I picked out Pokemon Red as my first gameboy color game when I was 8 years old. I reside in the US, and am currently attending college in the extremely frozen state of Michigan.

As for my collection, I am a pikachu evolution and eevee evolution collector. I have a small collection of plushies, key chain plushies, little figurines, stickers, and comic books. I also have a collection of the older trading cards, although it's also fairly small and consists of many energy cards. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show because I could not bring many things to my dorm and I only have my pikachu pillow with me at the moment. However, that's probably going to change soon as I bid on the numerous group actions here! :)

Anyway, I just want to say this is an awesome community, and I look forward to more ga's and collection pics!

epic grail photostory + Collection update

I was saving to do this collection update for today as I just got back from 's house with loads of AWESOME GOODIES ;A; <3

But i am aware out of GREAT RUSH AND SHOCK FizzyCat and I posted a GA post earlier.
I DID read the rules of the comm just now, I've never posted twice in one day before and I dont post that much generally, so I hope this is fine! <3

SO NOW....

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Tired of my posts yet? Looking for a user

Hey there guys! I need your help, and this is a wants post of a different kind.

Sometime in, at earliest, late October, someone made an introductions post. What caught my eye was that they had mentioned something like:

"A keychain with mew and eevee, and if you would it up, they moved"

Now, I LOVED these as a kid, and if I recall correctly, they saw this when they were young but didn't get it. There's nothing worse than an obscure item you wanted really badly as a kid, but never saw again. I meant to bookmark their post, BUT I FORGOT! If anyone remembers this post, or who posted it, please let me know! eins_zwei_nein had two up for sale, and I actually bought one of them in case this person didn't see it. It should be shipped soonish, and I would love to sell it to them for whatever I got.

I feel that as a member of this community, I need to help people any way I can, and if I can get this item to this person, I would feel like I've really contributed something.
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Collection update!

Hello everyone!

Havn't been around for a while but finally got in a few of the things that I wanted to show you!

Collection photo time!
More pics under the cut.

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It's small but mighty and it will only continue to grow as long as my wallet pemits. XD

Shiny Raikou Pokedoll on ebay

I normally don't post links to stuff i find on y!j or ebay becasue basically I'd have a list longer than how many pokemon there are now [who knows this off the top of their head by the way?] I'm always thinking when I browse hmmmm... someone on the community would probably love this, and this, and this, and this too... anyway here's the good stuff

Link here:


Ask if you want the link removed. I didn't check if the seller has the other Shiny Beasts but I thought this was a pretty fair price for what it was if anyone is trying to pick up one of these bad boys.
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New Jakks?? Hope for Jakks Eeveelutions!!

Well I was browsing ebay, and came across these guys!!


Of course I bought the Umbreon~:D

Well I emailed the seller and asked him what was on the back of the box. He replied:


YAYAY kdsgjkdggh!! Jakks does care afterall I think ^^; What a great line up. I guess these guys are out now!

The only odd thing about it is, I thought Jakks changed their packaging...to Heart Gold, Soul Silver logos with Ho oh and Lugia? I dont know maybe they went back *shrugs* But I hope these start popping up all over the place soon!

Collection Update/Wants list!nn

 After not posting to the community(but watching it), For a while, I'm back with a long overdue collection update. 

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Ok, Now we have my tiny wants post:
                                               Pokemon ranger Capture Styler Toy!
                                                ( Will pay lots for this very very high want)
                                             New cyndaquil Pokedoll: less of a want, but still a want.    



Last attempt!

This is me having my last attempt at selling my shiny raikou pokedoll. Right now I'm a little more loose about selling him, so I'll look at any offers. I've decided I need my own actual PS3, so yeah....

Please know his worth if you decide to offer, if you offer anything below $100 then I know you haven't done your research.

Rachel the suicune doll will be thrown in for free since I originally bought them to be a pair.(how sad ;-;) I'll remove the chakra from her forehead, don't worry. It's only taped on.

I'm also still wanting to sell my BRAND NEW zekrom DX banpresto UFO for only $30!

that is a kid box for size reference.

thanks and have a cool bro day.

The Update of Gigantic Proportions!

Been having the busiest of months, but that still didn't stop this collection from growing. I haven't been commenting much, but now I'm trying to follow one of my new years resolutions by being more social and all, so I'm gonna comment a lot more often (if school doesn't get in the way). While I was in Ohio at the end of Decemeber visiting my Boyfriend, I received a couple of additions to the collections, so now let's see the collection update under the cut ^^ Be warned, there is almost 20 pictures here, and it's very image heavy!


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Does anybody know the release date of this guy? o.o and how to get him. I'm getting no source of info about him at all. Currently he's on my holy grail list XD

Custom Trainer - Front

Small Sales, Things, and a Meme!

Good day everyone! ^^

Some really small and quick sales;

Are here.


♥Tsutarja/Snivy Pokedoll (New with all tags) SOLD
♥Mini Tsutarja/Snivy Banpresto Hang Plush (New with all tags) SOLD
♥Tsutarja/Snivy Banpresto Plush (New with all tags) SOLD
♥Kibago/Axew Pokedoll (New with all tags) SOLD
♥Mijumaru/Oshawott Banpresto Plush (New with all tags) SOLD

♥14 inch Toy Factory Shinx Plush (New with all tags) ~ $26 Shipped (STILL AVAILABLE! TAKE ME HOME!)

*I plan on revamping the Master Lists soon. Thanks for being patient. :)

*Those of you seeking sales permission: I work PMs in the order they are received. Please understand that I get tons of messages every day - sending multiple requests is not necessary, especially if it's only been a few days from your original request. If you're worried your request was not recieved, please feel free to instant message me on AIM! If I'm not available, just leave me a message and I'll get back to you asap. <3

*Massive collection update is coming soon as well. Keep your eyes out for that!

*Does anyone have a new American Mew Pokedoll with the new tag art that would be willing to trade for a Mew Pokedoll with the traditional hang tag? I need one in my life. XD

Do you have any doubles (or more) of any particular Pokemon merchandise? If so, share a picture in the comments and let me know why you have doubles (or more - be sure to include how many) of that particular item (or items)! <33

I'll start us off:

I'm an absolute stickler for Pokedolls. I tend to get duplicates of my favorites for various reasons; either they are way too stinkin’ cute to have just one OR I get one for display and one to be a travel/bed buddy! I also like getting different versions (i.e. American and Japanese variants... sometimes the pattern can be different.)

Pokedoll Dups I have: two Raikou Pokedolls (not including my shiny Raikou Pokedoll), four three Tsutarja/Snivy Pokedolls, four Mew Pokedolls, two Chikorita Pokedolls, two Dragonite Pokedolls, two Umbreon Pokedolls, two Bulbasaur Pokedolls, two Magikarp Pokedolls, and two Togepi Pokedolls. :3

Unrelated Fun Fact: I have a total of 88 pokedolls not including DX versions... and it just keeps growing and growing. <3

I of course have other items that I get duplicates (or more of), but I don't want to make this Meme crazy. XD

Now.... its your turn! ♥
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Eevee Offers LAST/ONLY reminder!

Just a reminder~! I am still taking offers on my entire set of Eevee Canvas Plush!
The current individual offers don't beat out the $600.00 offer for the entire set quite yet, but it's getting close~! (it's about $26.00 away from beating that offer)

- Payment plans accepted
- I will stop taking offers either tonight or tomorrow when the offers stop trickling in.

Click me to go to the offers page!

Thanks dewdz! (∙v∙)b


 Alright guys, I have received the GA lot that we won! I did not receive payment for the starly canvas yet. I have not heard a word from the winner so I will probably be selling it in a sales post if anyone is interested or if jilllii can please pay. Thanks.


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So this post isnt completely boring here's an update on my glaceon collection~ Thanks comm for all the new stuff. oh quickly if you bought something from my sales page, it is going out this week. Thanks.

Kio, Tackle

Offer Reminder + Question about Pichu Plush

A friendly reminder im still taking offers on the Hasbro Talking Lugia figure,
and the Tomy Larvitar Plush,Lugia has no starting offers yet and Larvitar only has a few.
I forgot to post this so I be extending offers till Wednesday,by then It will get sold to the highest offer.So check it out!


Click this picture here for sales!! Still many items up for sale so take a lok thank you ^_^

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Got some new auctions up today, some dishes and an autographed card. :D Plus regular sales.
I also have some rare cards up for bids on eBay! http://shop.ebay.com/grrrowly/m.html

-Auctions start as soon as the threads are posted and end this Thursday, the 20th, at 10:00 EST.
-Paypal only, payment due within 24 hours of getting your final total.
-Shipping will be within 7 days of payment
-I ship from the USA. Shipping insurance is automatically added on for those in the USA on the breakable items. Shipping insurance is extra for international buyers but is recommended.
-Items come from a pet free, smoke free home.

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TO ORDER: Comment with the items desired and your shipping location! I'll reply to you with a total.
This sales post will expire on Feb 1st 2011, no new inquiries will be looked at after this date. Thanks!

MASSIVE multi-post, awaaayyy~

Hello community!
I finally have a chance to make a post.
I've run into some pretty abrupt financial trouble, since tuition om-nommed my bank account to nothingness. I kinda don't have any money to, you know, live. SO. I have a pretty supermassive sales update, almost everything is around $4.oo or less. I've lowered a ton of prices on rare merch, too. So please check it out. I really do need these things gone. <3

TO ALL YOU LATI PEOPLE. I'm having an identication issue.
What is this?
More pics and info under the cut!
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Last but not least, because of this financial trouble, I'm going to have to do some collection weeding. As much as I hate to let this guy go, I'll be taking offers on my Growlithe Dex Charm.

More info under the cut!
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Thanks for reading, as always. <3<3<3

I want your oaks - and value questions

Hey guys! First off, I've decided to start collecting Professor Oak. If anyone has any merch they are willing to part with, let me know!

Secondly, how much does the Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu zukan and the Pikachu bell plush go for? I know they are both quite expensive...

Lastly, I'm considering selling off a good chunk of my Croagunk collection. Are there any gunk collectors left out there?


Yukiyo, Trainer ID

Collection Images

Yup, I just went ahead and made one of those collection sites. It contains pictures of pretty much everything in my collection, so do be warned about the image heavy pages there. It's not bad progress for a day's project though. Enjoy! :3

~The Collection Awaits~

In other news, my cat makes a good sticker stand. :P

Clear-Out Poke' Sales!

 Fffff so I'm officially weeding out my collection of Pokemon merch. Like the OMEGA sort of weeding. 

ITS SAD--BUT THINGS MUST BE DONE FOR THE BAND. For the band? FOR THE BAND.  Oh and that tiny apartment that I plan to move into by the end of Feb...Yeaaaah that too.

So behold my sales:: 


Included are:: Pokedolls, figures, plush, heatranz, shinx, and more! :D

I also have a talky Zorua which I may sell for the right offer. Some things have come up and due to my limited (future) room space--'ve had to cut back to the items that I love opposed to the ones that I just sorta 'like'. 

BUT MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN. So come check it out XP 

Thanks guys~!