January 18th, 2011

quick wants!

I've found this figure on y!j but I wanted to see if anyone on the community had it first for sale as I saw it on someone's collection post so I guess it's made its rounds before! found! thank you so much that_zorua  (:
plusle/minun figure

-steelix johtodex charm
-steelix tomy
-steelix clear tomy
-clear onix keychain

Thanks in advance!!

the time has come, its for the best i know it!

guess i will join this party of sending a few buddies along to homes with more space. four awesome items for offer under the cut, including a huge 2 foot long luxio, two lion beanie babies, and the coolest poster, like, everrr!

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and of course, sunyshore! i've added new zuruggu items and some other goodies. if you want to combine anything with your pokedoll/zuruggu plush order, just include the order number of the original order and the word COMBINE!! in the note when you order the new items! i will combine and send a small shipping refund.

Mega Block GA!!

 There was interest, and I like making people happy (as well as myself XD) so the GA will start!

This GA is selling each megablock piece as well as the lego playsets.

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we won check out the update: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8157286.html
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SO MUCH NEW POKEMON PLUSH! 8D These are all UFOs! Thanks SO MUCH to AAPF! Unsure of release dates yet!

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See any of your favorites in there?
(Please try not to be negative about your faves not being there! Let's try to keep negativity out of this post. :) )

EDIT!!! EVERY BW POKEMON WILL BE GETTING A PLUSH IN THIS SERIES. Yes you read that correctly! Thanks SO MUCH AGAIN! To Kats of AAPF for the new info!!! BE SAD NO MORE!

Overdue update! XD

First a shipping update.  I am now working on items that are paid on Jan 4th and later.  I should finish everything that's on-hand this week, including calculating all the special orders (Pokemon Center stuff and what not). >_<

Also, December Banpresto prizes are not here yet, but should be here by the end of this week.

Here are the pricings for the items I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Mawile MC/Tomy Figure (from AG version MC) MIB, each is $9.00 shipped to US (+$1 for CAN, +$2 for EU/OZ)

A set of Chou Getto (super get) BW1 (6 normal + 6 clear versions).  Each full set of 12 is $28 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be found here.

Keshipoke BW1, Ensky decided to increase the price for the BW realease. =(
Each figure is $8.00 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ).  They can also be ordered as a set (No 1~6) for $40 shipped to US.

Secret Zekrom and Reshiram Keshi-Figures are super rare, each with ratio of 1/24.  They can only be offered as part of a set (No 1~6 + one dragon).  Each set of 6 + a rare dragon is $48 shipped to US.


3D Zukan BW1 (set of 5).  Each set of 5 is $26 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be purchased here.

A set of Metal Medal Mascot Charm/Strap Pokemon BW version.  Full set of 12 is $29 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$5 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be purchased here.

Pokemon Bath Salt with hidden figure.  Each dissolved figure is $8 shipped (+$1 to CAN/EU/OZ) or each undissolved random/blind figure is $8 shipped (+$1.5 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

Banpresto Nov Keychain.  Each figure is $9 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN/EU/OZ).

Banpresto Dec Prize Keychains.   Each figure is $9 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN/EU/OZ).

Kyogre Mascot Banner Strap.  Each strap is $9 shipped to US (+$1 CAN/EU/OZ).

Zekrom and Reshiram zipper pouch/case, 2 designs.  Each one is $14 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ).

Master of Illusions Shoulder Pouch, 3 designs.  Each is $18 shipped. (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ)

(click on image to see page with video)
Takara Tomy Pokemon Center for Tomy MC, retails for 4000JPY, which is about $50USD.  Each one is $68 shipped to US (the box is huge ;__;).

Lastly, I got two MIA participants for the Suicune DP Plush GB.  Instead of tracking them down, would anyone in the comm like to take their spots? ^_^

Each one is $45 shipped to US address (+$4 to CAN, and +$6 to EU/OZ).  The DP plushies are now out of production, so chances are that prices will be going up. 

Paypal info and shipping rules are found in the sales post.

P.S. Please PM me if you'd like to exchange BW friend codes to link our dream world isles. ^_^
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Desperately need someone to pick this up on a pokemon center run!

 So i really need someone to pick up this bag for me! I know that it is a bit expensive XD but anyway My mom is getting it for me as a birthday present (She said that since i'm a girl that she wanted to get me a purse lol So I showed her this one, she said liked it and that it was fine despite it being pokemon XD)
So if anyone could possibly pick one up for me when they do a run or if someone knows where i could get one you could comment here or email me :) (I'll be using my mom's email since she's getting it for me) at allysmom191@yahoo.com

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Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

ARGH. So scary. ;_;

I'm really nervous about an auction I'm participating in, with SMJ's new "sniping" system.
Well, I suppose you couldn't exactly call it a sniping system like here, but sniping for Y!J, while still applying the extra time rule.

My problem.

I submitted a snipe request and my userpage says "snipe pending." 

I'm not sure what to make of that. :'( Like, do you think it means the snipe is ready to go when it's near the end, or do you think it's still being evaluated by the mods?

Oh, yes, this is Pokemon related, I promise I'll give pics when I get it--it's a really great get. ^^

But if anyone can voice their opinion or give me facts, it might put me at ease a little bit--seeing as my auction ends in like, 15 hours and I'm paranoid about getting this. XD

Thanks so much for your help... ;_; I just seem to get paranoid over the dumbest of things. XD
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Another Wants Post..

Hey guys,

sorry for making the threads so boring with wants post. I really want to make my first collection post but I currently really don't have the time being buried in schoolwork. Anyways to the Wants, I've been collecting Minun and plusle merchandise for a while now, mostly plushes. After seeing some of the awesome figure collections, I felt like I want one too! So I've got some stuff I'm really looking for.

1) Minun/Plusle Figures (Any). I really love the clear one that I didn't manage to win at a recent GA, not sure if anyone is selling it
2) Mijumaru/Oshawott Figures
3) Mijumaru/Oshawott Charms (Especially the mini-pokedoll one)

I will really appreciate it if someone could satisfy my wants post! Hopefully I'll find the time to get some pictures of my collection.

A Quick Want Request

Does anyone in the comm know where this little guy is from. I have been trying to track one down with no success. He is quite a grail of mine and i would pay accordingly if anyone wished to part with one.Thank you all in advance!

ps: An epic ditto collection post is on the way. I am just waiting on a few more items to arrive.
high-five! awesome!

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I was struck with sudden inspiration at 11:30 PM last night and decided to rearrange some of my collection C: Also, new Pokedoll get!

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Also, shameless sales plug! Dropped prices on some things and took new pictures of all plush/figures since the old post was getting confusing with what was and wasn't sold. Fun! Includes a minty-mint Palkia pokedoll, oh boy!! I'm always open to haggling/trades and am currently after AceAttorney stuff if you happen to have any laying around :U

A First collection Post of the Top Percentage.

Hello everyone!!  I've been hanging around since October 2010 and I'm sure you've seen me poke my nose around in sales and GAs.  Though I am still waiting on a few packages, I am going on a week long trip and am planning a move so my activity may dwendle until I've settled in my new place(in a new state too!).  But I wanted to show off what you wonderful folks in this community have helped me accomplish so far!

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Sales + Auction

Hey everyone,

I just cleared up my room and re-arranged my collection, and found a few Pokes' to weed out!
Visit my sales by clicking the picture below =]

Also, I have this Gengar Prime card up for auction if anyone is interested;

Edited: Previous stock photo was a fake XD Oops
Ebay tells me BINs are $22+, so I will set a BIN for this card @ $20.
Auction begins below at $10 =]



this again?

yes indeed,
more questions

see, i'm planning on bidding this but i'm a bit nervous about what comes included.
and since google translate is no help at all, i'm asking you guys about it.

do the pokemon pictured come included? or is it completely random? how do these battle dice boxes work?

any information is appreciated =]
pokemanz: i rly liek venonat :3

A newbie's introduction and first collection post!

Hello there! I'm Molly and I'm very new here. Seriously, I joined around the sixth of January 2011 and had only been lurking for a few days before that. But I already feel so at home here and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I must give a shout out to likeatruck  who's gorgeous collection convinced me to start collecting! <3

A little bit about me: I'm eighteen about to turn nineteen (birthday is Feb. 4th woo!) and I'm a college freshman. I've been a Pokefan ever since the anime came out in America and I have distinct memories of watching it every morning when I went to elementary school. I was a bit of a card collector when I was younger, and would often trade with my friends as well as a player of the GameBoy games (I have Red through Crystal but have never beaten a single one XD) My love for Pokemon dropped off during the third generation as I was "growing up" but was rekindled when I heard about Platinum. I got a DSi and Platinum for Christmas '09 and picked up SoulSilver not too long after that. With my excitement for Black and White and my new hobby I can definitely say my Pokelove is rekindled! Hooray! :D

Now, on to the collection. Forewarning, it is small and started out with stuff I had left over from childhood but already this place has helped me expand it and give it some cohesion.

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Sabrina Figure

Hello everyone my name is Jarrad Rosa and I've been searching for a Sabrina TFG. If anyone happens to have one and is willing to sell it I'll gladly pay for it. We can negotiate a deal!