January 19th, 2011

(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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January customs post!

Hello community!

Shipping update first: All orders from my collection weeding sales post are packed and will be shipped out on Thursday! Everything from me should be out by then. Do let me know if you would like me to leave feedback for you. :)

And next: This is my January customs post! I've finally typed up my traditional art customs page, and it is now open~ It's a bit on the pricey side though, and I apologize for that. T__T Custom keychains are open as well!

And last: Does anyone know what kind of merchandise there is now for Kumasyun? So far I have the stamp from Gin, and the TCG card. I'm looking into getting the Munna PC tin, but other than that I have no idea what else is out there! Help a new collector out? :D♥

Thank you for your time! :)
Quick Draw!

Sales Update

I'm here to post that I have updated my posts with Electric Mice and Fire Foxes!

And also a notice that I do have the Mew Pillow, Espeon and Umbreon Kids up for "Best Offers"

Do note I will haggle on some things!

I am sorry if I'm posting my sales a lot. I swear this is the last time for this week!

To go to Sales Click the Banner!!

Also to anyone who has paid for anything from me from last friday on, I will be shipping out Thursday, I had hoped it would be today, but alas freezing rain + rain later. Which I could not go out in as my cars windshield wipers are dead atm ; A; Sorry for the Delay!

And if you have received anything from me please let me know! I know a couple of you have gotten yours, but I still haven't heard from some of you.

That's it for now
Thanks for reading!
Ohai., Feraligatr


Random note: LJ messages are being fuzzy for me right now :(

Just wondering, is there any interest for these figures?

I can possibly get them now, but they're not cheap sadly - They'd be $22 each, and I could probably get away with $5 shipping if removed from their boxes. There's also Gizamimi Pichu, Arceus, Skymin & Dusknoir. If anyone is interested, let me know! The figures are about 2" high.

In other news:

Pfft, I love this watch. I have a little collection of Trozei/Link stuff, but does anyone know of any Trozei Absol merch? I only have a t-shirt with him on it 3:
Oooh -awe-


Looking for Big 'Pix.

I know my chances of ever finding one are slim to none, but I would die to have one!

(Also, I believe everyone that is owed money is paid off. If I have forgotten, let me know!)
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Long time no see

Hi everyone, haven't posted here in a while. anyways, is there any word on new canvas plush yet? (still hoping for Charmander/Charizard and Ninetales)

and i was wondering what the current prices are for the B&W Starters and Reshiram zukans
Nidoran F
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Special Tomy GA Payments still needed!


I still need quite a few first payments for this GA! I won't request shipping from Celga until I have everyone's first payment, so please try to get it to me ASAP! :)

Payment is still needed from the following members:

Please click here or on the image to go to the original payment post! Thanks! :D
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shiny 'zard auction!

hey everyone! i was going to do some sales along with this post, but of course my computer's gone all wacky and i can't get to the pictures i took :( SO i will just give you a link to a GREAT AUCTION!! whoo!

http://cwinget.livejournal.com/6049.html < here is the link to the auction for the SHINY ZARD POKEDOLL!

also that regular charizard was going to be part of my failed sales post, so i'll just sell him here anyways ;)
he is minky japanese release, and is mint with tag. i am asking $32 shipped within the US and $35 shipped outside of the US.

thanks for looking guys!!

OH and quick shameless wants plug: i am still looking for the squirtle and bulbasaur pokemon time plushies! i am willing to trade a custom plush for one of them. let me know if you have one and are interested in trading!! i NEED these in my life. they are almost at grail status ;o;
Irene&#39;s Pokedoll
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Reminder: Offers end tonight!

Hi all! I'm moving so stuff needs to go! Offers end tonight, sales... will continue lol

Lots of stuff are still at the start price, some don't have offers at all! Got a bunch of Pikachu's, posters, and a really rare Eeveelutions Deck Box! Plus many more. Sales include a lot of Pokedolls from my own personal collection! Please click the picture to go to the thread.


GA Reminder + Wants! 8D

This is a reminder that this GA is still going on!

(Click the image to go to the auction!)

Lots of items are at their starting bids! And some don't even have any bids. Get them in! 8D

Also... I was just wondering if anyone would be able to pick this up for me:

It's the Jakks pillow. I know that they're sold in various Rite-Aids for $20 ;o; The last person I asked to pick it up for me didn't come through unfortunately. I know there are a couple up on Amazon for $40, but that's just a bit too pricey for me. Fffffuuuuu. If anyone could pick this up for me (or someone has one that they'd be willing to part with) I'D BE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT

Aside from that.. I do have some other wants..
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Also, if you've bought items from me and have received them or I've bought something from you, I'd appreciate it if you could leave me feedback here ---> HEREPLZ if you haven't already. Thanks<3
jolteon game ani


I saw on here a Gengar plush that was being sold for $4.00 from a member! I really want to buy him, so if anyone can help me out or show me another one I can buy let me know! thanks ^.^

Preview of what's to come to the store! Posts combined, sorry for spaming.

Let's just say I went a little crazy today!
I have a head cold and I blame my spending on being under the influence of Cold Meds! lol


Here's a sale's post updated!

I'm on my way out to a few shops in San Diego to go Pokemon Hunting.
I'll post anything I get today up on the site!
If any of you live in San Diego, check out Comics N Stuff! They have a lot of Pokemon stuff including Tomy and Jap. Cards.

Still have B&W Collection Cards up for dirt cheap!
Alright I added 100 or so more cards to the store!

Japanese Base Set
Japanese Jungle
Japanese Fossil
Japanese Gym Leader
Japanese Neo 1
Japanese  Neo 2
Japanese E-Series 1
Japanese E-Series 2
Japanese E-Series 3

(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(R)Trainers Cards $0.50
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Booster Pack Wrappers $0.25

Card List Updated 01/20/11 6:00 AM


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Last reminder For Offers + Extra Eevee Sale

There is only 6hrs left,till im closing offers for the
Larvitar Tomy Plush & Lugia Hasbro Electronic Figure!
This is the last reminder so get your offers in ^_^ with that said,
Im selling some of my extra Eevee Plushes I have which include a minky pokedoll and a tomy plush,along with a Jakks figure <3 These guys need a good home! So check them out at my shop ^^


Click below! to go to sales + offer's ,thanks for reading everyone :]
Pokemon - Manaphy


My newest Pokemon! It's SO cute and soft.

Sorry for the random post, but I've been waiting for him for a while now (it was supposed to be a Christmas present to my wife), and I'm super happy he came.
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(no subject)

Today is a day of happy. 8)
I went out to the postbox to see if anything new's arrived, but sadly nothing. D:
WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS POST THEN, I HEAR YOU ASK? WELL. When I was dejectedly walking back inside, I happened to glance down at my doorstep.

A parcel was there. 8|

Collapse )

Now then, I have a few things to ask/do, since I save like... a million things I think of during the week for this part here. :U

-ANY non-flat Dunsparce merch. Beside what's in this post of course. Even if you have Dunsparce Pokemon cards, LAY 'EM ON ME. Do want.
-CLEAR Sunflora Kid. I need this. :c Even if you just have a PICTURE OF ONE, that would be amazing! They do exist, but visual representation is dodging me like... something that dodges./FAIL

-Has anybody heard from Misterdeluxe lately? D: I still need to pay him shipping for something, but for the life of me can't seem to get in contact with him. LJ eating messages again? ME THINKS SO.

-mandyseley, I'm sorry for the wait, but your Raticate has finally been shipped! :D

This is the face of my most recent Tropius, which frankly I think is HILARIOUS. I've been trying to think of a great caption for this to make it into an icon or something, but mine just don't live up to the amazing potential this face has. :'> I know there are some incredibly witty and hilolrious peeps in this comm;
But please, try not to JUST comment with an idea an fly away. D: Don't get me wrong, YOUR IDEAS ARE APPRECIATED. It's just this is by no mean the main focus point of my post, if you get what I mean? e -e;;

Thanks for reading guys! :>

Aussie Gametraders Preorder Bonus

 Hi there! I have some news for Aussie Pokemon collectors!

According to their website, if you pre-order a copy of Pokemon Black or White from Gametraders, you will receive a free 30cm Pikachu plush.


Unfortunately, I think that it is a bootleg. :c Recently, I went to a Gametraders store and they were selling plushies of Pikachu, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. They didn't seem to be official. Chimchar seemed to be base off the Pokedoll, but it was slightly bigger, made of different material and had it's left hand stitched to its face. Dx You could see lots of stitches, too. It also had a hang tag that resembles the one attatched to the Banette backpack plush. Piplup and Turtwig were better, but they were still suspicious. 

As for Pikachu, he was the best of the four. He was better quality and was made of softer material. As far as I know, the pose of the plush is completely unique. He was also pretty adorable, however I question the legitimacy of it because it looked a little bit off and had the same hang tag as the others. In store, the Pikachu plush normally sell for $20, so if you don't mind the fact that it's a bootie, I suppose it's an alright deal.

Just letting you Aussies know. I'm not sure if you'd want to pre-order from Gametraders because of the bootie plush. We still don't know what bonuses other shops are offering, so we'll have to wait and see. 

EDIT: I found an eBay listing with the suspicious Chimchar plush: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/POKEMON-8-CHARACTER-PLUSH-DOLL-/170583768494?pt=AU_AnimationArt&hash=item27b795bdae#ht_1602wt_907
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Letting some rarities go~

Hiya guys~! I'm doing some more collection weeding for various important reasons. Moving, finances, making room, etc.

Included: The last of my settei sales (including Mareep/Amphy), a 55-page settei lot, a 3-lb flat goods lot, a 3" tall TCG lot, acrylic collection cases, custom Luxio plush, and more! C: (warning, non-Pokemon sales goods underneath the Pokemon.)

Airgurumi Drifloon, Halloween Umbreon plush, and Vaporeon canvas plush.

In addition, I have lowered prices and added many nice new items to Floaroma Pokemart! Some items were discounted as much as 50%. So if there was anything you had your eye on, take a look~
The update includes rare kids (many Luxios, Buizel, Sentret, and more), plushies, toys, and figures.

I still have a huge Pokemon collection taking up a wall (several pieces of furniture), and am not parting with anything that hurts :3

Just a Reminder! :3


This GA ends in less than a day, 10 PM tomorrow night, central time!  Many awesome plush either don't have bids or are at their starting bids, so help us out and let's win this thing! /footballpeptalk/  Click the picture to go to the auction!

WE WON!  Look out for a payment post by chibichimp !
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January Commissions and a 'want'


First off; DOES ANYONE HAVE A SPARE POKEWALKER? My esteemed bf decided to do the laundry.... without checking pockets. Long story short, despite his initiative, I need a new POKEWALKER <3

Anyways... I am opening ONE commission slot. For a 'large animal' plush (1ft-2ft) as per my commissions
Auction starts @ $50..
Auction will end on Wednesday January 26 @ noon, EST.

*Payment plans are accepted as well*

EDITEDITEDIT: If there is a bid within the last 5 minutes of the Auction it will be extended for another 15 minutes, or until there is a 5 minute no-posting down-time.

Or please click
HERE to go to my DevArt.


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Alola Vulpix
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Lots of Payments Due

To anyone not involved in these GAs, please bear with me!

Plush GA Participants:  Our shipping invoice is in!  As expected for a large lot, it's expensive but not as bad as I was expecting given my last shipping bill.  I've divided the invoice by weight as fairly as possible (one medium = two small, one large = two medium).  The amount due is "Payment 2," the bolded amount.

Spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArD9tpZDkpGkdHNOcGRBdVNCeFEzaGJnWFM2NFgtdnc&authkey=CJHe6YMN&hl=en#gid=0 
Original Auction: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/7990735.html

Kitbug GA Participants: We got A LOT of discounts on this one!  Just one payment for now, which includes the auction price, deputy fees, internal shipping, and shipping to me (and that all came to less than half our max bid :D)  If you are not located in the US, please pay the amount in Column E, and everyone in the US pays Column D.

Spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhnkdZhuQ08YdHZsWExLd2hJN0pBNnU0ZVo0X3hnTnc&authkey=CK334oUP&hl=en#gid=0
Original Auction: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8062619.html

Normal and Clear Kids Participants: Last payment time!  Shipping is a little on the high side - I apologize, I had to go out and get more bubble mailers since my usual supplier is taking forever.  Most of these are in fantastic condition though, everyone is sure to be pleasantly surprised :D

Spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets1.google.com/ccc?key=tbmubZahHMMOJLj_qMHGmSQ&authkey=CPrRpsMH&hl=en&authkey=CPrRpsMH#gid=0
Original Auction: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/7887556.html

Please send all payments to [email removed] with your username AND the name of the GA that you're paying for somewhere in the payment.

And lastly, a midway reminder for my rareish stuff for offers:
S Greninja Pokedoll

another boring wants post (beanies!) :C

Hey guys! I'm going to be slowing down my buying because I've already bought a lot from the comm (thank you so much!) but as a kind of last query before I stop and give you an update of my collection I thought I'd see if anyone has either of these available. I hope you don't mind, I can delete this if you want to. ;;

One of my major wants at the moment is the Hasbro Quagsire. (Actually, any Quagsire plush would be nice but he's the one I'm looking for the most at the moment). I've seen them in sales posts before but obviously they had been sold since they were months old. :'D And now the only ones I can find are on ebay but they're way more than I'm willing to pay for them. ):

Alternatively, I also have my eye on the Hasbro Heracross, though he is lower priority so I'd rather get Quagsire if I had to choose. XD;

Are these really hard to find now? I didn't realise they'd be so rare but I only ever see a few for a high price on ebay...

Anyway, any information about these would be welcome! I promise my next post will be a collection update from me after all the stuff I've ordered arrives! :D
hewwo bachuru

let's do a pantslizard thing

NOTE: Don't forget Big Size Dragon Pokedolls + Zuruggu Plush and goodies being picked up this weekend!


This will be just like the 1/1 Eevee pickups, only three times as big and about that much more expensive. Due to "trouble" attempting to get the gigantic PokeCen starters home, I have been flip-flopping back and forth about these, and finally settled on the price, including the plush, EMS shipping, and my commission-- AKA the price I'm willing to get these for!!

COST: 175$ PER PLUSH (shipped by EMS)

Break that down for me Gin.
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Now, for the FAQ!
Collapse )

SO, THE LIST. Add yourself to the list by replying to the thread below.

-If you add yourself, have your 190$ ready to pay at any time. Some dolls I might not have for 2 weeks, be prepared anyway! If you are not prepared I will give your doll to the next person in line.
-If you change your mind, you must tell me before I go get your doll. You CAN cancel, but you must do it before I bring a doll home for you!
-You do not pay until I have brought home your doll! I will comment to you to pay once the doll is safely at my house.
-If the dolls are not already gone by February 8th, I will not be picking up anymore after that point.


In other news.... how about that My Pokemon Collection?? Kats of AAPF is going to the World Hobby Fair this weekend to get more information and photos, as Banpresto's customer service desk was only confirming things up till May (as much as we have on the websites basically). Please thank him, this was not in his plans for the weekend!! And cross your fingers he gets some nice pics and juicy info :D

Also, have some MC+ of the starter final evos :) Coming in February.

ending these auctions on thursday (meaning before it becomes friday at midnight EST if there are any bidwars occuring) so come check out the coolest poster ever and three custom lions!

last and least, i am STILL waiting for these sukui doll payments. send to denkimouse(--at--)gmail.com please!
rentorar: Oshawott ($5.50) = $5.50
thunderwolfcat: Zoroa ($5.50) = $5.50
wayawolf711: Zoroa ($5.50) = $5.50
fiery_snow: Zoroark ($5.50) = $5.50