January 20th, 2011

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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⊗ BELL PLUSH AUCTIONS ⊗ commission slots!

It's been a while since I last posted something like this! Recuperating from the holiday rush took so long for me that I haven't been able to work on any bell plushies up until now. I'm in a bit of a money bind now after winning a grail for a non-Pokemon collection, so as I haven't been able to coordinate a premade auction like I had originally wanted to, I've decided to take on a few commission slots until next time. :D

In addition to bell plush commissions, I'm running an experimental auction on a few custom ACEOs (artist trading cards!) featuring a few gen 5 Pokemon! :D Please check everything out!

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And now that all that is over, juuust a small want ad: I'm looking for a Cyndaquil Pokedoll! I was unable to buy one from the kiosk runs in December, but now that I have some money on hand, I want to throw it at somebody for one (if it's not sold out, that is ;_;). I'm willing to pay up to $18 with shipping included, as I recall that was the average price people were charging for pickups. I can pay ASAP!

sales/auction reminder

hi everybody! this is a reminder that i will stop accepting offers for these items tonight (Wednesday), at 10PM PDT (countdown here). the items include gold/silver chous for suicune, lugia, eevee and umbreon, a pikachu/mudkip squirter figure, a munchlax stamp keychain, pokemon poster, mew magnet as well as stickers for houndooom, espeon, absol, poochyena. i still have loads of new flats from my earlier sales post, and cheap kids too! =D

(run away from larvitar's screech this way)

also, i have questions pertaining to flats collectors - how do you store your retsuden/armada stickers? are there collection albums like those for TCG cards? what is your preferred method? my collection is starting to pile up and i wanna find a nice way to keep and display them. =)

thanks for reading, and hope you have a great week ahead!
Wooper // In Pokecup

Looking for: Wooper, Quilava, Cyndaquil, Jolteon, Mew Merch!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've been in this fandom/community. Back in 90's/first several years (half decade?) when Pokemon came out in the US, I was a pretty big fan! (I avidly collected Pokemon merch when I was younger!) It died down after the Crystal games (when did the games get this complicated??), until someone (you know who you are) gave me SoulSilver as a Christmas present.
And now I'm hooked again (thanks a lot!), to the point that I want to restart hoarding select items.

Here are some specific items and Pokemon I've been looking for! ---->
(I'm doing a lot of research myself, but I would definitely appreciate any help on restarting my new collection!)

The Pokedoll (you have no idea how much I want this, someone please offer/find/tell me where to find one!!), this little PokeBall Throw Plush, the Wooper Kid Figure
--and anything other Wooper Plushes you can think of? I am building a Wooper army.

Quilava / Cyndaquil
I don't there are official Quilava Plush? (Why. I don't understand.) Maybe members here have some suggestions to plush artists that would be willing to make a custom?
The New (2009) Quilava Kid and the Old (2000) Quilava Kid, and this Quilava Figure (not sure what it's called?).
The Cyndaquil Pokedoll (I also want this one a lot!), other Cyndaquil Plush (I'm not sure which this one is? It looks pretty nice! Does anyone have more photos?) and maybe the Cyndaquil kid (I'm not sure if there are multiple versions/ what the Cyndaquil one looks like).

This Pokemon Center(?) Mew "Walky" Plush (definitely another top wanted!!), this beautiful Mew Bottlecap, the Floppy (Tomy?) Mew, the Mew Kid Figures (I think there are 3?), this small Mew Plush Keychain, any of the Big/Large Mew Plush and this Pillow Plush.

The Canvas Plush, Any Jolteon Kid, the Friend Plush.

I have a priority for Plushes and Figures, but I'm in the market for any items including these Pokemon! Suggest away! (I'm sure there's good stuff that I've missed or haven't seen yet!)
Flats are definitely alright too (especially keychains, stickers, dogtags, coins, pins, etc)-- I'm not as interested in the regular TCG cards right now, but I might be up for other flat merch!

And some Questions!:
- Prices; I could really use information on how much any of these items usually go for these days!
- Is there a difference between these the "5 Inch Wooper Plush" and the "6 Inch Wooper Plush"? I'm confused and wondered if they might be the same plush (with the sellers labeling the sizes wrong)? It seems strange that they would produce two of the same pattern with only an inch of difference in size.
- What's the size of the Wooper Pokeball Throw Plush?
- One of the community members here (puyro!) told the Cyndaquil Pokedolls might still be selling currently in the Washington-Seattle area through vending machines? Would anyone be willing to pickup one for me?

Thank you for any help you can give!

(I'll make a collections post a little later when I've collected some decent photos!)

small edit: You guys are awesome! That's a bunch for all the help so far! :)
Feel free to keep commenting if you have any of the Merch I'm looking for to offer (even if someone has already commented offering the item)! Unless someone presents me with an offer I can't deny, I'll probably take a day or two to choose which I'll take depending on price/item condition (and if possible, I'd love to buy items together, if available, to save on shipping haha).
I might also be willing to buy multiples for purpose of army-building!

p.s. - Sorry if I'm replying to comments out of order! The e-mails are coming in funny! Apologies in advance if I'm a little slow, I will get back to everyone! Just give me a little time! :)

First time posting, what a way to start huh?

Hello everyone, my name is Midnite, I'm 19 and a hard-working waitress/student.I'm mainly a Sailor Moon collector, but my fellow pokemon friend/collector encouraged me to by a DS (why didn't I do this earlier!?) and I got Soul Silver (which I've incidentally put more hours into than I've worked this week XD) and it just revived all this nostalgia and love for pokemon all over again! As such having a collectors heart I had this overwhelming urge to get a few things, enough to satisfy my itch. I'm mainly interested in merchandise of my pokemon team :) (I'd show you my "collection" but right now it mainly consists of about a togekiss plush and a togepi walking talking toy).

This is where this community comes in! Help me find and rehome some of your lovelies into my collection. My main interests are as follows, if you have anything even remotely related whether it be figures, dishrags, anything, please show me, I'd be more than happy if at the least to see what everyone has in their own collections :D

Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss
Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion
Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu
Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume-Bellossom
Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken

And ANY Jakks pacific 5-6" plushies! I hate to jump on the poke-plush train, but it's hard to not want the cute ones, especially this line that's affordable and won't overrun my small room.

Thanks again! Looking forward to enjoying my stay here ;)

PS> I tried to tag my post, I'm not sure if it's excessive or too little, or if I missed anything, I apologize if it isn't up to par

GA updatessssss

 Hey guys :) Just got boring old GA things to talk about.

First a reminder that this GA ends in 2 days!

click the pic or HERE to go!

We're doing really really well so far! And, dare I say it *touch wood of course* right now discounts are looking pretty likely :D I've also asked noppin as to which the two pokedoll figs are that we can't see, but no response yet. I'll keep you guys updated! We've also added another bidding thread as we believe we've identified which pokemon are in the top left corner!
Includes really rare pokedoll figures such as hoenn starters, jirachi and more! Also incudes attack dioramas and more really rare items! Check it out! :D 

ALSO! This GA is in!

No shipping totals yet, because the extras are up first! And its open to non-GA participants!  PARTICIPANTS ONLY NOW 
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AND FINALLY, to make this post a little less GA centric, a collection update teaser!

look at all those land sharks ;A;

Till next time!
Pachirisu - w/ Drifloon
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January custom charm sales

Hello everyone!
As you may recall, I advertised the possibility of some custom charms here a few days ago. Well, I ordered some inkjet shrink film... but I ordered the wrong one. But instead of wasting it, I printed a few dozen charms featuring Gen V Pokemon that I think are pretty popular around here, and now I'm gonna sell them and see how it goes!

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Shipping to the US/Canada will be $1.50, to the UK/Europe is $2.50, and $4.50 to anywhere else! The charms are light, so I don't anticipate shipping charges to go up if you order more charms.

As for customs, I have ordered some white inkjet shrink film that should arrive tomorrow or Saturday, and I will be taking commissions for $8-10 for Pokemon, $12 for humans, and +$5 each for shiny recolours of any Pokemon you may have ordered.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy the new Pokemon names!

Introduction and Small Wants :)

Hello everyone :D  So just a simple introduction to start things off.

I was directed here by a friend since I collect plushes.  I have been lurking around for a little while, read the rules of course, and I really hope to fit in here :)  I don't collect any specific pokemon yet, but just collect the ones I think are adorable.  I also collect Disney's Pook-A-Looz's.

Anyway, I am looking for a few plushes at decent prices (because eBay and Amazon overprice majority of their stuff x_x) and I hope the community can help out :)

Pichu Canvas
Pikachu Canvas
Raichu Canvas
Eevee Pokedoll
Jirachi Pokedoll
Wobbuffet Pokedoll
Lucario Pokedoll
Chillarmy Pokedoll
Jessie Grace

Cheap Zukan and Pikachu/Pecha Berry Auction!

Hello All!
Auction post is now up! So bid away!

Okay now let the fun begin!
Items Condition - These were bought in a lot but almost all of them are glued to there bases and some are stained if you have any questions please ask below!
as for the pikachu is in excellent condition and from my own personal collection well looked after.

Bidding ends Wednesday 26 Jan 11:45:15 AM EDT (local time in Sydney)

Bidding Increments of $1 thankyou!

Viri Walky
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(no subject)

Hey all! =) Well, I got a lot of nice new stuff in the mail, so I figured it was time for a collection update!

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Oh one other thing ~ I acquired a stowaway. Collapse )

kawaiikes your Delibird zukan came to me by mistake it would seem. I don't know if you'd already arranged shipping with rere515, but assuming you still want him I'll have to find out how much shipping from the UK would be so I can get him sent out to you ^v^

Ebay GA and Room Makeover

Hello everyone! Here is a first, real hard update for me. YEY. :D But GAs are first. I am sorry for the last minute mailing/PMing, but I only posted shipping payments a few days ago and I did not want to feel like I was getting on anyone's back about it because I know that everyone doesn't check the forums 24/7. =( But EVERYONE paid except parkerer  (please send me both payments XD) and I have gotten EVERYONE'S PACKAGES shipped out! :) My name is Kevin and I wrote "cardwhale" on the flap of each envelope.  It has been fun running this! I hope everyone's packages gets to them safely. As per the rules in my Sales Post, I cannot reimburse for lost mail as I don't have the funds to, but I can give a proof of receipt :D

jensoxen  Please check your mail in a few minutes!

I got a few great things today! Including THIS. I FINALLY figured out what to do with my sign. :D


Click for more stuff and a tale of headless Entei :(

Collapse )


Thank you for reading all!!! AND HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND <3333

Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Cherrygrove City Sales: Now Open!

Hey guys! Cherrygrove City is now official open!
Its been open before but I've now sorted everything out, its all organised and its all permanent.
I will be updating pictures once I get my iPhone back (but that'll be a week or so)

And to celebrate, all orders over $15 will get a free random kid! until stocks last - remember to ask first!
So feel free to check it out!

I got lots of Pokabu merch since the last update as well as the most AWESOME custom plush and as soon as I get my iPhone, I will be going on a photo frenzy.
[PKMN] luxray

ye olde wants post...

...or just info questing, whichever. XD;

So my collection is tiny (too tiny for a collection post even), but I still have a small holy grail, and sadly I know nothing about it! A while ago, someone posted a collection that had a shiny kid absol figure. I basically started hunting ever since, and not only can't find anyone selling but I can't find any info on it either. Could anyone help me out?

(and just throwing it out there, I'd be willing to pay shiny pennies for one)
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

Possible GA? ^^;

I have an idea for a GA... I just need to know if you need sales permission to do so. :( I'm kind of frantic too, and I apologize for being a bit annoying. ^^; I've already made up a spreadsheet and everything, I just need the confirmation. XD

And if I DID indeed need sales permission, could I do the GA with someone WITH permission? :)

If I need permission, I'll heed that and definitely get permission for future GA's.

Here's a pic of the auction-in-question~

Doesn't that politically incorrect jynx look incredible? XD
Oh yes, and miltank and ditto clefairy too. So much want. :3

Although what I really noticed was the pink butterfree & the singing meowth. But I don't need those, I just recently won a massive auction I found on the comm that nobody ended up group auctioning. :)

Any information would be wonderful, thank you. <3 

nvm, Denkimouse cleared everything. :)

if antyone would like to co-host as the bidder/shipper, I could take care of threads and spreadsheets~if there's any interest, comment and we'll get everything in order. :D

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Collection Update -- Cels, Mew, Eevee, Surfing Pikachu, and more!

All right, everyone, time for an extremely picture-heavy collection update! Including all of my Pokémon cels, my Eevee, Mew, and surfing Pikachu collections, and some pictures of my general, overall collection. :D

But first, just a few business matters!

I am offering some ORIGINAL Pokémon production art (a cel and some pencil animation sequences), plus an Espeon canvas plush on Ebay. Check 'em out, especially if you're a Team Rocket, Meowth, or Victreebel fan: http://shop.ebay.com/pacificpika/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25

Check out my updated sales post here, as well: http://pacificpikachu.livejournal.com/479698.html#cutid1

I have new items, reduced prices, lots, and more!

Anyway, shall we move on to the collection post aspect? Very photo-heavy, please click with caution if you're on a slow connection!

Collapse )

I hope you all enjoyed this collection update, and please let me know if you have any questions, want more specific pictures of something, or just want to say something about my collection. Thank you all for looking!

Oh, and while I'm at it, I FINALLY made a Wanted post! If you want to make me really happy, check it out and keep an eye out for items for me!


I'm constantly searching Yahoo! Japan, too, so if you want to leave a link to your Wants list in the comments to that entry, I'd be happy to keep an eye out for things for people. ♥
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Just curious if there is any interest in these items.
Dunno what they are worth or if anyone is looking for em. Thought I'd ask ;)

Skateboard is mint. woot woot!

Update: Everything has been shipped! Items should be received shortly. Hope you guys like 'em!!
I still have many things left as well.

Is anyone else as heartbroken as me about the new Vaporeon Jakks toy? The fin being half blue bugs me so much. I guess I will have to paint it or something. Shame on you Jakks! lol. Oh well. I still want it and still glad it was released. Just have to fix it somehow >.<
If anyone has Jolteon or Flareon Jakks toy for sale please holla! I needs it in meh life!
Zoro Derp

Movie Promo Kecleon: Offers reminder! And sales reminder

Just a reminder that the Movie Promo Kecleon I have is still up for offers!  He's currently at $101, which I understand is quite high, but I want to make sure everyone has a chance to see him and potentially make an offer for him because I know it's a rather sought-out and rare plush.  NOTE: For those of you who are bit more anal about hang tags, this one has got a few small creases.  I apologize that it's hard to tell in the photo.
I will stop accepting offers for him around 3 pm EST on Sunday. (I can provide a counter if anyone's interested)
Note that this will be the new offers post for him, so please comment here if you want to leave an offer.
Also, a payment plan is totally possible, just talk to me about it and we can work out details. :)

Secondly, a reminder for those sales that I posted a couple days ago!  There are a few new US version Pokedolls, a Rayquaza Pokedoll, Abra line Johtodex charms, and a few freebies (as well as some other stuff), so please check it out!  There's also my normal sales post with quite a few things available as well.

Finally, shipping status: Items have been shipped if you bought something from me a few days back!  And I lied about making it to the PO today as I had a little bit of a shock when I checked my bank account last night and I don't have much cash on me. @_@;;  BUT I get paid tomorrow and it'll go directly to my bank account, so items will get shipped tomorrow!  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

"I want", never gets!

Well I'm pretty sure most of you probably heard this at some stage in their lives...especially being a kid. I know I did anyway. But, now, is another scenario, if you have the cards I'm after, then I'll buy them! 

As said in my last collection update (community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8036023.html) I'm primarily a card collector. I've decided to do a wants post for the cards at the top of my list at the moment.

So...really I just like rare cards so if you have anything you might think I would offer you for, then don't hesitate to send me a message!
At the moment, I'd quite like to get most of these: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/P_Promotional_cards_(TCG) but at the top of this, and total list for me is:

JR Train Rally 2002 cards!
Pokemon Festa 2002 cards!
Grand Party Japanese card
Corocoro Lily pad mew
Rayquaza Gold Star

Mainly I'm after the Japanese Vending Machine cards. I don't own any because I've been scanning the web for monthsss to try find a full set to save me from buying them individually but I've had no luck so far so it would be awesome if anyone here had a set to sell.

I'm also a mew fan and I'm after the Mew Bottlecap at the moment!

I look forward to hearing from any of you!