January 21st, 2011

New Fukuoka Center Mascots!

YOU GUYS, I know I haven't posted for a long time, but I JUST DIED AND HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU GUYS. Info thanks to AAPF and the Official Pokemon Website, of course. ;)


ALSO, notice that not only did Mijumaru/Oshawott become one of the center Mascots, Pansage did as well!! Congrats to all of the Pansage fans!!! YAY!!!

Here's a link to the Pokemon websites page for more info!! The center reopens on March 3rd!! And I'm getting down there for it because of the wonderful peoples in my life (Trippsie <3)!! ;O; WEBPAGE HERE!!

I would type more, but I am so spazzed out right now I can't concentrate very well. ALSO expect sales and a HUGE collection update from me soon, here's a TWO MONTHS OUTDATED picture of my Mijumaru collection: http://sakura-koneko.deviantart.com/art/Mijumaru-Collection-171744405


Info on These

I was reading some things on a Pokemon website and I saw these coins and low and behold i saw a coin like this! What is the story on these? what are they and where did you get them when they originally came out. I also have seen these sometimes on the community. Does anyone have one of these? Thanks for the help and info everyone.

it's a fat&round water pokemon bonanza!

hi there community! it's been quite a while since i did a big collection update. i was gonna do a kids update but when a mysterious box appeared at my doorstep today, i thought it deserved its very own post today. =D what started off as a gets post quickly evolves into a fan-post for my favourite water pokemon (before the cut, can you guess what they are?), but wahey, i couldn't help myself! ;)

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thanks for reading!

Final GA Reminder/Rare Offers Ending Soon

 Hi guys, this is the final reminder for the mega block GA and I know you want discounts, so get your bids in now. It ends in LESS THAN 9 HOURS. This is a rare opportunity so get things while you can :)

Also, I am running my sales post and there are some very old rare things for offers. Go check out my sales page for more information. Bidding on some items end today as well. Thanks.


Click picture for sales please :)

oh, we're getting this shiny entei. ( and a cute beautifly story C: )

i haven't been on in a while, and i regret naming myself dragonheir148 even though i still do love dragonair.  make way for chiramii babbyyy. (i don't want to call it minccino :c)
i might order some chiramii merch after i spend my $40 on blaaack. C:
anyway, onto what this post is meant for.  first, i did put my collection back up! 8D thanks for all the comments and help, i realized that i can like what i want and no one can tell me otherwise.  it's still in my closet, but hey, at least it's somewhere. ;D i have no room in my actual room anyway. xD and my closet's biggg.

the title refers to...what's under the cut. ;D (i hope this works u_u)
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Please bare with me

hello I'm new to Pokemon collectors... saddly because of my on going un employment and my only income being freelance things I have yet to be able to get to serious with collecting. I have a modest collection of Pokemon plushes, manga, and some other things. I know a few people here from deviantart. I have been intending to join for awhile but I was originally going to join after getting a job, I have an interview tmr for a house keeper and I'm feeling lucky about it so I have decided that this was a good time.
I tend to be rather quite and keep to myself, but I truly do like people and would really like to make computer friends. I'm quite social and friendly in my true life, so I think the internet communication will just need to be practiced.
I'm still getting use to how live journal works so please forgive me if I make careless mistakes.
thanks for reading.

I would eventually like to collect kojofu when it starts getting some merchandise. my favorite pokemon is raichu, and has been that way since 1998. favorite types are fighting, electric, and rock. I also really like dishes, so when I start collecting more I'm sure to have as many as I can. 

some items are not included, they are at my boyfriends home. the teacups are my favorite, especially the one that features electivire, croagunk, giratina, raichu, and magmorter!

help with my website, please?

Hey guys. Well, I've been trying to get my collection site up and running, but I need a few suggestions. How do you guys upload pictures to the web pages? Any photo sites that you like to use for this? Also, I will be doing a small update once I can get good pictures of the few new additions so expect that in the next couple weeks, as well as the opening of my site as soon as I sort out the issue above!
Thanks guys in advance, you're all awesome ;)
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GIANT MARILL + potential eevee sale?

Hello all~ I haven't posted since before Christmas... but I've still been lurking around and commenting on member's entries and purchasing goods! I will eventually post a collection update, and a big sales post, but I have had my hands full! This is why:

I've been busy teaching my son about Pokemon! 8D

I took that picture yesterday with the intention of showing it to the community eventually... but I saw earlier that rococomelodies posted a similar picture which is ironic and awesome!, so I decided to post mine as well :D hurray for introducing children to Pokemon!

ANYWAY I also wanted to post because I'm considering selling my Eeveelution Pokedoll set!

I collect the Eevees on the side, and as cute as they are... I kinda need some money right now (to make up for buying so much Marill stuff, OTL) so I'm thinking about selling these guys.

But the thing is... I want to only sell them as a set because I'm a bit reluctant and it'd make it easier to let them go if I did it all in one transaction. I bought them as a set a couple years ago for about $300 shipped, so would anyone be willing to pay something similar, or is anyone interested in the set at all? Please let me know!

(Just so you know, I had sales permission granted on 12/09/10 by dakajojo!)

Music Boxes - Quick GA! WON



Apologies that I posted my Sales post yesturday, but this awesome GA I found ends in less than 2 days.
Im not sure if this will be the only reminderor not, im real scared of posting too much, i love the comm id hate to upset anyone~ xD <3
We'll see!



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Some collection weeding~

Well, I need space...ya know? :]

In there will be some offers for some seemingly rare stuff (Totodile Thinkchip, Charizard Pez dispenser, Lapras items, etc.)

Click the comic strip to go to muh sales :D (anyone else been reading Pokemon Adventures lately? X3 )

or click here

I've also got a question about the Pokemon BW Mall Tour. So...on the Pokebeach site, it show two dates and two cities listed under the dates. Will the tour be in the city(s) for two days, or just one? :o  answered! :D

Just a small want post

hello community

my current want right now (and one that is troubling me) are the second generation topps cards, i ordered a booster box of them and recieved only, what seems like, the last half of the johto pokemon.

The card series was johto league champions, and i was wondering, did the whole generation get a topps card? i know I've seen quite a few that weren't on the card checklist on google image, so I know some exist (like wooper, hoppip, the starters, etc.)

Anyway, I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me if there is a way to complete the whole 100 second generation pokemon topps cards

im especially looking for: the starters and their evos, hoppip and her line, mareep and his, and a few more

and if you happen to have them and are willing to sell, i am more than willing to buy

thank you for reading!!! ^_^