January 24th, 2011

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So once again I need the communitys help! You all are such a big help and know so much more than me!! I have this (im call it a key chagonnain) but what are they excatly?? I have seen them with other Pokemon but I just dont know what they are!!
Thanks everyone. I love this one so much! I have only seen this one, would love more.!!

Wants post, and question

I'm looking for any BW merch. I'm late getting on the bandwagon and feel sad for it. :'C I need to start my Mijumaru collection!
So I'm looking for any Pokemon center plushies, Mijumaru merch or BW merch besides flats :3 I'm also curious, what's rankuten market and has anyone used it before? I hear alot about it on AAPF and am curious :S Thanks! Also does anyone know of any check list for kids, tomys, and popular Pokemon series? Thanks!
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The Sales Post of Celebration

And so it came to be that there was great rejoicing through the land, for finally there was GRASSPOOF merch. Which is to say, I bring you playing card sales! Two almost-full (because I stole the Monmen and Churine) decks of lovely playing cards, with (hopefully) all your favourite Black and White Pokemon! (I AM SORRY THERE ARE NO BATPOOFS. BLAME THE STARTERS AND DEER.)

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I've just returned from two weeks interstate where I had very limited access and haven't been checking LJ at all, so please let me know if I've missed a GA payment post! I have received PMs about two of them, so I'll be taking care of those first thing in the morning. Just wanted to get this post up before I go to bed (and it is now almost 3am and I got up at 6am, so I think it's well past bedtime XD).

Mega Block GA Payments 1 Still Needed....

 snowball21, pancakemonkey, captainangel, delenir I still need your payments. As a reminder the spread sheet is here


If you actually sent payment or need more time just let me know in the comments :) The package estimated delivery time is in a week so I'd like to get the 1st payments in so shipping payments come out as soon as possible :)

If you bought something from be or have ordered tomy's and I messaged you your invoice, It has been sent out. I still have tomy's for some people who have not paid :( Remember I'm using my time to drive out get stuff for you (not for cheap) and if you don't pay I just have a bunch of figures hanging out in my room. Please claim them and pay for them if you have not :) thanks.

While I'm here I might as well relink you to my sales. ---> I do tomy orders and still have some old merchandise from the 90s for offer so check out my sales if you're here :) 


Thank you comm :)
Jessie Grace

Auction Reminder! Cheap Zukan and Pikachu/Pecha Berry Auction!

Hello Again!
Just a quick auction reminder
this ends in a couple of days

Bidding ends Wednesday 26 Jan 12:30 PM EDT (local time in Sydney,Australia)

Okay now let the fun begin!
Items Condition - These were bought in a lot but almost all of them are glued to there bases and some are stained if you have any questions please ask below!
as for the pikachu is in excellent condition and from my own personal collection well looked after.

Bidding Increments of $1 thankyou!

Venu Pokedoll
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Ohhhh, we're half way thereee

Just popping in to give you guys a casual half way mark reminder for the 14 plush GA.

Click these words to be transported!
The Pips and some electric mice still have not been claimed! Shocker I know. So far we have no competition, which is quite pleasing. :>

I would tag a get or something onto here to make it more ~INTERESTING~, but nothing came in the mail today. :c Woe.

small collection update, with some very exciting new arrivals!

 sup brosefs, it has come to my attention that I cannot possibly wait until all my Rais who are enroute arrive, as teh most exciting are from Y!J and are negotiating shipping -.- ergo, I have opted for a mini update! which is really quite a large update, for one of my main collections :3 you guise ready?

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 So while looking for some kougra stuff I stumbled upon this site that seemed like an interested place to sell my stuff soo I've moved my non flat sales here C:

and now the lovelies that have come in <3
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Apologies on shipping delays

To everyone who purchased from me:

I am very, very sorry to say this, but I still have not been able to ship out my items. Boston has been hit by three blizzards in the last month, and it's been incredibly difficult to get out to the post office (plus my thesis is crazy and 150 p. reading/week for a single class is no fun either, but these are secondary issues).

I am going to make my most sincere effort to get out to the post office on Friday.

I'm also running into an issue in that I can't find a box big enough to ship 1:1 Bulba -- any advice from people who have shipped 2'+ items before?

Thank you, and please accept my apology for the inconvenience. :(
Alola Vulpix
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More Sales?!

I'm home sick today but I still managed to drag myself to the post office because I feel bad for taking so long to ship love you guys so much ♥  I still have another two trips to make this week since I have so many packages, so I've updated my sales once more.  

The two GAs I'm running (one of many Plush GAs and the Massive Kids GA with kitbug) just arrived as I was typing this up! I have to wait for new shipping supplies to come in before I can get final totals for everyone but if you want to know the condition of your items/want pictures, just ask :)

A public apology and Pokedoll payments owed!

Hey guys, I'm currently using my boyfriend's friend's computer (durp) so sorry I wasn't around last night :U

I first of all want to apologise for the plush GA...It seemed to have got really messy whilst I was away and sorry for upsetting people :C The pictures have managed to delete themselves, and I'm currently away from the PC that ahs them stored XD So I have no way to get the auction pictures back until I'm home again (not for 10 days D:) so many apologies! I'm currently grabbing pics from pokeplushproject so people at least know what the plush theyre bidding on look like. Also I made a mistake in terms of announcements with said auction, I know what to do in the future and many many apologies! Rest assured after all this I'm gonna take quite a break from GA's XD They're fun and all but can get pretty stressful! :B

Speaking of GA's, however, payments for the pokedoll GA...

are due (already!) And discounts are pretty dang amazing...

Spreadsheet is >> HERE! <<

Please sent payments to YOUR_MASTER_IS_HERE(@)BTINTERNET.COM (remove the brackets)  along with your Username and POKEDOLL GA PAYMENT 1 in the subject header. Thanks so much guys!

And thats all for now. Sorry to make this so brief! Once again I'm deeply sorry about the plush GA, I hope you can all forgive us for the mess ups :C I love you guys so much! <3
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Herro erryun. I am looking for an Arceus UFO plush!

My boyfriend collects them and I want to get him one for Valentines day, cause I'm such a sap like that. Sadly, I do not know all of the plates he has so far off the top of my head. I just wanted to see if anyone had any they would be willing to sell.

If anyone has any up for sale that would be awesomeee!

Pkmncollectors Rainbow Meme! (and a quick shipping update!)

 Inspired by our community's wonderfully colourful banner - I've made up a new Meme which I thought would be fun!

Try to take a photo of 7 items in your collection - one to  represent each colour of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo and Violet! Comment below with your photo!~~ Here is one from me to start us off - a Pokedoll rainbow!

Magby, Buizel, Tufty Pichu (my favourite Pokedoll of all! <3), Larvitar, Alteria, Poliwhirl and Espeon!~ One for each colour! :D (This photo is actually a precursor to a much bigger update later this week....) I can't wait to see some from other collections!

I also wanted to post a quick update from my sales post for people who bought items! A few parcels have gone out, and the rest will be going out on Wednesday/Thursday this week - I'm sorry for the little delay, I had to buy some more packing materials- thank you for being patient!~ I wanted to keep you updated <3

One last thing! My Pokedoll database is starting to take shape before it goes online - thank you for your suggestions of additions! If anyone would like to swap collection site links with me at www.amitysquare.co.uk , please let me know - I've love to!

Happy Collecting Everyone!~
Ryun - FNAF

Corpish GA Final Payment

Remember this GA?? It's in!

Got everyone's stuff sorted and final shipping payments HERE
Please send all final shipping payments to Christafarrell45@yahoo.com and PLEASE put your LJ name in the comment section.
Please edit that you've payed in the spread sheet!

Extras are posted in my sales:

Want to add anything to your order I can combine shipping now.
Whatever gets paid tonight will go out tomorrow morning!


GA Participants get a 50% discount on prices of GA items in my Sales
Extras are open to the public, so come one, come all and check out the sales! :3

I'm in yo basket, sortin yo stuff..
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Pokemon Center Mew Up for offers

Im putting one of my Pokemon Center Mew up for offers; this one is from 2007. I thought this would be easy to do but damn, its so not XD

Click here

Offers will go until this Friday at 11pm EST. If you are an international user, please please please read the rules in my post / talk to me about shipping. My international shipping opportunities are harshly limited, so please keep that in mind!

Also, I'm joining the Eeveelution collecting masses. But only for one item! Im searching for a Jakks Jolteon. Box, no box, I dont really care, whatever is cheaper 8D And I guess while Im at it, heres a link to the ol` Wants Post and my ever-frustrating Drifloon want.

Wants post

Sales post!!

please take a look around my salez~ I downsized my collection quite a bit so here are the things Im offering up to good homes! Please click the picture below to be  taken to my magical sales~!
 (My regular sales banner is lost right now and Im too lazy to find it so enjoy this cute picture instead)

Thanks for taking a look! 


Sales Post: Plush, Figures, TFG, Cards!

Please check below the cut for some Pokemon figures, plush, TFG, and FREE TCG cards! Just pay shipping on my entire card collection and they're yours!

I also take trades for any items that I don't have of Zapdos or Vaporeon. Items I am looking for especially: Clear Zapdos Kids (closed feet and attack kid), Zapdos Battle Playset Plush, Zapdos Stampers, Vaporeon Mini Cot
  • I accept Paypal ONLY and will ship worldwide. Shipping to the USA and Canada starts around $2.50.
  • I will not hold items.

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Umby V-Trainer, 'bones & minor want

Shipping updates:
A bunch of packages when out today. I will be getting more out, including more Bell Keychains sometime this week! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.

Next up! I got an Umbreon V-Trainer in a lot recently - I'm not sure if I want to part with it or not, but it's up for offers, as well as the Eeveelution tissue pack!

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And so this isn't another offers post, here. Let me show you my Cubonios.

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Finally, a want. Does anyone have a Wartortle Thinkchip for sale at all? I keep missing it in every sales post or GA ;_;
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Gamestop event stuff, new stuff, and some important sales

Hello everyone.

There hasn't been much going on around here where I'm at lately, but I did go to Gamestop and get the Shiny Legendary Beasts that were released so far (only Suicune to go) & claimed a giant display box for White Version (because nobody at my Gamestop cares). I have a double of Shiny Entei (held for trade) if anybody  wants one.

Shiny Suicune's event is coming up next week from January 31st-February 6th. Just a head's up for everybody here at the comm. :)

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And that's all I have for now to share unfortnately. :(

But there's still a lot of things on the way, including the reason ( the big guy pictured below, which is the Chotto Ooki Zekrom Plush. That's not mine's, but it's a picture just showing it.) that I urgently need to have a sales post now.

So yeah, I have to post up my sales, so here ya go! XD

Thanks for looking! :)
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