January 25th, 2011

Must Gets! WANTS! Jakks Togepi Mini-Plush

Yay, I finally have more pokemon stuff thanks to this community! But the one thing that is absolutely driving me nuts right now is Togepi (to the point of driving my boyfriend nuts with all my whining)! I hate to make another wants post ( I know the community as a whole must be kind of sick of want posts) but please, please help me find a Jakks Pacific Mini-plush of Togepi! I'm willing to do about 20$ shipped (but if I could keep lower than that I'd forever be in your debt!), but everywhere is going for about 35$ shipped T^T Also if anyone had a spare lugia for about the same I'd be willing to pick that up, but right now Togepi has #1 priority, honestly seeing her plushy cuteness is what got me back into collecting, please don't let my flame die! :) Thanks!

I promise I wont' post for a week :) That way I don't become the annoying newbie, believe you me, my next post is going to be pictures and ranting about the cuteness XD

Electronic Celebi Plush

 Hello compadres!!, it´s a me Miiyamoto *super mario italian accent LOL

I´m here to put on offer a 100% working / perfect condition / complete / very loved / i hate to sell it; Electronic Celebi Plush. i´ll put it on sale on ebay once i receive a fair and serious offer, that way you can get your purchase insured by paypal and ebay customer protection or whatever it´s called. so here it´s the pic;

Looking for round pokedoll tags!:D

Hi everyone, 

   I was wondering if some one could send me a scan of the round Pokedoll tags(blue or red). Any or all of the Eevee evolutions if that can be done:) Im looking to comish a plush and would like to be able to print out the tag for my self. Ill post pictures of them once the commission is done too.

Or, if anyone has loose one for sale maybe we could work something out.

Hope everyone is having a great day! and thank you for any replies in advance:)

houndoom and slowpoke

Quick Figure GA Reminder!

'yo, guys. The GA ends in one day, so now's your chance to get in those last minute bids!! :) Many items have NO bids yet- now's the time to grab 'em up!! (So far there doesn't seem to be any competition on the auction, so hopefully we can win this one for super cheap! :D)

Just click the picture to be magically transported to the GA page.... woo! Magic!

(Also- I'm in dire need of a new collection update post! So expect one of those in the next week or so, ALONG WITH A SALES POST in the near future. *__* Yesssss.)

Hokay, toodles for now, ya'll! ^_^

**We totally won this GA, for super crazy uber cheap. I'll announce payments and stuff later on tonight. ^^ **
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Custom plush auction reminder

Much as I don't want to, I've lowered starting bids on all the plush and added one more to the mix because my rent won't pay itself.  Auction ends tomorrow tomorrow night at 10 p.m. EST.   Click Tinygon to put in a bid.

Also added some flips to my sales post that I forgot I had because I am a derp.  Everything bought and paid for before Thursday will be shipping out on Thursday (I thought I had more shipping stuff than I do so lol need to go to the store and stop by the post office for some international thingers.)


Hello, community!
So, don't you hate it when you wait to buy something and by the time you go back to the site it was on, it has vanished from the face of the planet? Today I come in search of a few of those items.
FIRST. Japan Video Games had these for sale recently; they're little plastic cases that hold your DS games individually. Right now, the site has ones with the sinnoh starters on it. They used to have a pack that had Raikou, Celebi, and a few others in it. I'M IN DESPERATE NEED OF THE RAIKOU ONE. If anyone even has a picture of this item, I'd be grateful. Proof that I'm not hallucinating or something.
SECOND. Jakks Flareon. Why must you evade me so?
And lastly, I'm half-looking for TCGs of, in order of priority: Raikou, Arcanine, Luxray, Flareon, Nidoking, Mewtwo, and Lugia.


Thanks for reading! <3

Music Box + FuzzyRai Plush GA - Payment 1


These GA's turned out very sucsessful :D 
We got a great bit of discount on them both, the Music Box GA went for starting bid and the plush GA BIIINN'D <33


We did indeed loose the photos due to them being taken down by the auction since we BID'd it half way through the GA ;_;


Please send all Payments to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk

Please put somewhere on your payment which GA you're paying for, and your LJ User name!
Mark yourself as paid when you've done so :)

Me and Fizzycat would like to thank everyone who participated :D <3
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Colossal Kids GA Reminder + Want!

Sorry to post this while there's so many other reminders + wants posts out there, but it's gotta be done!

Reminder that this GA ends at 11:00pm CST on Wednesday! (That's tomorrow!) There's still a ton of kids with no bids and many more still at the starting bid of $1!

Click here the picture to go to the GA!

Also I have a want. More specifically it's a TCG want. I've got more info behind the cut...

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Might as well have a sales plug!

[pkmn] pokefriends~!

A small want and sales!

 Hello, community! It has been a very awesome year so far in terms of finding rare merch that I have been on the lookout for.

Recently acquired a Mewtwo 151 badge, Mew and Mewtwo bobbleheads (ohsweetjesusyes;v;), and a Fall Shikijika Pokecen plush! A collection update is in progress, just waiting for my package from SMJ. 8D

I'm still on the lookout for a couple more things though~

A Mew Minicot! Has anyone seen one? Do you have one to sell? I will love you forever and throw money at you. :> I'm also on the hunt for a Spring Shikijika Pokecen plush, but this one isn't as high on my wants list since it still pops up every now and then on Y!J. 

In other news, here is a sales post! I've lowered some prices and I've added In-case figures and some Meiji charms, so have at 'em!



first of all, the SALES POST PERMISSION post has been updated, as well as the method we will be using to screen applications from now on. IF YOU ARE WAITING TO BE APPROVED FOR SALES, PLEASE GO SUBMIT YOUR INFO TO THE SALES PERMISSION POST AS PER THE NEW GUIDELINES! Thank you! :D

SO!! I saw a magazine with some cool stickers and a mini book with all the BW Sugimori art. They had a page with PokeCen toys... nothing new (it seemed) as I very quickly skimmed the page, Zuruggus, the Dragon Pokedolls, and what I assumed to be the Minccino Tomy plush, along with an Emonga, and I said oh! Finally a pic of the Tomy Emonga!

Then I saw the price... and the release date (not correct for either Tomy doll) then my eyes finally slid to the writing beside them.

LIFESIZE EMONGA AND MINCCINO POKECEN PLUSH!! Yes, Minccino is getting a GENERAL RELEASE!!!!! (tho the very limited one might have had an open mouth?! sorry chinchilla completionists!! ;_; i feel your pain!)

They come out FEB 5th, so I can pick up a handful (armful?), I will post later about it. How exciting and cute!! :D

First Sales Post and Interest?

I just got sales permission and have some good stuff to sell! I also want to gather interest for my customs~! If there is some, I'll try to work out a commissions post in February!
Items of interest in this post: Custom Oshawott Backpack, 250 Card Lot, Lot of 13 Pokemon Games!
I'm not done with my real sales banner yet, so have a temporary one:

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Xeno lick


Sorry if this appears twice, LJ hates me at the moment.

Anyway, big sales at my journal! Me and my partner are having a handfasting in july and we are in need of some funds fast - the rings we want are wuite important and we need about $70. Feel free to make an offer! Also, I dont know how much some stuff is worth so if Ive put too high, please let me know!
I have listed:

Clear munchlax kid
Unusual Rayquaza pouch/bag
Tony weedle
Full color advance figures
And some non-pokemon items

All PKMN collectors rules apply to my sales as well!!!!


Thank you guys!

My first Pokemon Center kiosk run of the new year!

I am willing to take as many slots as possible (within reason!). I'm very grateful my paypal debit card enables me to do this. However, this means that it is really very important to pay as promptly as possible once I've given you a total, so that I can be sure I am not picking up any extra pokedolls I will have to eat the cost of. Thank you very much. ^^

If you ordered any kids from my massive kids post, and you are interested in pokedolls, I would love to ship everything together and have you pay less for shipping~!

And don't forget, I love to give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls!

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1. renaissanced (Chikorita) paid!
2. yellowmudkip (Raikou) paid!
3. heychado (Dialga, Palkia) paid! (ship with kids)
4. kephisos (Chikorita, Cyndaquil) paid!
5. pacificpikachu (Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile) paid! (ship with kids)
6. mana_mihara (Jolteon, Flareon) paid! (ship with kids)
7. dinictis (Cyndaquil) paid!
8. kiiyame (Cyndaquil) paid!
9. kateluff (Dialga) paid!
10. nicolarbear (Cyndaquil) paid!
11. francis (Munchlax) paid!
12. fridanny (Lucario, Flareon, Ho-oh, Skitty, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Eevee) paid!
13. neonr0se (Snorlax, Cyndaquil, Lucario) paid! partial refund issued for Lucario
14. starscream8 (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile) paid!
15. roxiired (Pichu, Pikachu, Jolteon) paid!
16. pikaquil (DX Pikachu) paid!

Unavailable? (Lucario/Riolu)
1. neeko48 (Lucario, Riolu)

video upate time!

 i have a video!  this is an update, because my collection has been rearranged since my last photo update.  i figured i would do a video because it's a lot easier than uploading a ton of photos and getting them all under a cut, but whatever(:  it is nearly ten minutes long xDD

so i hope you enjoy my video C:
also, i was wondering about the 1:1 minccino plush.  how much would it cost for a pick-up order?  thanks if anyone could tell me. C:
Noivern time

Introduction post! (: wheeee

 So......I've been lurking here on the community since about....September I think, and I'm just now introducing myself lol! I'm more of a......casual collector i guess (: I just get whatever I think is cute <3 but I REEEEEEEEALLY like the penguins! darn you piplup (: I also really love all the dragons, but I don't have than many dragon items :( and because i'm a pyro i love fire pokemon, mainly all the starters haha, i collect those too. AND TOGEKISS. OMG. :D 

My collection isn't very big because....i don't want to be completely broke D: and I don't want to completely overrun my small dorm room! and my roommate. I mostly have figures. I have some plush but not TOO many. a lot of my plush are also at home because I didn't bring them with me :( Almost all of the pokemon items i have here were bought through this comm (:

Also! I am 20 years old and I am currently attending college~ and I live in the US hahaha <3 I also don't use lj very frequently. I used it in the past, mainly to vent, so i'm not at all good with the coding D: hopefully i did everything right!

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Small Sales & A Want..

Hey guys~ I've been thinking.. And I need to save up some money for the B/W tour! I'll be attending the San Jose one.. So how about some small sales? I can't stress this enough.. I have SO many old/new cards, so if you're looking for any, comment! :'D In this sales post you'll find some cards, a rare poster, and a old-school game cheat system :D

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Hey guys! :D Small favour to ask..

Does absolutely *anyone* have such a thing as a spare/extra teeny tiny Ash figure that goes with the below lugia zukan?

I've pictured both lugia and dialga because I need the exact one dialga has, they're both 1/80 scale, and recently Ash has gone walkabouts and I cannot find him whatsoever :( He may have been hoovered up!

Having a zukan missing a tiny piece is like finishing a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle and discovering there's a piece missing. ;_;

If anyone has one please let me know, I will gladly pay you for it :D

Also I've been meaning to sell a few things on ebay but kamacazizero always reminds me to let you guys here have the chance first so that is just what I'm gonna do!

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Venu Pokedoll
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Da duh la duhhh, Da duh la duhhh duhhh, daduh la duhhh, dada la da dah da duhh.
Why am I using cheezy songs for my titles IDK BUT I'M ENJOYING MYSELF. 8)

This is the final call/reminder for the 14 Plush GA! Only about 5 hours until bidding ends on this ~FOREVER~. (AKA: 12am AEST.)

Electric mice and Pips are still looking for some lovin'.
Just sayin'.
Click these words to be transported!

Bidding is OVER 8)

I'm also going to use this post for my own selfish questions. :U
Firstly, I wanted to dip my toe into the water regarding the Bulbasaur Walky Plush. Surely you guys don't need a picture to know what I'm talking about. :| SURELY.
Anyway, I was just wondering, JUST WONDERING, does anyone have that adorable little bastard up for sale? I want for a Bulbasaur plush, and I want for only that Bulbasaur plush. Even if you don't have him, what would you say is his going price?

SECONDLY and lastly, for people who do sales post, what goes into the whole packaging/sending merchandise? Do you get out all the money you need from your bank account, dump all the packages at the post office, and then magic happens? TELL ME YOUR PROCESS. I want to post my sales post soonerish, but I thought this may be a good thing to iron out first.

Pokemon, Wooper

First Collection Update!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been active as of late, finals are upon me x___x On a happier note, I finally recieved the last item I was waiting for~ In due time, my collection will grow more, but this is a good start :P Thanks to everyone who I did business with :) The pictures are kinda poopy tho, I need to get or use a better camera, hahahaha! But they're decent. Images under the cut! ... If i did it right, haha XD

Edit: Clearly didn't do it right the first time. So here I try again!

Not pictured: Cards. Many, many cards @___@

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(no subject)

Please take a look under the cut. If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!
Alright I added 100 or so more cards to the store!

I have a lot of 1st Edition Pokemon Black And White Collection 1 Cards left!
Get these now before the English ones come out and they become hard to find!

Japanese Base Set, Japanese Jungle Japanese Fossil, Japanese Gym Leader
Japanese Neo 1, Japanese  Neo 2
Japanese E-Series 1, Japanese E-Series 2, Japanese E-Series 3

Cheap Pokemon Primes


(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(R)Trainers Cards $0.50
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Booster Pack Wrappers $0.25

Card List Updated 01/25/2011 7:00 PM

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Real Introductions and Collection Post

Hi there. I've posted in the community a few times, and bought a few things here and there, but I haven't introduced myself yet.
Well Hi! I'm Lambo_Chu, but everyone calls me Kitty. People who don't know me call me "That Pikachu Girl" because I wear my pikachu swag everywhere I go. I am an artist and am currently in my third year of art school. I drew my current icon just as a spur of the moment about a week ago.
As for my collection, I've been collecting pikachu since I was seven, so I have quite a few. I don't think I've gotten them all to my College home yet, but another bag or two full follows me back every time I visit home.
Aside from pikachu, I have a smaller collection of just about any pokémon I think is cute. Not nearly as much of it has made it to my college home. I definitely put pikachu first in my choice of bag stuffing.

Well, now that we have introductions over with, Click below to view the explosion of pokémon.

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Final Auctions Reminder!

Hi all! This will be my *Final* reminder for my auctions ending tomorrow January 26th, @ 10 PM EST!

I have a lot of rare items picked out of my personal collection, also have some very loved custom plush for offers. There are tons of things to choose from, and lots of different pokemon, some items I have never seen in others collections before. Also have some rare TCG cards up for bids as well.

My sales will also be shut down soon once the auctions end, so if there are some things you want to purchase now's the time to do so :)

Just a reminder I AM willing to do payment plans on some of the auctions as well :D I am pretty flexible, just give me a PM and we can discuss!



Link: http://fernchu.livejournal.com/117612.html#cutid1

Custom Plush Auctions


Link: http://fernchu.livejournal.com/117341.html#cutid1



Link: http://fernchu.livejournal.com/117193.html#cutid1

whats with gonbe563 and possible GA

Hi there everyone!
has enybody saw gonbe563 lately?
cause i but from him a Shiny Red Gyarados Tomy and it still hasnt arrived yet and i cant contact him.
i some stuff on Y!J that some people would like to get from a GA. i know its hard to run a Ga but its a GA that could be usefull for some people on this community
so heres one of them

heres link
thanks guys!
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small wants list!

So I thought I'd get a little creative with my old Pikachu Slap game lightning bolts C:

SO, I thought the mirror would also look good with one or two Pikachu pan stickers. I'm willing to buy a couple Pika Pan's off of anyone for a good/cheap price! (saving up for the mall tour~)
I'm also lookin' for the Graveler thinkchip, he looks like this. There is a auction on eBay right now with him in it...but it's too high of a price for me ^^; I have a couple more wants too...any kids of: Growlithe, Zorua, Zoroark, Shinx, Luxio. Oh yeah! I saw a post on here not too long ago with the next set of kids that contained Choroneko, can someone tell me when they are supposed to be released? :3
I've lowered prices in my sales post (still taking offers on some rare stuff as well!) Sorry about all the talk, not much to show XD
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(no subject)

  Hi people! Ive got a quick sales post, with some neat things like Pokemon Center charms, ANA pins, large lugia figure, and plenty more!
I've been here years, and still dont do fancy sales banners - I'll stick with the old school!

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Weeding Sales

EDIT: 2/12/11: THIS SALES POST IS CLOSED! All unsold stock is gone!

So I just paid for my grail... YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT FFFFFFFFF. It exists. I will own it soon... hopefully... the seller is a little hard to communicate with. ^_^;

Anyways IN THE MEANTIME, I am about to move, I bought this awesome thingy, I have too much stuff etc so I am doing some collection weeding!
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TO ORDER: Comment with the item(s) you want and your shipping location :D I'll get back to you with a total asap.

(no subject)

 Hello! :D

Since its been some time that I last posted a collection picture up here and since its grown considerably since i've been more active...I do believe its collection picture time! :D

I recently got my financial aid check so I have A LOT of cash burning a hole in my pocket. So I'm debating on getting the giant Zorua namco plush, but since Ive never used y!j or a deputy service for that matter Im kinda nervous about that... So! Basically if you have anything on this list tell me your prices :)

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