January 26th, 2011

Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Best Wishes Group Buys - Payment Two

Hey guys! To all those who took part in the two sets, they've both came in!
So its time for the second and final payment!

Set One Claims:
Zekrom: neonr0se -
Reshiram: agkelikos -
Starters: lovedbyahero - PAID
Munna/Musharna: __sasami__ -
Minezumi/Miruhog: tissuepaperpet - PAID

Set Two Claims

Zekrom: techno4tomcats - PAID
Reshiram: celebii - NOTE: the zukan capsule is broken but the figure seems to be okay. It will be wrapped in bubble wrap
Starters: joltzapvire - PAID
Munna/Musharna: piratea  -
Minezumi/Miruhog: misterdeluxe 

All payments to dreamingofhope[@]yahoo[.]co[.]uk. If you are in the UK, send $2.50 or if you are outside of UK, send $3.50.
I am going to the post office tomorrow so the quicker you pay, the quicker your items will be shipped.
Feel free to ask the condition of your item (although I have no camera so I can't take pics yet :S)

I still have a Zekrom zukan that is unclaimed. He will be $13.18 inside UK or $14.36 outside UK (includes 1st and 2nd payments as well as fees)

Sales plug:

Cally: Hiss grrr

News: Huge BW Merchandise Influx

In addition to the awesome 1:1 Emolga and Minccino news, a plethora of information has surfaced on Amazon and other stores pertaining to new plush and figures coming out in the next few months which may be of interest to a number of people. denkimouse is a saint and dug up all of these dates and line ups for us:

Tomy Battle Action Pokecon (Remote Control) Figures*
25th April Release
● Reshiram, Zekrom

Tomy Battle 'Here and There' Pokecon (Remote Control) Figures*
25th April Release
● Pikachu, Oshawott.

Tomy Plush
25th May Release
● Shimama/Blitzle, Baoppu/Pansear, Hiyappu/Panpour, Kumashun/Cubchoo.

Monster Collection
25th May Release
● Emonga/Emolga, Kurimugan/Druddigon, Hihidaruma/Darmantian, Doryūzu/Excadrill, Hiyappu/Panpour, Baoppu/Pansear.

Tomy Full Puppet
30th June Release
● Victini.

* These should be remote control, going by the descriptions and the fact they need batteries. Related items include rajicon items, which are also remote controlled figures. Pokecon is a new line, however.

In addition to this news, Kats from AAPF has posted an image from World Hobby Fair, featuring the March round of Banpresto plush. Included are favourites like Desumasu/Yamask, and Koromori/Woobat in the Korottomanmaru line, and more keychain plush (that aren't MPC, haha.)


Discuss! Enjoy! Gleegasm! Lots of merch for BW is starting to come out, and we'll try to let you all know about it as it comes. Please excuse the dual naming on a lot of 'mons here, a lot of people are used to the JP names, and the English names are still new and/or not 100% confirmed.
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Hello everyone ^^ I'm new and I'm looking for a few things

Hello everyone!! I'm new to live journal (well I had an account a few years ago to join the Pirates of the Caribbean communities, but I haven't been on in years. So I made a new account.

A little about myself. My name is Susan. I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since the original Red/Blue came out when I was 7. I've been collecting Pokemon merchandise, playing the games, and watching the anime ever since.

Here's a link to my entire Pokemon collection, I have it uploaded on facebook, but you don't need to be a member of facebook to view it.


Anyways, I've been meaning to join this community for a while now. A fellow cosplayer friend told me about it, so I checked it out.

I've been having very bad luck on Ebay lately, so I decided to broaden my horizons and try my luck elsewhere.

I have a very specific quest right now. I'm looking for one of those Charmander Pillow plushes. Here's an image of one from Google images Bought one ^^

I'm also looking for one of these for my best friend

If anyone has these and are willing to sell, let me know your price. Thank you very much!

I guess I should also mention that Raikou is my all time favourite Pokemon and I would like to collect more merchandise of him. I'm just throwing it out there, although I think it is unlikely that I'll ever find one-my dream Raikou is the large on from Pokemon Center NY.  My other likely impossible dream Raikou is the shiny Pokemon center Raikou. Other Raikou items that I wish for are the 10" Raikou plush, Raikou charms, figures,  cards, anything really. ^^

I'll be around here often! I look forward to getting to know the community and maybe even finding my dream items.


-Susan (Toukoxn)
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Hey everyone!

I decided to join livejournal and this group today, because I've lurked here for a little while and of course, because I'm a huge Pokémon fan!
So hi, I'm laura, 18 years old, from the Netherlands.

At the moment I collect pretty much everything Pokémon-related that comes my way, but because my collection is becoming rather big, I've decided to focus on just a few Pokémon. So joining this group is also a perfect way for me to sell parts of my collection.

At the moment I mostly collect Entei merch and Totodile merch.

Well, that's all for now. I will probably put up a few collection pictures soon, when I have the time!

<3 Sparky
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Grail get!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah I finally got it!

I wasn't even sure it existed and now I got it :D

Thank you shiningmew for finding it for me! :D (I don't know how to link LJ names :X)

It put a significant dent in my savings but ffff this is no time for regrets!

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Detailed feet! No cardboard inserts!

Flaming Butts update

You read that right.
ONTO THE CROTCHFLUFFS. And some dog things.

Oh yeah, and all of these were taken with a Droid2, so some of them may be blurrier than most. My actual camera takes awful macro shots.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Let me make mention that most of my Reshirams wouldn't be possible without tamago226 ! ;_; She's been very generous in helping with my Reshiram collecting, and I'm expecting another large haul from her sometime soon, so go give her hugs and Mijus!
Wooper // In Pokecup

Pokedolls up for Offers, TCG Cards and more!

This time I come baring wares! (Thank you everyone who helped out on my last post! I'm still not done replying to all the comments yet haha!)

I have a few Pokedolls that I don't need that I'm willing to take offers on!:

(click image for larger size!)
(1)x Lucario, (1)x Dialga, (1)x Arceus, (2)x Suicune, (2)x Raikou, (1)x Entei.
(I'm tempted to keep the Dialga and a Raikou for myself, but we'll see how well offers go! I may be willing to part with them!)

Condition: Brand New, complete with all tags. Official Pokemon Center Merchandise, 2010 edition.
Minky? (Unconfirmed? I'm having some difficulty identifying if they are or not. I've included close-up shots included under the cut! I'm pretty sure Arceus, Suicune, Raikou and Entei are Minky, but the Lucario might be Velboa? I'm not sure what the Dialga is either, it's kind of... shiny/glossy and smoother? Please let me know if I'm mistaken! Any help on this would be very appreciated!).

Collapse )

If anyone has any questions or would like more photos, feel free to ask!
I would like to start taking offers starting at $20 USD.
(But please let me know if that doesn't sound reasonable or fair; I may be open to haggling.)

I'll take continue to take offers until..
Friday (Jan. 28) at 5 PM (EST).
That should be plenty of time. :)
(Here's a convenient countdown page for you!)

Collapse )

I am very friendly and open to questions and negotiations!
If you have any issues or have special requests (ie: payment method, payment time frame), feel free to ask! We may be able to work something out!
Regarding Trades: I may be willing to take trades/partial trades if you have something I'm interested in!
I will definitely take trades for a Wooper Pokedoll(!!)! I'm also interested in Jolteon Canvas Plush (I'll combine multiple pokedolls for one?) and certain Mew Plush(es). I will also consider: Espeon, Leafeon, Cyndaquil Pokedoll (Minky only), Magikarp, Red Gyarados Pokedolls/Plush. You can find more of my "Wants"/merch interests posted here!

Well, that was a mouthful!
Before I go-- take a look at what I've been doing all evening/night!

55 photographs (that's over 120+ cards, not including multiples!) down and still a couple decks to go!
These are some of the old TCG cards I have left over from when I collected them in the '90s/early 2000's! I have some Holos, Rares, Commons, Uncommons, and a bunch of "1st Edition" cards-- all in varied condition.
I still have a couple of elemental decks to go through, but these are definitely on sale!
If you'd like to take a look through what I have so far, I've set up a gallery here!---> http://pics.livejournal.com/dinictis/gallery/0001eww9?.view=grid

If anything catches your eye, please feel free inquire or make an offer!
(I'll let you know the condition of the specific card in question-- please link me to a photo of the card you're interested in! If you need more photos, I can happily provide those for you!)

I'll be happy to take trades for the cards too!
I'm not an avid TCG card collector anymore (I might be willing to take: Mew, Wooper, Jolteon, Espeon, Quilava, Cyndaquil, other Eevolution cards cards), but I'm much more down for other Flat Merch and even Customs/Fanart Merch if any artists here want to offer something! :)

I really don't need these anymore and everything must go! I'm sure you guys here would appreciate them more than I can.
I would be happy to cut you a deal/haggle/trade/etc, just make me an offer!

I'll update with another post again later when I have everything photographed and uploaded!

and a few last miscellaneous things:

Old Squirtle Keychain, Mew Keychain (from those pop-out-of-Pokeball keychains; Pokeball base not included), Jigglypuff Top, 2 Opened Mew Power Bounce Balls.
These are old and have some scrapes/paint wear (please feel free to inquire about details and extra photos!). I'll probably let these go for anything or even as freebies with other purchases if no one else wants them. Make an offer!

(post script - May I ask how the other sellers here calculate their shipping quotes? In the past I walked to my local Post Office to ask, but do any of you use an online calculator for fees and quotes? That would probably be more time-efficient. Let me know if you have any good site suggestions for this?)
I think swtlilangel666 got this covered! Pardon my brain relapses, haha. Thank you!
Strutting with pride

New collection wants... Because I just can't resist any longer.

So I've been out of commission for over three months now, go figure. Work has been a beast but I'm back and ready to collect... yet another Pokémon!



Yes folks, this adorable rock/tree/baby/ADORABLENESS Pokémon is what I'm going to start to collect I believe. I was just curious as to how much merch there is for this little guy and how rare it is to find. :D

If you'd like, drop me a comment if you have Bonsly merch that you'd like to sell. As of right now... well, I don't have anything!

On another note, here is a sales dump. I've got loads of Eeveelution cards, holos and more, not to mention Zorua plushes, two Gizamimi plushes and a few other odds and ends I'm so ready to get rid of. Check it out! Trades are open now because of my new love for Bonsly~ I also collect Persian/Meowth, Delcatty/Skitty, Chingling/Chimecho, Oddish, and Glameow/Purugly. :3

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!


EDIT: I'll have to head to bed here soon. I work nights so my days are usually full of sleep. I'll be on in a few hours to answer your comments so don't think I forgot you. ;D
Jessie Grace

FINAL AUCTION REMINDER! Cheap Zukans and Pikachu&Pecha Berry!

This Auction End TODAY at 12.30pm EST
Wednesday 26th In Sydney, Australia)

So get your last bids in nowwwww!!!!!


i will be posting the payments post this arvo or tomorrow :) 

Items Condition - These were bought in a lot but almost all of them are glued to there bases and some are stained if you have any questions please ask below!
as for the pikachu is in excellent condition and from my own personal collection well looked after.

Bidding Increments of $1 thankyou!


Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day!

Let's do a photo meme! Celebrate by posting a photo of your most poisonous, vicious, deadly-looking Pokemon toys. Spiders, jellyfish, crocs, gators, carnivorous plants, and other horrible bugs, predators and venomous beasts especially welcome!

(but keep rabbits out of it).

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Rare collection update!

Hi, for those of you who might have been wondering (so probably nobody :P) I haven't fallen off the face of the internet. While its true due to changing living situations and other misc. finances I had sadly put my collection on hold for a while and even sell off many of my extras, a recent discovery combined with some generous holiday cash has allowed me to make this wonderful, rare addition to my collection! What, you may ask? Why, one of the original Monster Collection sets, of course! (Specifically one based on the Pichu bros. movie short)

Collapse )

Dec Pre-Order Total and Other Items

The last of Dec Banpresto prizes are here and will be shipped out next week.  The pre-order totals are calculated and listed below.  Munna is only a 4" plush, so I am applying discount on her. ^_^

If there are any mistakes in the list below, or we had discussed other arrangements regarding the pre-order, please let me know. XD


 Giant Chibi6" Plush Total 
CharacterPokabuZekromMunnaYannapu US  CAN  EU/OZ 
US Shipped40.0020.0017.0020.00
EU/OZ Adder7.
ambertdd  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
azureyoshi  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
bellyofthewolf  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
berugii   x  $ 17.00 $ 18.50 $ 20.00
crasherwake x  x $ 59.00 $ 63.50 $ 68.00
dionashi x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
eternal_rena  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
geogirl15 x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
joltzapvire  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
koolhk x  x $ 59.00 $ 63.50 $ 68.00
k1yuu  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
lovedbyahero x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
mamoswine    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
mana_mihara   x  $ 17.00 $ 18.50 $ 20.00
netbug009    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
no_pizzazz xx   $ 59.00 $ 63.50 $ 68.00
okapifeathers  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
orangecorgi x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
pika_lex x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
pumpki3 x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
shaggy_griffon  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
sodapopninja  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
sorcererhuntres  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
spinnigold    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
stymphalid    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
thiefkai  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
tissuepaperpet    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
ubersaur   x  $ 17.00 $ 18.50 $ 20.00
faiarrow  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
waruihikari x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
yelsha42  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
yurusumaji x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00

Arrived in the same shipment, here are other Dec and Jan Banpresto prizes available for claim.  They can be claimed individually or combined with the pre-orders.




Super DX Chibi Sparkling Plush ~ Snivy and Oshawott are $30 each shipped to US address (+$3 to CAN, +$6 to EU/OZ).

5.5" (average) Chibi Plush.  Each plush is $20 shipped to US address (+1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

3" Ball-chain strap hang plush are $11 each shipped to US address (+1.00 for CAN/EU/OZ).  Mijumaru is the same design for both releases, so please specify which release when requesting. ^_^;;

Keychains are $9 each shipped to US address (+$1.00 for CAN/EU/OZ).

Takara Tomy Arts Posable Vinyl Figures.  They are between the size of a TOMY MC and a TOMY SOFUBI.  Each one is $12 shipped to US address (+$1 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

For paypal info and shipping rules, please drop by the out-of-date sales page. >_<

I will post more info on the following sets this weekend.

Takara Tomy goodies are all here as well.  I will post info on Minccino and Pansage plush, as well as Tomy MC figures for 2nd stage evolution of the starters. =)

Thanks all. ^_^
I&#39;m the doctor (montage)

Looking for reshiram, zekrom, and unova starter figures!

I'm looking to get some for my birthday cake this year XD so if you have any kids zukans tomys or any figures of reshiram zekrom or the new starters for sale, show em to me! :) Also i might be interested in doing a zukan, kids, or clipping figure group buy to get them XD


EDIT: Has everyone else received their sukui dolls? I haven't got mine yet /: i'm wondering because if they got lost of delivered to the wrong people i need to talk to my mailman...
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rill pd

New Additions and Some Questions!

 Hello collectors! It's time for another post. ^_^ I had a couple questions I wanted to pose to the community and see if I could get some awesome answers.

-How do you display your plushies? I'm actually moving this weekend to a new house, and my current plushie display is not going to work where I'm moving to. I originally had a lot of colorful crates filled with plush, but my mother insists on making the room coordinate. >_> She mentioned wicker baskets or something like that. Any other suggestions? (Keep in mind I have like 40-50 plushies right now!)

-For custom plush artists: do you know of any good tutorials online that guide you through the process of creating your own plushie? I have a ton of leftover fleece and other material from blankets/scarves I used to make. I'm kinda nervous about just jumping in without knowing some basics, but I just can't seem to find a decent tutorial. 

Now that the boring stuff is over, here are some new additions to my Marill collection! Most of my stuff is already packed up to move... here are the things that just arrived in time to stay out of the other boxes. =P

Collapse )

And that's it! I hope you like the stuff- I'll make sure to post an epic collection update when I get all settled in my new house! There are so many other items I didn't get to take pictures of cause they're all packed up! D= 

Oh, and while I'm at it (since I don't post much), does anyone have Arceus UFO plush for sale? Still trying to collect them all! Very very interested in poison/ghost/water/ice. ^_^ Oh, and Marill family kids- Azurill/Azumarill/clear Marills are at the top of the search list. Thanks again, everybody!
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Pins up for offer + collection weeding time!

I'm doing a big clean-up of my entire collection space and shop (which is currently under renovation.. stupid "missing" Photobucket links!), and I have some items up for offer:

Collapse )

I will also be weeding out parts of my Slowpoke line collection, including some cute customs, postcards, a Slowking chopstick rest, figures, flats, and more! If you buy multiples, I will be more than happy to combine shipping for you, or even give you a deal if you are buying more than just a few items. :)

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Just another offers post!

See this whale up there? Bottom right corner?
Yup, taking offers on that little fellow. He has both tags and is in great condition! i've not had him long and really love this cutey but I'm in need of wottercorn/karp funds D:

-Sales permission from dakajojo!
-Shipping is from the UK to anywhere in the world
-This is an offers post not an auction
-Karp dolls are a want, hint!
I think that's all! ^^

Packages mailed, site update, and items for sale!

Hi everyone! Got a bit of a multipurpose post for you today!

First up, I made some major additions and updates to my collection site, Dialga FTW! I added about 20 new Dialga items (mostly flats), updated the Jolteon page, and added a brand new Salamence page! My Jolteon page is still missing most of the TCG since I can't find the binder that they're in, but just about everything else is listed there.

Here is the Jolteon page:
Here's the Salamence page:
And here's the main page for Dialga:

Be sure to hard refresh (Ctrl + R) on any new pages to see the most current version! The newly updated ones have a last updated date on them now, but ones I didn't add to (like Figures) do not yet.

Next, I mailed packages out today for quite a few people who bought from my sales post:
Collapse )
furrettails, I am still waiting on payment from you, though! Please send it so I can get your goods sent out.

And last but not least, I have something to offer up for sale before my next big sales update - foam cutouts!

Here is the Dialga one I just added to my collection - check under the cut for more of them (including another Dialga!)

Dialga Foam Decoration

Collapse )
  • liewqi

Introduction Post

Hi everyone!

I've been lurking here for a few weeks now. My nickname's Lucky (cause no one can pronounce my real name) and my friends think I'm too old for pokemon but I've been a fan since elementary school when I watched the anime with my mum and brother and I'm on the waiting list to get the English version of Pokemon Black this March.

Since I'm away in college right now I've been debating whether I should go full out with collecting or just pick up stuff that I like (which is what I have been doing). Plus I can't accumulate too much stuff because I'm doing college in USA (but I'm from Singapore), and I don't have that much $$$.

I do love mudkipz though. I recently bought a Banpresto Mudkip plush from someone on here and hopefully it's on its way =)
I also have a Pokemon Center walky Totodile, some unknown brand Tepig and Turtwig plush keychains hanging from my backpack, a shiny Gyarados metal charm on my keyring. At home I've got an ancient Togepi which squeaks and talks when I pat its head <3 and a huge Snorlax plush/pillow. It's a very random collection, and all over the place.

Since I got a slight pay raise this year, I'm really tempted to add on to my collection and collect specific pokemon! My absolute favorites are Mudkip, Totodile (can't resist this cute guy in the anime), Beedrill (my honors thesis is on bees, though I'm not very interested about Combee/Vespiquen), Spinarak/Ariados (I collect spiders in real life!). I also like Wooper, Ledyba/Ledian and Snorlax.

(edit) I know I'm slow with Gen 5 Pokemon but roxiexcore has introduced me to Bachuru and Denchura which look absolutely cool and adorable... I'm so gonna look for their merch after this. (/edit)

I like soft things, so If anyone has any plush (I'm not picky at all whether new/tags or no tags) of these Pokemon, do let me know! I'm open to collecting anything that catches my eye actually, including figures and flats. Thanks!
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confused kotone

Quick Sales and Offers

As much as it pains for me to do this I need space and money for college at the moment so I'm selling off my very small Smugleaf collection for money for a possible school trip to Istanbul and Athens this summer. :D

Both of these plush are MWT (I can take pictures if you really want me to).

6in PokeCen plush will be a straight sale of $25
and the 1:1 (60 cm) PokeCen plush will be up for offers. I'd like offers around $216 (which is what I paid for it).

I'll be accepting offers on it until I'm happy with them/they die down. I also am willing to take payment plans as long as you talk to me about it first. :)

In other news I mailed out everything but 3 orders and you know who you are. They'll be going out not this weekend, but next because I will be attending Ohayocon.
Ginga Gin
  • tyto

♥ My Pokemon Collection ♥


I posted here just a second ago, but as I was editing the screening options on comments (I didn't want them screened x_x)

My cat (Umbre) jumped up and it was all deleted ;A; Sorry for those three that posted a comment!!


I've been lurking here for a bit, and since I'm participating in GA I thought I mine as well let you all know who I am :>

My name is Dana, I'm 22, and I just finished EMT school. This is my collection :D (IM AN ADULT >O)

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Hi there! and help? o:

I discovered this community and I really like it so I decided to join. My name is Mar and i'm 17 years old. I hope to get along well with everyone! It shouldn't be hard since we're all pokemon fans. xD I'm a Leafeon collector and I was wondering if anyone knows where to get the Leafeon Chuppa figure or Leafeon DS case or if anyone is selling either of those.
Ema: a smile like sunshine

A few interesting Y!J finds

  • aleyina

New eeveelution jakks found!


Auctions galore!

For the people who haven't received packages from me, I'm sorry. The second round will be sent out tomorrow. As many may know, college post offices have about a 4 hour wait throughout the begining of the semester, but things have appeared to calm down! So tomorrow I will go and mail the rest of what I owe :3 thanks for everyone's patience!

If you'd like progress on how your plush is going, the plush progress entry in my journal is decently up to date. Everything has been started and now I'm getting to finishing things.

And now for my January customs post, I bring you a bellplush auction! Last night was a hang out and sew night and we taught a friend to sew while making our own bellplush! So we are auctioning off our results!

Auction is here (and better pics): http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/616194.html

Also, it's time for my annual mint with tags pokedoll plush auction! Last time I made an OC reshiram and it was extremely successful. I hope that this auction will experiance the same amount of success!

check for more examples on our journal and DA pages!

AUCTION IS HERE: http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/616649.html?view=1218505#t1218505


Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

Possible Kids GA's? :)

Okay,  so I have a few GA ideas (all of which I'm willing to co-host, I don't have sales permission and would have to find someone to do bidding/shipping--but I'm good with threads and spreadsheets. :) ) 

If anyone is already bidding/planning to bid on any of these, I'll take down the pictures immediately--this is just for wondering if anyone has any interest for more of a group thing. ^^;

GA 1:

GA 2: (Oh em gee that Misty. *_* <3)
Someone offered to help me out with this one! :D

If anyone is interested in co-hosting, please pm me or just reply to this post. :)
  • rainyan

Introducing: A Raichu collector!

Hello there!

I've been hanging around for like a month now, but I've been too lazy to introduce myself... Maybe I thought it wouldn't matter much since nobody knew me anyway, but now that I've been running around like crazy buying stuff, I thought it might be appropriate to tell you who I am.

So, the name is Laura, 18 years old, from Finland. (Yes, it's really cold here right now, and no, we don't have polar bears.)
I've been a Pokemon fan ever since they came to Finland, I was 7 back then. Now I'm both a TCG player and a collector, and a TCG league leader at that! (Which means that if you need old league scorecards or badges for your collections, I might be able to help you! :3 ...when I get my sales permission, that is.)

My main collection is, of course, Raichu. <3
My other favorites/side collections: Mew, Furret, Eeveelutions, Ampharos... Lot's of cute little things. (Why oh why have I fallen for the things that are popular and therefore hard to get...)
I also will be buying lots of Sudowoodo and Hoothoot lines stuff for my boyfriend and for example Swampert line, Celebi, Rayquaza etc. for my friends.

Would you like to get a little tour around my room to see what I have? :3 (I hope it's not too long and image heavy...)

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