January 27th, 2011

Quick Draw!

Offers and Sales

Hello Everyone~
All those who have recently bought anything from me, know I will be shipping them out Friday (tomorrow)

And again all those who things have already been shipped
PLEASE tell me if you have received the item I sent you. 

Click banner for sales~!

In my sales post I had some Best Offers items going on,
but to make it more simple and easier to figure out
I am moving them to this post.

I will also be adding new items to my sales within the next day or two
so remember to come back and check it out often!

Click Cut for items~

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Jasmine & Steelix

Pricing/interest question and a meme!

Hello everyone!

Several weeks ago, I bid on a card lot on Y!J. This buy was somewhat impulsive, and I'm kicking myself for not waiting another 10 minutes, as I found a set of Gym Leader decks I desperately wanted for an older card collection I'm trying to complete.
Anyway, now I have a sealed set of English Base 2 theme decks on the way. Four different decks (Grass Chopper, Hot Water, Lightning Bug, Psych Out), and two of each. I was thinking of saving one of each deck for myself, and selling the other four. Now, the question is (and this is purely curiosity-based, as I have not yet applied for sales permission)...
Would you be interested in one of these MIB/sealed decks, and if so, how much would you pay?
If not, would you be able to tell me, if you can, how much these decks sold for when they were still available in stores? I was unable to buy cards for myself due to financial situations when I was a kid, so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this type of thing. ^^;

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Finally, a card-related meme!
Of all the different artists over the years, who drew your favorite card, and which one was it?
I am personally a fan of the original Sugimori art, but have come to love some of the newer cards as well, especially some of the new Prime cards that just seem to pop right out of their frames!
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Hey all. I was wondering if anyone is selling the Jigglypuff kid with microphone! I am trying to get it for a reasonable price, as I am pretty lacking in funds. I know it's in some GAs right now, but I'm having a rotten time with that, I don't think I'm gonna win. >_> Ha.

I suppose if you have other Jigglypuff things I might like to at least take a look at 'em!

Sorry I don't have anything exciting to show you....my collection hasn't grown since I last posted it.
Awesome Scizor

Meme-ish questions: Settei help!

 Hello my lovelies! :D 

I recently took the dive into serious pokemon collecting when I purchased my first Settei! I love it, its especially useful for artistic referencing and just to ogle over. So pretty!

I  have some-what of a curse when it comes to keeping paper minty fresh...with me, you see it never happens. I always manage to somehow to rip, wrinkle, bend, fold, write on, and expose to UV rays. ;_; No matter how hard I try to keep paper nice...it simply is a division by zero (lol horrible math pun).

So, I want to keep this settei looking pristine! I went to the good 'ol dollar store, bought a 8.5 x 11 inch (regular printing paper) document frame and rushed home to find...that the settei doesn't fit. BC

So what I want to ask you guys: how do you store your settei? Are all settei different measurements?
Did you ever a have to....cut your settei to fit?! (gasp)

All advice is greatly appreciated! <3
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Hey everyone.

So the Lucario get never got me back into Pokemon, and I'm still not really into it.
But I'm starting to feel it coming back a bit.... I took a very LOOONG Pokemon break -_-;;
Y'know what I mean?? I must've had an overdose before that. I don't actually remember. I'm guessing though.

So you remember how I said I was doing sales for little custom thingies eventually? Well, I'm sorry tho let you all down,
but that idea kinda burned crashed and died. But I'm  WILL take pics of all the ones you guys wanted to see :). So enjoying my sweet time with my current obsession, Scott Pilgrim. Because before I know it, Pokemon is gonna come back and slap me in the face again when
Black & White comes out. So yeah.

But I might be back tomorrow to take pictures of those little Pokemon. Oh yeah. The reason I'm not selling is 'cause NO ONE would give me permission. Soooo... That plan died D:

Also........... Does anyone have THIS figure for sale at a decent price shipped?

Thanks guys! Bye! :D

(no subject)

Hey, This is my first time posting here.
I am hunting around for this Plush:

If anyone is willing to part with this little Natu plush leave me a message here or e-mail me here: Madam.Manuela@gmail.com
I am also willing to look at other Natu things,  I have to admit I have fallen in love with this pokemon haha
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Is there anything can be done with the lost mail?

Hi, good afternoon community. I have a super fast question just as described in the subject. I bought an item from a member here from the U.K. over 2 months ago but the package yet arrived. About a week ago I sold an item out of community by 1st class mail to a member here living in the U.S., and the mail has not been received either. Both were without insurance or tracking number. Is there anything I can do as a buyer and a seller? I contacted the seller and totally understand there is really nothing she can deal with an uninsured item out of hands. Weird the same thing happened to me as a seller. How do you resolve the problems in these two cases? Please let me know. I really appreciate your help.
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Lots of Stuff!!! ( and shipping prices!!!)

Hey everyone! I've been really busy lately, but I did get everyone's orders back in December shipped out!

And here's a picture of all the mail along with Mesmer, lookin' awesome.

Hopefully everyone has received their items! And I'll be getting back to all the feedback messages and comment, promise! I've just been VERY busy.

Also, captkirby...I GOT THE GIRAFARIG! He's so beautiful~ Thanks so much for him!!! I'm so glad he got to me!!! Which btw...if anyone wants to sell anything Girafarig related...please let me know!


Oh yeah, does anyone have the Girafarig TCG figure, and are willing to sell it? I've been searching for one ;_;

Okay and last but not least... I have three of the bead sprites ready to ship!

Once shipping is paid for, I'll be sending them out :) They turned out quite nicely!

lickskillet= $3
lumpyspaceking= $1.50
astromanticist= $1.50

But zenity and hizumis_crotch...you never paid...are you still interested...?

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend :)



Mollylivesanddies--by me

(no subject)

So yeah yeah Seattle meetup etc

WHO'S GOING TO CHIBICHIBICON? It's Feb 19th at Evergreen College in Olympia, WA, and it's ~FREE~!. I'm once again taking blackjacksales on the road and I want to see some comm members there! Especially those I'll meet at the BW event!

So, anyone going?

Gym Leader Pins

Hey Everyone! I have two of the 8 gym leader set pins with leader and badge and their Pokemon! I have Sabrina and Koga! While I absolutely LOVE them I truly am LOOKING for and WANTING The Tamamushi City set or know as ERIKAS set! As you all know I love Vileplume and she is in the set! Now I am willing to TRADE either one of these or buy the Rainbow Badge set. SO if you are interested or know someone who is let me know!! Take care all!.

estimated worth of music box and details

Hey everyone, how are you doing? I have had this music box for awhile and I think it's great. It's the scene from the 3rd pokemon episode (I may be wrong xp) of caterpie and pikachu. It's deff one of my favorite scenes of all time. I just wanted to know if any of you can give me details about this and maybe a price range? I wasn't planning on selling but was just curious. The music box spins around and plays a really pretty song. Still in great shape despite pikachus tail being on the verge of falling off lol. In anycase, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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Looking for 'zards and 'gatrs

Good afternoon community! I've been on the hunt for charizards and feraligatrs. Lately my collection has slowed since i can be a little picky, but basically at this point i will take anything i dont have of the two big beasts. So please, if you have any feraligatrs or charizards to part with please let me know! 

Also: Just wondering if i still owe anyone any money. I think i got all of my payments out, but i may have lost a few haha.

Even more figure sales!

Hi everyone! I figured I may as well post up another figure sales post while waiting for my copy of Isolation Play ^_^

This time it's in-case figures, mini models (those solid color rubber 151 figures), Chou Get, and more!

The post can be found here!

You can combine shipping with my other sales posts (including last week's figure sale) but this is the only one with new items right now.

Thanks all!
yossie! :D
  • zeldana

Hi all!

Hi guys. :D I've just recently gotten back into the newer TCG sets (I have about 10 years' worth of catching up to do... x_x) and playing the Japanese version of Pokemon Black has rekindled my interest in the games themselves. My collection right now is super tiny but I hope to expand it a bit in the coming weeks. X)

Favorite guys include Wooper and anything mushroom related. I've been collecting Mario merchandise for years and mushrooms are a staple in those games, so my mushroom collection has expanded exponentially over time... as mushrooms are wont to do. :'D I'm definitely looking forward to any Foongus Amoonguss (lol) merch.

Also, Chatot. aofjdnsalcxwoenpz birds, I love them, especially ones with little music notes for heads. ;~;

Anyway, my collection, and a question!

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If there's anything I should change about posting (or if I need to add any other tags), please let me know! Thanks everyone - nice to meet you all!


 Hey guys!  I was going to wait to do this until everything I've been looking forward to is here, but from what I've heard about the postal system lately, that won't happen for a while.  I've got new stuff. :B

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And it's meme time again!

Show me your tiniest plush!  Mudkip seems to have a lot of teeny tiny plush.  All of these guys are under 4" tall!

And last of all, wants.  I'd be super happy if you guys were to show me any Mudkip plush or figures that you're looking to sell.  I do have more specific wants, which are HERE, if that helps.  Thank you to everyone who's helped my collection grow!


pkmncollectors anniversary, too many words, and a contest entry!

Last week marked my third anniversary as a member of pkmncollectors! A lot has happened during that time: new collections formed, new friends made, and many, many, many Meowths caught. I've learned and gained great deal through this community, and glad to be a part of it! To celebrate, I have blinged out my LJ with new userpics and an appropriate new userhead.

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In keeping with reintegration with the community, I submit an entry into zenity's diorama contest:

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Everyone, get Pokémon!
lamento - rai + konoe

(no subject)

Hello, everyone! I was browsing Y!J when I came across this fellow, and I have no idea what he is. He's not listed on the PokePlushProject, and with what little information the seller is giving, I can't find any information about him online. Can someone please help me out? I'm dying to know!

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edit: Looks like he's a different version of the Banpresto DX UFO... Thank you chibichimp for clearing it up! <3
  • kyraiee

Wondering value and interest in Johto Charms

Heya I'm trying to somehow get some money for the new 3DS (and the announced Pokemon Black dsi coming to the UK) and I just got granted sales permission. I've sold on Ebay before but I'm a bit new to shipping outside of it (cheapest ways etc)I ship from the UK ^^

Anyway I was wondering what these charms are currently worth..

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Help! - Hot Gimmick

On the prowl!

 Sup guys~! I've missed pokemon collectors so much and I am finally getting a job.

WHICH MEANS... purchasing!

Now, my boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while and he's just as into pokemon as I am. His favorite pokemon are: Charizard, Heracross and Mantyke.

I've given him a Mantyke figure that he has right next to his bed (aww <3) but I wanted to get him something else. I was wondering what great plushies there are for these pokemon!

I plan on getting him a Charizard pokedoll, but he's really interested in a not-bad-looking Heracross plush and a cute Mantyke plushie~! Is there a large one anywhere that looks nice? Or, does anyone collect these pokemon whose collection pictures I could view? (:

I don't think there's anything that I want so far -- EXCEPT FOR THE SUPER CUTE NEW B/W POKEMON SODGIJSODIGJOSDG. What's your favorite!? I'm warming up to nearly all of them! ;_____;

Oh! I do have a question, just a quick one~ What is the best Pokabu plushie? (I do not like his english name >:V ) I've fallen head-over-heels for the little oinkster. (:

Thanks in advance to everyone!!
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

GA Time! :)

Yay, so me and karoia are hosting this GA of wonder. :3

Karoia's going to be handling all the bidding/shipping and I have the spreadsheets/math/threads. :)

karoia will be claiming the Marill and clear Marill kids for $6+, and I will be claiming DX Misty and Delcatty for $15+

Bids will end on 1/30 at 8 pm PST to assure that we can get the bids in on time. :)

All regular kids & clear staryu start at 2$, clear kids & Ash start at $3.

Please only bid if you are serious about buying--if you don't go through with the bid, negative feedback WILL be left.

Payment will have two different parts--one for shipping to the US, and the other for shipping from karoia to you. :)

Please wait until all threads are up to commence bidding.

And of course, community rules apply. So don't snipe. T_T

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions~

And... Threads are up. Have fun! :)

And... bids are closed. :D

(no subject)

Heeey, everyone! B) I come here bearing a question.
Has anyone gotten their items from poizenkat's January 13th Nintendo World run? It's been two weeks now, and I haven't seen any sign of my dolls. I got in contact with them, but they're apparently caught up with a family emergency, yet I never saw a formal post about said emergency here -- so I was wondering if I was the only one missing my new NYC babies!

And, to make this post not-so-boring, HAVE SOME CUTE BUTTS.

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Also, I'm currently awaiting my aforementioned Pokedolls, an old Blastoise plushie from a friend, and some saggin' pantslizard swagga -- after I get all that in my little hands, I'LL MAKE A HUUUUUUGE POST-CHRISTMAS COLLECTION UPDATE. Look forward to it. Here is a **SPOILER** photo of some of my post-Christmas adventures.

A snowy hunk of bacon greets you from cold Californian mountains!

Thanks for looking, guys, and I'll be posting again next week! :D Master Trainer Nira's outta here!

Just a Hello from a new member

 Hello Everyone, I'm very new to this whole Livejournal business, I'm here because i want to share my love of collecting Pokemon items. Cyndaquil is my Pokemon collection choice along with a few others. I'll be posting and commenting on anything interesting and looking to find friends in this community, If somebody could show me the ropes so to speak and if anyone is ever interested in seeing my collection i'll post it on my blog ASAP! 

Thanks =D
new eeveelutions

Still have all Mew cards for sale!!!

Hello community!!

I haven't posted in such a long time, so I'm here with a sales post again. Everything that doesn't say 'sold' on it is still available. I still have all Mew cards up for sale, so come check it out!!

Also, I have looked EVERYWHERE for those damn new eeveelutions Jakks and can't fine them. I was wondering if someone could tell me (who found them already) where they live so I can get an estimate of when they'll be available in my area.

My sales post is HERE:  http://eevee-evs-lover.livejournal.com/733.html

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