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28 January 2011 @ 12:07 am

I've decided the endless and expensive collection of Pokedolls is for me.. GUNNA TRY AN' CATCH 'EM ALL.
I don't have too many of them now, and would prefer WITH tags, but without tags is ok too as long as it is in decent condition.

And here is my current collection! I think I have a lapras surfing around the apartment somewhere too..

Don't mind Ms. Grumpy buns up there. She likes to watch me as I sleep to make sure the driftloon don't try and float off with me.

The only pokedolls I DO NOT want are the kiosk ones. I just dislike their tags so much, that it puts me off from them. >_<

Ok, I decided it depends on the pokedoll. If you have new Seattle dolls, let me know!
28 January 2011 @ 12:11 am
I have a couple of pokedolls to sell... both of which are adorable squintycats, and one of which is so totally discounted!


These kitties are from Nintendo World in NYC, and straight up for sale!
I'd like $19 for Snorlax, and $11 for Skitty. Why is Skitty so cheap? Well, when I got her home from Nintendo World I noticed a rather tragic oversight on my part:


The poor thing has no hang tag! Something that both I and the cashier missed, I guess. I'd just like to break even with her, so she's going for cheap. Someone give her a home! Besides the missing tag, Skitty is completely mint and untouched!
Skitty has been sold!

Snorlax is mint with tags and still needs a home!

For shipping price, just give me your zip or country and I'll give you a price!

I was considering doing another pokedoll run to Nintendo World, but the market for pokedoll runs has gotten a bit crowded since my heyday and it's becoming a little more trouble than it's worth. I heard that recently they got some more Dialga and Darkrai in stock though, so maybe I'll pick up a couple next time I stop by. I still do pickups by request, so if you're interested comment here and let me know!
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28 January 2011 @ 01:13 am
Just5 a quick sales post reminder! I will be shipping tomorrow, so if you order tonight, i can get it mailed this week :)

(click the picture to go to the sales)

Plus i found a few old pictures from when i used to have monthly displays! (pokemon of course)
So lets see them?Collapse )
28 January 2011 @ 01:21 am

In celebration of the Fukuoka Pokemon Center moving, the Fukuoka Pokemon Center will be selling these ADORABLE O-Matsuri plushies starting March 3rd! So cute!

Also some neat envelope cases!Collapse )
28 January 2011 @ 06:10 am

I have both sets ready so click above to be transported to the final payment page

To those who have bought from me:
my post office didn't have any custom form stickers (apparently that happens) but they said they're getting some in the morning so i'm going then. Sorry for the delay

Its 5.30am now. I am going to the post office in about 5/6 hours so anything bought/paid for will be posted then.


Finally, some quick sales including a Butterfree Pokedoll.
I've just won my grail as well as few other bits to pay for (including uni books ouch) so i've put up some pokedolls from my personal collection.
I do apologise for the bad pics, all i have is my webcam and its of such poor quality so feel free to ask questions. I do miss my iPhone.
Do feel free to haggle, I'm in a good mood :D
I am located in the UK

[do do do do sales time]Collapse )

Anything here can be combined with my regular sales
28 January 2011 @ 09:58 am
so. collection update time! at least. part of it...still waiting for things in the mail! you know how it is!!

i got a new custom lion plush -- and ended up retaking some photos of other lion plush -- oh boy!

jeez its a lion!Collapse )

i also got some roundabout shots of my few FAVOURITE black and white toys so far!!! including my updated plush wall! :D

maybe he'll be on our side!Collapse )

thanks for looking! :D

also -- i have a ZEKROM ICHIBAN KUJI PLUSH for sale -- please check him out!
Hello collectors!
I can't buy many pokemon stuff because my poorness.
However I like Share-time! XD

I need Tepig for my Osaka ipod!

Zuru Zuru Zuruggu all item list!Collapse )

And Peka's time. "Let's go to the Pokemon center Osaka together!"Collapse )
(Warning there are many photo. ) Thank you!
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28 January 2011 @ 01:05 pm
Hey All I am a collector of tauros things and I have found that there are not alot of tauros merch. On top of that the stuff that exists is all rather small or are pokemon cards. Now I have almost all of the cards and some other things but I was wondering if anyone out there had like...

The Taurous Zukan?

Or any other tauros merch that they are willing to let go of. I am eager to build the collection.
 Today i got my arrival from Noppin :)
which only took four days once it was shipped from there warehouse! im so wrapped!
and the goodies are amazingly good! managed to snag all this for about $70 thats including postage :D

Super DX Totodile (Banpresto 2009)*NWT*, Notched Ear Moving Pichu (Banpresto 2009)*Butt tag only*, Super  DX Chikorita (Banpresto 2009)*NWT*
andddddd GEN FIVE KEYRINGS! all *NWT* Zekrom, Pikachu, Pansage(Yanappu), Axew(Kibago), Reshiram

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Also just a quick collection picture :D


just a quick reminder to these people i am still looking for payments for the zukan &pikachu auction from you.
please let me know when you are going to pay? remember these are due by sunday morning :) 

spiritwolven thankyou!
sir_develon thankyou!

Thanks for looking guys!

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28 January 2011 @ 01:54 pm
I am willing to take as many slots as possible (within reason!). I'm very grateful my paypal debit card enables me to do this. However, this means that it is important to pay as promptly as possible once I've given you a total, so that I can be sure I am not picking up any extra pokedolls I will have to eat the cost of. Thank you very much~!

I have shipped all kids orders and almost all pokedoll orders from my last run~!

And don't forget, I always give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls!

Pokemon Center Kiosk run--photos and stock under the cut!Collapse )

Slots (if you contacted me ahead of time, you're already on the list):

1. rainyan (Flareon, Jolteon, Eevee, Snorlax) paid!
2. kirav199 (Pikachu, Pichu) paid!
3. zixyn (Latios, Latias) paid!
4. glaceon4444 (Cyndaquil) paid!
5. kazmalop (Charizard Tomy x2) paid!
6. fridanny (Chimchar, Piplup) one already paid!
28 January 2011 @ 02:51 pm

Burr got a Sunyshore package today. 8))))))

And it was a big one.Collapse )
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Thats right, I've decided that due to my busy schedule this month I will not be doing a January plush auction. X_X With my big move only a couple weeks away, I figured that a good ol' custom art month would be refreshing to everyone. Since I would have the time for these and wouldn't want to rush any plush and over work myself. Plus, I know there are a few who've been asking if my art illustrations were available. I will consider a February plush auction if I settle in my new home early. :> So what I have to sell are a set of BW art cards and 20, thats right, 20 commission spots for my illustration board pieces. All purchases will be going to my moving trip on Valentines Day. So I appreciate any purchases! <3
Bigger Image, Details and More Under The Cut~Collapse )
28 January 2011 @ 03:30 pm
Well well well. It's been awhile Pokemon collectors! I've been here and there lately but I'm finally settled in mostly. I have a sales post I'll need to write up at some point in the next month, but for now I wanted to offer up commission slots!

But first. I recently decided that, hey, if Harry Potter has fan conventions, Pokemon should have a fan convention. And if I have to be the one to make that happen, I will take it as my destiny. I know there will be a lot of hurdles to jump before I even get CLOSE to starting to plan this thing. So don't worry, I'm not thinking this will happen overnight. I'm doing research right now about convention running, and that'll probably be at least a year of just researching how to make something like this work.

But for now I want name suggestions. Or any other suggestions. Wynaut?! My ideas were Pocket Con or Pokecon. (Additions from comments: Catch'Em Con) So, if you were to name an awesome Pokemon convention, what would it be be called?!

ONTO COMMISSIONS SNIP SNIP. Slightly image heavy.Collapse )
That Eric Thing
28 January 2011 @ 03:36 pm
hey...remember me from the pick ups? well after this mess i decided that ill most probably not do pick ups anymore unless im completely ready to mail them asap.

some packages have been mailed, i mailed as much as were possible. the rest are at home ready to be mailed, the problem is ive been hit by a terrible family emergency x.x

im currently stuck at my grandfathers house with a very bad internet connection as well and im afraid i wont be back till around thursday. ill start mailing what i can starting with the larger orders and ill see where i get from there. hopefully it wont take too long but im sorry if it does...

so anyhow, yeah im really sorry x.x i wouldve made an announcement a while ago but i havent been able to get this to load for a while. hope i didnt bore you with the details of my life drama DX
28 January 2011 @ 04:22 pm
 Hey everyone!  How is your New Year going? :D  I've decided to sell some of my Pokedolls so I can fund my (unhealthy) obsession with Zuruggu/Scraggy.  Here are the dolls~

Larger pics and Sales info under cut!~Collapse )

Oh!  One more thing! I started a blog for my custom Pokemon tarot cards!  I actually just finished my 100th one!  You can check it out here:


Thanks and I hope you guys enjoy them!
Stephy Wolf
28 January 2011 @ 04:29 pm
Hey guys and gals:
This is my first collection update, and will be a nice re-intro post as well (I've been avoiding the community lately- You guys make me spend too much money!)
So hello! My name is Stephanie, I'm 20, I live out in Virginia, and when I first joined this group my collection was quite pathetic. Through this group (and a best friend willing to get me Pokemon for any holiday we exchange gifts at apparently) my collection has increased quite nicely in size.
I've been holding off updating until things come in the mail, but I find if I keep doing that I'll never get this done!
Ze pictures! They be bellow this cut!Collapse )
I'm really wanting to expand my Tepig collection (I NEED THAT 1/1!), always looking for new Eevee/lutions stuff, and eventually I want to collect Pokedolls of all the starters. I'm also seeing a lot of Bubla stuff I want lately... Might just give in and start collecting him soon. I also can't seem to get a jump on my kids collection either.

That's all I suppose though. Sadly everyone is about to get boxed up, I'm moving February 20th but hopefully my new apartment means a chance to get a new display of some sort (feel free to make some suggestions, anything floor level is out due to being a ferret owner).
I really do love this community.
28 January 2011 @ 04:46 pm


I got a package sometime ago, and have been meaning to have a collection update just for him but ended up becoming swamped with work between two jobs, and I have a short break from the two and wanted to show him off while I could! ;A; In that time I got plenty of other Litwick/Hitomoshi items, so here is a collection update just for my favorite gen5 baby. <333


Cut to see what I got! Warning though, big images are big!Collapse )




This is the one and only time I will put a reminder that the Pokedoll hat auction featuring Zuruggu, Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy ends tomorrow at 5:00 PM PST!!! Once they are bought, I will not make them ever again so get them now if you're the die hard collector of these four! <333

Here's the link to the auction: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8160506.html

28 January 2011 @ 04:55 pm
I have never done one of these, so I will try to be brief.
I am looking for some plush for my g/f.

She is in the process of collecting one of every species in plush form (GEN I-IV) with a sub collection of one of every pokedoll (GEN I-V).

For totals I'm using the plush project as reference and keeping tally of new pokedolls as they come out.

Presently she has 295/311 Normal plush and 126/138 Pokedolls.

Under the cut are pics of the 16 plush 12 pokedolls I am looking for.

If you are selling any, will pay $$$. I realize some are oober grails, but it never hurts to ask.

Thanks for looking.

PS she's due for a collection update this weekend if you are curious.

Cut to PicsCollapse )
If I don't ask, if I don't even try, then it's going to keep eating at me. So...

I went to Gamestop last weekend to download Shiny Entei. I stood in front of the Pokemon Black/White display while downloading him into my games and one of the employees was changing the Entei poster to put up a different poster. I asked him what they do with them, and he told me that they throw them away but that I could have it if I wanted to.

So, now I have a Shiny Entei poster. But I'm hating myself-with every fiber of my being- for not asking for the Shiny Raikou one that they had the week before. Does anyone have this? Or could you possibly ask your local Gamestops if they happen to have kept it? (It's unlikely I know, but perhaps there is a chance that they won't get rid of it until the end of the Black/White promotion (March 6th according to my Gamestop). Raikou is my all-time favourite Pokemon. I would love to have this if at all possible.

More text and a few pictures under the cut

http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8221839.htmlCollapse )
28 January 2011 @ 05:59 pm
The pikachu gb I ran is here :3

I'll be taking everyones stuff to the post office to get a price check on monday or tuesday,so if theres anything you want added tell me c:
PicturesCollapse ) Your stamps are all fine :3

meijiatron The surfing pikachu keychain is fine :3

little_ledyba your stamp is fine :3

piratea Everything is fine :3

wildorched Your stamps are fine, but I still have not received payment from you,could you give me your zip so I can get your shipping quote and add your payment on to it

pikachux everything is fine :3

rere515 your stamper is fine c:

schenzi everything is fine, except your stamps stamp light but I might not be pressing hard enough c:

lambo_chu Everything is fine c:, the pikachu stamper lights up when you stamp

aleyina your stamp is fine c:

kaze_to_isshoni all your stamps are fine c:

mana_mihara all your stamps are fine c:, but the pikachu head keychain has red marks on it

couchpotatonet everything is fine c:

and here is the extras :3
Extras for SaleCollapse )
and this is everything I kept and have received this week :3
UpdatesCollapse )
28 January 2011 @ 06:26 pm
I still remember when I got my first pan stickers. I kept staring at them, I had fallen in love. I decided I needed more, but I still don't have too many. This must change. Now.

Here's what I have so far. My Gallades are decorating my shiny new Mario DSi XL, I love it. <3 My old Lite started to fall apart so I needed something new, fast. And then a friend came over to show her new XL. And I fell in love and needed my own one, lol.

Anyway! I love all kinds of pokemanz so feel free to offer me any stickars. I won't choose everything of course but I'd love to take several with the same shipping so I'd love me some sticker bunches. 8D Mostly I'm looking for any Lucario and Gallade pans I don't yet have, but really, I like Eeveelutions, Mightyena, Mewtwo, Grovyle, asdasd all kinds of pokes! So show me what you've got and could sell. <3

Oh, and does anyone know if any sort of Gallade keychain exists? Would be really fancy to attach one on my DSi, especially with the stickers. Gallade needs more merch seriously.
So I massively updated my sales! I've added better pictures, origami pages, cups, Mystery Dungeon Shinx and Eevee folders, and my 13 Pokemon Game lot is still available! Follow the link under the banner for my sales~ Everything purchased from my sales will be shipped out Sunday. :D

**Also at the bottom of my sales is my trade offer. I am offering my DX Fuzzy Raichu for a Talking Land Forme Shaymin! Terms of the trade are on that page!**

EDIT: I added better picture of Luxio. Thanks for the camera tip mitgas! :D


Also, I've gotten two new figures! The new Jakks Luxio and a Tomy Furret! Pictures and a custom Oshawott backpack up for offers below the cut!
New Luxio & Oshawott here!Collapse )
Jade Ashley
28 January 2011 @ 09:36 pm
Hello everyone!
I've been in this community for about a year now, but I'm not too sure if I introduced myself ? My name is Jade (Hello!~) and I am a long-time fan of Pokemon but a budding collector!
I'm in love with grass types and baby pokemon, and my favorite gym leader is Erika. But my favorite pokemon has to be Jirachi!:

Jirachi felt pillow I made last week~

I hope to be able to meet many of you and become active in the community! <3

And now, for the ISO!:
I do not have much merchandise aside from video games and lots of TCG, but I am hoping to change that very soon with the help of this community! :)

Collected Pokemon:
Jirachi, Porygon-Z, Land Shaymin, Miltank, Espeon, Togepi/Togekiss, Flaffy, Cherrim, Bellossom, Bulbasaur, Leafeon, Blissey, and more recently Shikijika/Deerling from the 5th generation . (Plus most other grass types!) Any Erika merch too please!

I'm willing to look at all kinds of merchandise, but I am especially looking for kids and usable merchandise (exp.hairclips, bags, etc.)! If you have a bulk of kids (even if they aren't listed above), please feel free to show me aswell!

And two TCG wants: Caterpie and the Metapod with the fire resistant Poke-Body.
Hi! SO today I went to china town here in Toronto and I found a lot of pokemon merch (as well as a Zekrom figure that was 17.99 from japan but i didn't buy it)
Anyway, one store that had no other pokemon related items had these puzzle boxes outside in a basket and there were four of them. They had japanese writing and it says "For Sale in Japan only" xD They are 120 pieces and are from the first gen. I would post pics but I can't find my camera, hopefully I can take some tomorrow.

I bought two for one dollar each!

The first one has says Pocket Monsters in big font and has a a huge angry pikachu on the front, and then has many pokemon around him such as hitmonchan, grimer, golduck, golem, magneton shooting electricity, primeape, pinsir and ivysaur

The second one has a big mewtwo in the back, mew beside him, zapdos and starmie near mew, then electabuzz, mr mime, primeape, dodrio, gengar, machop, slowbro, pikachu, raticate, clefairy, poliwhirl, psyduck, cubone, vileplume, diglett, grimer, metapod, lickitung, togepi, and chansey on it.

They also seem to glow in the dark, as it shows a normal piture, and then a dark picture with green highlights.

They are both 260mm x 380 mm and both are unopened on the inside but im going to open them now and make them and keep the boxes and hopefully take pics tomorrow

Does anyone else have these puzzles or know when they where made? Any info on them? Thanks.
emma bofemma
28 January 2011 @ 09:44 pm
I come with wants.


I believe I bought a Weavile bottlecap figure from somewhere here. But I'm not sure if I paid for it or not. >.>
Is this familiar to anyone? XD

AAAAND the usual Lati@s', Miloticses, Zoruaseses would be nice too.

I am done.


Oooo Zorua's and Weavile's and IS THAT KIBAGO?!?!
28 January 2011 @ 09:47 pm

Why is Gabe the Reshiram so grouchy looking today?

There's a new family member...But who is it?Collapse )

28 January 2011 @ 10:16 pm

Any information leading to the capture of these fugitives would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
I haven't actually bought something on here in so long, and I guess the wait was worth it. I was finally able to get a item that I've been looking for for like 2 years. xD Yay!!! Also a collection that I really wouldn't call a collection bbuuttt I love getting them so much! <33

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Follow the rainbow!! Image heavy thoughCollapse )
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28 January 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Hey, My first post of my collection! Yay! I'm really into the Canvas plush line from the Pokemon Centre.
I'm just starting in my collection, but i've been into it since the good ol' days of Red and Blue on the Gameboy Brick! I still remember my original Squad and everything!

I'm going to be focusing on two of my favourite Gen II Pokemon:
My all time Favourite Pokemon and who is always in my squad - Cyndaquil i love his eyes..
Also Lugia another squad member, i just love it's design so sleek!

I do get random others if i like that Pokemon say for example Lucario or the Legendary Dogs

Read more...Collapse )

That just some of my stuff i mainly wanted to show my Plush. i have figures, books, cards and other stuff but i'll post them another time! =) hope everyone likes what i have so far and will be posting new ones when i get them!

28 January 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Finished.....we did NOT raise enough money...but I am going to think of what to do next :/

This lot WILL BE PURCHASED....I just need to figure out a way to sell the leftover stuff. I will probably just pay the excess because I get all the random leftovers anyway XD. Expect a sales update when this stuff comes in. 

So denkimouse posted a huge lot of pokemon goods for 300$ which she is unwilling to separate...so I will for her XD. 

Today, thundercatwolf and myself are going to GA Denkimouse's Random stuff lot! (click the cut for info and larger pic link)


NEW RULES----->>>

1.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY MORE THREADS FOR JIRACHI CLEAR FOLDERS (we do not know how many there are so please if you want them bid on the threads already created thank you) ANY MORE MADE AFTER JAN 30 7:00PM HAWAII TIME WILL BE IGNORED



(sorry for caps just want you guys to read it XD)

After 2 years of hard collecting (and a quite a bit of money!), I have reached my goal - collecting one of each Pokedoll~ My last Pokedoll - Smoochum, arrived the other day  - I've never been so excited! :D <3 Tufty Pichu, my favourite Pokedoll, is here with his new friend to greet you! ^_^

Here is whistle-stop collection of all 140 dolls (142 when Reshiram and Zekrom arrive!)- I hope that you enjoy!~ 

Enjoy! (Image heavy!)Collapse )

Enjoy! (Image heavy!)Collapse )

To celebrate reaching my goal, I've been working more on my Pokedoll database! I have now added more years, fabrics and also each doll's rarity - I hope that people will find it useful! It's still a work in progress, but feel free to take a look and let me know what you think! Pokedoll Database! - I'll also do my best to answer any Pokedoll related questions you might have ^_^

I may have reached my goal - but my Pokedoll collecting is far from over! I'm still looking for the last few Plushplush I need, DX/Oversize/Mini dolls, and more Pokedoll merchandise! Please let me know if you're planning to part with any!

Happy Collecting Everyone!~ <3