January 30th, 2011


Sales bump!

Long time no see! We've been super busy, life just sort of hit us with a lot of stuff at once, but now we're back with a sales bump. Lowered a lot of prices, so go check it out! Further updates will come soon... with plush! So look out for that a little later ^^

In the meantime though, check out our sales! And as always, if there are specific cards you're looking for or even just a bunch of cards of certain Pokemon, let us know, we can check our hugeeee boxes of cards and give you a quote.

Sales here!


Rankurusu/Reuniclus Merch.?

Hey there PkmnCollectors! I've got a little bit of extra money saved up that I wouldn't mind updating my collections... However with all this Gen5 hype, I'd like to know if there's any Rankurusu/Reuniclus merchandise out there yet? And if so does anyone have any for sale? (I sadly don't think I have enough for customs- that and I could understand if he's a hard Pokemon to make merch. of. xD )

Off to a Carboot sale this morning!I refuse to leave without something Pokemon related, whether it be a card or plush.~
Alola Vulpix
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And yet more sales

First off, in case you didn't see the message, our 24 hour rush GA for the big lot of clear Kids was very successful!  Payments won't be due for a while but it looks like we'll even get some decent discounts despite only having a day to raise money.  Great job everyone! :D

I've had some people contact me about final payments on the Massive Kids GA I ran with kitbug - final totals have been delayed due to shipping supplies still not being here.  The tracking number status was stuck at "Shipment information sent to FedEx" since Jan. 21 but this morning the status was updated entirely and it looks like they should be arriving either tomorrow or Tuesday :)  I apologize for the delay, I know everyone's excited for their Kids (and I'm excited to get them out to you!)

Finally, some more sales.  Everything is priced to sell and this is the last of what I've been meaning to put up for a while.  I have a whole new box of goodies to sell on the way (yay!) so this old stuff needs to go.  In following with the current "sell everything you have in a lot" trend, I have some awesomely priced lots for you guys. (All lots sold, reference for the buyers: 1 2 3)

( And click this fake cut to get to my regular sales! )
Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie

Taking Offers

People have expressed interest in these guys before, and I need money for student teaching clothes so I'm putting them up for offers. Please feel free to ask any questions, and make your offers in the appropriate thread. :) So here are the latch-hooks. Eevee is about 9-10 inches in height, and Flareon is about a foot in height.

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looking for rattata!

I'm looking for rattata stuff
fiqures anything!
except cards dont need cards
does anyone know if rattata plushies exist even?
I would think the pokedolls would make one of every pokemon but not sure \
Meowth saysthanks

Update on Banpresto Pre-Orders Past and Future + Pricing on Straps and Tomy Goodies

I have been busy with day-job, life, and shipping out orders, so that I have not had the chance to see if who hasn't paid for their Banpresto pre-orders.  But based on the extras leftover in my home, I know there are quite a few that hasn't been paid for yet. =(

If you've pre-ordered Banpresto prizes for Oct, Nov, Dec releases, please check the following links to see if there is any balance due. ^_^  If we have previously agreed to cancel or transfer the pre-order, please don't worry about the links below.

Oct Prizes (BW Starters Super DX and 5.5")
Nov Prize (Super DX Zekrom and Reshiram and 5.5" Reshiram, Kibago/Axew, Mamepato/Pidove, 3" Starters)
Dec Prize Part 1 (Huge 13" Chibi Mijumaru/Oshawott, Tsutarja/Snivy)
- Dec Prize Part 2 (Huge 13" Pokabu/Tepig, 5.5" Zekrom, Yanappu/Pansage, Munna)

And because of the significant amount of comm members disappearing (or unable to pay) after placing pre-order 3-month in advance, I will no longer be taking mass pre-order for Banpresto prize items.  I understand a lot can change in 3-month, and it's more of a problem with the system than a complain about comm members. XD

I can still pull Banpresto prizes for the community, but there is no control of how many we can get.  If you see something you want on AAPF, please PM me anytime and you will be added to the queue when they are ready to ship.  But supply will be limited, like how it was for the Espeon and Umbreon Holloween plush, we only got 8 sets available for the entire community.

... Now on with the other stuff!

As mentioned last week, here are the pricing for the following items and sets.


For paypal info and shipping rules, please drop by the out-of-date sales page. >_<

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Thanks everyone! ^_^

P.S.  I have a 5.5" Reshiram with a factory defect.  The seam on her chest is not completely closed.
If anyone wanna to take her home and fix her up, she is only $12 $10 shipped to anywhere. =)

Searching for something

Hello! just a post asking if anyone has either of these plush for sale or know where to find them?

First is the Typhlosion Banpresto. I stupidly never got it when i could have..

I really want to add this guy to my collection!

I'm also looking for the Kyogre Pokedoll... blah!

I'd prefer both tagged and with Tush tags... but i'd be happy with atleast Tush tags..

Thank you =D


If you want out bellplushies, now is your last chance as the auctions end TONIGHT!!!! So get your bids in NOW!!!

AUCTION HERE: http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/616194.html

AAAAAAND my and irene's custom rush slot (garuntee done in 30 days) for a pokedoll custom plush mint with tush and hang tag is also ending tonight at midnight, so get your bids in!

Auction here: http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/616649.html

So get those bids in and help out my emergency car repair fund!

GA Reminder ~ (Japanese Green Version, Vulpix Figure Sentret charm and more~)

 Just a reminder that the GA is ending in two days :) I will post one last reminder at 6~ hours left. Were in good shape but we still need more to buy out the lot so lets get some bids in XD.

some updates:
-capsules are now being sold (mention the color of the lid in thread and they start at 2$)
-Piplup lunch container is now up for bidding 

Click image to get transported to the auction

American Toys 'R' Us Black/White Pre-Order Bonus

I apologize for posting so soon but Bulbapedia just posted this not too long ago..

Toys 'R' Us has revealed the American pre-order bonus for Pokémon Black and White Versions, on sale March 6. Those who pre-order Pokémon Black and White at participating Toys 'R' Us retail stores will receive a Reshiram or Zekrom wall cling, respectively, depending on the pre-ordered version. This pre-order bonus may be exclusive to Toys 'R' Us, as other retail stores have not revealed any information regarding this.

Full Story on Bulbapedia

Toys 'R' Us Pre-order Event page

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Please take a look under the cut. If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!
Alright I added 61 Sealed Vintage Japanese Pokemon Foil Packs  to the store!

For every booster pack bought, I'll throw in 4 uncommon/common or 1 non holo rare of your choice for free!

I have a lot of 1st Edition Pokemon Black And White Collection 1 Cards left!
Get these now before the English ones come out and they become hard to find!


(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(R)Trainers Cards $0.50
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Booster Pack Wrappers $0.25
Booster Packs - $5.00 SHIPPED!!

Card List Updated 01/30/2011 5:00 PM


Looking to Buy Zukan :)

I'm looking to buy some zukan. I have a max of $20 to spend so I probably won't be able to buy many :| just let me know what you have and how much you want for it. I'll either say yes or no. Shipping is to 03106. Let me know how much for the zukan and the shipping. Separately.

Also, sorry for posting so much recently.

z0mg zukan for sale!

Zukan Sales Post!

Got some zukans for sale from the English release set.

*Chikorita line- $12
*Cyndaquil line - $17
Totodile line - $12
*Entei - $8
*Suicune - $11
*Raikou - $11
Celebi - $15

*on hold until Wednesday by sesshyshop

Stickers - $.50 (or free with a zukan)

You can have a look at what they look like assembled here: http://www.zukanranger.com/wst.php?set=1

Please Note:
- I am for Australia. Which means expensive shipping... fail.

Approx $5 within Australia, $10 USA, $11.40 UK, etc. But this is for a satchel up to 250g so I could send the whole bloody set for the same shipping price! You can work it out for yourself how much shipping will be: http://auspost.com.au/apps/international-parcel.html + padded envelope. If you want something extra, let me know. Stickers are $1.45 (will put inside a 'greeting card') shipping.

-I cannot be held responsible for the post damaging your items. If you want insurance, etc let me know (not like I'm selling anything worth it though)

- I will keep you updated on when I ship your items. Should be a week max.

- Haggling welcome. I don't know the exact worth of these items so zukans are ONO.

- Holds for a couple of days also welcome.

- This is my first sales post, though I've been a member for aaages, although not an active member in the last year or so. This means I have NO feedback. I have not collected feedback for items I have bought from here (these days tortoises does all my shopping anyway :P)

Received permission from denkimouse.
Feedback: http://nervous-neuron.livejournal.com/292009.html

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DYING to know. Pkmn Plush!

Omg. Just a quick post because it has been going through my head for DAYS now and I just need an answer for it. xD Anyone who has this plush...


I know description states there is a "pouch" in the back. But can you also stuff things in it's stomach pouch? :X Or is it sewn shut? I have a whiteboard and I would LOVE to be able to put my markers in it's stomach pouch LOLOL.

And what about the Pokemon Center version? It's a bit big, but I guess I'm stuck buying that and pinning it to the wall if it has a pouch. :( THANKS.

Shipping & Sales

Hey guys!

So all previous orders from my shop have been sent out (and most of you have received them) XD I'm currently making my way through feedback exchanges-- sorry about the wait but college has been super busy lately. o.o I'm planning a pretty awesome collection update--but that'll be sometime in the next week. I'm also kind of thinking about selling some of my Rayquaza collection due to how much space it takes up....grawrh....

Anyway~ Sales update! 

Sales Ahoy!

I'm not really interested in any trades currently~but I'm always willing to haggle. :3 I could use the space. 

Thanks guys!
Pogeys ☆ Growlithe

Announcement, sales

Hey ya'll.

For starters, I apologize to anyone who has received a late package from me. I was hit with a pretty serious throat virus, and then NY was slapped with a blizzard, so getting to the post office was a hassle. All packages should be out now though.

I set up a sales comm! It's not done yet, but I have most of my non-flat pokemon stuff up. I need some $$$bank$$$ for clothes, so I'm postin' it here now.

Click here or the image to be transported!

I plan on making some collection updates soon, too. Every time I go to make one, I buy another big want and have to wait for it. aha >:{

Now, a meme. Post your favorite bootleg, either one you own or one you've seen.
This is mine:

My grumpy Groudon bootie. I think he is the most adorable Groudon ever, (aside from the pokedoll). I display him proudly in my collection, I don't even care if he's an obvious fake.

WTB: Reshiram Sound Drop and Hewwo Evos!

So, I got some pretty sweet stickers and an amazing clearfile from my pre-order of Black through Tamago226, right? Don't get me wrong, I adore my clearfile, but I'd love to have the Reshiram Sound Drop. I thought I'd ask you guys if you had one before resorting to Y!J or Mbok or something.
So, does anyone have a Reshidrop for me to throw my money at you for? 8)

Oh, and no reason to make a separate postl my roomie wants the Denchura Clipping Figure! We'd like one of those, too, please~!

Sabrina Figure Question

Hello everyone I have a question about a figure. Does anyone know where this Sabrina figure comes from? I've been looking everywhere for it but I've had no luck finding it. If anyone knows where I can find one or is offering to sell it please contact me. Thank you!

Collection Update & My First Zukan Auction!!!

Hello Everyone....

Today I have three main reasons to post here XD
First thing first, my collection update :D Actually I have a lot more to come but I am still waiting :(  Hope they arrive soon.

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Lastly, my first zukan auction!! As I mentioned before, I run out of space and I think it might be better if these zukans are in the hands of the ones who are really want them lol

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Whewwww...This is quite long and took me a while to finish XD
Thanks for readying guys!!

Images of my small collection and items im looking for

I just thought id post this!

Its a post of my small collection. Im not into a huge collection, I only buy the odd pokemon item here and there, mainly of my favs, but I think everything listed here has been bought within the last...year.

Firstly, before images, I would just like to list the plushies of pokemon I am looking for (and maybe figures)
So if you have anything let me know, But i am a little fussy with my plushies so I turn your item down please dont be offended!
  • Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos (Mareep UFO!)
  • Entei, Raikou, Suicune
  • Shinx, Luxio, Luxray (Shinx canvas plush!)
  • Latias
  • Mew
  • Absol

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(Pokemon) Cubchoo
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Banpresto Lapras offers + collection sales 2!


After much much thinking, I've finally decided to part with my 1999 Banpresto Big Size Nuigurumi Lapras Plush, and it's up for offers! Click the picture to go the thread and bid~

Aaand I've weeded out a few more things from my collection and lowered the prices on some leftovers from my previous sales post. Stuff included: my entire tiny Gear collection, Walky Charmander and some complete non-Pokemon gashapon sets. :) Click the banner to be teleported~

Thanks so much!♥