January 31st, 2011



Hi everyone, I haven't been on as much lately because super busy going to explode orz

What do you all think about the toysrus pre-order bonus? I was really hoping for something else but at least we can get -something-!

Anyway, my friend is in Japan in a few hours and he is sweet enough to drop buy a pokemon center for me.. are there any particular things of interest right now? I've been using sunnyshore to judge on that stuff. Do they have dishware atm or no? Dx

I would appreciate any answers, thank you!

Pokedoll Collection no more Bootleg Checker Necessary XD

Okay Flareon, Umbreon, and Jolteon are confirmed as bootlegs XD vaporeon I am unsure about, but I think eevee might be legit. I know the texture is different from the others and it feels sturdier XD but those two dont have hanging tags to help D8

So I have glaceon and leafeon ont he way in the mail, leaving only the ever so elusive espeon before I get the complete eevee pokedoll family! 8D so here are the ones I have now ^^ just wanted to show my babies off, and was curious if anyone can tell me if they are legit or not =P so here we go! Pick heavy X3

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schuz me

An Oh So Foxy Collection Update

Hello ^_^

I thought i'd do a wee introduction since there has been an abundance of new comers :D

My name is Kirsty, I'm 19 , from Scotland and i absolutly love the pokemon Ninetales <3

I've been here for over a year now :D and have loved every minute of my time here :D
i've loved pokemon since it first came about and ninetales has been my favourite since then :) i always found it annoying how little merchandise ninetales had :/ (and still do xD). As  a kid the only things i could get of her where TCG and other flats :( i had always longed to own a plush of her :) but unfortunatly there has never been an official plush of her released ;___; i STILL long for that day to come!!

I will be doing a FULL collection update at somepoint to show you's all how much all my collections have grown, but today i'm gonna focus on my new gets and my ninetales collection :D

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Menko, Magnet & Glossy Attack/Evolution Armada Sticker Sales Reminder!

hi guys! this is a reminder that i will stop taking offers for these flats tonight (Sunday, 30 Jan) at 10PM, PDT (the countdown timer is on the page itself!). There are still many other Menkos, Magnets, Lenticulars and loads of glossy attack and evolution Armada stickers on direct sale!

(count the number of black diamonds here!)

also, in the interest of saving for the annual One of The Most Important Days Of The Year (i.e. February 14), I have done some price reductions for the items in my regular sales post, just look for the items priced in larvitar-green bold font to see what's on discount! =D

(regular sales post is right here)

thanks for reading, and for helping a guy out with his saving plan. =) larvitarscar out!
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Words cannot describe.. or can they...... GRAIL GET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naturally, I had an awful day at work.. anyway.. I came home to my wonderful boyfriend and a package.

I'd like to start off by saying I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!

So I've seen so many in-case figure GAs, and just in-case this Pokemon, in-case that Pokemon.  I had always wondered if there was  Nidoqueen. I've never seen one, and I don't know if anyone else has one.. but OMG.

SO I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've been looking for this girl for a little over two years now. It became a game, whenever I would see the "in-case" figures mentioned in any post.. Just maybe I could find one... maybe.... It was so hard to look for a grail of which there was no picture. Urg.

While just browsing a sales post randomly, Chipachii(Pachisan) had this little girl................... ANd hooooly crap. I literally flipped out, posted that I was interested, then did a creeper-stalk of all comments before mine... Yeahhh that's right I was a creeeeepin!

I'm so happy I have her.. shes mine mine mine! (And I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for her).
This concludes my (cheapest) Nidoqueen grail get. I have 2 more color variants to collect.. WISH ME LUCK!

Below is a collection pic of my most adored/priceless Nidoqueen items:

(Bigger prettier pics under the cut)

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Alola Vulpix
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Offers for New(?) Minky Plush Set

Are you guys sick of me posting yet?  I know a lot of people were interested in potential extra sets for the Minky Keychains GB that shiningmew posted, and hopefully I can help those latecomers out :)  I have a set on the way to me and I have a few extras up for offer!

Mew is mine and I've already promised someone Totodile, but Chikorita, Cyndaquil (and unloved poor Pikachu) are free for the taking.

These guys are already on the way to me so there will be one payment, no extra shipping or fees or anything besides standard shipping to you.  I'm looking for about $16-18 ish per plush (less for Pikachu) - I would do this first come first serve but I feel offers would be more fair to the people in different time zones and whatnot :)  

Offers are over!

Offers will end on 2/2 (TODAY) at 1PM EST.

Throw your offers at me below - I'm so glad that we all have a whole bunch of chances at these cuties :D
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Battle Trainer Figures Question

Hello friends, I am hoping you can help me figure out what I can about some figures I got off ebay recently.

From what I've found they are the Battle Trainer figures, but I haven't been able to get a lot of information on them. I saw a few of these guys floating around here, usually one of the starters evolved forms, but I am wondering if anyone has pictures or even just knows which Mon's were made? Does anyone have any for sale? or does anyone know what they usually go for? are they worth trying to collect or too hard to come across?

Thanks for your help and i'll see you around.

P.S. Hoping to get a massive collection update soon. My collection has doubled since my last post.
S Greninja Pokedoll

Collection Update Time!

Hey guys! I was going to wait until everything I bought had arrived, but then I realised just how much I have purchased from this community so far and felt the need to post a collection update as it stands now. ^^ So, click the cut below for some of my new gets! :D (Forgive the tl;dr under there as well)

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I do still have a little bit of spare spending money right now, but there are two plush in particular I’m interested in and I’m guessing I’ll have to save up for them. One is the Futachimaru PokeCen Plush and the other is the Reshiram Pokedoll (though honestly, I’m interested in a lot of Reshiram stuff at the moment)! Unfortunately I can’t quite afford the prices from sunyshore (due to shipping) or hardrock-pokemon but I don’t expect them to be readily available outside of these either. So I will save and one day nab those two! ;;

Thanks if you got through all of that! XD And thanks to anyone I didn’t mention, you’re all wonderful~ :3

first pokédoll get, and a question

 Okay, I used to see this question asked a lot, now I don't, haha... but I'm curious about what Nintendo World has right now, Pokémon-wise? I'll be going in a couple weeks, so I'm curious.

To make this post less useless, I present my newest get, Chilarmy's pokédoll. :'D (it seems like I'll never be used to calling them Minccino.) I've managed to stay away from pokédolls because I think the prices are kind of ridiculous. :X But, I managed to find this at a not-so-bad price, so... (however, bizarrely, the ebay listing I bought this from is at $888. what?) 

Ignore random Uboa because my Chili likes to fall over. :'D
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle


Well, due to an unforseen event we lost the GA. I'm sorry, guys. karoia expresses her deepest condolences as well. I'm sure there's going to be a bigger and better GA somewhere out there in the future that we can win. ^^ 


Thanks for your bidding support--you all are great and this community is absolutely a joy to be a part of. :)

And on a totally unrelated note, I got in a few kids today I bought via the comm--I would take pics but my camera is dead and I can't find the other battery. T3T It's cloudy outside and I never realized how awesome the clears look when you hold them up to the light. XD Seriously amazing. <3 They've made me being sick delightful. XD

But even w/o a camera, clear dittochu & black jynx say hi. :) 

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(no subject)

This is a lot easier than sending out 20+ pms so here we go

Quick super boring post...

Due to the ridiculous weather in the Boston area, I haven't been able to ship items from my last sales post. We are due for ANOTHER snow storm tomorrow afternoon, but I will try to get to the post office before it starts. If I don't make it, items will go out later on in the week if I have to put on a pair of snow shoes and walk to the post office XD I am sorry for the delay, but mother nature seems to be angry with New England these days.

If there's anyone out there waiting for a package from new England and it seems to be taking forever...this is why. ugh.

Anyone else having fun weather issues?

Need a Co-Host!

(Sorry if I'm posting too much lately. I feel like I am...)
So I'm looking for someone to co-host a potential GA with me. I haven't actually run a GA before so I'm also kind of looking for someone with experience to kind of "show me the ropes"? I'd be more than happy to do bidding and threads(Or spreadsheets too if necessary, I would need a little time to figure it out.)I need someone to ship because I don't currently own a scale so I wouldn't really calculate that well. D:
It's a pretty small lot, but I think it's a good one!

Found a co-host~ Expect to see this GA'd soon. :D

It still has 4 days left on it, so PM me or comment here if you'd like to co-host. :D Then maybe we can make an official post tomorrow or something?

Also, shameless sales plug. ;A; There's still lots of stuff left:
Pokeball, Tarot

Custom SHINY Pokemon Tarot Cards~ Giveaway!

 Hey everyone!  In celebration of the US Premier of the Zoroark, Master of Illusions movie this coming saturday, I've decided to give out one of each SHINY versions of my custom Raikou, Entei, and Suicune tarot cards for FREE as a way to celebrate!!  The non-shiny versions aren't even for sale yet!  

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If you're interested in seeing more or purchasing my other custom tarot cards, you can find them at:


Thanks for viewing!


 Yay~ Nothing is better than coming home with a GIANT box and no one on this earth would not have a big smile on their face when they open this monster XD

Shipping payments are going to be due :) but first lets take a look at the arrivals XD

Look at tiny cyndaquil XD

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I also <3 japanese people because they gave me these two freebies XD these will be for sale (tangela line zukan MIP and a rhydon kid)

If you won something in the ga I can add one of these for you with free shipping :) 6$ for the tangela and 2$ for rhydon. If you didn't win anything I will sell them but you have to pay shipping XD

the spreadsheet has been updated here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ag8PLlQ6lCJCdFhad1EwMEx0S09WNkhSTWJINnNscWc&hl=en&authkey=CIXF7eYP

send payments to : snovak12@punahou.edu thank you

While im here I might as well remind you all of the POKEMON LOT GA I'm running

Click here to get transported there

A Shell Shock Of An Update!

Hey everyone! AnthonyJG10 here with a HUGE collection update!

I haven't done one of these in a quite a while so, its time to update with my new stuff!

So a bit about myself, I am an avid Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise Collector with poor little Wartortle being the latter since he get little to no merch D:. They have been a favorite of mine since I bought my Blue version, and when I saw the Squirtle Squad Episode...that was it, I knew Squirtle was the guy for me. And it also helps that my favorite animal has and always will be the sea turtle XD

Along with the Squirtle line, also a fan of Snorlax, Bulbasaur Line, and of recently have fallen for Abomasnow, Magmortar, and Heatran <3 (they won't be featured in this update seeing as how this is already so long X_X)

Just a warning. This is SUPER LONG, and full of pictures so if your internet is no fun with lots of pictures, please beware!

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So that is it for my collection update this time around!

Thanks so much for reading/viewing! Until next Saturday where I will have a few new cards up from the upcoming pre-release!

Also a quick reminder, I have a few things I am taking offers in my last sales post, I am going to end them Tuesday 2/1 at 4:00 PM EST! So if your interested get those offers in!

Also all orders from Saturday were shipped out today!

Click the crappy last minute made banner to go!

Custom Trainer - Front

Magical Mew & Co Plushie Group Buy Time!

Herro my loves!

I'm sure most of the community is absolutely tired of seeing this set, but because of the absolute insane interest in these beautiful plushies, I've decided to do a group buy and purchase several of these sets. :3

Terms - PLEASE read them before participating.
♥Reply to the thread bearing the name of the plush you wish to claim.
♥Claiming a plush is binding. Once enough plush/sets are claimed, payment will be due ASAP. Once payments are received I will place the order. If something falls through, you will be refunded immediately.
♥Each plush will be around $22.00 (this includes ALL fees and internal shipping), except Pikachu who will be around $18.
♥There will be TWO payments. One for the plush, and one for final shipping. Shipping from me to you is estimated $3.50 if in the US, $4.50 for international per plush. Add $2.00 per additional plush regardless of where you reside.
♥I plan on ordering up to 4 sets. I need at least 4 claims per each plush in order to get 4 sets. Unfortunately, if we don't get enough claims to fulfill a full set, I won't be able to place the order. If we get more claims, I may order more sets. Capiche? XD
♥I am claiming a Mew and Chikorita. :3
♥ Any questions? Ask here! ^^

There is tons of interest in Mew. If you're one of the many only after Mew, let your fellow member friends know of this group buy who collect or might love Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile! From my understanding these are super soft, and 5.1 inches (slightly smaller than a pokedoll.) They are all too cuuuuuute! XD

Claims (so far)
Pikachu (2) - jadekitty777, dezchu
Chikorita (1) - dakajojo
Cyndaquil (2) - swtlilangel666, tagami_yami
Totodile (2) - fandramon, karnimarc
Mew (9) - dakajojo, dinictis, hebilea, shortcakemiddy, dezchu, xlindziex, eins_zwei_nein, tsuki_no_eifie, cristinahazard

Current Sets With Enough Claims (so far): 1

Thanks everyone! Let's do this!

January Collection Update and TWO grails!

As promised, here is my first collection update of 2011, featuring my first-ever fifth generation features!

Pokémonagerie XXXXIV

Click the title to be whisked away!

It's been a long time since I've done one of these... feels good man!

In addition, I have one "retro" update, featuring items I acquired last summer. But not only is it a retro update, it's a grail update, too. And not only that, it's a...


Click the banner to find out what this means!

It's so intense. Enjoy!

(I know the Table of Contents and Jump-to-page bars aren't up to date. I'll fix that when I get home!)

33 Pokemon Kids still up for sale - prices dropped!

I have a large number of Pokemon kids I'm still trying to sell, consisting of a number of kids from a Y!J lot and doubles that Sam and I unintentionally purchased for our own collections.

The funds we were able to make from selling kids and doing pokedoll runs covered almost 100% of the adoption cost of our new adult pomeranian--a companion for ourselves and our 3 1/2-year-old pomeranian, who tragically lost his 7-month old chihuahua "sister" on Friday, January 21st.

I thank everyone that has made a purchase for making the adoption of our new dog (Kisses) possible; she will be arriving on Wednesday (February 9th) and is going to be the perfect addition to our small family. Purchases made from this point on will be going toward making sure she is as comfortable and spoiled as possible in her new home, and toward other necessities while I look for a new job.

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First and only want post : )

This is my first want post, if I make an error, do correct me.  : P

The one and only thing I have been searching for is the 1/1 Cyndaquil/Hinoarashi. They haven't been popping up on Ebay or yahoo Japan auction sites for couple of months now. So if anyone comes across one in the future or have one for sale, please do tell me. I appreciate it <3


sales plug

Is anyone else SO excited for the mall tours, that they have a hard time sleeping at night?! :D Shoot, I've been staying up later than usual in anticipation for the upcoming tour in TX! (Which isn't until mid March! D: )
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Hello fellow Pokémon collectors! I've known about this site for a while, but only joined recently, so I thought I would introduce myself. I'm 27 years old, male, living in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada. I got into collecting and this community all thanks to fellow user Karoia, who happens to be my fiancee and the mother of our child :) She really revived my interest in Pokémon, and also bought me my entire collection so far!

I'm a huge fan of Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra, and since I'm learning Japanese, I also seek out Japanese Pokémon media such as manga, storybooks, etc. I'm also quite fascinated with Pokémon coins and the trading figure game, although I have yet to add either to my collection.

It's a pleasure to now be part of this wonderful community! I've been taking pictures for a more in depth collection website, including items not seen in the photo below. With that in mind, here is a preview!

White Myspace

Looking for a friend :)

I recently saw this in a sales post and I need it for my friend. He is an Altaria and Manectric collector and when he saw that it was sold he kinda died. So if anybody has it, and would be willing to sell that would be awesome. Thanks in advance :)
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Glasses Shift

LA, Pokemon Tales Books, and Card Sales!

I've reverted back to lurker recently but I'm still here~

Visiting LA with my animation class in a months time and we get a whole day free to do whatever we want, so I'm probably going to spend it shopping. x3 I've never been to America before so have no knowledge of the shops. Anyone here know any good places I could go to find Pokemon merch?
Having really bad luck with this trip hehe missing the LA B&W tour by a week, missing the B&W release in the UK, and then missing the American B&W release by a few hours. =_=;

Anyways I have these Japanese Pokemon Tales books up for offers. They're all in perfect condition.

Just post any offers in the comments.

Edit: No longer accepting offers!

And under the cut here we have a giant card sale. Both English and Japanese cards.

Edit: The card sales is now closed!

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Heey GA lot is in :3

fff gorgeous flareon tfg ;  ;

*Some of the kids had glue stains,I managed to peel most of it off,so anyone who got kids I may have missed some c: so check them out.

I'll be taking these to the post office to get them weighed tomorrow so if theres anything you want extra ask C:

I still have leftovers from the pikachu gb c:
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Multipurpose Post!

Herro everyone! I'm sure you're all tired of seeing me post of GA's lately. *sweat* I'm giving GA's a break for awhile now so next post you see will only be for a GA payment/something other than GA news. (And hopefully many days from now. x_x;)

First up, GA news! *shot*

Good news for this one! We WON! Hopefully expect a few discounts when the payment post comes up! :D

Bad news here. D: Sadly we put in the max bids possible with the funds we raised but it just wasn't enough and we were outbid. >: Better luck next time!

Now onto something else~
I stopped into Gamestop today to preorder Pokemon White & Okamiden, and with the recent luck of the community getting some of the old Shiny Beast posters I figured I'd ask if they had any I could have... Well I didn't get no beast posters but I DID get...Collapse )

And it has come to my attention that I've been spending way too much money. So I've updated my Sales Post with a ton of new stuff including plush and cards.

Also for a limited time/amount of slots I'm going to be offering veeery cheap customs! See allll the details below the cut!

Plenty of Hat slots left!
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Collection Update + Main Collection so far + Possible Sales in future

Good evening, everyone. I am here to re-introduce myself more formally. My name is Zhentian Wei, a Chinese international student now in Penn State. Hopefully I will be enrolled in Bioengineering this year, which will be my second year in college. I like playing billiards and taking photos in my spare time.

I have joined this community since last November, and since then have had a fair amount of collection. Of course I must thank fellow community members here, and I am on my way of applying a sales post permission for a future collection weeding. I wish in this manner I can help someone else to build up their collection. And that's it for introduction part. :P
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houndoom and slowpoke

Quick Figure GA- Part 2!

Remember this GA?

The box arrived today! And I gotta say... the figures are a little grungy. ^^;; I've split everything up by the different orders, so if you participated in this GA, please look under the cut to find out the condition of your figures!

I don't have shipping totals yet as I'm still waiting on bubble mailers, but I'll update this post with the totals once I've got them all ready to go! (and I'd rather update this post rather than make a whole new one later. So yeah.)
Item totals are now up! Just look for your items below. :) Please send all payments to firstmatekate@gmail.com. Thanks!

There are heaps of extras leftover from the GA, so feel free to add some to your orders! (They are only open to GA participants for now.)

*I've also thrown in a few old Tomys of my own that people can add- these are open to anyone who wants them!

Collapse )Collapse )

I'm planning on mailing these out either this weekend or next week; I'd love to do it sooner rather than later, but I've been a bit sick recently, so it depends on how the rest of the week goes... :X

Annnnd I'm slowly but surely working on an epic sales post, which will pop up one of these days. XD Along with a much needed new collection update (all of my random collections have grown by way too much in the past month or two. xD This comm just loves to take my money. :x But its ok because I love you guys, lol.)

ANNNNND: Once I'm done with my next two crochet plush commissions, I'm thinking of making an uber big crochet plush and auctioning it off. I'm thinking either an Eeveelution or Gen 5 starter... or maybe even a trainer? Hmm. Well, I have a lot of time to decide. xD Feel free to give me some ideas! <3

Bye, guys! <3
M11 Dialga

Fees + figure question

Hi all! Got some questions for you (hope this is alright).

I'm on my way of starting to sell (only having trouble getting shipping supplies bah) and I'm a bit concerned when it comes to fees and such.

What calculator do you guys use? Do you include item cost+shipping when calculating the fee or do you only include the item cost when calculating the fee and then charge shipping cost as an individual cost? (Man did that even make sense?) It might be obvious but I just want to clear this up. xD

Also, A TOMY MC FIGURE QUESTION. If your figure is bent (for example, when a thin part is looping instead of being straight) can you "fix" it so it becomes straight again? If so, TELL ME.

And uhm to make this post more collecting related... I MIGHT DO A COLLECTION UPDATE SOON. Yeah, we'll see when.


Hi Everyone! My name is Jason and I currently live in TX. I recently just stumbled upon this community and might I say that i think this is the coolest thing ever XD! Everyones collections has made me want to start my own, so I guess I would like to ask if anyone has any awesome pidgeot or dragonair stuff since those are 2 of my fave pokemon. Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to understand the community a little better and start pitching in some of my own things ^_^
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XP wolf

Missing packages? Also requesting feedback!

 So, I haven't received 4 of my packages from the comm.... My sukui dolls from denkinmouse, some pan stickers and a gameboy skin from 0mastar, a torchic pokedoll from someone i don't have the username of, and a lugia legend bottom half from someone that i ordered last summer ( >.< i know.. a long time) So i just wanted to ask if these had been shipped yet so i can know when to expect then, i have a horrible mailman -_-

And secondly XD could i have feebdack from people i have bought stuff from? I will gladly leave you some in return =)

feedback post: community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/5132873.html
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I know I know... another wants post >*< It's a birthday present for my boyfriend's sister. She adores Jirachi, I actually got her a Jirachi kid and the Jakks plush for Christmas. SOO I'm looking for the Pokedoll now. Condition and make don't matter... as long as it's not dirty and falling apart ;D I'm not looking to spend too much but just throw offers at me! Anything is appreciated, thanks <3

Here's a picture for reference. Credit to Pokemon Plush Project

Interesting Finds / GA Possibles