February 1st, 2011

Spin! Spin!

This might be relevant to this comm's interests :D

Well, it'll have to be a quick and painless post. LOOK. AT. THIS (NOTE: it's not in USD, it's in Argentina's currency, so 1 USD = 4 AR APPROXIMATELY):


Still in their boxes! It's not an auction! The price for each is under $10! (USD) AAANDDD... They still work! O:
The only problem is that you may have to ask the seller if they ship internationally, which may, or may not, be the case (it's all in good old Argentina, to be precise)

I can ask the seller questions in spanish and from my account if you'd like, if only i had sales permission so i could host a GB or just buy them and sell you guys the spare... (nghh, charmander D:)
ZEKROM dun dun dun

MPC Waitlists!

I was a bit shy to post this really nerdy idea :P But it was a really big hit on my personal LJ, so, why not! Plus some MPC (My Pokemon Collection) news to go with it!

First off, the news. Major Pokemon Collector Asami has posted REALLY gorgeous, head-on individual shots of every single MPC plush displayed at the WHF!!. Along with AAPF and KTmonkeyJ's photos and videos (which can be seen on the MPC tag here) now we have lots of images, release dates, etc :D

So.... What's your MPC Waiting List? Who are you waiting for in 2011, and who do you hope to see in 2012? Because I am super-nerdy, I keep image-list of everything I am waiting for, and MPC is no exception.

That was hard to predict, right? So post your text or image waiting lists!! This is exciting Pokemon HISTORY!!

Something else I am also waiting for that is months away, is an electric Pokemon's VERY FIRST STARRING TITLE ROLE in a movie!!!! I am going to stick to plush, and extremely cool figures, but I wonder what potential Victini or Zekrom collectors are going to go ALL OUT?? Do we even have Victini collectors yet...?

nerdiness OUT!
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pachirisu used charm!

It was super effective!

Okay so a couple of you over on deviantART know that I recently opened charm commissions, and I was overjoyed at the amount of people who were interested in my charms ;7; so now that it is no longer January, I can do another customs post... which means charm commissions are now officially open on pkmncollectors! wheeee~

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And now for the slots!
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Have a great week!

id help? + collection post : D

Alright, so i bought this lot on ebay ( mainly for Eevee)and initially thought Jakks.. but i', wrong. I haven't gotten it yet, but Does anybody know what they are? I haven't quite learned what all the different figures are yet, but I'm working on it, heh. Are they all possibly the large Tomy figures?

And.. I don't believe I've ever posted a true collection post here. I joined in.. August? September? and have just been buying. lots. and lots. Follow Flareon through the cut to see what!

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Massive Collection Update

First off, sorry for posting again so quickly, but I said I was going to get a collection update together and it all came together pretty quickly so here it is.

Last October I found this community, and now I am wanting pokemon things that I used to never dream of wanting. Last time I showed my collection it was only TFG Figures, and that remains the central point of my collection, however I am beginning to branch into some way cool side collections. but anyways, without further ado, lets jump into it!

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Collection Update and help identifying a plush set

Greetings! So my bf (a.k.a. Dark_tyranitar) has been trying to get me to do a massive collection update for about a week and a half, so I've finally decided to do it. We have received a lot of plush from SMJ recently and have purchased another cabinet to display pokedolls in. Some of the cases are a little crowded so you can't see everything, but at least they are safe in there from dust, etc.
Also, I'm posting to call upon the experts in this community for help identifying something we bought on SMJ. It is a set of the original starters from the Pokemon Center, and from what we could gather from several different translation sites, was a lottery prize. I do believe this since just like the shiny beasts, the tag has no barcode. They are larger than your standard pokedoll and incredibly soft, I absolutely adore them...just trying to figure out what the deal is with them. Thanks for your help, and enjoy the photos!

Warning: Extremely image heavy since these are photos of my entire collection

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GA Reminder LAST CALL Ends Tonight!

Last call to place bids and start anything because there are a lot of un-started items! This GA includes many tomy's, kids, and misc figures that may want to fit into your collection and many are still up for grabs at 1$. 

-Japanese Pokemon Green (Game boy Color)
-Pokemon Center Charms
-Dawn's Poke Tech
-Drawstring Bags
-Pokeball Reverse Plushies
...and more

Glaceon can't learn HM01 :(

Collection update and random question

So I haven't posted a collection update in a while and I have 3 new babies that were added.

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Also I had a random question. I was thinking about making a full scale umbreon plushie for a future auction, but I didnt know if anyone would be intrested or if it would even be worth the time. (Mainly I really like making umbreons) Should it be shiny or regular? Minky or fleece? I would be able to start the bidding for less if it was fleece, but it would feel so much nicer if it were minky. Sorry if this seems like rambling, but it would be a large investment of moneyz for me to make it in the first place. So I don't want to make something no one would be intrested in.

Thanks for stopping by,
Holly T.
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Sales Reminders; Pokédoll Cleaning Question

Hello everyone! Firstly, I still have quite a few Clipping Figures and Kids (BW1 Set for Clipping Figures, BW2 Set for Kids) left over from my sales on Saturday (Those of you who paid for your figures, yours were shipped if you were in the USA, but if you were international, I will ship them Wednesday or Thursday :))! Those can be found here (click on the pic!):

(Click There)!

Also, just a quick question about Pokédolls. My friend has an old (Velboa Fabric, I think?) Latios Pokédoll, and the white part has gotten pretty dirty with dirt. It has no hand tags, but does have a tush tag. What do you guys think would be the best way for cleaning this plush without ruining the fabric? I've heard throwing it in the washing machine works, but I'd like to be sure! Please let me know if you know a better way, or if this method with the washing machine works! Thanks! :D
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Collection Weeding + Magical Mew & Co Plushie GB Reminder

Good day everyone!

I did some more collection weeding last night.

My general sales terms apply as always.

♥Super DX Chikorita Banpresto Plush (Minty with all tags) - $25 Shipped
♥14 inch Toy Factory Shinx Plush (Minty with all tags) - $20 Shipped
♥Pikachu Pokedoll Charm (fresh off one of my pokedoll keyrings - last one I'll probably part with) - $20 Shipped
♥Pikachu Bell Plush (Great condition! Out of box, minor wear that came from box.. what happened to the box? It was in horrid shape so it got removed forever ago. Sorry!) - $25 Shipped
♥Spinda Zukan (Mint out of package. May be a little dusty, but in great shape!) - $16 Shipped
♥Spinda Kid (Heart pattern, minor wear, but in great shape!) - $7 Shipped

Also, quick reminder about the Magical Mew & Co Plushie Group Buy;

(click the image to view the post)

We are still needing a lot more claims for Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile! The more even claims we can get, the more sets I can order. <3

Thanks everyone! ♥

First Collection Post

Okay, I joined this community about...a month ago? There is so much stuff I want and so little money I have. I hope that in the future I will have gained a lot of things from here. I have been getting a lot of things in the mall lately, I believe it will slow down for now. So I will post my collection, Its pretty small, but I have to start somewhere.  Pretty small collection In my opinion.  Lets see, Can I do a cut line? Here I go....

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first custom art post

like many other here, I also make pokemon related art. mostly only 3D art is posted because I draw on note paper >:I. but I loves to sculpt and my tiny splinter picking hands are a blessing when it comes to making the super tiny.  please look and tell me what you think. some of these in the picture are being sent off to people in this community.. ( not sure how many for sure...) and thats kinda how I heard about this place.

some are mine, some live in a box unloved, some are being shipped. my devi is http://hibikitikibi.deviantart.com/ if you would like to look at other arts.
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(no subject)

As I wait for my Weavile Pokedoll, courtesy of the ever amazing pannsie AND THE AMAZING poprock_grey  FOR FINDING IT!, to arrive at MAH HOUWSE before I do a collection update,


I thiiiink I have all the Weavile kids, who even knows anymore, he was so many :<
BUT I'm low on Zorua's. SO POST ANYTHING YO' GOT :D

and if you don't understand this reference, your life is now complete.

Yeah... YEAH. Also, boooo for collections being in boxes. I may have to move AGAIN soon, so it may not be up for ages yet ;3; BUT I'll still take photos of my gets when Weaviledoll gets here! /so excited, never leaves post box
Thanks all~
/sorry for the boring post bawww

ETA: IGNORE THE NUMBER OF POSTS we had a spam party. Feel free to join.

my collection

Hello! I've been a member of the community for awhile, but I don't post much and mainly lurk. My main collections are Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Yanma, and Shaymin. I also have small side collections of Mew, Cyndaquil, and Houndour/Houndoom. From gen5, my favorites are Bachuru, Denchura, Zekrom, and Zuruggu.

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a wild sales post appears! /lame pokemon reference

Click the banner or this text to go there!

I finally prepared a sales post! It's kinda unorganized, but everything I have is in there! Please check it out! :D It's very image heavy, just to warn you

Here is a preview of my goods!

That's just a preview, there's tons more inside! Hope to see you at the sales post!

And I have a random question. Do you have any toys or plush that have seen better days? Y'know, when they've got some wear and look like they've been in a fight or two? I was sorting through my Tomys for my sales post and found a couple who look like they have been through war! For example, my Cubone...

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Questions and I Has A New Buddy, Come Meet Him!

So I recently decided on something...what you may ask? Another side collection of course! [as if I needed another =;v;= ] I haven't made pages for my more recent side collections, but my most current has it's very first addition! Who could it be?!

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Also, I'd like some help in the identification department please :3 I've recently won a origin giratina charm, but I'm pretty extra sure it's not a pokemon center one...or is it? I had bets that it was the movie promotion charm, but I dunno xD;;

So my question is, which charm is this, and where did it come from? I'd also like to ask if anyone can give me a list of the metal charms giratina has, maybe some pictures of them too?

Thirdly, I'd like to take a survey if I may. Some of you may know my plush very well and some of you may not. I often just open up commissions, so I was wondering if I were to do auctions, what pokemon would you guys like to see me crochet? =0w0=
? cynda

birds, mice, gators and that lil prickely fiery thing

why hello everyone! Its been awhile but I am still around and of course I have an update but between my mass collection you probably can't tell what is new at first but here it is!

Also I am very excited in a couple weeks I will be at Katsucon and well even though I mainly cosplay as final fantasy characters for Katsu I am going to be a Quilava! with my trusty 1/1 cyndaquil =D

so to the pictures!

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Hello folks. I just want to remind you all that I have my ~*~super mint special magic pikachu~*~ auction ending in roughly 48 hours from now!!

I also still have some left over plush in my sales (which i have lowered the prices on)~!


Texas Meet-up? and a sales update, too!

Hello, community!
A short post today.

I was wondering if any Texan collectors were going to Furry Fiesta or Anime Matsuri? I was thinking about organizing a meetup with tijuzu. If you're attending either and are interested, POOOOSSSTT~~~

Also, an incredible financial defecit hit me out of nowhere a few days ago. Because of this, I was unable to ship out things this week as I had planned. I apologize greatly and will get everyone's stuff out a.s.a.p. It'd be super legit to hop on over to my discounted sales and help a collector in need. ; n; TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY POORNESS.

As always, thanks for reading. <3
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Zuru-gets! BW card sales!

Lazy lazy lazy, I got these on Friday, but I'm only now getting around to making a post! Cut for Zurus, Reshirams and some other awesome recent gets! :D

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I also have some BW cards up for sale! Including SRs!

Each of them starts at $25! That is significantly cheaper than any price on Ebay, and likely cheaper than YJ would be after fees as well! If they don't sell I think I'm gonna throw them up on Ebay.

( On to the sales!! )

I'm also taking offers on these babies! Click the cut for more info!

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Sales, wants, and how badly did my bf get ripped off lol?

 Hello everyone! :D

First off I'll start with the woes of a rapidly growing collection, its growing so rapidly i need to make some space! D:

So heres some sales and more wants haha 

Also for my birthday my boyfriend got my a zapdos burger king plush, which i was overjoyed about cause I had been wanting one. Well needless to say he accidentally let slip how much it cost him and I was shocked. He paid $60 for it on ebay through a seller named tisfortoys (or something similar to that). Arent these things worth like $5?




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