February 2nd, 2011


Selling some stuff

BECAUSE, i need to buy more Bats.

NOTE TO COMMISSIONERS: Orders are almost done, doing a customs post this week :D <3

Im selling a few Poke'dolls, just because, id prefer to own the Japanese ones :(
ALSO AUCTIONING OFF this butt bag <3

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I BIN'D THESE MAGNETS, they're on their way to me, if anyone still wants the 2 Poke'balls you can still buy/claim them :3

Meowth - $1.70 CLAIMED
MimeJR - $1.70 CLAIMED
3 Pokeballs - $1.70
Carnivine - $1.70 CLAIMED

(After this you'd only have to pay for me to ship them to you, like $1.50 shipping~)

Feb Customs Post - Full ~

Hey Guys, it's been quite a while since I posted any custom work, I think..  Either way, today I'm offering my commission slots for February 2011!

- There will be 3-5 slots depending on what's requested.
- I use Minky and/or Fleece, but I will purchase others at request.
- Open to everything but humans ^.^;

I have some general pricing and FAQ here.

I Also have some extra examples in my gallery here.
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Slots/Waiting list is now full! Thanks/sorry guys!



Let's get down to buisness. (to defeat, the huns)

-Dolls are 120$ shipped EACH. Includes all fees, shipping, commission, etc! There is a 15$ combination discount if you order both. IF YOU WANT BOTH, make sure to mention that when you put your name on the lists. Keep in mind your place in line might not be the same for both, and you are not guaranteed both.
-First come first served. I might not be able to get everyone's dolls. But I promise to do my best! I will be going TWICE for them, and the first time I have sakusha helping out! :D Double the manpower!
-Only put your name on the list if you are prepared to pay! Once i get the dolls in hand, I will be commenting for payment, and you must pay ASAP or your doll will go to the next person on the list. I have to get these big guys shipped as soon as I possibly can (small apartment) ;)

Comment to the appropriate list to be automatically placed in line!

I think that's about it! PS, the dolls are 40 CM tall :D
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Flareon TFG GA Shipping and Pikachu GB Shipping,and a plush ga

 People who participated in my flareon tfg ga your shipping costs are here->spreadsheets.google.com/ccc
Looking for pictures of your stuff C: click here ->community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8264154.html

Please send all payments to darknisfalls(at)yahoo.com and make the title your username and put shipping in the body

Participants in the Pikachu GB your shipping payments are here :3
and pictures of your stuff are here ->community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8224844.html

I'd like to do a really quick small plush ga
I'll claim the Christmas Pikachu and Skymin Pokedoll for 25.00
If there isn't enough interest in the other two I will probably let the pokedoll go
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ampharos: sing

Looking for misterdeluxe

Hi guys! Has anyone had contact with misterdeluxe recently? They seem to have disappeared from the comm and aren't replying to PMs :( I participated in two zukan GAs they did late last year and haven't received either, they sent me a PM saying they found my package from the first one in their car and would mail both of them together but then nothing.

Possible Future Items + Currently Sold Out Wishlists!

PhotobucketPossible Future Items Wishlists!Photobucket

Regardless if what you are looking for hasn't been in the kiosk yet or is currently sold out, let me know anyway! 8D I will get it for you when it pops up~

  • Post the item you are looking for and I will start a Wishlist for it/update the current list with your name added, so if it appears in the kiosk I will know what to buy for which person~ It's basically a way for me to buy specific pokedolls that appear for pkmn fans that *know* they want them and can pay anytime, to speed things along and get everyone their long awaited plush all the sooner!
  • Please request items in a similar vein to those in the kiosk, like pokedolls, figures, games, and card packs/sets. (As a note, I am not taking DX pokedoll requests unless they confirm they will be getting more. Sorry! n-n;)
  • Keep in mind that if you are on the list and your item appears in the kiosk, I am buying it then and there, whether it is 3 weeks from now or 3 months! So the rules apply here too: Putting yourself on this list means you *know* you are committed and able to pay whenever your item pops up! If you don't want to be committed financially, please check back every now and then or look for my updates on the new stock. :)
  • You *are* allowed to take your name off your "future item" wishlist whenever you like, just keep in mind to do it as soon as you know you don't want the item anymore. I will be set to purchase your request(s) unless I hear from you otherwise, and if I already purchased it I will still need the commitment~!
First Generation Starter Pokedolls (possible upcoming stock)
  • Bulbasaur: kiiyame, darkangelilith, mastershambler, yellowmudkip, iceicesneasel, heychado, mitgas, wildorched, tiieme, marigoldkisses, pika_lex, starscream8, waruihikari, shiroicookie, winter_sonata1, lickskillet*,
  • Charmander: kiiyame, uralic, usagimakeup, yellowmudkip, meowllz, heychado, mitgas, neonr0se, wildorched, sentret_draws, allinia, pika_lex, starscream8, chamo_chan, eternal_rena, waruihikari, winter_sonata1, usernamedesired,
  • Squirtle: kiiyame, rentorar, usagimakeup, sparkysparkster, heychado, mitgas,wildorched, rococomelodies, eins_zwei_nein, astromanticist, pika_lex, starscream8, waruihikari, meowthcollector, winter_sonata1, nicolarbear,

PhotobucketPokédoll Wishlist! A-Z
-Altaria: doomycaffei, laceyglacey, rocket_chick, meowllz, lumpyspaceking, chairoi,
-Absol: rypeltajaroll, rentorar, pokezombie, shadoweon,
-Aipom: meowthcollector,
-Bidoof: korth_dono,
-Blaziken: noctowl100
-Buizel: zangooseel, mellow_candy, jeansama, iceicesneasel,
-Charizard: sorcererhuntres,
-Cherrim: lunaeris,
-Cleffa: allinia,
-Clefairy: kokicola, tornaderman, marigoldkisses
-Corphish: noctowl100
-Deoxys Attack: korth_dono,
-Deoxys Defense: korth_dono,
-Ditto: darkangelilith, mastershambler, dinictis,
-Dragonite: synchrostatic, marigoldkisses,
-Duskull: snowball21,
-Espeon: kiiyame, doomycaffei, laceyglacey, charmystar, buttribbons, rentorar, pokezombie, marigoldkisses, dinictis, akihio,
-Gengar: kiiyame,
-Glaceon: doomycaffei, mastershambler, charmystar, buttribbons, rentorar, pokezombie, marigoldkisses, akihio,
-Houndour: rentorar, first_mate_kate, folvey, chronidu, katcheecricket, cristinahazard, darkangelilith, tissuepaperpet, thecagebirdsing, rypeltajaroll, pokezombie, shadoweon, fluffyhoundour,
-Jirachi: queenplooshy,
-Leafeon: naialana, doomycaffei, mastershambler, sorcererhuntres, charmystar, buttribbons, rentorar, pokezombie, marigoldkisses, dinictis,
-Luxray: mousealchemist,
-Magikarp: chronidu, mastershambler, kiiyame, theevilpotato, korth_dono, dinictis,
-Meowth: masterpetediddy, rypeltajaroll, noctowl100, meowthcollector,
-Metagross: snowball21,
-Mew: snowball21, francis, lunaeris, allinia,
-Minun: sorcererhuntres,
-Mow Rotom: snowball21,
-Mudkip: katcheecricket, liewqi, rococomelodies,
-Natu: doomycaffei, mastershambler, kiiyame, francis, noctowl100
-Noctowl: doomycaffei, masterpetediddy(*),
-Pachirisu: darkangelilith
-Pichu (Tuft Hair): masterpetediddy,
-Plusel: sorcererhuntres,
-Poliwhirl: darkangelilith,
-Rayquaza: jadekitty777,
-Reshiram: jadekitty777,
-Rotom: snowball21, jeansama,
-Salamence: katcheecricket
-Sceptile: mastershambler
-Shadow Lugia: kiiyame,
-Shinx: fluffyhoundour
-Smoochum: masterpetediddy, korth_dono, miss_fuu_chan,
-Spheal: zangooseel, rentorar, noctowl100, lunglock, rococomelodies,
-Spinda: masterpetediddy(*),
-Spiritomb: snowball21, mastershambler,
-Swampert: katcheecricket,
-Tauros: spiritwolven,
-Umbreon: aleyina, doomycaffei, synchrostatic, shindkrow, oldskoolstyle, rentorar,
-Vaporeon: kiiyame, doomycaffei, shindkrow, jeansama, folvey, theevilpotato, lunglock, charmystar, oldskoolstyle, buttribbons, mousealchemist, orangegarchomp, rentorar, pokezombie, rattatarose, marigoldkisses,
-Wailord: euripus, irethsune, katcheecricket, revanchists, sorcererhuntres, parkerer, theevilpotato, fluffyhoundour, akihio,
-Weavile: amai_psycho,
-Wishcash: korth_dono,
-Xmas Pikachu: masterpetediddy, (*)
-Xmas Piplup: masterpetediddy(*),
-Xmas Turtwig: masterpetediddy (*),
-Zorua: charmystar, celebiii

Currently sold out Pokedoll Wishlist! Retail: $10.95
  • Elekid pokedoll: snowball21, rattatarose, rentorar, thunderwolfcat, darkangelilith, ifeelasin, 
  • Eevee pokedoll (velboa): rehime,
  • Lucario pokedoll (velboa): evil_leprachaun
  • Munchlax pokedoll (velboa): darkangelilith, kneesocks, gonbe563, hello_jello, xreachtheskyx, misterdeluxe, luvbi, jedi_amara,
  • Snorlax pokedoll (velboa): leemax, darkangelilith, melodicrevival, hello_jello, mikiojames, nicolarbear, rehime,
  • Arceus pokedoll (minky): usagimakeup, Sodapopninja, spinnigold, mcflury10,
  • Chimchar pokedoll (minky): chamo_chan (holding),
  • Darkrai pokedoll (minky) usagimakeup,
  • Dialga pokedoll (minky): Sodapopninja, mcflury10, silverhawk33, 
  • Giratina pokedoll (minky): blue_drag0nfly, darkangelilith, Meowllz, spinnigold, mcflury10, tealbulbasaur, bluehyaku, storms_in_orbit, first_mate_kate, thalnos8888,
  • Palkia pokedoll (minky): Meowllz, Meowllz's friend (xD),mcflury10,
  • Piplup pokedoll (minky): wildorched (holding), rococomelodies,
  • Shaymin pokedoll (minky): winter_sonata1, orangecorgi, usagimakeup, royalballoon, mcflury10, orangecorgi, fluffyhoundour, first_mate_kate, 
  • Skymin pokedoll (minky): jadekitty777, Meowllz, Sodapopninja, Shayminlove, winter_sonata1, mcflury10, tealbulbasaur, bluehyaku,
  • Turtwig pokedoll (minky): xclaretx, kitsunewho, silverhawk33,
  • Entei pokedoll (minky): spideyroxas, Meowllz, mcflury10, silverhawk33, 
  • Flareon (velboa): espie, chatsy, blue_drag0nfly, bluehyaku,
  • Jolteon pokedoll (velboa): espie, winter_sonata1, bluehyaku, katcheecricket, 
  • Latias pokedoll (velboa): myvampirelust19, silverhawk33, sheimi4,
  • Latios pokedoll (velboa): spideyroxas, silverhawk33, sheimi4,
  • Riolu pokedoll (minky): kitsunewho
  • (Spiky eared!)Pichu pokedoll (minky):
  • Raikou pokedoll (minky): spideyroxas, Meowllz, mcflury10, bluehyaku, silverhawk33,
  • Skitty pokedoll (velboa): sparkysparkster, zer0_digits, silverhawk33,
  • Suicune pokedoll (minky): Meowllz, silverhawk33,
  • Groudon pokedoll (velboa): kitsunewho, mcflury10, miss_citrius,
  • Ho-Oh pokedoll (velboa): celebiii, myvampirelust19, yurusumaji, mcflury10,
  • Kyogre pokedoll (velboa): yurusumaji, eternal_rena, mcflury10, storms_in_orbit,
  • Lugia pokedoll (minky):   spideyroxas, scribbits, royalballoon, mcflury10,
  • Lucario pokedoll (Velboa):
  • Pikachu pokedoll (velboa):
  • Celebi pokedoll (velboa): lovedbyahero, mcflury10,
  • Chikorita pokedoll (velboa): winter_sonata1, xclaretx
  • Cyndaquil pokedoll (velboa): hamburger, antoj, grind3h, spideyroxas, soulsilver_iv, winter_sonata1, miss_citrius,
  • Totodile pokedoll(velboa): liewqi, rococomelodies
Currently sold out Figure Wishlist! Retail: $5.49
  • Suicune figure: sheimimomo, chargan_rawr, echizenakira, myvampirelust19,
  • Entei figure: girlmecha, echizenakira, myvampirelust19,
  • Raikou figure: lickskillet, starscream8, echizenakira, myvampirelust19, tealbulbasaur,
  • Ho-Oh figure:
  • Lugia figure:
  • Latios figure:
  • Latias figure:
  • Giratina figure: 6_05,
  • Darkrai figure:
  • Dialga figure: anodyne_geno,
  • Palika figure:
  • Lucario figure:
  • Pikachu figure: mysticeden, jadekitty777
  • Jirachi figure: happyjolteon,
  • Heatran figure:
  • Regice figure:
  • Registeel figure:
  • Regigigas figure:
  • Charizard figure: echizenakira, first_mate_kate, mitgas, usagimakeup,
  • Garchomp figure:
  • Chikorita figure (from the other mall kiosk): echizenakira,
  • Cyndaquil figure (from the other mall kiosk): thunderwolfcat, echizenakira, miss_citrius,
  • Totodile figure (from the other mall kiosk): echizenakira,
  • Celebi figure (from the other mall kiosk):
  • Mew figure (from the other mall kiosk): waruihikari*,
  • Arceus figure (from the other mall kiosk):

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So i bought a MIB laying typhlosion kid from a user's sales post here, and last i heard it was shipped my way but i havent gotten it yet, and i cant remember the user's name. Heres a pic from their sales post with my kid included if this helps any:  SOLVED TY
Also on a side note, has anyone ever bought an item from Y!J using one of the deputy services, and the service pays the seller but the seller never responds/ships out item? Im in such delima atm with another typhlosion kid >,< SMJ tells me after 14 days (its been 11 so far) they will contact the seller or wipe it from my account. Has anyone else dealt with this?
Pokemon - Buds

(no subject)

+other TCG goodness! (and a mini card binder and POSTERS!)

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Also a note that nothing has been shipped out from me yet. Everything is not only shut down, but completely iced over and I don't do driving on ice.
I'm hoping to start mailing things tomorrow, but it all depends on the weather.
maractus 2, cute

TCG wants/price questions

I've decided what TCGs I'm going to "officially" collect: the Stunky Line, Natu line and of course, the Machop line (as well as Yuka Morii cards)
I'm focusing on the Machies only right now, and just finished my wants list, in ~nifty picture format~

I'm wondering how much I can expect to pay for some of these, the rarities, etc. (I know the LVL X and probably some of the Japanese-only versions are probably gonna cost me more)
Also, vending cards. Are those considerably rare? I hardly know anything about them, but some of the cards I need are from that set =X

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My apologies for suuch a boring post ^^;

(no subject)

 Hi collectors! 
Today im posting with a question, and some awesome kids sales, where 99% of kids are $1!

So firstly, everyone has special small items in their collection, that are very close to their hearts, or that you keep in a super special box or pouch somewhere. Or at least i do!
I never imagined that it would end up being eevee related, but i think that we all got hooked on the multicoloured rainbow drugs, that are the eeveelutions!

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Click the picture to be teleported to the sales.


Hello everyone!! I am new here  my sister ifeelasin encouraged me to join so here I am ^-^  Anyways the only thing I really want a lot right now is a spring shikijika and a yorterrie I don't really have alot of money to spend  but   if anyone has any they would like to sell me please do.

Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

WANT post. :3 Oh, and possible GA? :)

Well, there's this GA. With some kids I've been looking for. But I don't have sales permish.
I absolutely ADORE doing spreadsheets and math and everything like that, I just can't do anything with the actual product in terms of the community. ;_; If anyone would like to co-host with bidding and shipping, I would be really happy.
Although it ends in less than a day, and if I don't get any co-hosting interest in about 6 hours, there probably won't be enough time to get everything set and enough time to bid. :(

Please PM me or reply to this post if you're interested! :)

GA post is up! :D

Auction pics:
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Looking for talkies..

Hey everyone! I hope this post isn't useless, but I'm looking for talking Tsutarja, Mijumaru, and Pokabu. I'm hoping to at least have 1 of them before March since I have some events planned and would prefer to have a talking Tsutarja with me rather than my 10" Branpesto one.

I hope to eventually get all three, but I know that they are expensive. I can't afford the ones on ebay, so I thought I'd ask here.

1st priority is Tsutarja, because he's my favourite Pokemon of Gen V.
2nd priority is Mijumaru because my fiance really wants us to have that one.
3rd Priority is Pokabu because I'd like him for my cosplay accuracy-my Pokemon Trainer White cosplay.
Pokemon: Shikijika duuuurr

Fire and Thunder!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I did a collection update, it seems all the time I'm seling my stuff. Hahaha. :)

Well, my last collection post was in October and well a lot of things have been happening since then! I made it to Naval Basic training, but unfortunately I fell seriously ill and had to discharge for my on health and well being. So for the moment I'm unemployed until I get my health and well being sorted out. :)

But I did have enough spare cash to pick up some Gen V cuties! And make a cool custom. Won't you take a look?

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thanks for looking!
Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Pokemon Pan!

Does anyone know if anyone anywhere offers "Pokemon Pan" for sale? I have always wanted to try at least one and would like to get a little sticker too of course.

I don't know what flavor I want exactly but as long as it isn't spicy I'd probably like it. So does anyone know if these can be found online anywhere?o_o
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Collection update with a bigger update!

For starters! I will be attending the Pokemon Black and White Mall tour in Washington this Saturday with friends! I will be cosplaying Dento/Cilan along with many others cosplayers such as a Pichu, Venusaur, Professor Oak, White, Ash and Cheren! Say hi if you see me! I plan on taking many pics there and posting n update of it here ASAP!

I am still waiting on several packages but due to flying out of town tomorrow, I will have a large update when I return!

In the meantime, here are some of the recent gets I picked up as well as one of my top grails!

Many thanks go out to
kawaiikes- for various kids here!
[info]senshi_of_ruin -for Steelix Sneasle, and Ariados kids [info]aleyina   for more awesome kids!
mana_mihara for the Kyogre Tfg and new cards!
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akihiko, sweatervest, 3, persona, sanada

Introduction Post

 Hello everybody! I am new to this community, after manning up and deciding to join after a month or so of lurking XD This is the main reason I got a LJ account, truthfully

Anyway, I started playing Pokemon when I was about 7, and my very first game was Pokemon Gold! Ever since Pokemon came to the United States, I had been in love with them. I had always had various merchandise throughout the years, but as I started growing up I got rid of al of my stuff :( But now, after a trip to Nintendo World in New York City late December and the recent purchase of Pokemon Soulsilver, my love for Pokemon has rekindled greatly! I am a new collector, starting just this year, and I find it much fun! 

My favorite Pokemon is Shaymin <3 Although I am partial to older Pokemon (1st and 2nd generation FTW!) I couldn't resist this guy! Just too adorable to resist! ;_; I hope to collect more merchandise with Shaymin, but it all depends on my wallet XD. I also like to collect Eeveelutions as well as Lucario, and I want to see my meager collection expand, with the help of you guys! When the 5th generation comes out in the US, I also want to start my own Darumakka collection!

Well enough with the text, now on to my collection!

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Thank you and happy collecting! :D 
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S Greninja Pokedoll

a few more gets (incl. an unexpected grail)

Hey again! I don't normally post this quickly (and probably won't update again for a while) but I got a few more things over the last couple of days that I wanted to share. :3 Click the cut for more (you know you want to!)

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As for the grail, I recently made a purchase on eBay of something I didn't actually know existed (though I'm probably a derp for saying that haha). I debated whether or not to buy it but... eventually I gave in. I've decided that had I known it existed it would have been a grail of mine so I'm very excited to receive it! I'll let you guys know when it arrives! :D /purposefully vague

That's all for now, thanks! ^^
David Collings - Dark Towers

Collection update!

While I say update, the first time I posted here was also the last - and that was near the inception of this wonderful community! So, I guess this a re-intro post of sorts.

I adore Dragonite and it's the only Pokemon that I really actively collect. I'd like to expand it even more but am not currently adding to my collection due to medical issues and huge bills. I just pulled out the last box of figures I hadn't put on display yet and added them to my shelf, so it's time for a collection update! The majority of these items have come from sales in this awesome community with a few I've imported myself.

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I also have small side collections of Professor Oak and Buizel, but nowhere to display them right now! In the future when I have more room, expect another update!
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Why is this collection post so HUGE.


So I've got so much crap to show you guys, including some, VERY much wanted Venu's. 8)

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Now lalala I have wants.

Unfortunately I lost the Recall Venusaur plush in my last GA, SO NOW I'M CRAWLING COMING TO YOU GUYS.
I know this is amazingly unlikely, but if you have ANY OF THESE PLUSH, I WILL TAKE THEM OFF YOUR HANDS.

Lol yeh, look at me asking for a Bell Plush. THEY'RE COMMON, RIGHT?
But yeh, if you have ANY of those, omg I will throw money at you like MADNESS. Even if you see any of these plush up for sale, please oh PLEASE PM me with a link so I can win it or something. ;u; I'd love you forever.

But also, can anybody give me much more information on the last Venusaur plush I pictured? It got put up on PPP a few months ago, and I kind of freaked a little. 8| Apparently it's a 90's Burger King plush from the UK. Is this guy hard to find? Well, obviously it's illusive, since that picture is the only thing I've seen of it. 8| BUT STILL, any info on it would be pretty nifty.

And and annnddd, if you guys find any lots with a Dunsparce Kid with it, SEND THAT TO ME TOO. I found a single one on Y!J, but I just don't feel good about spending so much on a regular Kid. :'c Plus I need to request shipping for mah Noppin box soon BAWW.

Oh, I MAY be posting a pointless photostory tomorrow. 8| Sorry in advance for being a spammy spamer.
Ok, I'm done guys, thanks for reading all my crap. :D ILU.

See Retsuden run! Run Retsuden run!

 Hi all

my local anime store has got a stock of Retsuden stamps:

I'm planning to do a run soon for them, but I want to gauge interest. Despite the open Espy, the owner's confirmed that they will be sold blind packed, so if there's either a stamp you want from either series 7 or series 9, comment and tell me. Also tell me if you'd be interested in buying a blind bag (i.e. unopened)

I'm thinking of buying 10 or so at a time and opening them, and then offering them to interested parties. I'm also happy to buy blind bags for people if you want the thrill and don't particularly care what you get!

Blind bags would be around $5 (unfortunately the pound's getting stronger against the dollar) and ones I buy to open would be auctioned off.
Set lists are here: pkmncollectors.wikia.com/wiki/Retsuden_%28Stamps%29 (Diamond and Pearl 7 & Diamond and Pearl 9)

Cheers all, and a ditto update coming eventually. I swear. :3

*Cash value ¥0.00001
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Intro + Questions about my stuff!

Hello everyone! I go by windy or Sarah, and I've been a member here since early November I believe, though I have yet to buy anything or even comment! Shocking, I know! I'm incredibly shy and that has prevented me from purchasing items. Just making this post is making my heart rate rise like I'm about to give a speech. ;(

I've been a fan of Pokemon since Red and Blue came out here. I have a few games, and have since imported and beaten Black. I'm super excited to play English White, too!

I have a pitifully small collection of plush as of now, mostly because I am a poor student living at home without a job. I am waiting on a Yanappu/Pansage UFO from Ebay and some Piplup and Kyogre plush from a friend, though. Yay, Christmas money!

Here's a pic of what I have now - see? Pitiful! All plush are of my favs, though not all of my favs are represented. I also love Altaria, Archeops, and Washibon/Rufflet, among others. Birds, mostly. :)

Questions about my other Pokemon items are under the cut.

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Zoro Derp

Ruby&Sapphire GA reminder

Sorry about posting this with all of the GA business going on, but.... reminder for this GA!!

Click the pics or here to be transported!

The second lot is doing fine, but it looks like we've got some competition for the first lot.... it might be a little tough to win that one, especially with good discounts. =/  But the GA ends Saturday night, so let's work to get those bids in!!!

On another entirely different note, you guys might actually be actually seeing a collection update from me soon!!!  I KNOW IT'S TAKEN FOREVER AND AT THIS RATE IT'LL PROBABLY BE ME CELEBRATING A YEAR... XDD  But I finally have a nice set-up, so I'm excited to show off all of the stuff I've gathered from being here. >w<

And for those of you who are curious about packages, I've gotten a few small ones out, but I've been suffering from that little thing called "weather" (as everyone else has been from what it sounds like...) and won't be able to ship the majority of them until after this weekend. D:  Thanks for being patient with me. <3  I will try my best to get some more out tomorrow!