February 3rd, 2011

New Arrivals

A few new (and some old) items are now available for me to pull for the comm. =)

Everything below can be added to orders that have not been shipped yet.


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GB Participants for Feb issue of Famitsu DS + Wii (and the shoulder bag)


Here is a shipping update:

Back log is about 2 weeks out, I apologize for the delay.  But if you need something quick for a GA or a gift, please remind me and I will expedite the shipping. ^_^;;

Paypal information and shipping rules can be found in the out-dated-sales page. =3

Eeveelutions GA? Why did you even ask here?

The starting price is super low now. I can not even think of a reason why not hosting this. Please let me know if you are bidding on this. For possible GA host, just PM me and I will give you the link. Remind me if you think there are too many asking for GA posts recently or you think I post GA info too often. :) I will not participate or help co-host due to heavy college work these days. Happy bidding!

[info]mana_mihara has asked me for the link. Please wait a minute for her(?) to set everything up. ^^

The New and Improved Getupkid 619 Pokemon Center

The Getupkid619 Pokemon Center has moved!
I have also added High Quality Scans of everything for sale!
Please check it out!
If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!

I've added new cards from:
Black and White Collecion
Base Set
Jungle Set
Fossil Set
Gym 2 Set
Neo 1 Set
Neo 2 Set
E-Series 1 Set
E-Series 2 Set
E-Series 3 Set

I had 62 packs last week and they sold out in 4 hours. So make sure you jump on these!
For every booster pack you buy you can choose 4 Common/Uncommon Card or 1 Non Holo Rare.

(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(R)Trainers Cards $0.50
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25
Booster Pack Wrappers $0.25
Booster Packs - $4.00 SHIPPED WITH FREE CARDS!!!!!

Card List Updated 02/03/2011 6:00 AM

Alola Vulpix
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Clear Kids GA - Pay Me!

Invoices are in and payments are due for the Clear Kids RUSH!GA. We raised about double the total for both the auction and shipping to me, many of you will be quite pleased with the discounts! Please send all payments to [email removed] with "Clear Kids Rush GA Payment 1" somewhere in the payment with your username :)  

If you're in the US, pay the first amount - if you're out of the US, pay the second - simple enough!  Please comment here with your location so I can add it to the spreadsheet for reference.


Please pay as soon as possible - the exchange rate has been fluctuating greatly within the past couple of days, if we wait too long to pay it's possible that we'll have to pay more.

Thanks everyone ♥

(To the participants of the kitbug Massive Kids GA: I'm so so sorry, but the shipping supplies I ordered nearly half a month ago now have still not arrived. You're all aware that the Northeast US has been hit with ridiculous winter weather this month and I was told that the delay is blizzard-related. Again, I'll have your totals calculated as soon as these arrive and I apologize for the wait!)
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My fellow Pokemon Collectors...

I am 92 days away from graduating nursing school. The past couple of semesters have been hell, but Pokemon collecting has been a bright and shining point in the darkness. I haven't been doing collection updates because my camera doesn't work anymore... and being a student with only my husband's income we aren't going to be getting a new one for a little while. I did want to share with you three pictures from my phone that aren't bad! So without further ado, meet my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon, for obvious reasons, and let me show you some of my collection setup!
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sales post!

Hey guys! wanted to let you know that everything has been shipped! Its been rough with the weather, yick! I'm ready for spring already!

Anyway I still have lots of great plush for sale! including new pokedolls and a ton of others! Also all the kids I have for sale are $1 each! woo!

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Thanks for looking!

small collection gets + sales

Aaaa I'm so sorry for the shipping delays, to the people who are still waiting on sales/GA things from me! January has kind of sucked in terms of school, weather, and being sick.. but I'm hoping to have the last bunch of packages out this Saturday! Thank you very much for your patience! ;u;

In other news, I got a few neat things this past week! Click the cut for a few collection things and some sales c:
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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Cherrygrove City: Sales Update

Hey guys, just did a sales update :D Added a Butterfree Pokedoll and an Eevee Pokedoll as well as a couple of other items


Meme time :D
Post a pic of your pet with a pokemon item

Here's my dog, Jango, with Baby, my pikdadoll

Trashbags and Heart Bat Crochet Auction

Hello everyone!  I have recently recieved sales permission and was hoping to start out with a small Ga, but do to time and a possible move coming up I don't want to risk a sudden address change, so I'll wait and keep an eye open for the perfect GA for you and me. 

Until then I come bearing 2 crochet pokes that I would like to try on Auction with.  I have too little room to keep everything I make on my desk and would love for these little guys to find a great home!
So do you love Trashbags and Heart Bats? If so check it out!

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shipping delay with mini-photostory

-Lapras used Blizzard on Mineral Wells!!

-Chari used Sunny Day on Mineral Wells!
...the attack missed! D:

So...yeah. This weather is insane! I can't believe North Texas got THIS MUCH SNOW!
It is unreal! And caused 4 straight days of no school hurrayyy! D8> Sorry for not being able to
ship anyone's stuff that recently bought from my sales! I'll hopefully be able to ship next week! ^^
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Wants and help requests

I don't know if this is a common sort of request or not, so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong...

Anyway, I saw this little guy on Ebay, but they only ship to the States... And I have a friend who'd die for one. Is there anyone who would be so kind and get it for me? I'd be happy to pay a few extra dollars as a thanks. On the other hand, if anyone here has the same plush for a decent price, that would do just as fine. Or anything else Swampert related, I'd be happy to buy them too! Mudkip and Marshtomp are okay too in some cases, but Swampert is my friend's number 1 want. :3

And this little one would be for myself. I've wanted one for ages and this one is the first one that would actually be cheap... It's not in the best possible condition, but it's still cute. And once again shipping within the US only... It's annoying. So please help?
I want to have both a Pikachu and a Pokewalker on my belt! x3

Helper found, thank you! ^^

And while I'm at it, I could list a few more wants.

Raichu wants:
- Raichu mega block
- Raichu line mighty beanz
- Raichu zukan (though I've seen how expensive they are so it's probably something I can't afford just yet... :<)
- Raichu retsuden stamps
- Raichu candy grabber
- other random Raichu things (I should probably go through Gin's collection to see what I want x3)

I really should start collecting feedback so I can get a sales permission. I've already spent more than I was supposed to... x3
Two Buis

Buizel mini-grail get! :3

Hi, pkmncollectors! A couple of weeks ago, I got a very special package in the mail! :D Mini-grail get! I meant to post about it earlier, but I am a total bum when it comes to making posts. Anyways! Here I am now, to share this happiness with you - others who can appreciate how great it feels to get your hands on something you've been itching for. C:

What could James be so interested in? :O

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I'm still expecting a few more Buizel plush in the mail, so I will be doing a full collection update then. I wanted to be able to devote this post to my special newcomer. :D Thanks to everyone for reading!
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Temporary Sales And Some Upcoming Stuff.

Okay guyss; I kinda need $20 due to personal stuff, so I'm selling a few things, this sales post includes some plushies (San-X, Sanrio, Pokemon, TY, Etc.), cards, erasers, etc. Please have a look if you find the time! Also, I have a Espeon PRIME I'd be willing to let go of for abouttt... $6, she has some slight warping, just let me know if you're interested!

Also, I'm waiting on two more packages then I'll have a collection post! Yayy~! I'm so proud of how well I'm doing considering I'm collecting Umbreon xD. Also, does anyone have a pokecharacter? Mine is above, her name is LunaLisp :D.

GA Reminder & Sales/Offers!

Just a reminder that this GA has about a day left, so get your bids in!

The original auction is here:

Also. there's still lots of stuff left in my sales!


And lastly I've decided to put my DX Fuzzy Raichu up for offers/possible trade. I haven't decided on an end date yet. More info after the cut!
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First day of school (PHOTOSTORY AHOY)

So today is my last day of summer holidays. D: Tomorrow I'll have to go to school, and START VCE (aka, year 11/12 in Victoria. I'M DOING YR 11 THIS YEAR WOOT. :c). BUT TODAY I'M SO BUSY WITH HOLIDAY HOMEWORK I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PREPARE MY STUFF UGH. ;n;

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And don't worry, I'm not planning to post for a bit since SCHOOL WORK./bawwww
But my next update will be a full Venu update I'M EXCITED PERSONALLY. 8)

Pokemon Badge Project: Return To Pokemon-Badge Mountain (or JOHTO!)

As you may have gathered from the title, I'm back! And I'm doing the Johto badges this time!

Its still veeeery early in the project, but here's what I've got so far (though none of this is set in stone):

-Price will be $35 for a set (and that includes shipping) regardless of where you live, its a flat rate this time!  Everything will be done through envelopes most likely.
-The bigger badges will be scaled down to 1.25 inches rather than 1.5 inches (bigger being more circular)
-If you missed out on the Kanto badges, its still not too late! I've got around 25 sets left, though I'm asking $50 plus shipping for them if you're interested!

I've also set up a twitter page for updates, if you want to follow that! (http://twitter.com/#!/pkmnbadges)

Sorry for the lack of substance to this post, I'll be making another one once the designs get in! (my artist is taking exams this week)

cute pidgey

Small Wants - Birds

Its been a long while since I posted a wants.  Though just going to do a small one for the time being as I re-organize my entire collection and make room for more grass snakes alongside my birds :3

I'm looking for strictly PIDGEY and PIDGEOT (I used to collect pidgeotto...but then I realized I didn't like him nearly as much as I do the other two) merch that I don't have :D

Highlighted high want items include:
-Pidgey Applause plush
-New Pidgeot Attack kid (its the last one I need outside clears and repaints.  Though if you have a spare pidgey kid I might take it off your hands to recolor shiny)
-Pidgey/Pidgeot charms (these have eluded me for awhile now)

-Just show me whatever you have to offer of these little birdies.  (Not really looking for flats at the moment, unless they are unusual flats)

Non pidgey line items I'm looking for:
-Dragonite movie kid (I don't collect dragonite but I love the cute kid with the messenger bag)

For Trade:
I have a minty with tags Umbreon pokedoll (Older US release, one of pikachu's ears on the tag has a crease)  I'd gladly trade it for a Snivy pokedoll :3 (with tag please)  (If you want pictures just ask!  :3)
White wuffy howlin&#39;
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Eeveelution Charm GB!!

So I'm more or less just kind of a shopper here, I've yet to do a collection post or anything of the sort. No worries. I SHALL. Someday.

I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 12/09/10, and now I thiiiink my first endeavor shall be a GB. =)

I'm gonna run it on these guys:

I'm laying a claim on Vaporeon only, but the rest need homes--only Eevee needs a claim!! All charms claimed!! YAYY~

And they're gonna be like 11 or 12 bucks shipped, c'mon peeps that's awesome. ;D

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Eevee: agirl3003 - paid!
Espeon: caterpie - paid!
Umbreon: kattotang - paid!
Jolteon: ryunwoofie - paid!
Vaporeon: alueus - paid! (duh xD)
Flareon: tyltalis - paid!

*edit*: Alrighty. I was told the charms were sent out on Monday (2/7/11), so give it a couple weeks for them to arrive to me. ^^