February 4th, 2011

My Collection

Um... I'm not sure how to do this, but since I just got my Reshiram in the mail, I figured this was a good time to do a collection post since all I did was lurk.

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Thanks for your time!!

e: I FORGOT TO MENTION!! I know that the current merchandise is all pro-Unova Pokemon. Therefore I'm really looking forward to getting plush of Scraggy, Mandibuzz, and Scolipede!
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Collection Update :)

Hello all! I've done a lot of spending recently. I'm now pretty strapped for cash... I need to put some money in my bank!

Anyway, I have a picture post to show you my new gets of 2011. There are still more on the way, but I'm going away to America on the 17th (I live in the UK) to stay with my best friend for 3 months! So I think this will be one of my last posts here from my house in Wales for a good while :3

As a teaser; a group shot of my new merch:

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So that's my update! I've told myself I'll pay off the sellers and GA's I owe and NOT buy anything else, since I have no money and will be in America soon haha. Let's see if I keep to that, cos knowing my luck something rare will pop up and I'll be a huge Bidoof and buy it :P
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Quick picture post

Haven't been active here for a while, but considering snow is an EXTREME rarity here in south central texas (specifically WITHIN San Antonio, TX to begin with), the pics I just snapped is a pretty big rarity around here. So me and my friend decided to share these three pics especially with you guys.

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Like I said, small update, but considering the rare occasion around here, why not? :P


Hi everyone! So I finally maned up and figured out how to bid on SMJ and I won the auctions I bid on!!! SO I won 4 auctions and it is taking quite a long time (to me) to get the invoices... but one did go through and I paid for it NOW HERE IS WHERE I need the HELP! so i have paid for it right, I guess now I need to request it to be shipped to me??? I don't really understand what I am suppose to do after I pay for the item, do I request for it to be shipped to me now, what option do I choose to mail it? EMS first class etc and when do I pay for that shipping? I have read SMJ about this or tried to many times but it just leaves me more confused! SO CAN MY FELLOW POKEMON FRIENS help me out.! thanks everyone! y'all are the best!

Mijumaru Egg Auction ends tonight!

Hi hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that the auction for my Mijumaru/Oshawott amigurumi egg ends tonight at Midnight, EST.The current bid is $15. Check it out here:

On to the Pokemon Nursery!

And so this isn't completely pointless, here is the next in the series. This time, Pokabu!

Altaria Pokedoll for size comparison :3 Approximately 6inches tall.

Commission slots will open tomorrow(Saturday) at Noon, EST. As of right now there will be 10 slots. Once those 10 slots are filled, commissions will be closed until they have been finished and shipped. Then the next round will open. Expect the price to be $15-$20 depending on the complexity of the design.

If you have a specific design in mind I would be more than happy to recreate said design for you, otherwise all designs are my own interpretation.

And since a couple people have asked, while it's not exactly accurate, I'd be glad to make eggs of any pokemon, not just 1st Stage evolutions.

And that's it :O See you tomorrow and have a great Friday!
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(no subject)

The Southcenter Mall Seattle, WA BW Tour starts tomorrow! Go ahead and let me know if you're coming or if something has changed. :)

I will probably arrive there a little after noon since I have to go pick up my friend on the way. I'll have a custom DX Giratina Pokedoll with me and will be wearing this on Saturday. And on Sunday I will have my 1/1 Desumasu and possibly Reshiram Pokedoll and will be wearing the other side C:

Anyone interested in a Sakuracon comm meetup in April? Won't be free like this buuuuut~
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Possible GA?

This auction looks like it has some interesting items (tomys, kids, & eeveelutions).  Maybe someone would be interested in running a GA on this lot?

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A birthday wants post!

Hello there! As the subject says this is a boring old wants post but it also happens to be my birthday today! YAY! I am turning nineteen (that's still young, right?)

Anyway, onto the wants! I was bored this week so I made it all pretty~ XD
Collapse ) EDIT! Here's a picture that my friend drew me for my bday. Bad webcam picture is bad, I apologize.

Quick Draw!

Jakks Figures!

Well I took a run to the store today and found a nice surprise (I really wasn't expecting my meijer to get them)

I have on hand:


Would need to go back to store, and for these I'd need payment sent first
and if item is no longer available I'd send a refund:

Gible x2
Luxio x2
bibarel x2
swinubv x2
azurill x2

I was wonder would anyone like me to get them something?

I am currently on my phone so I can't give full totals as of right now. But I can always come back and hope they are all still here :)


Hi there! I have a plethora of nicknames~ You may call me Luckless, Lucky, Prince,  or whatever floats your boat as long as I know that you are referring to me! :3  I was searching for weavile and sneasel figures and came across this community very many times and so I became a member here yesterday! [WOO!] but I have actually been lurking around here for a few weeks since I discovered this community xD
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My collection is rather miniscule right now haha, perhaps because I am a broke college student.... But I am also waiting for a few more items to arrive in the mail..But here are pictures of what I have collected.

sneasel weavile collection
That's the majority of the collection. [These guys are at my boyfriend's house] I actually don't collect pokemon cards, but a seller threw it in when they shipped me one of my sneasel kids xp

These two guys keep me company at my house xD

This guy is supposed to be coming in the mail along with a tomy sneasel figure I had ordered. He's got a paint chip or something on his head, but hey, he was free :b The lady who sold me the sneasel figure threw in this weavile kid due to the fact that she's rather late in shipping out my sneasel.

This little guy is also coming in the mail :3

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Thanks for allowing me to join this awesome community, and I hope to score some awesome Sneasel/Weavile merch, as make some new friends! :3


I'm not going to be subtle....



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the mew pokedoll tin is still up for offers here!
and I have added a BIN of $65 for it. I will be ending offers tmr, (sat, Feb 5) at noon PST.

I also have something else up for auction!

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and since I've gotten my grail, I'm considering giving up sir foxy :(
foxy sits in the corner of my room and unappreciated! So throw an offer at me, and I'll consider :')
all payment plans are welcome!

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Pokeballs and GAs

I needz thems >:]
I decided to make my fursuit a pokemon trainer cosplay for Otakon this year, and thus I seek this community's help!
I need a good sized pokeball, preferably plastic and actually functional that I would hold in-hand. I also want 3-5 smaller pokeballs (like when Ash makes them travel sized and puts them on a belt). These smaller ones dont have to be functional (though id like them too for added effect) but they'd need to have a chain or some way i can attach them to a belt/strap and have them hanging like xmas ornaments.

Secondly, I participated in a GA a while ago with tons of kids figures, i paid for my groudon kid and am now awaiting the next post of when the second payment is due. (I really need to start writing down names) The GA had a unique name that i think was Kitbug? I wanted to know the status of that GA, I just got a new job and so my free time has been gobbled up, thus i dont get to check the community posts as much as before :/ Thank you!
Thats it for now, I have some goodies coming from SMJ that I'll be sure to update :D

(no subject)

WHERE: Westfield SouthPark, Strongsville, OH
WHEN: February 5th (Saturday)
TIME: Since there isn't any info on what's going on when (aside from movie times), I'm going to tentatively say we meet at 11:30am in the food court.

Personally, I plan on getting there when the mall opens at 10, and I'll be pretty easy to spot as I'll be toting around my flareon canvas plush and be wearing this hoodie (which is, sadly, not pokemon related.. baaawww..)

So let me know if this will work or if things have changed or.. whatever really. XD;

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Kitbug and Plush GA Shipping~!

Our shipping supplies are here and I finally have shipping totals for participants of both these GAs :D  I appreciate everyone's patience - I know everyone really wants their items but the winter weather just wasn't very nice to us.  

(If you happen to know anyone who was wondering about the status of these GAs, please direct them to this post!)

Plush GA Totals: Spreadsheet for plush shipping payment here!

Kitbug Kids GA Totals: Spreadsheet for Kids shipping payment here!

**IMPORTANT**  If you want anything from these lots to be combined with anything you bought from my sales (or future GAs), please please PLEASE leave a note here!!  I've gotten a lot of combining requests within the last few weeks - I'd love for you guys to save on shipping but I literally have hundreds of GA items in my room right now and my memory isn't perfect ;)

Please send all payments to [email removed] with your username, the GA title, and what you won somewhere in the payment ♥

(If you need to contact me for any reason about these GAs or any other concerns, the best way to reach me is on AIM - AlliniaXI)
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Zukan auction reminder and weeding sales...

Hello folks...It's me again.

First I just want to remind you guys that rare zukan auction will end this Sunday (just 2 more days to go :D)  Many are still unbidded including Crobat zukan, etc. Just click the cut below to the page...

(zukan auction!!)

Now, as I am running out of space, I have decided to concentrate on collecting some specific pokemons like ninetales, espeon rather than just random cute ones (sometimes I can't resist them XD) so I decided to sell some of my collection here. Most of them are Chou get figures, chess figures and pencil toppers. Click the link below to check them out :)

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Thanks for reading guys. I hope you find something interesting here XD...
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Offers and...stuff!

As much as it pains me to say, I've been spending way too much money here. *coughtwopaychecksinarow*

So I'm putting up a few items for offers because I have a few things coming up I need to pay off.

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I also updated my sales post the other day, so go take a look!

Also I should get most/all customs done this week! :D
Rena: yes?

Sales update, wants, a question.

a) I have added a couple of new items to my sales post such as Snivy plushes, a Chikorita 10th anniversary Pokedoll and some Glaceon figures. Click on the banner to be directed.

b) It's probably gonna be a long shot but if you happen to have a Shaymin Sky Forme Pokedoll mascot charm (pictured here) for sale, please let me know? I am also interested in any kind of Skymin straps, as long it's the mascot kind (not flat ones, except the Pokemon Center metal charms) I would prefer to buy from community members if possible.

c) Recently I am addicted to collecting Pokemon Center tins, especially Pokedoll-themed tins.

This tin is my latest addition and I'm very happy to finally own it :D This tin has been on my most wanted list for quite some time but I had forgotten it has Pichu Pokedoll art on the other side! (Celebi and Magikarp are also featured) It was a nice surprise as I love Pichu Pokedoll artwork ^_^

It's in excellent condition externally but the inside smells of smoke... Is there a way to rid of the smell without damaging the tin?

Thanks everyone :)

Finally back! GA updates, commision update and collection updates oh my!


Long time no see B:

How's it hanging comm? I was in glasgow for 12 days and oh lord have I missed this place ;A;A; Lets get the boring stuff out the way first though...

second payment is due!

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and THIS ga...

got a small update on shipping status and whatnot B:

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Very overdue collection update. :T I was spurred to finally do it though when I got home from scotland and walked in to... this.

first, the gibles!

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also who could forget raichu :U

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AND FINALLY, to end this CRAZY LONG POST, a sneak preview:

I say, is that a standee preview? Good golly! Well I never!
Hoping I can FINALLY finish assembling these for you guys this week ;A; Thank you SO MUCH for your patience!

And that is...finally...the end :B Thanks for reading me rabbit on about pokemon goods and I LOVE YOU ALL <333