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Hey guys, I apologize for the super short post, but I have a question.  As far as I know, I now have all the different Mudkip kids for my collection.  However, I was looking at a website that lists all the different kids for every Pokemon and came across this:

According to the second picture and description, there's a DX kid.  Is this true, or is the website wrong?  If it's true, I desperately need this big guy in my life. 8]

Also, while I'm here, have some wants.
DX pokedoll
Pokedoll figure
Clear Tomy figure  *I have a picture, I know it exists!
PEZ dispenser
Any Mudkip figures or plush you may have sitting around.  Believe it or not, there are still some I don't have. xD

Thanks, guys!  I'm expecting things in the mail, so look for a collection update in the near future!
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Custom SHINY Tarot Cards Giveaway Reminder!

 Hey everyone!  The US Premier of the Zoroark, Master of Illusions movie on TV is within 24 hours!  Here's just a reminder of my custom SHINY Pokemon Tarot-styled cards giveaway!

I will be ending entries when the movie premiers on the east coast (7 PM) and I will pick the winners when the movie is over and announce who the lucky winners are in the post below!  

So get your entries in if you haven't yet!  You can do so here:

The winners has been drawn!  Find out who won in the link below!


Thanks again!

Anyone going to the Indianapolis Pokemon tour?

I just found out that I can go. I wanted to meet with one of my online friends, but he can't go it turns out. I was wondering if anyone is going, just curious. I'm not going to be in any costumes or anything, but I still want to know, maybe I might see someone. Maybe I'll bring a plush or someone with me.

Also, I got this in the mail.

Larvy! <3 I wanted to get him for a while, but I never got to get him on the group auctions. Now I have him!

pikachu plush help!

hi there!

sorry for the boringness of such a post during the weekend but i need some help identifying this pikachu plush! i really hope somebody can give me more information about it: year of release, name, value, etc etc. help a larvitar out, will ya? ;)

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thanks for reading guys! the comm is my go-to place whenever i need help and i'm really glad to have such a reliable and knowledgeable source for my pokemon merch questions. =D

The Pokemon Nursery is Open! - Commission Slots

So, I know I had previously said that the slots would be opening at Noon, but due to a last minute decision to go to Cleavland for the Black and White tour, I'm posting this early since it's a two hour drive for us. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Slots are now filled and this round is CLOSED. If you are interested in an Egg, please comment with what you'd like and you will be put on the waiting list for the next round. The next round will open in a couple weeks.

Thank you everyone!

Each slot is $16+Shipping

1: tamago226 - Mijumaru Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
2: tamago226  - Dakenki Egg - Paid - Order in progress
3: strigidae - Giratina Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
4: strigidae - Reshiram Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
5: hicke_chan - Lucario Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
6: hicke_chan - Gallade Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
7: tyltalis - Altaria Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
8: tyltalis - Growlith Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
9: byakuya  - Charmander Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
10: byakuya - Houndour Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
11: nightmare_chan2  - Chandelure Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
12: pika_lex - Pokabu Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
13: pika_lex  - Shiny Pokabu Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
14: darkangellilith - Shiny Bachuru Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
15:  mana_mihara - Shiny Dorieda Egg - Paid - Order in Progress
16: sentret_draws  - Shiny Sentret Egg

There are FIFTEEN (15) Slots available. I am raising the number to allow those who expected me to open up at Noon to have a fair chance at snagging one.

Each slot equals ONE (1) custom egg of your choice.

Each user may have up to THREE (3) egg slots per round.



Simply post your interest along with what you are interested in getting. I'll send out messages to let the waitlist know when the new round opens and they will have first dibs at the next batch of slots. This is to give everyone a fair shot at getting one, while avoiding swamping myself and not being able to keep up <3

1: straydogstarbck - Mightyena Egg


I will make any Pokemon type you'd like, regardless of evolutionary place e.g: Even though Bayleef evolves from a Chikorita, I will gladly make a Bayleef inspired egg.

If you have a specific design in mind that you want, please note me with the description and I will recreate that design to the best of my ability. Otherwise, all designs will be my own interpretation.

Eggs are made via tight crochet(amigurumi style), the exact material of the yarn will vary depending on the colors needed. All eggs hover around 6inches in height.

Once the slots are filled, the Nursery will be closed until all orders have been shipped out.


I accept Paypal only, this is for the buyer's safety and well as my own. I may make exceptions on a case by case basis, please note me if you'd like to discuss this further.


Once you have paid for your order, I will work on them in the order I receive them. Expect turn around to be 1-2weeks.

Your order will be shipped via USPS First Class and International shipping.

The eggs are not heavy, so shipping will be low an will be calculated, along with handling fees, once a slot is reserved.

All orders come with tracking that is factored into the cost.

Please feel free to ask any questions I have no answered until the Question thread. 

Thank you to everyone in advance for your interest and I can't wait to get started!

Final Note: I am leaving for Cleavland in about 20minutes so responses will be delayed(and don't via my phone, more than likely). Invoices will be sent out tonight, once I get home.
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BW Mall Tour goods!

Hey guys! I am sure you have heard about the BW mall tour by now. Well, it's first dates are happening today, and thanks to ritzyfoxx, here's what they have as far as merchandise goes!

(Click for super huge picture, if you are inclined!)

Pikachu, Zekrom, Reshiram, starters, Zoroa and Zoroark 2 in. figures - $5 ea.
Zekrom, Reshiram 6 in. figures - $10 ea.
(Ritzy has noted they do not look like TOMY figures)

Pikachu Pokedoll, Zoroa, Zoroark, starters Pokecen. plush - $10 ea.
Large Zekrom, Reshiram Pokecen. plush - $20 ea.

Shirts - $20 ea. and only come in youth sizes. (LAME)

EDIT: PRIZE WHEEL PRIZES after I think you do the scavenger hunt:
-1 of 3 Pokecen. starters plush.
-1 of 3 starters stylus.
-3 starters patches
-Phone charm with all starters.

Styluses and phone charms are prizes only, and NFS.

Human GA payment 1 FIXED >.>

sorry to all who saw this with BOTH links broken >.> It is all fixed now and I deleted the old post to avoid confusion. 

 To all who participated in the Human Kid GA, we won with amazing discounts :) The spreadsheet link will be down below. Please make sure to send all payments to

make sure you put your username with the things you won in the checkout instructions :) if you could comment your zip code that would be good too. Thanks.


Also, I am still missing payments from the denkimouse lot GA so please get your payments in please!

denkimouse spreadsheet:


tophercoy and snowball21 I still need your megablock GA payments...I have not heard a word from you so let me know right away when you will be sending payments :) I will also be PMing you


B/W Tour Pick-up / Pokemon Center Kiosk Run

To allow as many people as possible to see this, I will be darting out again tomorrow morning for this pick-up. However, orders received before I leave this evening will be picked up tonight.

If your item(s) are sold out, I will issue an immediate full or partial refund.

I am willing to take as many slots as possible within reason, especially for those unable to make it to the B/W tour. My paypal debit card enables me to do this. However, this means that it is important to pay promptly once I've given you a total, so I can be sure I am not picking up extra pokedolls I will have to eat the cost of. Thank you~!

If your item(s) are unavailable or sold out, I will issue an immediate full or partial refund.

This is the B/W Tour stock from hitosyura's very helpful post (check it out here for pictures and tons of information) and PRICES FOR PICK-UPS:
Zorua, Zoroark and Pikachu Poke Dolls ($16)
Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig plush ($16) - not pokedolls
Zorua, Zoroark, Pikachu, Reshiram, Zekrom, Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig Tomy MC figures ($7)
Youth T-Shirts of Pikachu, Starters and Dragons ($25)
12" Dragon Plush ($26) - these look like the PokeCen dragon plush.
6" Large Dragon Figures ($15)

Don't forget, I always give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls, and charge as little as possible for shipping!

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B/W Tour Pick-ups (some were already picked up on Saturday):

1. tufails (12" Reshiram) paid & picked up!
2. that_zorua (Zorua pokedoll, 12" Reshiram) paid & picked up!
3. mana_mihara (12" Reshiram, 12" Zekrom) paid & picked up!
4. agkelikos (12" Reshiram) paid & picked up!
5. techno4tomcats (Reshiram youth shirt, largest size) paid & picked up!
6. starlighteevee (12" Reshiram) paid!
7. phantomggirl (Oshawott) paid!
8. ember88 (Oshawott) paid!
9. nagaineko (12" Zekrom) paid!
10. chatsy (12" Zekrom) paid!
11. stephy_wolf (Tepig) paid!
12. derranged (Zoroark pokedoll) paid!
13. soultarja (12" Reshiram) paid!
14. eternal_rena (12" Reshiram, Zoroark pokedoll) paid!
15. soulsilver_iv (Snivy plush, Snivy tomy) paid!
16. leafyoddish98 (12" Zekrom) paid!
17. havvaiibabe (Zorua pokedoll, Pikachu pokedoll, 12" Reshiram) paid!
18. lonepichu (12" Zekrom)
19. miss_fuu_chan orangecorgi (Tepig plush) paid!
20. rowanlaurel (Zoroark tomy) paid!

Pokemon Center Kiosk Pick-ups:
1. scribbits (Chimchar) paid!
2. nirapants (Cyndaquil) paid!
3. mandysaurus_rex (Suicune) paid!
4. cinnri (Ho-oh) paid!
5. mcflury10 (Latios, Latias) paid!
6. dakajojo (Ho-oh, Chikorita, Cyndaquil x2) paid!
7. heychado (Munchlax) paid!
8. Sharmaine (Jolteon, Eevee) paid! (hold until March)

Pokemon Plush Sales!

This week I'd like to offer some plush up for sale! This sale doesn't have as many items as my previous ones, but I hope you'll still find something you like!

Click here for plush sales!

All packages paid for by February 1st were mailed out that day, so I can't combine with past orders unless you paid after the 1st.

Speaking of payments, I am still waiting for a response or payment from the following people:

Please don't leave me hanging, guys!

Oh okay I'm really dumb (wants post)

So, I made a post awhile back about wanting to get an Arceus plate UFO for my boyfriend for V-day. I got him the water plate one, I JUST FOUND OUT HE ALREADY HAS IT. OH BOY AM I STUPID. (I didn't give it to him yet, he mentioned which ones he already had) D:

SO, I am looking for another one that he DOESN'T HAVE this time. XD

The ones he actually has are Normal, Electric, Psychic, Water, and Fire.

I'm just looking for one he doesn't have already. And I am willing to pay between 13-20 dollars for it.

OR!!! If anyone would be willing do do a trade, that would be pretty awesome too! I have the water plate.

Zoro Derp

Final GA reminder. Sales. Happiny Airgurumi anyone?

Hey guys!  FINAL REMINDER for the RubySapphire GA.  Bidding ends at midnight EST tonight and we are definitely gonna be facing some competition on both lots, so BIDBIDBID.

Click the pics or here to be transported!

I also lowered prices on my huge kids sales and there are plenty to look at.   Please check them out here!  And don't forget about my regular sales either (also discounted). ;D

In other news, I'm taking offers on this pink beast:

It's a Happiny Airgurumi, as big as the Drifloon and large Piplup ones!

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A question


ok, this will be my last post for a while Dx  Sorry!

I need to ask about the BW world tour dates, I saw that they are coming to where to a place near me in the UK and a post below (ish) is talking about pokencen plush and figures being there. I am wondering

a) where are all the dates for the tours? I can only find the US ones

b) are they going to be selling the plush/figures there?

I am ecstatic for the release :B but going there and coming home with tonnes of plush and figures would be great!

I also have a couple of other questions which I am going to through at you 8D hooray!

Tyrogue merch. What is there out there? I just got my first merch for the side (the hasbro figure) and want to know whats out there. I know theres a kid, zukan, shiny hasbro figure but thats about it :B Not looking to buy but would like to know what awesome stuff is out there xD

tesshiido and nattorei merch, is there any? I only know of the nattorei UFO which I am getting like nothing on earth lol


sorry for the questions, but I'd like to find out 8D

thanks and have a lovely day!


Collection Update

It has been a while and my daughter's collection has expanded a little.  So, here is an update.

For those of you who aren't aware, my daughter runs a pokemon rehabilitation center.  Where poor pokemon who have been abused & abandoned by their trainers can find peace & quite.  These sad creatures have found someone who loves them despite their obvious short-comings.

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February Commissions and a Sales post reminder!

I'm opening commission slots for February! I've got a convention coming up in a couple of weeks, though, so I'm limiting the slots for this month.


Click on the banner to go to my commissions! I've got open slots for Pokéball Earmuffs, too~

I've still got plenty of stuff available in my sales posts, including a ton of TCG cards and some adorable plushies! Click on Articuno below to go to my directory of sales posts:

And finally, to anyone who saw my poll about which plush I should make on my upcoming long car trip, I've decided to go with Charmander, and possibly also a special surprise!


Small Call of Legends TCG Sales Post! Eeveelutions, Legendaries, and more up for grabs!

 Tired of me yet? Of course you are >_> I promise this is my last post for a while

Hey again everyone! I am back with a small sales post from the Call of Legends Pre-Release! 

Cards include various Eeveelutions, Ninetales, Legendaries, and tons more!

Received Sales Permission From denkimouse   On January 27th, 2010.

Feedback can be found here: anthonyjg10.livejournal.com/1889.html
 I accept PayPal, Concealed Cash (At Your Own Risk!), And Money Order.

 All Prices Are In USD And Do Not Include PayPal Fees or Shipping Cost.
All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.

 I Ship From NJ, U.S.; Gladly will send everywhere! But I will not responsible for lost of cards/damaged cards. I keep all receipts from the post office to show I sent out, anything other than that is out of my hands (unless paid for).

 Please feel free to send me a Private Message or message on AIM (S/N can be found in my profile) with any questions, concerns, comments, or offers.

 I Ship Out As Soon As Possible. It Will Never Take Me More Than 1 Week For You To Get Your Order Shipped Out.

 Haggling is always welcome! But please do not be upset if I feel its too low and refuse it.

 I Can Accept Holds For UP TO 24 hours. Anything longer than that will need to be discussed beforehand

 I would GLADLY Accept Trades, BUT Only For Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise or Snorlax Items. Looking for most things but a Wants list is here: anthonyjg10.livejournal.com/2233.html

Click under the cut for the cards!

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And a few last notes!

All orders from my previous sales that have paid are now sent! 

megami36 I sent you a few messages about the Team Rocket Poster, please let me know if you got any of them! 

Thanks for looking guys!
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Guess the meetup didn't go so well today as nobody really knew where to meet up haha. XD

I'm still planning to go again tomorrow so I think now I can try to organize it better. Seems like the best place to meet is the information booth at the East Entrance located between Sears and JC Penny's.

I will try to be at the booth area around noonish with my 1/1 Desumasu trying not to die from overheating because lol scarf and coat indoors.

I think most of the other posts regarding the tour have covered it but I'll add my two cents~

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