February 6th, 2011

char yay

Wanted! Lugia And Charmander, charmeleon , charazard

First time poster here. ^^;;;;

I go on sprees of collecting certain pokemon. At the moment, I'm in a Lugia, and Char collecting spree.

If you have -ANY- merch that -ISN'T- a bootie of these pokemon and are willing to sell, trade* or gift, I would like to see your offer. (*Trade for custom art or another pokemon item)

Thanks for taking a look! 8D
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Growly's Side Collections plus yet more Sales

I am still trying to weed things out for my move... and packing too! Today I packed what remained of my side collections and I thought I'd snap a few photos in the process. I was pretty merciless in my weeding. u_u

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EDIT: 2/12/11: THIS SALES POST IS CLOSED! All unsold stock is gone!

OKAY like I thought my last sales post was it before I moved... but since I've weeded down further I must post ONE LAST SALES POST. Sorry xD There's lots of new stuff though. Oh and before I forget, I do have lots of eBay auctions including a talking Cyndaquil plush, Koffing plush, and lots of Pokémon gameboy games: http://shop.ebay.com/grrrowly/m.html

-Paypal only, no holds longer than 24 hours
-I ship worldwide, rates start at 2.25 for US customers and go up from there. If your item requires a box (if you have a really big order I guess), it will be $5 or more.
-I will only accept trades for Growlithe/Arcanine stuff I don't have :D Not looking for customs ATM, just official items.
-Some degree of haggling is okay but note these are from my personal collection and there is a bit of personal attachment to them, sooo I may say no to your offer.
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Going to bed, will reply to all sales inquiries in the morning. Thanks! Just comment with your order and shipping location. ^^
Eevee & Vulpix
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Identifying help, please? plus a petition for new eeveelution figures

 Hi fellas! It's been a while since I posted last~

Anyways, as the title says I'm looking for more info about this Chillarmy  plush
(am I the only one who isn't getting used to his ENG name?) 

Anybody, know him? Even someone who has one? 
Plz tell me what you know about this lovely~

Also, I'm hosting a petition to try get topps make Eeveelution edition for the European Candy Containers and of course I decided to share it with the comm , check it out  ;D          Go sign it here 
Love all those who sign~
(will delete the link if it's not allowed to have it up here) 

My apologies for a boring post.. next time it will be a collection update for sure!

WANTED! Medium Size Articuno shirt! Pokemon 151

Hello, my name is Austin, I'm from the U.S. and I am new to this site/community. While browsing around for Pokemon items one day I stumbled across a few listings on here and knew I had to join.

My favorite Pokemon is Articuno, has been since Blue Version, and it will never change. I have just recently obtained one of my first collection pieces which I have wanted for years, UFO Plush Articuno ! =) (exciting, I know.)

With that said....
I am very much interested in purchasing the  Pokemon 151  Articuno shirt in a medium size.

I am a huge Articuno fan and this is a must have for me. If anyone has one for sale please let me know.

Thank you!
Vulpix  Pika

Last reminder for rare zukan auction!!! (& figure sales)


I just want to remind you guys that the rare zukan auction will end tomorrow night.
Just click the picture to check them out.

(zukan auction)
Also, I am still taking offers for these guys...just in case someone was missing the previous post XD. Again, just click the picture, will ya?

(rare eevee wants a new home :3)

Lastly, I have some pencil topper up for sales...please check them out in my sales ~~~

I promise that my next post would be more interesting since I expect a huge collection update lol - cya!
mudkipz do u liek me?
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Pokedoll Pickups Friday!

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If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

Thank you! Looking forward to a Pokedoll-filled Friday!

EDIT: Pokedoll Sticker Sheets!
Requests for ROUND ONE PEOPLE ONLY at the moment! Round two and onward will be able to make requests starting on the round two post!! Comment with your sticker orders even if the one you want is already crossed off! I will go back for more!






We won this auction!! I've had your totals since this morning but had to wait for my post to get off the frontpage lol.

is the spreadsheet.

 -Please send payments to: theresilienceofnature@gmail(dot)com
-Then leave a comment in this post so I can verfiy as received and let me know where i'll be shipping to (US+zip or Country).
-Once I get enough payments I'll pay and get it shipped over to me~

Go Here for the Auction Link
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

February Set Kids Wait List!

Hi, everyone! I recently ordered my box of B/W kids, Feb. set, and wanted to make a claim post, of some sort, for you guys to claim your February Kids!

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If this run goes well, I will do this for the Character Kids (Late Feb.) and BW2 DX Kids (March)! Happy claiming! (If you still need BW2 kids, or BW1 clipping figures, click here :3. After the 10th of this month, I will be integrating the leftovers into my collection, so take 'em while you can!)

Man Munna
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Final sales reminder and WE WON 13 hour GA

Hey guys, just a last call for my sales, as I'm going back to uni THIS AFTERNOON. I'm leaving at 1 PM EST, so anything not finalized by then is going to have to stay home!

Still very low offers on shadow lugia, TOMY recall jirachi, and roselia UFO Catcher, I'll be making final decisions tonight. Click to pic to be magically teleported   to the sales~

Also, We won this auction!

For totals and the spreadsheet, click the picture.

Poochyena for Valentines Day

I remember why I told myself I shouldn't spend too much time around here XD I just came back yesterday and I'm already making offers to buy stuff on here <333 AHHH but my birthday is coming up so it's alright, I'll have money ;3 And I've decided what I want to collect <33

Anyway, I want to get one of my best friends a gift for Valentines Day and both of us have the same favorite Pokemon, Poochyena. So I'm wondering if someone just has a small Poochyena figure or plushie, not too expensive, that I could buy for her for Valentines Day.

Collection Update!

Hey, guys! Just wanted to show you my up-to-date collection, and a few brand new gets just snatched up this morning!

(Also, in this pic above, you can see my Hasbro Pikachu plush! Had him for a while, but was at my mom's.)

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Back from the tour, and auctions/sales!

I had a pretty fun time at the B/W tour, even though I didn't really get to meet anyone. That was thanks to my dad, who told me last minute before we left that we couldn't stay long, so we didn't get to see the movie... I did briefly meet ambertdd and her awesome gira doll though. If anyone is wondering, I was the short girl with the only Emboar plush onsite. People kept asking me where to find it and I had to keep telling them it was sadly from Japan. ):

There have been tons of random pics floating around, so I'm not posting pictures of the actual event, but I thought I'd do some MERCH COMPARISONS to clear things up for anyone who might be wondering about differences between english/japanese goods. I obviously didn't buy everything, but I'll do my best. xD

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And now some sales and an auction! And I apologize, but the last set of sales I did STILL have not been shipped. This is due to a combination of things. Weather, homework, and life in general. Everything is packaged though, and will go out next week since I'm FINALLY getting available time (I babysit my own sister full-time).

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Custom Trainer - Front

Sales + Offers + Update

Good day everyone!

Hopefully my new icons won't cause too much confusion... I know you all are used to my well known Shiny Mews, but I have a lot of awesome custom art from Irene (moguryuu) that I've commissioned to spice things up a bit. XD

Anyway - on to business!

First and foremost... about this group buy:

Since there isn't enough interest to get multiple sets, I will be cancelling it for now. I might purchase sets myself to offer to the community, or may reopen a goup buy at a later date, but we'll see. My apologizies to those wanting to participate. <3

As always, are here. Please read them.

Buy Me
I've decided to do some collection weeding. I've lowered the price on most items, and feel free to toss out reasonable offers - I need to move these items out. However, please don't get upset if I do not accept your offer. <3

♥ Original American Chikorita Pokedoll (Mint with all tags) ~ $25 Shipped
♥ Super DX Chikorita Banpresto (Mint with all tags) ~ $23 Shipped
♥ Pikachu Bellplush (Mint, no box, back has some rubs from the original box) ~ $16 Shipped
14" Toy Factory Shinx Plush (Mint with all tags) SOLD
♥ Spinda Zukan (Mint, out of package) ~ $16 Shipped
♥ Tsutarja/Snivy Japanese PokeCen Plush (Mint with all tags) ~ $28 Shipped

♥ Pikachu Pokedoll Charm (Mint, no key ring) ~ $18 Shipped

Retired 2007 Pokedoll Stickers!

*Each one starts at $5.
*Shipping (includes fees) will be $0.50 if you're in the US, $1.00 if you're international.
*Respond with your offer to the respective thread in THIS thread. (Please wait for them all to be up before posting your offer All threads up!)
*Please note that these are very hard for me to part with as they are part of my personal pokedoll collection. I reserve the right to not accept offers, however if all the stickers get offers it's highly unlikely I will not sell these.

Thanks everyone, and good luck! <33

≤ $5 sales post!

hi there! i'm still on a fierce campaign to raise funds for V-Day so here's this week's sales post. the items on offer this week include gold, silver and normal Eevee and Umbreon Chous (i stop taking offers on 10 Feb, Thursday 10PM PDT) and the theme of this week's sales is "$5 and less!" for all direct sales items! features kids, charms, gashapons, and more Chous than you can shake a red diamond tummy at. ;)

(be hyper beamed into the shop here!)

thanks for reading! and to all Chinese comm members: happy Chinese New Year! =D

Another WTB omg

So I realized I need a place to store my tablet nibs. 8|

Does anyone have anything Shaymin Sky or Land, Latias or Latios, or Reshiram/Zekrom I can use as a nib holder? Or an Umbreon candy tin, though it's a long shot. I remember someone saying they used an Eeveelution candy tin as a nib holder and I flipped a table because I thought that was awesome.

Also lol namechange, I used to be Sheimimomo. Sup gaiz.

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New Pokemon Jakks Figures PICK UP

I am going to be doing some pick ups on the Pokemon Jakks figures!
They will be $14 shipped. That includes everything! Combined shipping available :D

Whats in stock: IN HAND
Espeon x1
Umbreon x1
Leafeon x1
Gible x1
Luxio x1
First come, first serve!!!

Whats in stock: AT THE STORE
Arceus x1
Rotom x1
Azurill x1
Swinub x1
Bibarel x1
Mismagius x1

There was only 1 Vaporeon and I am keeping it. Mwahahaha!
I have a few other stores in the area. So if I get enough demand I can go there and
check as well :)

I am gonna try to do like ewokie did and repaint the frill on Vaporeon XD


GA payment 1! + Collection site FINALLY done

WE WON, yyayy :D For start bid aswell!


Send payments to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk with your LJ name in the memo, then mark yourself off on the spreadsheet :)

AND YES, collection site, finally finished the bugger, just gotta scan a few more flats then it's complete!
If anyone wants to Affiliate just add me to your site and link me your site :D

Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Pikachu BW Tag?

Hey guys, just a quick question! I'll delete if/when I get an answer

I saw some pictures of the Zoroark/Zorua pokedolls and saw they had a BW tag. Is this the same for the Pikachu Pokedoll or does it have the one below?


Luxray, flareon, jolteon, Gengar and others up for offers now!

Some real life things have been happening to a loved fuzzy member of my family, so I am taking offers on some items, and eventually some weeding of Gengar, munchlax and furret items as well.
Usually, I am open to haggling on things, but not today as I need to save as much money up. (More info can be found in my journal if you want to look)

Anyways, I have for offers some nice items today.
Luxray UFO, 2004 Velboas flareon and jolteon, and ghastly, haunter and gengar charms and a few others up for offers.

Offers end Feburary 20th at 11pm EST.
(Gengar charms are being photographed in a moment.)

Please make offers in the appropriate threads, and follow all community rules.
Please be ready to pay asap if your offer is accepted.
Offers made outside of the offer thread will be ignored. Please respond the the person who offered last so they can know they have been out offered.
Thank you so much!

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Introduction & Collection Post

Hello hello!

My name is Natalie & I am a long time lurker of the community.
I thought it was best that I engage myself in the conversation because being a bystander is ridiculously one sided.

Anyway, I am from Toronto and am in my twenties :D
And you can guess from my username & icon, I am a big fan of Raikou.

I have been a Pokemon fan for most of my life and still remember the first day it premiered :D

I am a newbie when it comes to LJ so I hope I am following the right rules, but if I am not, please correct me.

Now, onto my collection!


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quick wants O:

for purely unselfish reasons, btw ;] 
 sssooo, I have this friend, from work, who is a lovely guy <3 and recently, he met a girl, who also likes Pokémon! and he begged me to find her a Jolteon Pokédoll for her, d'awwww (:

this one (:, just cuz pictures make stuff more exciting!


ALSO, so this post isn't super boring and wanty, guess who arrived?

maybe that's a custom. maybe not. maybe it looks pretty creepy like that. maybe it doesn't.
tl;dr: anyone have a Jolteon to sell? check my first custom!

XD thanks <3 

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Introduction & Mini-Collection!

Hello! This is my introduction post.
I've been lurking the community for about a year & finally decided to make an LJ and join.

Pleased to meet you all!

I've been a fan of Pokémon since it aired back in North America & have been collecting it
for probably just as long (well, off and on for a few years, but now I'm back to it consuming my
life >w<).

I don't really collect any specific Pokémon at the moment. In the past I collected a lot of Mew
& Mewtwo stuff, but now it's just random.

My sister, raiikou just posted some of her collection & it inspired me to post mine.

This is kind of a mini-collection post as I'm at school & don't have much with me (just some stuff

my friend brought me back from Japan over the holidays)... It will definitely change after the

Black & White Tour comes to Toronto (assuming they have the shop like the US tour has).

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Scraggy Pants

I've Returned, and I Want to Axew A Question

Long time, no post for me.  I've been really busy (and once the BW Tour is over I'll post a well-overdue collection update, I PROMISE) but I've finally pulled everything back together in (more or less) one piece again.

Speaking of the Black and White Tour,  there's going to be one next weekend not that far from me.  Now, I don't know how many in the community besides me are from Indiana, but if there are others, would you be interested in a potential...

When: Best day would be Saturday the 19th
Where: Castleton Square Mall, Indianapolis, IN
Time: Unknown at the moment

Until I know how many (if any) people are going, we can come up with the best time for a general meet-up on Saturday.  So, what do you think? Yes, No, Worst Idea of the Century?  Let me know.

Until Next Time,
Cheers. ~♪
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MLP Custom and Collection Update Coming up

So, I was commisioned to make a Shiny mareep MLP, and here it is. This was on another community. I'm snot doing commisions here as I don't have sales permission (yet)

Small post, but I thought you guys might find it cute. I am also going to do a collection update later this week hopefully. But only if I get my new zukan from nanoplasm this week :P

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*pokemon sales post*

I finally got around to making a sales post! Only a few items to start off & some card sales~ 

♥ Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010
♥ Paypal only, please put in the memo what you bought
♥ Shipping is from Canada, we have terrible postage rates :(
          Flat items start at:
          Canada - $0.75
          USA - $1.50
          International - $2
          Non-flat items depends on size/weight, please let me know your location & I can give you a quote. Most of the time it'll be $6+
♥ I reuse bubble envelopes that are in good condition, I feel that's more environmentally friendly
♥ I can't be held responsible once an item has been shipped. Please let me know if you'd like tracking or insurance
♥ Items come from a dog-friendly but smoke-free home
♥ My feedback is here
♥ Feel free to make offers ^^

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