February 8th, 2011

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Possible GA? + BW card sales

I would be willing to do the threads + help out if someone from the US would be willing to do the bidding/shipping! I want to claim one or two things, let me know if you're interested! Everything besides the Pokeball to the right is apparently in excellent condition, besides the Charizard light and motion censor Squirtle needing new batteries!

Edit: I had someone to do this GA with, but someone GA'd the other auction she wanted to before we made our post, so I'm still looking for someone to help out!

Also, cards! The two SRs have been sold, but I still have plenty of B/W cards for sale if you want to check them out!

( BW cards everywhere! )
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Collection Update! Super Woopers and More.

Hello there! It's two am and that is OBVIOUSLY the perfect time for the thing that is a Collection Update! Two am is NOT the time that you should be sleeping, no matter what anyone else may tell you. (Fun fact, by the time I finished this, it was 3am 8'D)

Mmm, now that that bit's out of the way, lets get to the interesting bit, shall we?

Why yes, I DO try and keep immaculate records of who I've purchased stuff from. So expect to see your name if I've bought from you. If it's not there then....well then maybe my records aren't so immaculate.

Edit! I forgot to ask last night. But does anyone actually go into the chatroom? XD I've popped in a couple times only to have no one be there.
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In strong need

I have decided that I NEED a zekrom pokedoll in my life! My paycheck doesnt come till the 17th so i need to raise some extra $$, therefor, I am opening for bead sprite and pokemon character hat commissions!

hats: examples here: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/002-6.jpg http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/hatexamples.png
$30 shipped anywhere! I have many many colors of fleece, comment if you are interested with your design/pokemon and any preferences, as well as your head circumfrence measurement :D

bead sprites: $7 for menu sprites, walkies, and smalls. $13 for large sprites, generally 8" tall/wide.
Please note: I only have 4 large pegboards at this time, so if you would like a large sprite I will need to check to see if it will fit on my size pegboards before confirming your commission. EXAMPLES: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/001-5.jpg
comment if interested with country and sprite you want!
Thanks all, i hope I can get my zekky soon :D
I also will have a grail post soon, I just won two of my most sought after plush thanks to SMJ ^^

Pokedoll pick-ups, heading to the kiosk tonight

I am willing to take as many slots as possible (within reason!). I'm very grateful my paypal debit card enables me to do this. However, this means that it is really very important to pay as promptly as possible once I've given you a total, so that I can be sure I am not picking up any extra pokedolls I will have to eat the cost of and to assure I will have enough funds to pay for all of the pokedolls requested. Thank you very much. ^^

And don't forget, I love to give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls!

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Slots (those from my B/W tour post are already on the list):

1. scribbits (Chimchar) paid!
2. nirapants (Cyndaquil) paid!
3. mandysaurus_rex (Suicune) paid!
4. cinnri (Ho-oh) paid!
5. mcflury10 (Latios, Latias) paid!
6. dakajojo (Ho-oh, Chikorita, Cyndaquil x2) paid!
7. heychado (Munchlax) paid!
8. Sharmaine (Jolteon, Eevee) paid! (hold until March)
9. zixyn (Pichu, Pikachu, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Munchlax, Ho-oh & Lugia) paid!
10. applemint (Pichu) paid!
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Hi! An Introductory Post

I've creeped around here for quite some time, but I've decided to come out of the shadows, join the comm, and post my (albet tiny) collection. First a little about myself. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have watched pokemon since 2000 (that was when we finally got cable!) I focus mainly on the plush because I love the snuggins. I especially love UFO catchers but those seem to run a little more expensive and I'm having a hard time justifying my love of Pokemon plush to my hubby, who thinks I'm having a relapse into my childhood!

My goal is to one day have at least one plush of every pokemon. (Wish me luck)

All of these plush came from one lot on Ebay. I was quite disappointed in it. Maybe I should have realized it's state when the woman listing it said they used to belong to her son!. Most of it went to my little brother, who was tickled pink, but I kept a few to myself. It's Aiko's Pokemon Adoption Center, where abused pokemon come to rest!
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EDIT: I'm really sorry, I meant to put this under an LJ cut. *kicks self in butt* I've fixed it now though!


S Greninja Pokedoll

remember that grail?

Well, maybe semi-grail now. I can't decide. XD BUT STILL IT ARRIVED.

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I am fast running out of room now (and I live in a box room as it is) but I do still have some things on the way. A couple of zukan, two plush that I am so excited to receive (though they were a bit expensive for me at the time but I treated myself XD) and a few other random items. :D
Steelshipping sorta canon--by me

(no subject)

TONS OF NEW STUFF! Straight from the BW event to you! Plushies as far as the eye can see! And more! Check the journal for a full list of updates!

Also! We're going to take a little break to head off to ChibiChibicon in Olympia, WA, this coming 19th. It's a free convention, so if anyone wants to attend, here's the info!
Pixel Pair

Packages mailed, site update, and a few gets!

Hi everyone! Got a bit of a multipurpose post for you here today...

First, this GA is being canceled due to lack of bids/interest - it actually was supposed to end yesterday, but I didn't want to make a post just to say 'never mind'. If I can find another auction for the set that's a bit cheaper, or if I could get more interest in it, I'd be willing to try again, since the auction keeps getting relisted.

Second, I went to the post office and mailed out packages for the following people:

jensoxen, caninehybrid, koujakai, sentret_draws, myprettysoldier, narokii, heychado, chibichimp, rakikohime, risfortocket, vaporotem, meowthcollector, dark_tyranitar, meowllz, rentorar, lovedbyahero, spideyroxas, spiralgenerator, allinia, scarsofsunlight, yurusumaji, pegasus2010, liewqi, irethsune, and marigoldkisses. Phew!

badshines, I got a message from you saying you'd paid, but I don't see the payment in my PayPal. Can you check and see if it shows as accepted?
jeansama, I sent you a note about the condition of one of your Kids, but I didn't receive a reply so I haven't mailed your package yet. If you want, I can hold onto it until I get another Tropius kid, since I have a bunch more Kids coming soon!

Third, let's have some collection updates!

I was going to make a collection update post anyway (with the above announcements), but I got a few more packages in the mail today that I wanted to share!

Axew, Jolteon, and Dialga items

All these goodies in just 2 packages!

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Intro + Collection + new arrival

"Bonjour", Hello everyone!

I know pokemon collectors since a year, but only joined recently. So, I thought is it good to introduce myself.
My name is Lauriane, I live in France near Cannes (if somebody has heard about the "NRJ music awards" or the "Film Festival"), I'm 18 years old and I am a member of a french pokemon forum named "ShinysHunters".
So you can understand that, I loooove shiny pokemons ! :D

My collection isn't big because it's difficult to find good pokemon merchs in France.
I'm currently collecting :

- Cranidos, Rampardos
- Aerodactyl (but I haven't any merch of him XD)
- Monozu, Jiheddo and Sazandora

And finaly a bit of Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr or Mismagius

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computer gatr

Re-intro, apologies, updates, wait.. she's alive?

Re-introduction time!
My name is Feraligroggles (it's actually Sammi, but you'll probably call me feraligroggles).
I joined pkmncollectors about a year and a half ago (roughly) as a Raichu collector, with the screen name "Groggles".
Since then, I have fallen in love with lots of other pokemon in no particular order, but none more than Feraligatr <3
I'm pretty sure my love for feraligatr came from HG/SS, because prior to that, I never really liked him or any other starters  whole lot. But, well, he just sneaked up on me I guess!
I am 20 years old, and I live in Richmond, VA. I attend school here, at a college called Virginia Commonwealth University, and I am going for art education :]
Aside from Feraligatr, I collect Raichu, Camerupt, Dunsparce, Persian (sometimes), Quagsire, and side collect Venusaur, Ivysaur and Clefairy, all in no particular order except that Feraligatr is my main concern.
Aside from pokemon I collect Ghost Rider (comics and merchandise), and Bowser things :U
Anywho, I've seen lots of people re-introducing themselves for a while, and I thought I ought to do the same! I see lots of new people every day, and I figure it's nice to get to know each other a little bit.

Now onto the collection update!

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and finally, an apology (again?)
I know, I should not have to be making apologies all the time...
But I just wanted to apologize to everyone if I've seemingly been a not-so-good member of this community lately :( Over the past few months, a LOT has happened. While the majority of those matters are out of the way, I'm not quite out of the woods yet. I have intentionally been laying low on the community, because I know people are mad at me, and I was also trying to be responsible by staying away, because I should not be selling things right now, or really buying a lot either. I would also like to thank everyone who's been so patient and kind with me, it has meant the world to me and I will gladly return the favor, should the time ever come.
Commissioners: I will update each of you with pictures shortly.
Thanks again to everyone, and sorry again that I have not quite been myself. I hope that my actions have not left anyone too sore with me :(

Small sales!~

I need more space to my shelfs, so I decided to do some weeding again.
Nothing too great here, but maybe someone finds something.

Sales policies:

~ I live in Finland and ship worldwide.
~ I try my best to ship at the next working day after receiving the full payment. I will inform about any delays that might occur!
~ Buyer is responsible of shipping costs and fees! They will be added to your total! Shipping starts from 1.50$ and is measured by the weight and size of the package. Tell me your country when buying to get the shipping quote. Shipping from Finland can be a bit expensive to some countries.
~ Payments by Paypal! For fellow Finns I can accept direct bank transfer if needed.
~ I hold for 24h by default. Tell me if you need longer hold! We can discuss, it depends from your community feedback.
~ Prices are negotiable, just tell me if you aren't comfortable with some of my prices.
~ I can also think about trades, mostly I'm interested on TCG cards and plushies, or stuff of my favorite Pokémons.
~ After someone asks about item I will mark it reserved, and change it to sold after getting payment, or put back to sale if asker decides not to buy  :3
I got my sales permission from linneaalba. :3

Can be seen and left here
I can of course leave feedback for you too, just drop me a link after transaction~
(Also if you know that I have had a transaction with you and I haven't left a feedback for you, I can still do it, just link me to your thread :3 )

Despite the fact that I don't have a cool banner, let's use cute Pikaface!

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Also I'm looking for some information related two Pokémons.
I would like to get plushies of Pidgey and Caterpie. I know that Caterpie has at least few different ones, but Pidgey... Does anyone know what kind of Pidgey plushies have been made? Is there Applause plush? I would like those Pidgey and Caterpie to be similar, so plush from same company would be ideal. Those two are my story characters, and I'd like to get them in plush from too. :)
I'm also willing to buy, if someone is selling either of those as plushies!
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MAJOR Collection Weeding

There we go, that should be all fixed.

I always knew this day would come: I just didn't think it would come so soon!

Due to the fact I got into the college and program of my dreams, I need money for a Macbook. And, since I will be going to college, most of this stuff is going to sit in my bedroom and be forgotten. I've kept some of the items I really can't part with, but most of my collection is for sale.

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Also, as much as I'm weeding, I am on the lookout for a Venusaur DX kid. So if you have one for sale, I'm more than interested. Thanks!
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boring auction reminder is boring.

hey just popping in to remind you guys of my auctions that end on friday at 4PM. walky eevee and flareon are also for sale.
they can be found here:

(feel free to make offers on the eevee and flareon pokedoll; i'm not too good at pricing these things.)

and to make things a little less boring, have a picture of a couple of my favorite little dudes in my collection:

i just need pokemon time bulbasaur to complete the brotherhood of the open-mouthed ;)


Hi all,

I'm newbie here, interested to join this community mainly because i've watched so many pokemon figure enthusiasts. I'm not gonna lie that one of my main motive is to hunt some figures i wanted :)     
Still learning here, forgive me if i made some mistake.
I live at indonesia, quite crowded city but many interesting stuff here such as foods (one of the best things here :D), lifestyle, and etc. Sadly though, it seem not many people here interesting in pokemon figures (or maybe i'm not find the hard enough ?), so most of my collections were bought from ebay.  
Here is some of my small collection

and here one more

my collecting habit is simple, i only select few pokemon which i liked the most and get the certain figure(s) of them. Not like a hardcore who collect many type of pokemons, neither like those who is very certain character theme collector (eevee collector, salamence collectors, etc).
I hope you all can help / guide me to this community as i have no experience here before. :)

Sabrina Carddass

Hello everyone I've been researching about Pokemon cards that Carddass created. I believe thats the name of the company. I'd like to know if they ever created a card with Sabrina on it. If anyone knows please tell me and if anyone is willing to sell it please let me know. Thank you.
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Epcot Pokedoll Run6--- SUCCESS

ONWARD BESSIE! ..... Bwahaha

I managed to nab everything except for one Christmas Pikachu.. which they were finally sold out of T_T

I did manage to get a Dialga for myself.. I'm still on the hunt for a Kyogre doll though @_@.. I had one of each but sold them.. I've regretted it ever since. I like the old american release of Dialga better then the new one.. Blergh..

I expect to have everything shipped either Thursday the 10th or Saturday the 12th <3

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ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

UK Black & White Tour Dates

Sick of hearing about this bloody Tour? I know I am. But I'm happy for this news! Dates for the UK, finally!
No word on what will be at the event, but at least we know dates. Only the London dates will be before the game's actual release on March 4th.
  • Saturday 26th February / Sunday 27th February: Westfield London (Site GE1), London, W12 7GF
  • Saturday 5th March / Sunday 6th March: Silverburn Glasgow (Site Main Entrance – Debenhams), Barrhead Road, GLASGOW, G53 6QR
  • Saturday 12th March / Sunday 13th March: Birmingham (Site – outside Selfridges), Birmingham Bullring, B5
  • Saturday 19th March / Sunday 20th March: Metrocentre, Newcastle (Site – Town Square), Metrocentre, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE11 9YG
  • Saturday 2nd April / Sunday 3rd April: X Factor Live, Glasgow SECC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, G3 8YW
(...X Factor Live? I don't even want to know.)

Anybody going to the London date? I'll be there, in my Trainer Black cosplay. :D
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Searching for Articuno Keychain/ Plush Commission!

Hello, this will be my second post on the community. ^.^
(certainly not my last)

I have been searching high and low for this item in order to add it to my Articuno collection. Though my collection is still fairly new, this is something I am definitely interested in.

This Articuno key chain is something at the top of my want list. I'm not sure of its price, but if anyone has one please let me know.

I am also looking for someone to possibly make an Articuno plush doll for me. I'm not sure how difficult it would be, but I have the official UFO catcher, but am looking for something different that I can call my own. If possible I am looking for one that is similar to the Pokedoll brand dolls. I had found a few picture examples of the type of plushl I would like it to look like. I have included links.

(These are links from posts here and elsewhere on the internet, not my own posts)

Articuno Plush by meuniere. I love this little guy, it is similar in ways to what I'm looking for.

Here is the image I just found, Alteria UFO Plush.

(Froslass) ShinyLondonStar made this, her work is incredible!

Also, Staraptor, tiny picture, but this would be a great design for the plush

If anyone takes commissions on plush dolls and thinks they can make me a plush along the lines of what I have listed, Please let me know. An Articuno plush to call my own is definitely worth the cost! =)

Thank you!