February 9th, 2011

Very belated introduction and collection post

Even though I've been part of the community and buying stuff for about a year now, I never made an introductory post, so now seems like a good time. I somewhat collect a seemingly random assortment of my favorite Pokemon (though my favorite is Kangaskhan), mostly spurred on by the collection of my girlfriend, user kawaiikes. She bought most of my stuff for me too xD

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Ga payment reminders, ga updates and raichu reversible plush for offers!

 hey guys :D Mostly just GA stuff for you all today.

Firstly I'm still owed a load of shipping payments on this GA.

I'd cover it normally but I can't really afford it right now so lets get this all paid off and shipped out to me please :)


Second payment is in the BLUE Coloumn. if your totals and name are red I need both payments off you. Please label your payments with POKEDOLL GA PAYMENT 2 along with your username and please send to:

your_master_is_here[@]btinternet.com (remove the brackets!)

SECONDLY this GA here...

almost done packing everything (including extras sold), however just ran out of jiffybags XD So I've just ordered a bunch more and will be sorting that soon. However, if you WON something out of this, then I need your location please! Just so I can get shipping totals faster than trawling through my paypal transactions XD Just comment below with where you are :D thanks!

And finally, to make this post a bit less boring, I managed to get a spare one of these! I'd preferrably like to trade him, however money offers will be considered too...

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and thats all for now <3 I just want to say thank you to everyone on the comm; it's been a really tough week for me and you guys as usual have helped me pull through :D This comm is just too awesome! <3 I love you guys. Peace!
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Lots of toys n' stuff GA

So, Snowball21and I have teamed up to bring you all this amazing Group Auction! Snowball21 will be handling the bidding/shipping/ ect. and I will be organizing the post this is my first time putting together a GA post so if I mess something up please forgive me. But hopefully that won't happen. Anyways...

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Give me a moment to set up some threads

Ok threads for what I can make out are up


Sales Update, Kiosk Pick-Up Offer, and Rare Darkrai Movie Merch!

First of all, I've finally updated my sales post! Included are Flareon and Jolteon jakks figures, Celebi and Togekiss jakks plush, a few canvas plush, a pencil tin with Raichu and Pikachu, and more. Remember, haggling is welcome! Click on the banner to visit:

In addition to my sales post, I'm offering a very limited Kiosk Pick-up option. I'll be heading out in just over 5 hours (around 5PM GMT)! [Pick-up has been completed successfully! I'll be doing more in the future when I get the chance, no worries. ^_^] I live in Tacoma, WA, one of the Washington cities with a Pokemon Center kiosk in the mall. The last time I was there, the vending machines had a very slightly different stock from the other two. Collapse )

1. korth -Regigigas, Cyndaquil *~Paid!
2. shiningraikou -Entei, Suicune *~Paid!
3. chibichimp -Regigigas *~Paid!
4. terryrose -Chikorita, Gizamimi Pichu *~Paid!


And lastly, my Darkrai Movie Merch! I received these quite awhile ago but never got the chance to photograph them. Darkrai is obviously one of my main collections, and so this lot was quite a treasure trove for me! Several large pictures under the cut. Collapse )

Pokecenter Update!

I just updated my store with some new merchandise!
Found these great Best Wishes Key Chains today.

I just purchased a collection from a collector who is done with Pokemon, There is over 10,000 cards in this collection, I'm spending the week sifting through the whole thing, so expect a HUGE updated next weekend!

Vidya ☆ Sonic

15 POUNDS OF POKEMON - payment post 1

We won!

There will be two payments. Price of the items + shipping from seller to me, then shipping from me to you.
Thanks to koujakai for doing the spreadsheet!
Please send payments to pikachu.shoes {@} gmail.com!
Edit: when you have paid, please update the spreadsheet with your location. Sorry! Should have mentioned this before.

Also, sales plug. I bought a bunch of mini models hoping to find a guy I collect but it was a no go. So! Added a bunch of gold mini models to my sales post. Hopefully one of 'em strikes your fancy.

And to anyone waiting on packages from me - I am shipping out a bunch tomorrow and the rest on Saturday. Sorry for the wait! Weather has been bad.
Pokemon, Wooper

Searching for Munchlax!

Hello everyone :D! How's everyone been doing!? Haha, I'm currently on a love-filled search! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a reasonably-priced Munchlax pokedoll :o ? Also, has the Northgate/Seattle/Alderwood Pokemon Center vending machines/kiosks changed their plush stock yet? I went to Alderwood about a week ago and I've yet to see anything new...

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks :D
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Please Help Me!

I hope I'm not posting too much, but I'm looking for a Pikachu fleece blanket. It has a surfing Pikachu, a Pikachu with balloons, and a regular Pikachu. It's a royal blue color. Somewhat small in size.
I've seen the other type (like an afghan) but I really don't want that one. I plan for it to be a present, so I want this specific one.
Please help me find one! I'd be willing to pay +100 for one, if necessary.

Also, I'm looking for a Squirtle Toy Factory plush. We have a Charmander and a Bulbasaur already.


I found the blanket. I lost it, and its my girlfriend's, so I was panicked. 

It was in my car D;

Found a lot on eBay, maybe someone might be interested? There's some kids, some TOMYs, pins, etc.
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Mini Contest + 4Koma Manga Book!

By springtime, we should have gotten word on what the next set of PokeDolls will be. Since the next major community contest won't be until spring, it is.... Time for a mini contest!

・Comment here with your guess for the next PokeDoll lineup. Please guess THREE Pokemon!
・You can guess the same as someone else did, but only the first person to guess the correct lineup will win the prize.
・What's the prize? Once the real lineup is discovered, you can pick one of the Dolls as your prize, for free! If you don't like them, you can pick another PokeDoll (regular size)!

DRAWINGS of your guesses makes it more fun! :D

Your guesses also don't have to be realistic. This isn't a very serious contest, just for a bit of fun and discussion.

On that note, once you have guessed, you can ask for me to scan your choice Pokemon from a new book of 4koma manga I just got and really want to share with you guys!! There is a comic strip for EVERY SINGLE GEN V POKEMON!! So you can include what Pokemon's comic you want to see with your guess! Here is Tynamo's to keep with the theme.

Enjoy guys! :D

EDIT: USE THE SCANS FOR ANYTHING! :D and the book is called イッシュ図鑑ミニ!

Pokemon Badge Project: Johto Preliminary Designs

Just as a heads up, these designs were made with the express purpose of having YOU pick them apart to make them better! So don't hold back, critique away!


(Of these designs, the Hive, Plain, Mineral, and Glacier Badges will be shrunk to 1.25 inches while the rest remain at 1.5 inches. If you'd like it done differently, just speak up!)

I'd also like to state that orders are opening today! A set of all 8 badges and shipping to anywhere in the world is going to be $35, and individual badges will be $10 (with shipping included). I can combine shipping on up to two sets, but anything more than that I'll have to ask another $5 for shipping costs :)


I'll try to get some preemptive Q&A going here too:

Q: Why the price bump from Kanto for US and drop for foreign?
A: I wound up overcharging for shipping out of the country and undercharging in the US, mostly due to my not taking into account the costs of delivery confirmation and the fees paypal takes.  I also added a few bucks in for myself, since running this and shipping out near 300 orders is quite the time sink haha

Q: I hate *design*! Can you change it?
A: Absolutely! Just let me know what you'd like changed, and I can have my artist take care of it!

Q: Can I still order the Kanto badges?
A: Yep, but they're running out pretty quickly now! Those are $50 plus shipping (they're the sets I paid for personally to resale, if you wanted the lower price you should have pre-ordered =P)

Q: Can I see some images of the finished product?
A: Heh, no. I thought about having some samples made, but that would have required me to bump up the price some, and so I decided against it. Once the designs are in a good place for everyone, I'll print out some paper versions (to scale) for comparison to the Kanto badges.

Q: I ordered my Kanto badges forever ago, where are they?!
A: If I've forgotten you (and I have forgotten people before), please please please get in touch with me and we can get it figured out. I'm not looking to rip anyone off here, but if I don't know you're unhappy, I'm going to assume you're satisfied with your badges!



Cally: Hiss grrr

Hoo-ly Owls, Woobat!

Time for another update, and it's a doozy in terms of what's in it. *u*

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I feel compelled to add one more thing to this post. I recently was contacted by a mate of mine who was selling off some of his rarer TCG cards, and asked if any appealed/that he could take payment plans if I wanted anything. Oh, I wanted something alright:

I won't be making a proper post about these beauties until about October/November when they're fully paid off, but I cannot really express my words of joy about these coming my way. Admittedly I cried, a lot, when the deal was sealed; did a lot of room dancing, and proceeded to blubber to everyone about them in my excitement. I hope y'all will share my excitement about them, too, in due time when I get them in hand. These are a true definition of grail. Only 2 copies of each exist in the world. And I scored a whole matching set.
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

This might be an odd request but I am looking for images of any EU exclusive Giratina figures/items.

I'm trying to build up my wantlist and I already know that I don't have a single EU Giratina figure in my collection. I also know that there are quite a few. 8'D

This one is the only one that I have a picture of. Off the top of my head I know there is some Altered Forme marble shooter figure, another one with some (purple?) thing that blasts out from the chest, and I think there's at least one other but I'm not sure.

Images of anything else that I might not have would be appreciated too. :)

For reference, here is my collection site: http://hantensekai.webs.com/
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

GA Payment #1~! ^^

So I got the invoice in today and we got discounts--while they're not massive, they're pretty darn good discounts. :D

It's the Rotom-lution GA, here are some pics just to refresh. :)

I've updated the spreadsheet with totals, please post here once you've paid and ryunwoofie  will confirm it with me, and I'll check you off on the "paid" column on the spreadsheet. :)

Here's the spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/ccc?authkey=CMCA_-sD&hl=en&key=ttI-fCfdSL3nSmApPVHyKLQ&hl=en&authkey=CMCA_-sD#gid=0

Please send payments to Christafarrell45@yahoo.com. 
And don't forget your LJ name in the message section. :)

EDIT: Oh, and if you could please put your zip code/country somewhere in this post after you've paid? Just to make the second payment go more smoothly. :)

BW Tour Update & Offer Reminder!

My boyfriend has given the OK for me to have a meetup on Saturday so I will be hosting a meetup for Saturday AND Sunday! I have also now decided on a meeting place. :3
Also, offers/trade for my Fuzzy DX Raichu will end in about 8 hours!

Original offer thread is here:

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Edit: I added what I'll be wearing so you guys can actually find me. XD; My bad!

Electric Soldier Porygon card

Hello all!

While cleaning my desk drawers, I found an old card of mine. It's in a sleeve all by itself, stuck in a protected place, so I guess at some point I thought it was of value.

While googling for an image of it to include with this post, I learned it was a fake! Ha! However there were only 500 made, and that was back in 2001, so does it have any value at all?

Here's a picture if anyone is curious.

Thanks in advance for any info! I checked eBay, but none are up there.
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Intro and Collection post!

Hello to all Pokemon Collectors! My name is Jenny, 18 years and i live in germany.
Some of you maybe have seen me sneaking around in the comm :)
I collect Pokemon merchandise since Pokemon started in germany and i remember my ever first Pokemon merch,
that was a Alakazam sticker.

My favorite Pokemon are Piplup, Torchic, Snivy and newly Scolipede.
I also like:
1st gen: Charizard and Zapdos
2nd gen: Typhlosion, Houndoom, Raikou, Lugia
3th gen: Blaziken, Absol, Salamence, Rayquaza
4th gen: Empoleon, Lucario, Dialga, Giratina
5th gen: Serperior, Zorua, Zoroark, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem

I mostly collect plush from my fav pokes, but also figures that i like.
My goal is to reorganize my collection to only my favs, since my collection became to big and takes space of my other collections(that are Digimon, Soul Eater, Trigun, Transformers and Mega Bloks Dragons)

And here is my Collection!
pokemon figure,collection
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shiny mew

Plush and Charms

I know how much everyone loved seeing this picture the other week, so I thought Id post it again for some lulz.

Nah, seriously though for the GB I ran, I got the shipping invoice for the package of fluff a couple of days ago. It came out to around $15 something for SAL, so I just paid it since Im so damn rich it'll be easier/cheaper for everyone if I make it two total payments instead of three! Yay! So once they arrive Ill just combine the international shipping and shipping from me to you into one payment. I suppose it;ll be around $4-5 total including fees.

To help survive the wait, or perhaps make it worse, Im also posting some actual pictures of the individual plush since some have popped up in Y!J auctions! IMO they are even cuter than the stock image, and apparently very fuzzy/fluffy! Makes me want a Cyndaquil and Chikorita XD

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Also, seeing how well the other Eeveelution charm GB went, I thought I might try one too (plus some Saurs)! Sadly, the new Jakks Vees have infected me with a little bit of Eeveelution collecting disease, and I cant resist :( Hopefully I will recover soon.

The following prices covers EVERYTHING (item price+shipping to me+fees+shipping to you for anywhere in the world.)

Each Eevee will be: $10.80 for US or $11.25 for Non-US
Saurs will be $7.32 for US and $7.77 for Non-US

You are free to claim more than one / combine shipping. Ill fix it up when I reply to you with confirmation/"pay me now" if all are claimed. Please keep in mind that for international friends, I can only ship internationally on Saturdays, and being a college student, not every Saturday is a guarantee. If you're cool with a potentially long wait, go for it. Ill try my best to go as soon as I can, but I cant promise anything! Feel free to ask for more details.

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Moon Child - Kei &amp; Sho Love

Mew saves the day? Yes!

Heya, folks! I hope the following post is allowed.. While no collecting pictures or sales are involved - part of my collectiong is. :) If for whatever reason, though, this isnt allowed then I'll take it down. I thought the story was sweet enough to share.. so here goes.
Also, as a small warning, I just came out of sleeping off a minor surgey. Please forgive any spelling or grammer errors. I will do my best to make things understandable but I appreciate being cut some slack. Thanks in advance!

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There are 8 new pokedolls and 2 returned again~

(Tried out the "psychedelic" mode on my camera. xD)

As usual it's $17.82 for 1 pokedoll shipped to the US, plus there are combined shipping options if you want to order numerous pokedolls! n-n Plus I happily ship internationally~

And for the new year, every 5th Pokedoll you buy from me is commission free

I do pickups multiple times a week, so you can order with me anytime and I will have your pokedolls for your promptly~ <3
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(no subject)

Wooooo! I love this community, thanks!

Alright guys.. I'm looking for 6 pan stickers for my phone cases... Yes I like to color coordinate, sue me.

Pokemon I'm looking for:
Orange- Charizard/Raichu/Pikachu/solrock
Green- Caterpie/Zubat, scyther, ralts line, breloom
Pink- Clefairy, slow-line, snubbull
Red- Scizor, Magikarp
Dark Blue- Horsea-line, Garachomp, Dialga, bronzong
Black- murkrow, misdreavus-line, unown, ninjask/lunatone/shuppet

Bold are the ones I would really like. Ideally I'd like to spend between $1-2 inclusive of shipping :) I'm in 32821 USA.
Honestly any pokemanz would be awesome) <3

Thanks in advance!

Introduction Post

Hiya~ I'm li-kichi also known as itachoko elsewhere.
I've been watching this community for a long while and admiring everyone's work and collections. My own collection is a bit small but hopefully it will grow. I'm also an artist and love to draw and make pokemon crafts (you can check out my deviantart). I'm totally excited for the release of pokemon black and white :> I'll be attending the black and white tour stop in San Jose this weekend if anyone wants to meet up. Oh and if anyone ever goes to conventions I sell stuff in artist alleys so maybe we can meet there too. I hope to get along with everyone here.

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Custom Trainer - Front

Pokedoll Sticker Offers Reminder + Quick Want

Herro loves!

Just a quick reminder about the retired pokedoll stickers I have for offers:

You can click the image or here to offer! I may end offers this weekend. ^^

Items in the sales post (connected with the offers linked above) are also still available, and I lowered some prices. TAKE THEM AWAY! XD

Now, I have some really quick wants ~ if you happen to have CROAGUNK POKEDOLL that you're willing to part with, please let me know! ♥

Thanks everyone! <33

Introduction Post + Want List

 Hey everybody.

My Pokemon collection is slowly and surely growing; I've been collecting figures for a while and I'm now moving onto plushies! Tomorrow I will (hopefully) be posting a full break down of my current collection. I'll also be getting quite a few new plushies in the mail in the near future. I'll make sure to show them off once most of them arrive. :3

Another thing, I'm looking for a rather cheap (No more than $30) custom plush commission of Erufuun/Whimsicott. That may seem a bit cheap, but the people I've worked with in the past like this have been even less money with great results! I commissioned an adorable Futachimaru/Dewott plush recently for only $25. So if anyone knows where I can find a deal, please tell! And I'm open for shop suggestions. Normally, I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying. Sorry. 

I'm looking for:

  • Phanpy
  • Roselia
  • Marill 
  • Dragonite
  • Buneary
  • Daikenki/Samurott
  • Raichu
  • Drifloon
(Please be patient, as I mentioned before, I'm pretty cheap.)
If you have any questions about my collection, comments, or suggestions feel free to speak up! And for a heads up, I might be selling some of my old Pokemon figurines if anyone is interested. There will be photos soon! I promise! :D

Another Zukan Want Post Dx

I PROMISE I'll have a collection update coming up REAL soon. But for now, I'm looking for pretty much any zukan. I'd LOVE a baby out of pouch kangaskhan. But, I also like caterpie/weedle zukan, unown zukan (not v-?) and pretty much anything else.

So, I have about $20 to spend :P hopefully I'll have enough feedback for a sales permission soon so I can do some customs for you lovely people :D

[Edit] As of now, I'm only gonna buy from 2 people. Personal reasons.

(EDIT AGAIN) I'm going to bed. Responses will be delayed.
team rocket, arbok
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Offers Reminder!

Reminder that my offers are ending soon!
I have changed the end time to 12 (noon) tomorrow CST. I was unable to do a reminder post sooner, so I feel that this is fair. >:

Many items are still really low or have no offers!

Click here or the picture to go!

And then a question! ...Well a few actually.

For those of you who collect the TCG, do you organize by set or pokemon? I currently have mine organized by pokemon but I keep getting a ton of new ones and then I have to move EVERYTHING. xD

Second, does anyone own one of these? I was thinking about buying a couple to display my kids and petit/regular nendoroids but since they're sold out online I can't buy one to try it. >: So those that do own one, do they work good for kids? :D

AND LASTLY. I bought an awesome pokemon afghan throw on eBay and it came in the mail today. My question is are these things washer/dryer safe? I'd really like to wash it but I don't have time to hand wash it.

ACTUALLY- One more thing. *shot* I know a B&W tour for Grapevine was posted up (I forgot who posted it and if they wanted to run the meetup?) but I'll be attending and I was planning on making something special for all the pkmncollecters who go and attend the meetup. So for those of you going would you be so kind as to post your two favorite B&W pokemon? I was thinking Zorua as a general consensus since it was the first B&W pokemon to be revealed (plus there's a movie about him. xD) but let me know!

dratini, dragonite, dragonair, pokemon
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custom phone charms

NOTE: Not taking commissions for new designs at this time

I sold at a convention a little while ago that was very small, and very unsuccessful ._. So, good news for you, I have a lot of leftover charms that I'm trying to get rid of! Any printed charm is $1, and I'll print any charm I've drawn before for $3 each! c:

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!!!EDIT2!!! Posted an updated photo of the charms left
I don't think I can post a commission post until next month (one custom post per month rule? forgot about that) but I might be able to do that.

Sales update!

Sales update~  We've decided to put up some pieces from our collection (Pokepark folders and a Victory Ring)  and a Raichu patch!  ^^  Click any of the pictures to get to our sales page.  

We'll probably do some more sorting of our collection, but as always, if there are any cards you're looking for, let us know so we can go through our stacks of cards and see if we have them.  ^^  

  • dezchu

Tag Team Ga

 Me and Jeansama are teaming up to bring you a great ga :3
dezchu I will be doing the bidding and shipping and claim 1 pichu v-trainer and the round blue case with the stamps for 15.00
and in the second lot I claim the charizard for 15.00 and willing to go higher
jeansama will be setting up the posts and also answering questions and will claim the Sneasel V-Trainer, Houndoom V-trainer, and V-Trainer base with Sneasel (Pryce's I believe) for 30.00

*All Community Rules Apply, Once you have made a bid you can't back out
*No sniping! If a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes the auction will extend another 5 minutes until an entire 5 minutes passes without any bids being placed.
* You must reply to the highest bidder for your bid to count!
* Do not delete bids!
* Negative feedback will be left for anyone who does not pay for their items.
*Larger items start at 8.00
Medium will start at 5.00
V-trainer Pokemon (EX:Charizard) Start at 3.00
Gym Leader V-trainers start at 2.00
Smaller items like jakks and tomys start at 1.00
*Bidding ends February 14th at 2:00 pm PST
*There will be 2 payments
Please do not bid more then you have!

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Look at what I got!

 Hey everyone! SO I have some amazing things to show you!! I do not know about everyone but in the beginning I didn't really know what Amanda stickers were but I LOVE THEM!!! Well my cousin had to go to Japan for his job and he went to this little Japanese shop and look what he brought back! (PICS BELOW) They are some really hard to come by Amanda stickers or so Im told! They are part of a CLEAR set and GOLD set with some really RARE POKEMON!! Just wanted to share with all my new friends!! SORRY THEY ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!

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