February 10th, 2011

First Collection Post! And curious wants?

I'm so excited to finally have "enough" to make my first collection post :D I've gone a little poke-happy, which I knew would happen. But I even managed to drag my boyfriend down with me! We started collecting the TCG and for the first time learned how to play and have a blast doing so (we're currently building up our decks, he's mad because my chansey kicked his butt :P)

Anyways on to the picture! Excuse the crappy quality, my sidekicks camera is not the best but the most convenient.

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Annnnnnnnd of course I'm curious about a few things. I know there is a Jigglypuff, Gengar, and Pikachu backpack but I just saw a Togepi one and now I'm after it! Anyone happen to have one they'd be willing to let go of?

Also as funny as this may sound...my boyfriend and I reeeeeally need engergy cards! Does anyone have a bulk lot they'd like to unload? I remember back in elementary energy cards were like half the booster pack and we'd just throw them XD but now we've bought over 20booster packs and only gotten like 4, it's crazy, it's making it hard to play :/

And that's all from me this time around :) I hope you like my humble little collection, I have no doubt it will continue to expand :D Thanks for looking
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Hello collectors!!

Everyone should have received their stuff from the last sales. If for some reason you haven't, please send over a PM and I'll see what's up!

I'll be posting a collection update very soon! but today I'm ready to get rid of tons of leftovers, and there's also some BW playing cards and a few other BW items.

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Introduction! ...and some pictures

 Hello everyone. I'm new to the community but I have watch over it for updates on if Jakks merchandise have shipped or not. I now wanted to join because it looks like fun, and it would help my small collection grow. I'm one of the many people that fell in love with Pokemon from their childhood. I got out of Pokemon around when the 3rd generation games first starting coming out over in america. Fast forward to December 2009, my girlfriend introduce me into the 4th generation and got me back into the franchise. Ever sense then I've been a huge fan to all the generations (except for some of 3rd generation). I hope to meet new friends and grow my knowledge and my own collection.

These are my pictures from my own collection (mind you, these pics are from my old cellphone, so they're not that clear):
Starting off with my plushes (ignore Lotso)... The other half of my collection is made up of toys...

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Multiple Group Auction Updates + Reminders

It's been a busy week for me and it's about to get busier! However, I owe some people an update!

(1) Special Tomy GA

The figures have arrived, are packed, and were weighed yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm leaving for the weekend after my classes today and I do not have time to get the totals posted. I should be able to on Wednesday when I get back. I sincerely apologize for the delay! All this was supposed to get done on Tuesday, but a co-workers relative died and I was called in to work. Life happens, I guess?

(2) Mightyena Tomy GA


There be a Mightyena Tomy (we think it's official!) in there! :D This one ends in about two days and very very few figures have bids on them!

(3) Promo TCG GA

The promo GA ends in a little over 2 days and many of the cards have no bids! Shipping from the seller is free, so all cards should stay pretty low! 

If anyone has any questions, please let me know!
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gets and wants!

Omg you mean I'm actually posting some gets?!

I was growing tired of waiting for packages, so here are my gets so far while I wait for moar. :3


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Basically I just want Weavile, Zorua and Kibago stuff right nao. Milotic/Lati@s merch is harder to come by these days ;__; WHY IS THIS. But if you have any Milo's or Lati's, I'll gladly take them off yo' hands.


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Reminder, Auction Ending!

This is a final reminder, my auctions end tomorrow: Friday the 11th @ 6:30 PM PST

This lil guy still has no bids... If you aren't comfortable w/the starting price please feel free to leave me an offer and I will consider it when the auction is over.

click the images or click **HERE** to go the my auctions.

Also; there are a lot of stickers left in my sticker sales: Sticker Sales

I have some new plush in the works :P so hopefully have more customs for you next month.
:) ty all for looking.

wishlist ~

my birthdays coming up in march and my mom has been asking what i want. she got me my first two pokedolls in january and she knows i want more.

the ones i'm looking for are;


those are all i can think of right now. any help?
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(no subject)

need some of the prizes from blakc white tour! will pay the price listed plus shipping as long as you have pay pal

tepig patch-$3 i need 5
oswatt stylus-$5
phone charm-$3
tepig figure-$5

let me know!
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Poochyena plushie?

Hey guys! I'm new, nice to meetcha!

I have a question that's probably been asked before, but... I've been on a MAD hunt for a Poochyena plushie. I'm debuting a trainer cosplay at a convention and I'm in dire need of a Poochyena. It doesn't have to be a specific size or anything; I just have to carry it around in my arms (though, I would say the bigger the better).

Does anyone know where I can get one?

I checked with general searches and the only one for sale popped up on eBay for $100 and that's a little over my budget ^^;

Any and all help is appreciated <3
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Hello! My Introduction/wants!

 Hello! I am fairly new to the community! I am not a big pokemon collector, but have about 8 or 9 plush dolls and I have a TON of figures that I still have from when I was a kid. I am always drawing pokemon (although they arent very good =P) im thinking about maybe doing commissions in the future =) (I will also be posting pictures of my tiny collection later.)


I am looking for Mew plushies! if anyone has any shoot me with a pic and if I ♥ it, we'll talk prices. 
I am also looking for a glaceon and leafeon canvas plush! I've been looking for one forever, and i've seen the ones on hardrock, but I'd rather try to find one here. (Everything on his website is so expensive...=(

I would host the eevee evolutions GA on Y!J that someone posted that said ends in a day and a half, but considering I have some big assignments due tomorrow and since I also don't really understand how GA's work yet , I thought I'd just ask for them on here. Please either PM me or comment here! Thanks guys! =)
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lower prices!

Phew, that snow last week.....I about died of boredom D:> Anyway, I lowered prices in my sales, 'cause I need spaaace back in the corner of my room XD I've been getting so excited seeing all the Black & White Mall Tour pics! C: Kinda sad they didn't have more of a variety, and I'm guessing they didn't try the Pokemon Center vending machines? :(

Click here to transport to the sale!

And...MEME TIME~!!! :D

Take a picture of one (or many!) of your Pokemon "nomming" a random object! C:

Sharpedo NOMNOMMED Gojulas's foot!

sales reminder

hi community! this is my last shoutout regarding my shop before V-Day so i've combined all my sales items (flats, chous, kids, etc) into one mega sales post for my final fund-raising effort for that special day! =D this is a reminder that i stop taking offers for the Umbreon and Eevee Chous on 10 Feb, Thursday, 10PM PDT. also, i've put up my Munchlax keychain stamp and Pokemon poster (featuring Glaceon, Snorlax and Heracross among others) again for offers. i'd probably accept any reasonable offer! lastly, there are several new kids (Marshtomp, Skitty, etc) and other items, do take a look! 

(trace the black along larvitar's eye here!)

just so this isn't merely a sales reminder, here is a picture of my larvitar plush collection thus far! the Pokemon USA plush is my latest addition. now i'm just lacking the pokedoll and another twig-holding larvitar and i'd be set! do give me a shout out if you have them to sell or see them on Y!J, yeah? =D

thanks for reading, and for everyone who has bought something from me this period, thank you so much! you've all been a great help helping me with my big day. ;)

Commission oh my!

A unexpected bill just came up, therefor, I am opening more slots for bead sprites and pokemon character hat commissions!

hats: examples here: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/002-6.jpg http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/hatexamples.png
$30 shipped anywhere! I have many many colors of fleece, comment if you are interested with your design/pokemon and any preferences, as well as your head circumfrence measurement :D

bead sprites: $7 for menu sprites, walkies, and smalls. $13 for large sprites, generally 8" tall/wide.
Please note: I only have 4 large pegboards at this time, so if you would like a large sprite I will need to check to see if it will fit on my size pegboards before confirming your commission. EXAMPLES: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/001-5.jpg
comment if interested with country and sprite you want!
Thanks all!

Re-Introduction YAAAY ~ <3

 HEY GUYS ~ <333 Well I introduced myself on here before, but it's been a while since then, and I've decided to stick around more now, so I thought I might as well introduce myself again >ww<

Well as you can see I'm Citrus_Knight, but people tend to call me Citrus...or itrus, citurs AND SO MANY TYPOS OF IT. Some people have called me Surtic, too ~ BUT ENOUGH ABOUT MY NAME. I guess I should talk a bit more about myself :>

I'm a female and 17 (i'll be turning 18 on the 22nd of this month >ww< ) and I've been into Pokemon since I was about 4 or 5 ~ I never really knew what my favorite Pokemon were before >:U But I've decided now that my top favorite is Entei <33 I don't know why but I've started to grow REALLY drawn to Entei <33
My next two favorites are Poochyena and Togekiss <3 So I've decided to collect those ~ I've already bought some Entei stuff, and I have a Togekiss plushie my friend got me for Christmas which is my favorite Pokemon plushie I've gotten so far >ww<

I also like the Latios and Latias pair ~ And I did buy some kids of those two, but they're a gift for a friend I only see once or twice a year ~

I will admit my wallet has already emptied after I got back on this site X'D  But I'm hoping to have more money after my birthday ~ !! I'm also hoping to be going to the mall tour in Georgia, even though it's a bout 5 hours away from where I live. It's been my dream to attend one of the mall tours and I'm hoping to have this as an 18th birthday gift ~ I'm hoping to even MAYBE make some friends I can meet up with when I go, since I love meeting new Pokemon fans, especially since Pokemon is my number one obsession >ww<

ANYWAY, I'll stop talking your guys ears off now XDD I KNOW I TALK A LOT TROLOLOLO ~ <333
I hope to make some new friends through this >ww< Maybe I'll post up some pictures of my Pokemon stuff I've collected so far later

OH YES! And I guess my biggest wants right now are the shiny legendary dogs that could be gotten from the lottery or whatever it was. Even though they're selling for around 450 dollars from what I've seen online :< ONE DAY I'LL AT LEAST HAVE ENTEI >ww<
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Payments and Glaceons

All previous sales have been shipped and I have begun shipping out packages from the Plush GA and Kitbug Kids GA :)  However I am still owed many, many payments - which is to be expected with how quickly this community moves, but I would really appreciate everyone getting these in.  Please check the list below to make sure you're not on here by accident!

Link to original payment post (Kitbug and Plush)
Link to original payment post (Clear Kids Rush!GA)

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And for something not GA related: A couple of my big wants have popped up but 1:1 Minccino has drained my funds. Since I need money badly, I'm going to be taking offers on individual items from my Glaceon collection.  Many of these items I've obtained through the help of good friends.  Please understand I'm hesitant to let a lot of these go.

Sold: Banpresto Plush, Watch, Chibi Strap, Attack Kid

Available for Straight Sale:
Glaceon TOMY NIP - $7
Glaceon Candy Tin - $15
Glaceon Pokedoll - $50

Very likely will not part with TOMY Glaceon plush <3

Since this is my personal collection, I will be looking for relatively high offers - please don't be offended if I flat out reject an offer.  I have a rough idea of what I'm looking for on each item and I'm unlikely to stray from that amount.

And as always, anything can be combined with my regular sales.  Prices have been lowered to make room for a new stock of Y!J items coming in this weekend :D


pkmncollectors meetup - 12th march @ birmingham bullring - black and white tour!!

Saturday 12th March / Sunday 13th March
Birmingham Bullring - Outside Selfridges

The dates have been announced! It is a while away, but I'll make another post nearer the time.
Hopefully this gives people the opportunity to plan ahead!

Practically, I think meeting on the Saturday would be better than Sunday; as travel can be difficult on Sundays.
I'll be travelling to Birmingham in the morning; I aim to arrive at the Bullring at around 10am and leave at around 5pm.
The event takes place outside Selfridges in the Bullring, so will be easy to find. However it may be busy, so I suggest meeting outside the Costa Coffee nearby.

Apart from the event, we could go around the shops and for lunch, perhaps at Pizza Hut, or whatever everyone decides!
The games themselves are released on the 4th, so bring along your DS and we can do some battling and trading, alongside collector's chat!

Everyone that attends will get a Pokemon goodie bag courtesy of yours truly!

I really think this could be a memorable day for everyone who comes! So bring along your favourite Poke plush and meet us there!

Definitely Attending:

Maybe Attending:
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Updates and Some Wants? :)

Hello all! Hope everyone's had a good February so far. :) Here's just an update and some wants I've decided to try for; I'm still working on getting my first sales post all together, but its coming along! I've also been meaning to take more collection update photos, but I'm currently moving stuff around in my room, and things are kinda scattered around haphazardly. ^_^;; But expect to see some lovely 'zards in the near future! :3

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Finally, a random cute picture. :D I actually took this picture over christmas break, when my friends and I got together for a party and played board games all night. We wanted to play Life, but apparently the car game-pieces from my game disappeared..... so I got inventive and substituted some pokemon kids for game-pieces! :D

So I was wondering: have you guys ever used your collection pieces for anything else like this? It definitely makes it more fun- ("Geeze, pikachu had ANOTHER baby!? How's she gonna support it on THAT salary?!!" Ooh, the game of Life! xD)

Well, that's it for now- I forgot I need to do some classwork for my online world lit class; oops! xD
See you guys later!! ^_^
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Pokedoll Pickups Tomorrow!!

I still have six Enbuoo slots left if anyone who wants one hasn't already signed up!

Sign up and waiting list are here!

Here is a breakdown of how these pickups will go:

1. Tomorrow is round one! Daikenki and Jalorda slots are full for round one, but you can still sign up for Enbuoo.
2. I will take pictures and post totals for round one tomorrow! You must get your payments in promptly!!
3. I will send out round one Pokedolls and post the pickup list for round two - this pickup list will draw from the current waiting list. I will also open up Reshiram/Zekrom orders for round two (same price as the starters)!
4. I will make several trips to the Pokemon Center after work next week.
5. I will post totals for round two on Friday (2/18)! Once I post totals, round two people can pay me and I'll send out the pokedolls. So if you know you're on the waiting list, please expect to be able to pay by next weekend!
6. I will see if there's any continued interest after round two and figure out if I should have a round 3. It would be the same basic idea as round two, where I would pick up dolls during the week and then gather payments on Friday (2/25).

I go at it solo tomorrow! Wish me luck!


I haven't really gotten anything for my Pokemon collection in a while. I cannot say the same for my Lady Gaga collection, however. :) I figure this should change soon. I am currently looking for these items. On a side note, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!! Born This Way is being released on the radio and on iTunes, and then Target with have the Born This Way Deluxe Edition for preorder online.

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Please Help Me Complete my Collection?

Hi all, I'm literally three away from completing my Lugia plush collection! As far as I know there are twenty one different Lugia plushies and currently I have eighteen of them ^v^ I want to be the first person to own every single Lugia plush ever released, but I need some help! Here are the last three plushies that I need:-

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Pokemon - Buds

Phone strap/Keychain pickups?

My local anime store has these straps in stock. They're gashapon, meaning in Japan they were random.

The Pikachu in the bottom two sets are GONE. I cannot guarantee they will have the pika you want from the first set.

I want to limit this to two of each Pokemon, and only 4 Pikachu total. If I don't get that much interest, that's okay, I'm going to pick some up anyway for the people who want it.
They will be $6 each, plus shipping.

Payment will be collected once the straps are purchased, do not back out of these.

Why am I doing this? Mostly trying to encourage the store to sell more Pokemon! These straps are the most Pokemon the store has had since it opened at least 5-6 years ago!

EDIT: I'm going on Saturday, so I'm going to cut pickups on Friday night so I can get a good count of what I'm picking up.
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Rush GA?

Just thought I'd throw this out there - for anyone interested there's a full set of the Eeveelution canvas plushes w. tags on Y!J with 1 day+ left, currently sitting at 20,000 yen. *edit* Unsure if anyone can pull off such a fast GA but if interested lmk and I'll PM you the link =)

Final reminder for offer and collection update!!!


First, I want to remind you guys that I am still taking offer for these guys. I think I'll end it tomorrow.  Just click on the picture :)


And now it's time for COLLECTION UPDATE WOOOOOOO!!!!

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That's all for now guys... OMG I'm so happy now lol. Btw, I can't wait for those custom plushes I asked for recently. I wanna see how they'd be XD

ps I look for any non-flat espeon, umbreon, vaporeon, and vulpix & ninetales merch (depending on the prices though) Please give a shout if you have ones :)
Galvantula and Joltik

Some wants...help anyone?

Hello there! <3

This will be just a quickie question and wants, if somebody sells them.

Stupid question probably, but does a Mantine plush even exist? Never found one :/

And right now, I am in search of things with Mantyke (current obsession), so anything you sell or trade, please give me links, or what you are selling. Can be also Mantine, but depends. Thank you dearly! <333
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First Sales Post!!!

Hey guys, this is my first sales post so please keep in mind I may make a few mistakes but will try my hardest :)


Click the link to be re-directed to my sales post :) xXx