February 12th, 2011


GA Payments needed

We won the Applause plush GA but with no discounts, sorry. D: There was some fierce competition.

The spreadsheet is located here -> https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0At610gnboOgTdEVqYXpMZTl4TC1RR1pLcC05TkRfSGc&hl=en&authkey=CLerqNUC
Please add your shipping location in the appropriate column.~

Could I please have payments send asap to jade1.4@live.co.uk
(Be sure to add your lj username and item(s) you won in the notes.)
It's an ebay auction and so the seller really can't wait for long.
Thanks a lot!

(ps. Anyone here going to the midlands expo (UK)?) :3

Time to vent, and couple wants.

So get this. Couple of weeks ago I see a Butterfree Pokedoll on eBay and miss the final bidding because of reasons I won't share with you. So I find it again on YJA. I bid on it with Noppin (Crescent) and get outbid by 7 other people. So the bid has a few days left and I decide to "give up" on the bid so I can get my deposit back, just in case I need that money for something. I come back tonight and attempt to bid on it again. They tell me I gave up so I'm not allowed to bid on it anymore. GREAT! I WISH I WOULD'VE KNOWN THAT!! So there's 15 minutes left and I rush around the internet looking for similar sites. I first go to SMJ and get registered etc, and the interface and search is so astonishingly god-awful I go to the next site with 5 minutes left on the Butterfree I've been searching so hard for. I go to Japan Treasures or something like that, get registered put in my request to bid and then get told it will take 1-7 hours to process my bid, whereas Noppin is insta-bid. I'm sure you guys have stories just like this, feel free to vent in here as well.

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  • dezchu

Quick Question

 Sorry about the really short post XD
I'm planning on doing pick ups for b/w tour on the 19th,but I don't know how much everything weighs.
Does anyone have all the weights of the items that are being sold,I would really like to be able to give shipping quotes before I do the actual pick ups :3
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Collection Update/Reminders!

Hi, everyone! Hope your weekend is being enjoyed. I just put up a collection update that is long overdue! I hope you'll check it out! Follow the link by clicking the picture/fake cut to my personal LJ.

(Warning: Image Heavy post!)

Next, I want to talk to the people who ordered February Kids (Desukaan, Denchura, Chaoboo, etc.). The kids seem to have been released, as I have seen a picture of a Denchura. Therefore, I am guessing I should have my box in 1-2 weeks, and then I will post to tell everyone who gets their kids! :D

Finally, the leftover Kids and Clipping figures. I have decided to give it one more shot with them by reducing the price to $3.98 for a kid and $5 for a clipping figure (+Shipping)! This is the last call, and after a week or so, I will donate them somehow. =) Follow this cut to see which kids and clipping figures I still have!:

Collapse )Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed the collection update! Also, I am really looking forward to the Mall Tour event in Arcadia next week for the BW tour! :D I will be there on Sunday, I hope it'll be sweet! :D

$1 kids - round two!

 I was looking forward to a 1/1 scale collection update today, but all i got was a ticket saying i missed my parcel!  

So im gonna continue from the last kids sales post i did, as the last one went pretty well
Again, there are loads of kids, and ALL of them are $1!

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Also you can combine th kids with anything from my sales post :3

Happy collecting everyone!
Alola Vulpix
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Rare Items for Sale/Offers

I've done some more collection weeding and I have lots of rare things for sale and offers - help me fund my new Gen 5 collections!

Offers will be open until next Saturday, February 19th at 2PM EST (a week from now).  I reserve the right to hang onto any items if I feel offers end too low.

Many items are for direct sale, please double check if the item you're interested in is for sale or offer :)

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I've also updated my sales with new items from Y!J and will be continuing to add new items throughout the weekend:

Long overdue collection post--doggies and Pichu~

I don't think I've made a collection post since before my move to Seattle over the summer; it feels long overdue. I mainly collect dog Pokemon (Growlithe/Arcanine in particular), but because of their limited merchandise, I also collect Pichu.

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Also, I have updated my sales a LOT, including a 12" Zekrom plush from the B/W tour and a large number of new freebies. Click the image below to check it out~!

BW Tour San Jose!

First of all, just a reminder that I am still doing a meetup for tomorrow's tour! An update on that: The meetup will be delayed until 11! The mall opens late on Sundays and I forgot about that! Sorry about today's meetup too everyone. XD; Things got a little crazy when people weren't showing up and such.
Anyway, I have a little collection update for you guys~ :D
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Help identifying figures

Hey all! I haven't posted here since last Christmas, so here's another one!
Recently my motherboard on my old comp was shot, meaning I had to buy a new one, meaning I have $10 in my checkings account, lol.
So, I went up to our storage to check some of my old stuff that I could probably sell.
This obvs isn't a sales post because I don't have permission yet, but I need to know what these figures are? I'm unsure.

Not the Ariados kid; he's just there for reference sizing.

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So, help me out here! What are these?!

Big box of goodies :)

Hey guys :D

I've recently been trying to make my room look more presentable, all is going well except i have this box of pokemon goodies that needs to be sold ASAP as they are taking up room that i need xD, i would add them to my sales post but that won't get rid of everything as quick as i'd like, so i'm throwing the whole lot together for $150 shipped to anywhere in the world :D

(appologies for the dogey photo, the light is pretty crap today :/)

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I am looking for the doll of flygon.

sale year:2004
Sales companies:hasbro

I buy  for the 30$(The delivery fee is excluded. Only the very good one in the state ).

Payment method:paypal

I hope the message as for sales.

cool possible GA and wants)))

Hi there everyone!
how ya doin?
so first i wanna show you all what a great auction i found on Y!J today
here it is:
1.Arceus Tomy defferent plates etc.

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ok so now lets go to my little want list>

so first is Shiny Suicune MC+. im getting Entei and Raikou so i really need Suicune.
in a ended auction were i was biding for Suicune: page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/139593352
i lost specially cause the price wnet over the price i wanted so community im counting on you!!!!

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well thats it!
mudkipz do u liek me?
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Pokedoll Pickups: Round One Payment!

Due to the last minute addition of sticker orders, totals for round one have been delayed. Until now! Good news everyone! I got all your sticker requests for round one, hooray!

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Now for round two details! If you were on the waiting list for round one, be sure you check this!!

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I will not be doing a wait list for round three yet so please do not ask. Once round two is closed and I have a better grasp of the way money is moving around, then I will post again for people to sign up for round three. So! Round two people, be sure your order is correct and that you will be able to pay by next weekend!