February 13th, 2011

I'm Back, and I Have Questions!

Hey guys! I'm verdantdance, and I'm pretty sure most of you don't know me. I was active a few months ago, but a lot of things changed in my life, and due to depression and drama and yadda yadda, I just kinda forgot about the community. But now I'm back, and hopefully, I'm here to stay! :)

To just reintroduce myself quickly, I'm Chloe, I'm 17, and I'm a big fan of Leafeon, Pikachu, etc. And that's enough about me! I have no new collection updates (sowwy!), except I got some cool card sleeves (they've got Espeon and Umbreon silhouettes on them from that one PokeCen promo), the world Pikachu card set, and Jakks Teddiursa plush. But I do have questions!

1. I am working on a cosplay for Touko, and I was wondering if they've made a C-gear yet? If they haven't, what would you guys recommend for making (or duplicating) a C-gear?
2. Who is going to the GA stop on the BW tour? I am tentatively planning on going and it would be so fly if we could meet up!! :D

So yeah, nice to be back here! I really, really missed you guys.
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Dark Dragonite TCG Card Help?

So, I have been looking around eBay for a while today; Curious to see the prices of some Pokemon TCG I might own.

I was going  through my binder and came aross my Dark Dragonite card. 

According to different sellers on eBay, this specific card is an error because it is not a holo. And supposedly what makes it even more rare is the fact that stopped printing the cards once the company realized.

Is this true? Is my card so rare it is worth hundreds of dollars?
Also, instead of 5/82 like the other errors my card says 22/82. 

My classmate gave me this card, probably not knowing all of this information.

Please, can anyone help me? I’d like all the information that is possible on this Dark Dragonite TCG so I can seal it up for the future if it is worth that much of a fortune.
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Shinx Up For Best Offer! + More



I still have a few items I need to get rid of before I move. I reeeeally don't want to have to bring this big stuff with me. XD I've decided to do free shipping on the Huge Shinx to whoever decides to offer on him, thats how serious I am about getting him out of my house. I already have one of my own, two is WAY too much for me right now. Once I'm settled in on the 16th be on the look out for a huge Pokedoll sale from me, a February plush//art auction  and probably more weeding sales.

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I also still have five cards left over from my last sales post if anyone is interested.


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An Overdue Collection Update

I've been putting off my collection update for way too long. I kept on thinking "oh i'll just update when i get something intresting..." well now is the time.
I've waited so long now i have to reintroduce myself X3
I'm BlueUmi, KawaiiOcean on art communities. I've been into pokemon for almost 10 years, and amassed a collection of whatever i felt like getting XD
I try to focus on Suicune (if he weren't so expensive) and recently, Zorua and Reshiram.
I recently got lots of really nice stuff, so on to the collection! ^^ (my cut better work.. *threatens LJ*)

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Custom Auctions


Hey guys I just finished my first XL size plushie and I decided that I was only going to make them through auctions. So here it goes my first XL plushie auction XD!

So what does it mean an XL plushie? It means one 24” plush.  

To go to this auction click ---- > hottiehulio.livejournal.com/4859.html

So last night Lonepichu and I helped to teach some of the people on our dorm floor how to sew by making some Darumakka nuggets. XD So have decided to auction the little guys and gals off.

To go to this auction click ---- > http://hottiehulio.livejournal.com/4866.html

Both auctions end Feb. 18th 11:59pm EST

Grail get!?

Hello pkmncollectors! As you may or may not know, I joined in March of 2010 have posted twice, but have lurked otherwise. I kept meaning to post here, but it just kept getting pushed off. But I recently acquired something that I've been pining for but couldn't get because of its price. I hope I'm allowed to call it a grail!

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New Collection? Wants post

Hi everyone so lately I have been really wanting collect Misty, Staryu and Starmie items! Particularly Misty figures, and the Staryu beanie, by Hasbro? Here it is, currently high priority want for me =3 So if you have some Misty/ Staryu line items you do not want please let me know!  I hvae a huge collection update coming soon just waiting on a couple things. Thanks!

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larvitarscar's pokemon kids collection project update!

hey guys! hope your weekend has been brilliant so far.

i just did a kid collection update for my pokemon kids collection project this morning! at present count i have about 883 kids, with more on the way. notable new additions include clear pachirisu, clear larvitar, clear marill, and relatively rare arcanine, absol, raichu, latios/latias, poochyena kids among others.

(let larvy's sandstorm transport you to Flickr, "Little by Little"*)

the first few pages cover the most recently uploaded pictures - for viewing of individual albums of each Pokemon arranged by National Pokedex number, click "Sets". note that I will only begin collecting Gen V kids after the English DS games are released.

before i go, here are some scans of a HGSS comic I bought recently that i'd like to share with everybody! =)

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thanks for reading and hope you have a great week ahead. =D

*larvitar hands a bowl of fresh soil to those who get the reference.


WE WON! (as if there was any doubt)
thank GOD we're finally done!

we earned over $1000 guys!!! that should definitely be a new record lol

first I think we all owe a huge thanks shiningmew for getting this spread sheet finished and for being a GREAT co-host! =D

i'd also like to thank all GA participants for being such sweet hearts and being so patient with me! i know i made SEVERAL mistakes and truly thankful that everybody was so kind towards me! =]

anyway, enough of that!
let's get paying lol

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S Greninja Pokedoll

Searching for/questions

I'm afraid I have no collection updates to share today, but hopefully my last few things will be making an appearance over the next couple of weeks! :3 Having said that, my spending is going to have to slow right down, especially as I'll be going to university later in the year. ^^

BUT I'd like to make a last little attempt at finding at least one item I've been after for a long time. I'm really interested in the Paki Paki Plush but always seem to miss them or find them when they're out of my price range. ): I've seen Charizard, Bayleef, Heracross, Mewtwo and Lugia. Are there anymore? What kind of price do they usually go for? I only ask since I saw a Heracross that I would have loved to have snapped up for $15 once but missed it. ^^; I'd be willing to go higher than that, just not sure how much higher...

Heracross is the one I'm really looking for right now, but I'd be quite interested in any others. Especially Lugia but from eBay I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to afford him. >.>;;

On a completely unrelated note I'm also looking for the Hasbro Torkoal Beanie.

I'm becoming incredibly interested in the Hasbro Shiny Figures too though missed out on the figures in the recent GA as they went too high for me. XD Is there a list anywhere of which ones were made? There were some in that auction I wasn't aware of.

Lastly, I'm wanting to ask for sales permission lately as I have a few things I'd really like to sell to the community and I need to make some room. How long is it usually expected for you to be a member before you apply?

Well, that's all! Sorry for all the questions and the boring post, I'm sure the next one will be more exciting! DX

Just a quick question

I need some help buying some things from Yahoo Japan and Rankuten, need help ;w; Would anyone be willing to help me, be my middle man? I was going to buy the same stuff from BrianJapan, but the prices are crazy and I've found much better deals on yahoo japan. Thanks!  Will remove once I get a reply.
Chillarmy Doll

(no subject)

Hiya!~ I'm new to the community, and have yet to make a collection post (I'm waiting to do that.. Getting some awesome Pokemon Center stuff from my friend tomorrow.), But I have one question to ask everyone on here... How much is a Grimer PokeDoll worth? I found it behind my TV today, and it's NWT. I bought it myself back when I went to NYC for the first time at Nintendo World in November of 2009.The tag is still attachted with just a few creases on it.. And it also says POKe DOLL Cleffa. Haha. But does anyone know how much they generally go for? Thanks so much if anyone can help! <3

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Hello Pokemon collectors!(>_<) I'm Sharmaine, and for some time now, I've been wandering the pages of this community. Not to long ago, I bought some Poke-dolls, and I have become Poke-crazy! I think my family thinks I'm a weirdo because of my new found love. Of course, I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was five, but I didn't start collecting till now. At the moment, all I have are Poke-dolls, a Pikachu hat, and the first season of Pokemon from Thailand.
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Just to let you know, I live off my allowance... so I'm not rich. I really want to make a collection of all my favorite pokemon, so if you can help me find these poke dolls at reasonable prices... then I'd love you forever.

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Group Auction Fails :(

 Hey guys... it wasn't a good day for me and group auctions, unfortunately. We lost both of these:

This one didn't have a whole lot of interest, but we did have some kind bid increases at the end. Unfortunately, I put in our max bid plus a couple dollars and we were still outbid. 

We were winning on this one for awhile, though at the end someone kept outbidding us. I upped my bid quite substantially, but there was only so much I could throw in without going way over! We were close :c

I appreciate everyone's participate and I apologize for the loses. We tried and I can only wish all of you the best of luck in finding the items you seek!

Happy Collecting! <3

Quick Sticker Sales

Something came up, so... Here we go. I am selling stickers. These I cut myself and they still have the ORIGINAL STICKER backing to them. You can stick them anywhere you want! =D Huntail Kid for size reference. ^_^ Other stuff at the bottom!

All 251 1x1" stickers  + trainers and pokeballs for $5! Clicky post for details.
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C-c-c-collection updateeeee!! [and wants!]

Hello to my fellow collectors. <3
I kept putting off a collection update for almost a year now, and I think it's time to finally show you what I have been building up (even though I still have many, many more to come in the mail! For those of you who don't know, I've been a member for a little over a year I think. Maybe 2? XD I'm 19 and my collection lives in Cornwall, Ontario, but I, for my studies in 3D Animation, live in Ottawa (any fellow Canadian Capital collectors around here? :3). I hardcore collect Zoruas and the Eeveelutions and trainers (yes, bleeding wallet syndrome happens alot XD) and have a ton of side collections! I DEDICATE THIS UPDATE TO THAT_ZORUA AND KATCHEEKRICKET AND NANOPLASM, three amazing and supporting collectors here on the comm that helped me out alot by being awesome. <333 So here it is~

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And that's it except for a few wants! I'm always after more ZORUAS, AND HUMANS. But more specifically, I'm DYING for the Giant Namco Zorua Plush that everyone seems to be snatching up lately. If you are willing to middle one for me, I WILL PAY YOU. Also, Movie Lottery Zorua Plush. Let me know if you've spotted any of these or can help me get one, or if you have anything else related to my collections, let me know, I'm very open. :D

wow guys...

i come here today with the weirdest offer i have EVER been made by a seller on ebay.

as you guys know, i have recently held this GA

since the price was a bit hefty, i decided to hold on to the payment until i got a few GA payments. of course, i contacted the seller before hand telling her that the payment will be sent no later than tomorrow morning.

she replied with this:
Hi, I don't want you to pay that much for the toys. That's way too much over for them and I don't feel right to sell it that high. I will sell it to you for a fair price and I will let you make an offer for them. Hoover

yes, ladies and gentlemen, a human being has denied money. this is one for the history books! loljk

i feel so moved by her offer, but i have already taken various payments and it would be a HUGE mess. i feel it would be unfair of me to make such an important decision without the GA opinion of the GA participants.

so here i am asking you kind people (not just GA participants):

should i make an offer for the lot that is smaller than our winning bid and cause a huge mess among the bidders?

or should i kindly decline her offer and pay what we owe?

(i posted this on the main page because it would take forever to PM everybody and i'm sure most participants will not check back on the page and give me an answer in time)



Hi, I know it sound stupid to refuse money but sometime it's more than money that counts. I just want to sell it but not to rob you. I had about 25 people watching it and over 200 people look at it and a few offer on it so basic on that a fair price of $250.00 plus the shipping cost and I still will throw in a few more free item that my daughter found in her room. I was told by 1 person that there's a few very hard to find items in my lot but he did not tell me which one. Hoover


New member here! Retail store questions inside!

Well, I just came back from 2 days of Pokemon Touring and it's renewed my love for Pokemon! Well, moreso :p I came because I figured I'd get lots of pics to see and info about Pokemon merchandise! Makes me sad that I never knew about the Pokemon Center store online until after it shut down... Won't be going to Japan anytime soon for Pokedolls/figures, and I don't live close to Seattle area for the kiosks... Although, I'd LOVE it if they did stick new kiosks into malls where the Black and White Tours went! They were always packed and looks like they made pretty good coin!

I won't be able to post any pics of my plushie/figure/card/manga/game guide/game collection for a while (lots in boxes,  planning to move) and I probably won't be any bids on auctions on here, due to the fact that I also collect anime/manga/games :p An expensive hobby, and collecting is VERY addicting when you add yet another element to it! I'm just going to be a casual Pokemon collector! But I do have a question...

It looks like alot of people are from the Bay Area... Now, I'm always searching for stores in the area that might carry AUTHENTIC Pokemon goods! Does anyone know of some good places to check out and possible prices? I noticed when I was at Oakridge, there was a Japanese import stores, with tons of Pokemon figures in wrapping (and a couple mystery box figures). I didn't get time to do so, but did anyone go in and was wable to check the authenticity of them?

In San Fransisco's Japantown, there's a store I've seen with Tomy individual Pokemon. Anyone gone by there to see a price?
Also in SF, there's a store called Cards and Comics central, that I've also seen with Tomy figures. (I think they were Tomy...)
Lastly, there's a store in Fremont I know of called Hot Toys that carry original Tomy 1st gen Pokemon figures... still boxed! Single and double packs. The painting does look a little off, but it's hard to say if they are legit, or real and just really old figures (like, they wouldn't have as good a paintjob as stuff presently). They go for $8-$10. The store also has traded in Pokemon figures and a couple holos in sleeves.

Anyone know of any other good places to go? I've given up looking in Walmart and Toys r Us... Diamond and Pearl merchandise has NOT been restocked in a long time, and never has anything good :( I guess with Jakk's new lineup at Toy Fair, they will start to enter stores real soon!

So yeah, I'm going to check in here from time to time to check out plush/figure news! Annnd yeah I'll be around :) (Oh, and thanks for any help if anyone might know something!)

Adopt a 'Vee Sales! + Final GA reminder!

I've been thinking about this for MONTHS, and now it's a good time to sell some of my Eeveelution figures (so I can buy moar pokeymans and take my cat to the vet, yay)! I'm still keeping quite a lot of them and certainly won't stop collecting these little buggers, but I'll try not to buy every single item anymore, haha. All my Vaporeons are staying with me, though, she's my favourite after all~ But but, check out this small preview!

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If you want to combine shipping with something from my sales post, that's 100% doable! :D Please visit:

ALSO! You still have 21 hours to bid on this group auction! Many rare 2nd and 3rd gen Tomy figures + other figures still at their starting bids! We'll need to raise a little more to be able to bid on the auction on Y!J! Click the pic to be transported:

ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Pokémon at Toy Fair 2011

Video from Kotaku of the things on show at the Toy Fair 2011 in America this past weekend. Plush backpacks getting US releases apparantly, Jakks figures/plush, and more DS accessories and charms than you can shake a stick at.
(The DX Tomy Reshiram and Zekrom too, but they look more like they were just there for display purposes. Who knows whether they'll be sold, but it's unlikely they'll stretch beyond PokéCen retailers... Unless they're new Jakks things that I've mistaken! Who knows.)