February 14th, 2011

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Pokedolls Galoreee! NYC + Thrift Store Finds!

Have a Black and White trainer! I liked drawing the haiir.

Hey everyone, Peachang here! It's been a LONG TIME since I've posted (Like whatt, OCTOBER??). Haven't gotten around to the internet lately (except for Deviantart), but I'd like to share a collection update :3 Over winter break, a friend and I decided to hang out in NYC for a weekend (so spontaneous). AHH it was so fun! and of course, I visited Rockerfeller's Nintendo Store.
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 Hey guys...

first thing, here are all the current GA items/sales and such that need totals apart from ONE

I'm going to the post office tomorrow to get a shipping total for fandramon as you have a pretty epic box XD as soon as thats done everyone will have their totals/most items will be shipped!

secondly, I need to take my pet bearded dragon to the vet, and after buying him a new vivarium, need some emergancy cash :C so here are some emergancy sales! including a raichu reversible plush, zukans, mega blok set and these calendar pages:

so without further ado, (please excuse the rushed banner, I searched up gible and found the derpiest picture I could find...)

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and finally, an inquiry. I recently bought a DVD set for the group buy on a BIN through noppin. However, noppin went weird and when I put the order in, said I was outbid and asked if I wanted to give up. Confused, I wanted to be sure I'd get a set, so bought another set using treasure japan, thinking that noppin didn't buy a set for some reason. 

Well, I log in today to find that noppin did indeed buy a set, and just glitched out when it said I was outbid. It now says I've won the sets, and I've ended up buying two because of a glitch noppin made. Can anyone give me any advice as to what to do, or if there's anything I can do? Obviously I really don't want two dvd sets!

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, and thanks!

Please sell to me! (a wants list) :D

Howdy! This is my first post in posting here at pkmncollectors! I am a little shy, even on the internet! So please bear with me. XD

I collect Electabuzz items because he is, obviously, my favorite. :D I also collect Numel and Tropius figures, but I am only looking for Electabuzz items at the moment. Here is a list of things I would like to have as a part of my expanding Electabuzz collection. :D These are the items that are so far beyond my grasp that I need to get the word out that maybe somebody out there is willing to part with their items in question? I am getting pretty desperate in my search...

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February's Pokedoll Hat Auction~

With a twist! I did a theme of three pink Pokemon in celebration of Valentine's day! Up for auction is a custom pokedoll hat of  Flaaffy, Tabune/Audino, and Mew! Also up for grabs is a single custom pokedoll hat auction as I just finished the Magikarp I was working on~

Remember these are only made once and ONLY ONCE. So if you collect these Pokemon, bid before they're gone~


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GA Payments + whitewolflarka GA

Shipping payments are needed for the 3 GA's I ran!
Please send all payments to Weedrose@hotmail.co.uk with your username, then mark yourself off on the spreadsheet :)

Roxiired - You bought in all 3 GA's so your total is $9.48



Metal Figure GA Spreadsheet

ALSO THIS DVD lot we sadly lost ;(
It went for just about $100, we was no where near even having half of that! So i'm sorry guys <3

The lovely whitewolflarka has agreed that I could GA her box of goodies she had up for sale the other day! And ofcourse my GA butt bandit FizzyCat will be helping me out! So lets get to it shall we?
+ Special thankyou to whitewolflarka for photoing all of these pictures for us! ^^

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Want/Looking for

So recently I obtained a Minky Latios pokedoll and I love it to death. I think he should be paired up with his buddy though. However I've only been able to find various velboa releases of the Latias doll.

So, is anyone here selling a Minky Latias pokedoll? Or does anyone know where I could find one? If anyone can help, that'd be awesome <3

The minky version is a 2009 Blue Tag release btw:

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February 19th B/W Tour Pick up

 I'll be at the b/w tour in Westfield Santa Anita, Arcadia on the 19th,so I figured I'll offer pick-ups C:

I will need to take payments right away,should they run out of your item I will issue a refund when I get home from the tour.

My feedback is here just incase C:

Depending on how much interest there is I may add more slots then what is already listed
You may order multiples in the same slot 

Payments are through paypal only
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New pokedoll stock for pick-ups~!

I was able to make it out to the kiosk last week, and was thrilled by the new stock of Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina (altered form), Darkrai, Arceus, and both Shaymin forms! Also, Lucario and Riolu are (back) in stock~!

I am willing to take as many slots as possible, especially because of the new stock. I'm very grateful my paypal debit card enables me to do this. Please be clear if you are asking for a price quote or requesting item(s). It is important to pay as promptly as possible once I've given you a total, so I can be sure I am not picking up extra pokedolls and to assure I will have enough funds to pay for all pokedolls requested. Thank you~! ^^

Also, I give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls! For instance, an order of four comes out to $60 (which includes US shipping), and eight ends up costing a very discounted $118 (also includes US shipping). I also try to include freebies of Pokemon candy and gum.

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1. eevereon (Giratina & Groudon) paid & picked up!
2. silverhawk33 (Arceus, Darkrai, Giratina & Eevee) paid! pick up Palkia in place of Eevee
3. naialana (Cyndaquil & Piplup) paid & picked up!
4. chikorita_fan (Celebi) paid & picked up! to be shipped with Zekrom
5. karoia (Turtwig) paid & picked up! to be shipped with items from sales
6. imaginaryduck (Lucario) paid & picked up!
7. zixyn (Kyogre, Darkrai, Arceus & sky forme Shaymin) paid & picked up!
8. shinysuicune (Jolteon) paid & picked up!
9. vangogh (Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Latios, Latias, Giratina, land forme Shaymin, & Lucario) paid & picked up!
10. crasholina (Cyndaquil) paid & picked up!
11. _deft_o_k (Suicune & Lucario) paid & picked up!
12. Sharmaine (Suicune) paid & picked up! to be shipped first week of March with Jolteon
13. gabrielvalient (Cyndaquil & Suicune) picked up!
14. pikachulovesme (sky forme Shaymin) paid & picked up!

Feb. customs multi-post!

So much to do!

First, what I just finished, because it is awesome!

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Next, progress on current plushes:

1. phoenixrequiem - moltres and persona loonakits - done. Please contact me!
2. chibi_luxio - jolteon - done!
3. fairlyn - ninetales - waiting for fabric
4. blackfury - umbreon - waiting for fabric
5. yaoi_queen - houndoom - making pattern

Waiting list:
entirelycliched (assorted Loonakits)
espeon_lover (lying vaporeon)

Lastly, I'm taking a few bead sprite slots!

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Bead sprites start at $5, and go up depending on the size of the sprite. If you have a specific sprite in mind, you can let me know, or I can select a sprite for you. For those wanting cheap/cute/small sprites I highly reccommend Mystery Dungeon sprites, they're inexpensive and come in lots of cute poses. http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/pkmndungeon2/index.html Please comment for a specific quote. Shipping starts at $1.50, larger/multiple sprites and international shipping will be more.

1. karoia - marill
2. iza_7 - 5 sprite set
3. noxxbunny - trainer sprites

I may open more slots if I get these done quickly.
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intro+collection post! ♥

Okay... So, I'm a little nervous to post because this is my first post here besides to buy things ;v;" So please bear with me!

I guess I'll start off by saying hi, I'm shiny-s, aka Sam. :3

I collect pretty much any Pokemon I find cute... But, I do specifically collect Snorlax stuff as well. And, by some awesome accident, I have a little Poliwhirl+evo/prevo collection building up, somehow. Same for the Pika line. (Not that I mind, both're adorable.)

Though I want to build up some other collections of specific Pokemon as well.... Some of the pokemon I'm searching for super-cute merch of are Tropius, Ampharos, Hoothoot, Poliwhirl, Zubat, Scizor, Scyther, Tyranitar, Snorlax (of course.) and soo~ooo many others... Though I'm a bit frugal, so I like to wait and creep for the cheapest prices I can find. c:

Also, this community has turned me into a freak for Pokemon Kids. They're sooo cute. ;v; I ordered like a million (more like 10-ish) since I've joined, haha. You guys've been super-friendly since I joined, it's so nice. I'll definitely be making an update when I get all the kids and such in the mail. >V<

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Re-Introduction and Collection Post

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day whether you may be single, cherishing your loved friends and family, or in a relationship and loving your significant other :)

Anyway, I lurk around here and mostly participate in GAs/Plush sales.  I thought it would be nice to share my plush collection so far :3


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Happy Valentine's Day from Frida+Danny! <3
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Success at Walmart!!

Well, looks like I found myself some figures at a Walmart I happened to be in today! I figured "well, everyone suggested to just take a peak in the toy aisle..." so, I checked out the action figure section... Lo and behold, Jakks Pacific figures!!! And some ones I REALLY wanted too! What an awesome Valentines Day present^^ Figured I'd take a pic and show it off before I rip em open (I really hate opening them sometimes, but I also like posing them and not have boxes cluttering^^)

Well, looks like Flareon won't be lonely anymore! (I do have more figures packed away currently, but Flare's the only one I have out now).

(Is VERY happy to spend only retail price on these, aka $5 each instead of the $20 each off other websites >_>) No plush yet, but I'm still on a lookout...


New Collection Gets! (Plus Auction reminder) rather image heavy.

This will be my first update of gets on the community!
I had this post a lot nicer than it is now, but I pressed the home button on my laptop when I was almost finished with it!  >:( Therefore, I will try to make it as accurate as the first without getting frustrated. =p

These are gets for my Assorted collection and my Main collection. I got a few before I started on here a month ago, so I shall post them as well. I keep them all in mint condition with tags on just in case I ever decide to sell them.
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a fun meme: first poke-love!

Hi everyone, Happy Valentine's Day! Today was filled with cookies and Pokemon thoughts, so of course my mind drifted to this comm.

I thought it would be fun to pose a question to everyone: Who was your first Poke-love? Do you collect this Pokemon? Why do you love this Pokemon so much?

For me, my first Pokemon love would have to be Linoone. I loved my Linoone in my Sapphire, Calvin, to death. I don't collect this guy, though, even though I want to collect the line. I loved this Pokemon so much because it was the first Pokemon I caught in my Sapphire game, he was the toughest member of my team, and Linoone's are just super adorable! (as are Zigzagoons)

So, what Pokemon did you first love?
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Collection Update

I promise this will be my largest and most expensive package in my collection life. There are so many love gets which makes me hard to start from. And today is V-day? OH MY MY. I'm just under a hard rock for too many days. Happy V-day everyone! And let's get started. 
Note: I've omitted many items which come with my gets, but I will mention them in the article. If you are interested to take a look, I will be happy to take a picture.
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Twlight Sparkle

Pokémon Black and White Mall Tour-Indy Meetup

Okay the event is in Indianapolis this weekend, so it will be time for the...

When: Saturday the 19th
Where: Castleton Square Mall, Indianapolis, IN
Time: 10:30am/11:00am-depends on movie showing
Okay, The time still needs fine-tuning, but it seems that 10:30 am or 11:00 am will be the best bet.  Now, I don't know when, or even IF , the movie will be showing at the theater in the mall, but it seems that if it will be showing there we should base the meet-up time on that.

I've looked around, but have been unable to find a time for the movie showing.  If anyone going to this event Saturday knows the movie time, let me know and I'll update this with the meet-up time reflecting when the movie will show.

I'll be wearing my Colts Backpack with a Ravenclaw Keychain, and I'll be carrying an Aipom plushie with a yellow ribbon around its neck.  If you are going to cosplay, let us know who you'll be, and if you'll have a specific plush with you, let us know who it is so we can greet you!

Hope to see you all there! 

Until Next Time,
Cheers. ~♪
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Eevee Dangle

Introduction with a Couple of Collection Shots <3

 Hi there! I've been lurking for a couple of days as a member now, after lurking on and off since last year. =) My name is Claire, I'm involved in various communities around the Internet, including Deviantart ( http://www.sugar-coated-designs.deviantart.com ), Den of Angels (WolfeClaw - Asian Ball Jointed Doll Collector!) and Gaia on and off (Sugar Coated Strawberry). I've been drawing a lot of pokemon lately too X3. So there's quite a few on my DA.

I've decided to take my Pokedoll love a little more seriously of late, as my other collection of ABJDs is too expensive to carry on at the minute. I have just moved from South Yorkshire, England to Melbourne, Australia, and as of yet don't have a job, so collecting is very slow XD

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Accidentally posted this under friends... Im such a n00b ,_,

don't have a pokedoll collection, but am trying to convince my dad to allow me to purchase the Osaka swag....



Hopefully that picture works...


Either way, I have just a few questions...



1. Does Osaka still have ANY of that merchandise or am I too late for that? XD

2. I was thinking of purchasing some of the items via Yahoo Auction Japan, but the pages of info of how to do it is confusing, I bet my dad wouldn't want to do so.

3. Any suggestions/tips that might make him decide to let me get some of the merchandise?

4. I've found various Osaka Pikachus on ebay and such for $25 CAD is that a good deal (without shipping)


Since Im a n00b here, I might not even realize someone has posted so sorry for delays in responses XD