February 15th, 2011

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Legit Reshiram?

So I was looking for a chibi Reshiram plush and I came across this one on Ebay. I'm assuming most of them are bootlegs but I don't even see this plush listed on PokePlushProject. Is this legit? I can't decide between this or the Pokedoll...


I wish they made a mini keychain version I could wear to work XD

What would be a good price for this UFO anyway?
whatisthisbullshit--by me

(no subject)

Ok so I did something reeeeally stupid. I mailed the wrong item to a customer, and have none of the item she actually ordered. I saw what she was asking for, and yet my brain processed it as a completely different thing.

I know I can't be the only one who's done that. So what do you guys do when that happens? I refunded her money and offered her a free 5$ or less item, but I want to hear some other solutions.
Custom Shimama and Chikorita

big collection update

Hiya! I've recieved alot of items in the mail recently, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a collection update. ^^ Due to some recent collection weeding, I've rearranged everything, too. :)  The cut is image heavy.

Collapse )I've updated my collection website with alot of the new items -- it can be found here . ^^

Also - the Super Awesome Kids GA. It took awhile for the lot to get to SMJ's US warehouse, but I've requested shipping and it should arrive at my house within the next few days. Hopefully I'll have shipping payments up soon. :)  I am still missing initial payments from ombation and wayawolf711 . Payment info can be found here .

[pkmn] pokefriends~!

Pokemon Mini-Wind Chime Auction

Just a reminder that I have rare Pokemon mini-wind chimes up for auction.

The Pokemon featured in the wind chimes are the Johto starters as well as Togepi and Bellossom! Click here or either of the pictures to be transported! :D The auction ends Friday, February 18 at 6 PM Central.

I hope you all had a fabulous Singles Awareness Day yesterday! ^_~ <3

Party, Shiny

Boxes of Stuff

I'm clearing out my boxes, so everything left over from my sales over the past three years is being cleared.

**This huge lot is being GA'd. I am in the process of posting all the items in my journal**

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Also, I am seeking a Jakks Flareon. Is anyone able to trade me for anything or sell one to me? :3
Chillarmy Doll

On the hunt for my grail... Anyone got one?

Hi guys... I don't have a large collection as of now, so there are quite a bit of things on my wants list! These are up at the top, since game stop originally gave them to someone else, when they promised them to me. Also, there is one from the UK on eBay I would like, but they only ship within the UK. Is there anyone who could medium one for me? :)
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Edit! Found this one too:

It's from the same seller as the Platinum one.. Again, if anyone would medium these for me, that would be amazing. <3
All pictures from a google search and the auction, btw~

GA won! + Adopt a 'Vee reminder!

Hey! Good news! We won this GA for the starting bid of 15,000 yen! Click the pic to go to the GA post:

Under the cut you'll find the list of the claimed figures, and there are some extras available, too!


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And here are the unclaimed figures! They're $1 each for GA participants, $2 for other comm members (unless otherwise noted). Click the picture above for bigger photos! By claiming these you'll help us cover shipping and SMJ fees!

Collapse )

Alright, that's it for now! Keep your eyes on the comm for the first payment post! And thank you, this GA was a huge success thanks to everyone of you! <3

Guess what! I also lowered some prices in my "Adopt a 'Vee" sales post! I'm open to haggling, especially if you're buying multiple items! <3


Yet another update

 Most everyone SHOULD have gotten their package by now. Techno4tomcats, garefowl,  the two people I did a personal candy trade with, and Caffwin are the only people that should be left.

Let me know if you never received a package from me and I will investigate.

I have NO transportation right now; my mother fractured her ankle so I have been taking care of her; the craziness will stop eventually. Wish us luck.
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Up for Group Auction

I'm trying to raise money for something special so here are some goodies I have acquire over the last year or so...Hopefully, they can find a nice new home. :)  After speaking with some members and pulling up past sales, I've decided to list everything here as a lot. The reasoning is shipping from Canada is extremely expensive so hopefully someone from the US can host this and ship them for a fraction of what it would cost me to ship to you.

The whole lot is $225.

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rill pd

6 Hour Reminder: 85 Figure GA!

 Less than 6 hours left on this awesome figure GA! The lot includes several glossy/metallic figures and plenty of others- many figures are still unclaimed! Don't forget to get your last minute bids in! ^_^

Clicky the picture or clicky
here to go to the original post- thanks everybody!


plush and hat commissions from Kitsune Creations

Hello fellow poke-collectors ^^ I am back this month and revealing a new studio name (Kitsune Creations). Commissions are open for hats, plush and backpacks! This may be the last time I am open until after convention season, so if you have been waiting to order please do so now :)

Also taking pre-orders for Anime Boston! I'll be at table #121 ^^

And if you aren't interested in ordering, please let me know of things you would be interested in seeing! Im always looking for ideas for new plush and hats that you think people would find enjoyable.

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Porygon Tower :D and interest???


I was bored so I stacked pory's :3 Do you have any creative pictures of items from your collection? I'd love to see them :3

Also, I was wondering, if once I get sales permission, would anyone be interested in any customs from me. I have no idea when I'm getting sales permission but I'm working on it. It would take to long to post pics and get everything set up all nice so, if you want to see my art check out my deviantart.


Offers reminder and Clear tomy MC GA!

 Firstly, just an offer that I'll be ending offers on my calendar pages, raichu reversible plush and mega bloks set in a  day or so! Raichu is very low, and the mega bloks set has no bids, as well as a few posters! some preview pics below...


and secondly, me and xxiiijamesiiixx  bring you a clear tomy among others GA! 

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thank you!

Shipping payments for plush GA!


They have arrived and they are AWESOME. <3 bootsnake.

[info]melodicrevival  I still need both your payments! And let me know where I'm shipping to so I can get your shipping estimates please.

is the spreadsheet for your shipping totals~

 -Please send payments to: theresilienceofnature@gmail(dot)com
-Then leave a comment in this post so I can verfiy! Also LET ME KNOW if your address is different than the one on your paypal.
I'll be getting these guys shipped out soon :D
jolteon game ani

Introduction-Sales Ideas-Wants List!!

Hello community ^.^ I have been on here a couple of months and finally am ready to introduce myself!! I love this community and all of you so much! I would love to make friends on here to talk about pokemon, collect it, and play the games with people on here! Anyways I am 23 and my name is Jessica! I live in Slidell Louisiana right now with my boyfriend. My favorite pokemon is Jolteon, and has been since the games came out in America in 1998!! I also am a free lance artist and will be doing commissions here soon for pokemon items!! If you want to be friends or know anything about me let me know ^.^ If you also want to play pokemon games like battles, trade or whatever let me know-and would love to play with you guys on the global link network! I would love to play a pokemon roleplay with people that is not R rated just a fun one! so send me your links ^.^

sry its small have to make a new one!


will be doing bead sprites, stuffed animals, and more!

I collect and are my favs:
::My Favorite pokemon and main collection item(Jolteon)::

Then the rest!







Others I like and are in my side collections are
(will be adding more when I start collecting them)

Will be adding my collection images ASAP! ^.^

Sales Ideas:
I am wondering if any of you are interested in me selling a huge amount of my extra TCG cards on here, misc items, and will be offering Shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, and ash's pikachu for your games as trades/sale/or an offer? I also will be doing this with future pkmn events as well. Let me know and ill get sales permission!
I am looking for Jolteon items like the Bell Plush, and minicot items!
I also am looking for and umbreon canvas plush
Want eevee pokedolls as well right now
also am looking for jolteon clearfile, charms, figures, plushs, flats, ect!!
looking for Raichu items as well- and one of the things I need is Raichu dushinshies (if I spelled that right)
Want pokabu items too right now
anything else I need ill post ya guys ty ^.^ sry for the huge post!

some of my collection is here


Collection Weeding

 So since I need to make room for my new poison dart frog/crested gecko (I cant decide which haha) terrarium and yet more stuff arrived in the mail I'm doing a collection weeding post. Click Dante for the updated sales! :D


(no subject)

 Hi everybody, small sales bump today. We recently set up a shop to make it easier for us to manage everything, so please check it out!  ^^  We haven't totally moved everything over yet, but we're working on it.  So for now, here's our two shop links:

Mostly TCG and some miscellaneous figures:

Plush!  Also some TCG, coins, and other figures:

Unfortunately, the store only accepts Paypal, and we realize this may not be possible for everybody, so if there's something you like in the shop but don't have Paypal, just send us a message!  We'll see what we can do.  ^^  But unfortunately, if somebody picks it up in the store before we can come to a deal, then sorry!  ><;;  

Also, a small want -- Sitting Bidoof Pokedoll!  

If you have one, or have seen one... please let us know!  
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quila and diles!

Why hello all! This week has been busy since I been workin on a gijinka cosplay for katsucon and also been packing for my week trip to Virginia. But I do have some nice new collection pics, I have a few new items in the mail such as the minky unknown cyndaquil and two small metal cyndaquils I bought almost a month ago on here but I'm sure it will be in any day now.So I am pretty excited to maybe find some more cyndaquils at the con and I plan on taking pics of what I find, also I hope to meet some of you guys there!
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