February 16th, 2011


In search of my WANTS! =)

Hello! Hope everyone is well. =)

Yet another late night for me, so I figured I would post some of my wants. I was hoping to hold off on this until my last package arrived, but something has come up and I need to go ahead and post this.

Without further ado......................

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watercolours (a much overdue intro post)

(Image credit: this artist at Pixiv.net.)

"Here's a story I hope you'll like
It's the one about the girl riding her bike
It's a tired old tale, but it still rings true
She could never be rude or unkind
But a sad song played at the back of her mind
Oh, can someone show me a different day
Take me away, take me out of the woods
Great big world, you know I'm wanting for you
Wanting for you..."

Hello, everyone! My name's Justine, but nearly everyone who meets me online ends up calling me some form of Jay (my username, an allusion to the Loyal Jay uniform on Gaia, isn't any help). So after much thought, I've finally decided to go by Jaye (the spelling I prefer).

I'm a veteran Pokemon fan of 12 years, and though my interest has naturally peaked and waned over time, I never can truly say I've regretted being a fan. There's a difference in that, I must say, and in being in a "fandom slump," much like I have been in for the last several months simply because the modern Pokemon community had seemed a bit "unattainable" to me for a while. Meaning, not giving off exactly the warmest vibes as far as welcoming returning veterans. I can tell already that this place is different. :3

I've had friends tell me that "with Black and White coming out in ump-teen days, you'd better come out of your shell and get involved in the fandom again, before it's too hard to keep up." I suppose they're partly right, but the Pokemon lifestyle to me isn't exactly a mask that I can just keep putting on and taking off as the fandom hits highs and lows. In fact, Pokemon probably had its greatest influences on me over the years when the overall hype was generally muted. I'd spend hours at a time reflecting on how the franchise's core universe and philosophy had challenged me to think, given me something to be passionate for, and overall made me a better person.

That's essentially a very boiled-down summary of my Poke-sentiments as they've become refined by time and experience. I hope you didn't mind the bit of schmaltz, as I don't know if the effect would have been quite the same. ^^;

Anyway, I'm an almost-eighteen-year-old college freshman from Alabama pursuing various goals, ambitions, and interests. While I'm usually a bit of an introvert in the grand scheme of things, I can be quite creative and outgoing in my own right (I'm a budding screenwriter and novelist planning to participate in Script Frenzy in April), and I usually enjoy meeting new people with similar passions.

I've collected things off and on over the years, but there's rarely been any fluidity in my desire to keep an interest in all my collections at once. I've decided that from now on, I'm going to stick to two of my true fannish loves, Disney (I hope to return to WDW this spring for the first time in 9 years!) and Pokemon.

My absolute favorite from childhood was Vaporeon (I fondly remember a boy in my first-grade class surprising me with a Vaporeon "power bouncer" on Valentine's Day, so I guess that just marked my 11th anniversary as its owner!), so I'm looking forward to better learning what merchandise of it has been released over the years. Close contenders for my second favorite are Espeon and Delcatty, and more recently, I'm absolutely in love with Deerling and Sawsbuck (I always thought Stantler was a bit of a waste for what a Deer Pokemon was worth, but no offense to Stantler fans), and I'm curious to know if anyone else is interested in collecting the Legendary Buck Trio (Cobalon, Terrakion, and Virizion). In my opinion, they're some of the most unique legendaries we've had to date, so I wanted to see if they were of any interest here.

I suppose one more thing you must know about me is that I absolutely love all (well, most) things animated. I'm a complete and utter animated movie buff (can anyone guess what film my lead-in lyrics are taken from?), and while it's usually rare for me to find a Western animated series that I'll become enamored of, I'm obsessing over quite a few at the moment (Sym-Bionic Titan, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Regular Show). When I transfer to my next college, I hope to take a course in Time-based Media (a form of Animation Arts) just to get the feel of being in the animator's position, even if it isn't what I decide to pursue. For these reasons, I'm beginning to wonder if I'd like to make animation cels a special part of my collection. To fans like me, they're pieces of history in themselves. :3

Thanks for having me here, everyone! It'll be a pleasure to get to know you all, and I hope to make some great memories here. ^^

- Jaye
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New Pokemon B/W Jakks toys and plushies!

I know a video was already posted of these toys but I was able to find pictures from the 2011 toy fair.

I really think the Reshiram and Zekrom figures are made from Jakks and not stolen by Tomy to be localized in the west.  It looks pretty nice from the picture so I hope it looks nice in real life as well.

You can find my original post here with some unfunny commentaries: http://pokemonblackandwhite.net/?p=3584
Credits to ASM.com: http://toyfair11.asmzine.com/gallery/jakks-pacific/pokemon/

HUGE SHOP UPDATE! 1000 Cards added!

Just added 1000 Cards to the Getupkid's 619 Pokemon Center!!
Lot's of 1st Edition WOTC English Cards added!
If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!

(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Card List Updated 02/16/2011 1:00 PM

Galvantula and Joltik
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Gen 5 plushies GA!

So, me and allinia (who will do the bidding) decided to do a GA for these Exclusive Namco Gen 5 Banpresto Plushies:


- Bidding ends at 8AM EST this Sunday, 2/20

- NO deleting of bids!

- Bid Increments of at least 1$ please!

- there will be three payments (auction price + deputy fees, shipping from japan, then shipping to participants)

- allinia will be claiming Minccino for 20$+ and I will be claiming Darumaka for 18$+, both of us willing to go higher

Please do not bid until threads are up! Thank you!

Reminder for pokedoll pick-ups before my trip to the kiosk~

A small reminder that I'm doing a pick-up for pokedolls, etc. I should be able to visit the kiosk this evening (schedule permitting); if not, I will definitely be heading there tomorrow.

As a reminder, the kiosk recently began stocking pokedolls of Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina (altered form), Darkrai, Arceus, and Shaymin (both forms). Lucario/Riolu are back in stock.

Click the tower of Celebi pokedolls to view my pick-up post!

And a small sales plug; I still have many items available, including (but not limited to) 19 kids, clipping figures, chou gets, chupa surprise and freebies~!

A few more small things:
1. Unsent orders from my sales are being mailed today. I took a bit longer than usual because I needed to pick up bubble mailers and other packing materials, I'm sorry. @_@
2. If you received a package from me with Pokemon candies, they are NOT expired and are 100% edible!
3. If anyone knows where I can get a 1/1 Emolga (other than eBay), that would be great! I know Gin normally does pick-ups, but I hear she's visiting the US, and I want to make sure I'm able to get Emolga before he's gone. I can't afford it right now, but will be able to in a week or two when I receive my tax return.
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So I just started college and am dying from exhaustion and such, and today is my day off. AND SUDDENLY, MILLIONS OF POKEMON PACKAGES.


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Mewtwo destroy

Hey y'all!

Hello everyone..!

I'm new here, but I've been a Pokemon collector for... I don't know how long.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, there's a particular doll I'm after... the poseable-limb Mewtwo doll. Anyone willing to sell one (to the UK)? I haven't had much luck so far.

Thanks in advance!
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Question for anyone who's been to the mall tours

Do the Pokemon Center kiosks take credit/debit? I'm going this weekend and plan on buying some plush for myself and my boyfriend but I'd prefer to just use my debit card if possible since I prefer that to cash (I ride the bus almost everywhere and it's a lot safer to have my money on a debit card than it is to carry cash around).

Embarrassed of buying Pokemon goods?

Here's an interesting (random) question for the community: Do you ever get embarrassed with looking for/buying Pokemon in retail stores?

For me personally, it's only sometimes. In places like anime cons or the Pokemon Tour, it's like whatever, knowing you aren't the only fan who's a big kid there. If I'm with someone, I love checking out collectible toys in Toys r Us! Somehow, I don't feel as shy buying Pokemon goods at a TRU... However, it's funny when it comes to department stores like Target and Walmart, especially if I'm by myself checking out the toy aisles. I do it causually and quick, as if I'm not looking for myself, but perhaps a gift? Not bad with friends, but I still end up being the only one looking through toys for something :p

I know I'm pretty open about my fandom, and all my friends know it, so it's not like I'm a closet fan with Pokemon (although I used to be...) But something about checking out at department stores still bugs me for some reason... Not sure why! One of those irrational things, I guess, although it shouldn't matter what other people think. It's probably only when I'm by myself, because people probably wouldn't expect me to be buying "kiddie things" like Pokemon :p

new shelf+ new gets= collection update!

The only equation that is any fun! (math work is no fun :c)
Anyway, since I rearranged my collection and got some new POKEMON GETs I will show you all them!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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One thing that bothers me a bit though is some items I believe shipped a whole ago haven't shown up. (Gin's suiki doll and a tfg. Do you think its the mail back-up problem or are they lost...?

Human Kid GA Shipping Payment Due!

So this lot of kids is in!

That means shipping payments are due. :D

If you are in the US: Your total is $2.37

If you are International: You total is $3.32

The seller also included Munchlax and Glameow pan stickers! You can add them to your order for $1.50!
Here is a picture of them:


The spreadsheet for the participants is here:


Send your payments to snovak12@punahou.edu! Please make sure you put your username and what you bought in the memo!
Roan the Time Travelling Red Panda

Eevee Tin GA

Hey everyone! I found a lot that contains two of my mini-grails, and figured to do a Group Buy on them!


Sales permission granted Dec. 2010

There will be two payments. One payment for the item and shipping to me, and the second shipping to you the claimer :)

I will be claiming the two secret tins(winking eevee & espeon&umbreon design) at 50.

These tins are hard to find right now, so if you've been wanting that elusive vaporeon tin, now is your chance! The claim price for each is 18.

Vaporeon: espie
Glaceon: mana_mihara
Leafeon: darkangellilith
Umbreon: darkangellilith

GB will be considered failed if there are not enough claims by Monday the 21st.

Be prepared to pay asap. Thank you!

EDIT FAILED YOU GUYS. Someone bought it under our noses. Sorry :(
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 Just a reminder that I'm doing pick ups for the B/W Tour on the 19th :3

For anyone waiting for news of this ga C: we did win both lots,I am just waiting for the seller to reply if they would combine both of them.

and for the mini plush ga I did C: I requested shipping a couple days and it came out to 12.05
so payments are to darknisfalls(at)yahoo.com <3
shadowravenx 4.43
pegasus2010 4.43

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and a question,that big luxray in the back does anyone know what it is D: the person says jakks but I hadn't heard of a jakks luxray being made Answered <3

Sticker Sales last reminder

Hello all! Just one last reminder that I am shipping everything out from this sales post tomorrow, so I just wanted to see if anyone wanted these last rounds of stickers. After tomorrow, I will not be selling these stickers again and they are going to a deep, dark place never to be seen again. XD Pay tonight get it shipped tomorrow. Thanks a bunch and take care!

Click picture or link to get there. Plus, I have put a SOLD list over each picture. This is UP TO DATE as of tonight. Thanks!


Wants: I am DESPERATELY looking for this for my backpack... I just got Chikorita and Totodile but cannot find Cyndaquil anywhere. :( Thank you! Been looking for past like... 7-8 months now? XD Picture from nanoplasm <3


I wanna buy stuff now!! Show me ur Nidoqueens!!

Ok, I am in a big shopping mood at the moment and I’m really eager to buy some Pokemon stuff C:. I haven’t done much major collecting shopping in about a month or two and it is driving me crazy XD!

I have some specific wants having to do with the Snivy, Vulpix and Eevee lines atm (pictures stolen from other collectors, fernchu, whitewolflarka, and ridi) :

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Lastly, I've been contemplating starting a Nidoran/Nidorina/Nidoqueen Collection after training my in-game one :3! If you collect her or have any items show dem to meh XD!! 

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flygon doll

I'm sorry for the repeated post about the article.

I am looking for the doll of flygon.

sale year:2004
Sales companies:hasbro

I buy  for the 30$(The delivery fee is excluded. Only the very good one in the state ).

Payment method:paypal

I hope the message as for sales.

new eeveelutions


So, on Valentine's Day.... I finally found those dang eeveelution figures!!!  I was so happy!!! I literally searched for weeks at like 10 different stores in 5 different cities for them!! and of course when I was going to check the Wal-Mart right by my house last, BAM! there they were! They only had 1 of each figure too. I was sooo happy! I ended up finding and extra Espeon at another Wal-Mart nearby and have decided to sell it to someone on here who really wants it for cheap. So, if you want it, get it before its gone!!! I will be selling it for $12 shipped MIP, or $10 shipped if you want it out of the packaging.

Also, a link to my SALES!!!  Which can be found HERE: http://eevee-evs-lover.livejournal.com/
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so long no collection update

Hi everyone!
i haven't posted in ages so it's time for a collection update:)))))
So here it goes:D                (image heavy)
first a photostory of a mystery pup

Doru: This thing is huge!
Nayo: And somewhat soft... i wonder what's insideCollapse )

so next is some great gets X3

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Collection update + introduction


I'm a new member here, although I've been observing the site for awhile now. Thought I would introduce myself and my collection. =]

I am also known on deviantart as Chochomaru, I make custom Pokemon plush and Pokemon fleece hats. I also make Pokemon Gijinka cosplays.

I'm mainly a plush collector, but do like a few figures now and again. I don't believe I have a specific species I collect since I only collect the plush I like or think look good.

Well onto the collection, I apologize, my camera isn't the best. I'm also just finding new places to put everything and organize them better, and will have a few additions in the next few months that I will add much later on when I do a new collection update. I made a run to the Pokemon Center in Washington today, very exciting. ^^
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Also, quick list of Grail plush I'm looking for:

Banpresto UFO Luxray Plush
9" Pokemon Center Arceus Plush (THE ACTUAL GRAIL)
Lottery Giant Zoroark Figure
10" Takara Tomy Raikou plush (I narrowed it down to this from that absolute giant Raikou I never have a chance of getting lol)
Giant Fluffy Raichu (not sure which brand, its like 100+ $ on ebay ;A; )

Non grail items:
Looking for:
kids- Zoroark, Luxray, Reshiram, Zekrom, Arceus
Large Arceus figure (6" + )
1:1 Mijumaru/Oshawott plush
Shiny Raikou pokedoll 6"
Daikinki/Samurott pokedoll
Raichu canvas plush
Espeon canvas plush
Umbreon canvas plush
Flareon canvas plush
Ampharos canvas plush

Buneary and lopunny

Re-Introduction and Trading Post

Hey Pkmncollectors!
I know it's been a while since I last posted. I know most of you are probably like 'And you are?'.
Yeah well I don't blame you. College and life in general has prevented me from getting off my butt and posting my collection update on here, which I will get to eventually.

However today as the title says I am here for a few different reasons.
I have been a member of this community for almost 2 and a half years now! I used to be rather active back when I first joined. I collect Buneary, Jolteon and Pikachu. Along with a few of the stranger aspects of a collection such as the TCG booster packs.

I have been lurking again for a good few months now and the community has grown so much! I just want to say Hey to all the new members. Its wonderful to know I'm part of such a successful community.

Also under the cut there are a few cards I would like to put up for trade not sale!

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Thanks for reading guys. Hopefully I will get motivated enough soon to post my vastly enlarged collection ^^
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ModPost Time!

Hello and good day everyone!

ModPost time. Please pull up a chair, we have some alot of things to talk about.

Reminder Posts
Just like customs posts a few months ago, reminder posts are becoming a major problem. There are WAY to many of them posted on a daily basis. It seems we are seeing more reminder posts than any other kind of post lately and it’s simply getting out of control. For now we are limiting the amount of reminders you may post to the community, effective immediately;

Sales Reminders ~ these should only be posted when major changes have been made, such as adding new items. This is nothing new. If this is new to you, I suggest rereading the community rules.

Group Auction/Auction Reminders ~ You may only post ONE reminder, suggested before auction end.

Pick Up/Store Run Reminders ~ One per week, please. If you see that someone has posted a store run/pick up earlier on the front page, please give it time before posting yours! I'm adding the keyword "pick ups" to make things easier. Please use it! Those of you looking for these kinds of posts, please utilize this tag to find those doing store runs and pickups.

Off Topic Posts
Off topic posts such as shipping notices (i.e. "all your packages have been shipped!" or "sorry, I'm a bit delayed in sending out packages"), one lined posts, etcetera need to be sent via PM or e-mail. No exceptions. This is also something that is not new. I understand it can be an absolute massive task to PM 50 people, but... realistically it's what you signed up for when you ran that GA or sold those items. It's just part of your responsibility as a seller or GA runner to have good communication, and making these kinds of posts to the community isn't cutting it. Half the time, the members you are trying to reach out to miss the post anyway. If I see any of these posts, I will cite the violation and they will be removed.

5 Minute Extension Rule (regarding sniping)
...applies to everyone. Every single community auction no matter if it is a group aucton or personal auction. No exceptions. If this is new to you, or you need clarification, please reread the rules under "Special Notices".

"Please GA This" Posts
These are also getting out of hand again. Let's try to limit these, guys. I understand that finding items can be exciting, but the front page doesn't need to be flooded with them. Instead, talk to some friends you have on the community and maybe a GA can be started.

I think everyone should use them more. It makes it more than helpful when you are looking for something specific.

For a list of current community tags, please click here. <3

New Members
...and old, please take the time to read the community rules before making your next post.

Final Note
Gin is currently on vacation and has fallen ill. If you have any direct issues, please contact me. <3


Now, to make this post a little fun, I leave you with my Zuruggus. Collection update, sales and offers will be coming soon. Lugia is pressed that he isn't the main focus of the picture, obviously... he's a tad upset back there...

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments.

Thanks in advance, everyone. ♥
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my babies!! + super shiny kids GA reminder

My latest gets! :D big plush and badass figures ahoy!

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And a reminder that the Super Shiny Kids GA is ending in 3 days! Get your bids in, because we don't want to lose our shinies, right guys? The total raised for each lot is currently at $202, $288, and $143 respectively. The last one especially may need quite a bit more support for it to be won! A couple of kids still have no bids and are at their starting price--these are Tailow, Chimchar, Dustox and Magmortar. I'll make one more reminder come the auction's end, and if it seems like we may lose I will make an emergency post asking for anyone willing to up their bids! May luck be at our side, anyway!