February 17th, 2011


Collection weeding, Charmander line/Vulpix misc offers, shipping update!

Hello, community!
I haven't been able to be around the community very often with convention season picking up, but I have quite the multi-post for you today!

Odin, get out of there, you are a Raikou. You are not an envelope, you don't even have stamps!
My shipping of stuff has been super delayed, but all packages will be shipped Friday. Looks like my shiny Raikou, Odin, has found his way into the packages in the meantime!

Also, I really hate to do this, but due to exceedingly terrible finanical situations, and a lost hope in collecting altogether, I've decided to slowly start weeding my collection.

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I have also updated my sales post with tons of cheap TCG, new figures and plush, and lowered prices on tons of items! Any items that are paid for before Friday will be shipped Friday!

Lastly, I am putting up my very difficult to part with Charmander Line zukan and some rare vulpix items up for offers!

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Sorry for the massive post! I hope to do a collection update sometime before my first anniversary of joining the community. But, I will admit, I have started to lose my drive to collect - I am missing many items that are so intangible that it seems futile to continue pursuing them. Is collecting really worth it when it's more of a quest than an adventure...?

Thanks for reading, as always! <3<3<3
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A Super Boring Post...

 But my auctions for the Mewtwo and Arceus LevelX Cards end tomorrow at midday, GMT! Click the photograph below to be teleported.

Just so this isn't a boring reminders post, look what I got in the mail today from the amazing bergunty !

That Dialga is my own reminder that I have to rearrange my collection shelves to make more space!

Until next time everyone! <3

Pokemon Badge Project: Johto Update

Link to previous post: community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8350283.html

Lets kick it off with the image I just took! Note that the Johto badges are to scale, not counting the white space around them (I'm lazy, sorry)

After finishing this, I'm thinking that they're all pretty well sized except the Zephyr Badge, which should probably be at 1.25 inches. Yes? No? Should any of these be adjusted size-wise? (note that the designs haven't been changed at all yet, still waiting on my artist!)

As a reminder, orders ARE open for Johto Badges! You've got until April 15th to pay! Email me at pkmnbadges@aol.com with any questions or comments (or orders!), since I'm guaranteed to see it there and have missed comments on these threads before =P

I want your fire pig!

Yes that's right, I'm on the hunt for a talking pokabu plush! I saw the one on hardrock pokemon but Brian is always on the pricey side, so i thought i'd check here first. If you have one for sale or know of a trusted site you can direct me to please let me know! Once my other purchases from SMJ arrive I will have a big collection update :D
I also have the remote control giratina on ebay once again: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190500933182&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
flipping my shit

My mini Pikachu collections! and felt customs

Hi all! 
I've been a part of the community for a bit (I joined the summer of 2009) but I mostly lurk so a lot of people probably don't recognize me :) 
as a mini reintroduction, Hi I'm Mollybot, I mainly collect kid figures and I have a humble jolteon collection (yes I couldn't help myself, I love the spikey dude)  Like other members in the community I love to make art and to craft :3

Since I haven't every officially done it yet,  I thought I'd show off my mini pikachu collections. I've always liked pikachu as a kid (who didn't spend what seemed like hours of knocking down bugs to get one in red and blue?) but with his over merchandising it's hard not to feel a little bitter about the guy sometimes. My first mini pikachu collection started when I got a pikachu Full Color Stadium figure as a freebie in an order. After loving how cute and tiny he was I was on the hunt for other pikachu FCS. It's such a fun collection to build. Then, I recently decided that I wanted to collect as many different pikachu kid figures as I can. I knew that I was going to end up with a couple anyway so why not? :D

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annnnnd then on to felt customs!
I've been working with felt for a while now (It used to be my job! I worked for a company who made felt goods) but I've usually only made felt goods for trades. I've had positive feedback from the people I've traded with so I thought I'd finally open up my customs for commissions. Please check it out if you're interested. I've got one already finished project for straight sale: everyone's favorite flying squirrel!!

Click here or the picture to be sent to my custom's page!

And for straight sale, my prototype ipod cosy, Emonga! If you want to give him a home please go to my customs page!

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW3 Chaoboo Set Reminder

Hi! I have received word that the BW3 Kids box will be arriving at around this time next week. I would, however, like to confirm everyone's spot in line, to make sure that my tentative Google Doc is ok. If you do not respond to this claim within 36 hours, I will leave negative feedback like I promised here. I did front money for these boxes, and I'd like to be able to do it in the future!

Ok, so as I already established, each kid will be $5.95 ($0.02 off from my first guesstimate XD). Shipping should probably be about $2.50 in USA for one kid, add $0.5 for each additional, and international would be $3 for each kid, add $0.50 for each additional.

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Confirmed People: 


A note on claims: If you are the first person listed, you have *just* about 100% of me getting your kids. If you are second or third, you have some chance. Usually, though, I either get one of each kid, and 3 of a couple, so that's that. If this goes successfully, I will be doing a claims post for BW Character Kids soon! Please respond with your confirmation ASAP! Thanks!

Custom Auction Reminder

Just wanted to remind you of the 2 auctions I am hosting right now. Please stop by and check them out. 
Both auctions end Feb. 18th 11:59pm EST 


Hey guys I finished my first XL size plushie and I decided that I was only going to make them through auctions. So here it goes my first XL plushie auction XD!

So what does it mean an XL plushie? It means one 24” plush made with minky.  

To go to this auction click ---- > hottiehulio.livejournal.com/4859.html

So last Sunday Lonepichu and I helped to teach some of the people on our dorm floor how to sew by making some Darumakka nuggets. XD So have decided to auction the little guys and gals off.

To go to this auction click ---- > http://hottiehulio.livejournal.com/4866.html


collection update~

 HI GUISE <3 I haven't posted in ever XD; I've been wanting to do a collection update forever, but each time something awesome arrives, and I consider it, I buy something else awesome. /derp so insteaaadd, I'll just do one now XD;

Collapse )thanks for looking or reading!

EDIT: MY CUT WHAT IS IT DOING. just ignore it D: snow warning is not meant to be all mad XD
Pogeys ☆ Feraligatr

15 POUNDS OF POKEMON - it's in!

The fifteen pounds of Pokemon GA (and it was, indeed, fifteen pounds) is in. The items were all in better condition than I thought, but they do show play wear and are not pristine, as would be expected from an eBay lot. I cleaned up some of the larger figures with a magic eraser. I did not want to risk ruining the paint job on the smaller items, though!

I snapped some pictures. My camera started acting wonky towards the end, so there are few left out, but I will give you details on your items and will provide pictures upon request.

SHIPPING HAS NOT BEEN CALCULATED YET. I will explain why at the end. I just want to get rid of the extras and show everyone that their items are a-ok and I'm not hoarding them away like the toy dragon that I am.

WARNING: Image heavy!
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And now to the fun part...

These are available to GA PARTICIPANTS ONLY. I will open them up to the rest of the comm at a later date.

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Now, about dat shippan...
I am FINALLY getting a scale next week!!! After four or five years of selling online, I am finally getting a scale. That means I can calculate shipping ACCURATELY, print out the labels, and drop the packages off at the post office instead of having to wait for them to weigh and sticker every little thing.
However, that means that I will not be able to get these things out for another two weeks. If you want your items sent out ASAP, let me know NOW, and I will estimate your shipping cost and have it sent out by Saturday. If not, and you do not mind waiting a little while longer, I will be able to calculate awesomely accurate shipping totals and update the spreadsheet next week with your final totals - shipping plus any extras you tack on and items from my sales, (for the two users who put items on hold with me). Let me know what you would like to do. These are your items and I want to get them out to you when you want/need them.

If you have not paid for your items, please do!!!
I am a spreadsheet. Click me.
Send all payments to pikachu.shoes {@} gmail.com.
I will be combing through my payments before I calculate shipping. Anyone who does not pay before them will be PM'd.

And as for this guy...

I am waiting for one last big item before making a huge collection update so he won't be introduced until then, but I am beyond ecstatic to have talky 'gatr in my hands FINALLY.
...he was placed rather close to the edge of the box though, so while I was trying to open it, he was screaming at me. FORALIGATOOOOOR!!! Just like that. Makes me wonder if he was talking to the concierge of my building when they received the package too... I secretly hope not.
Garbodor paradise

Minccinos, Minccinos everywhere

ohmaigawd I got my lifesized Minccino today! I just knew he would come in this week.

He looks so huge compared to Mini C!

The poor guy probably had to wait for a night before I picked him up... and it snowed overnight! Good thing he's nice and warm inside the house now.

I named him Captain, due to how he's the biggest guy out of my collection.

That's all for now, I guess. Bye!
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Special Tomy GA FINAL Payment Due!

The time has come to extract the final shipping payment from everyone who participated in my Special Tomy GA!

This is the last payment for this GA- once I receive your payment, your items will be shipped out!

Final Shipping Totals

Please send all payments to digitalturtles@gmail.com and include your username somewhere in the subject or notes! 

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me!

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group buy!!!

Hi all

Me again. I'm a freak for buying things lately! I found a lot that has a BIN, and it comes with 6 of these weird "Pokemon Talking Puppets." And of course I'm only looking for the Marill! The BIN is for 2000 yen, so it'd be fairly cheap if 6 people got in on it! I'm just wondering if anyone else would be interested in one of these weird things?

Got a fair bit of interest so I'm going to do a group buy!

Marill: karoia
Togepi: pdutogepi
Pikachu: roxiired
Cyndaquil: usernamedesired
Totodile: fandramon

Bought the lot already, so I'm hoping I get someone interested in Pikachu!

Also, I was wondering if someone could help me identify an item? It's in a big picture of a bunch of Pokemon stuff under the cut
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Sorry for all the boring posts. I have a ton of stuff coming in the mail, so I'll post a collection update in the near future, and I'll also update my shop soon~ thanks for reading!

OMG Im going to spray ODDISH with WEED KILLER!!!

SO my friends I am getting my whole collection room together to post my UPDATER COLLECTION!!! and i thought it would be cool to buy a little wall shelf for my Plume line zukan and my pitcher plant line zukan ( and hopefully another flower zukan if i win!) so i got the shelf hung and I go to put the zukan on their base and Vileplume, Gloom, Bellossom and all the Bells go on their base just fine but ODDISH will not stand up!! I bet it took me an hour to get the little weed to stand up and in the right place!!!! I was going mad!! Anybody else with a Oddish line zukan have this problem with him standing or his he just giving me trouble??!
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Intro Post!

Hello, all!

I joined recently and while I anticipate my collecting to go veeeery slowly due to wallet constraints, I figured I should introduce myself anyway! :D

My name is ginsey. I've been interested in Pokemon since probably '96 or '97 -- I was friends with Japanese twins who brought an early Pokedex book to recess way back in the day! I'm an artist, so I also like doing my fair share of Poke-fanart. ;) Recently I've had to improve my book-binding skills too, so I really want to make custom Pokemon note/sketchbooks in the future! ♥ I also love the games -- Silver was always my favorite, though. I sort of got re-obsessed with the franchise with the release of HGSS, and I am completely amped for BW!

On that note, I've gotten plenty of Pokemon merchandise over the years, but aside from the cards in elementary school, I never really looked at it as "collecting." It was simply having things I liked. But with the release of Black and White, I have become completely obsessed with this little guy:

Woobat. (Shiny is the best!!) And...

I'm also really interested in Sandshrew! :>

Since I don't really have a collection yet, I guess I'll post wants? But because I'm not really in a situation monetarily to purchase anything yet (unless something on this list happens to be inexpensive) I'm mostly curious about information on where you guys find these items normally. :> eBay? Other sellers?

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While most of my Pokemon toys are at my parents' house in my hometown, just so this post isn't entirely devoid of collectables here's what I have in my apartment! >w<

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Nice to meet you all! ♥

Pokemon in Paris?

Hey everyone!
I'm in Paris on holidays right now, leaving next sunday :D
I was wondering if anyone here knows a good place to visit for a Pokemon collector? I've seen quite a few figurine and anime shops already but I've yet to find any shop that sells any Pokemon merch, besides those gachapon ball machines.

Also, to make this post a bit more cool: I took my most epic figurine with me to Paris:
DERPY! The bootleg Entei figurine with the derpy face.
He's seen a lot of things in Paris and is in a lot of pictures. When I get home I'll make a post with pictures about Derpy in Paris! :D

Anyway, I hope anyone here can help me with this.

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