February 18th, 2011

Another new member introduction.

Good whatever-time-of-day-it-is, it's nice to meet you. I usually go by the nickname blue.
I found out about this place from Pokebeach (I'm Bluesummers on that site), and after having been linked time and time again to here I decided to join. But right before I joined my classes decided to rear their ugly heads and make my live miserable for almost two weeks. But now I'm free, so here I am!

I mostly collect plushes, though I will buy an occassional figure if it's of a Pokemon I like. I have a very megaer collection and I usually collect whatever character catches my fancy (seems to be the Snivy line at the moment). I also play the video games, though not very often as of late.
I can't take any pictures of my collection because over half of it is stored away, and I'm one of the 20 teens in the United States to not own a camera or camera phone.

I'm not the best at introductions, so I might have left a whole lot out without realizing it. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them to the best of my ability. I'm also getting used to using LiveJournal, so please bear with me if I do something incorrectly.

That's all I got. I hope to talk to a whole bunch of you soon.:)

Quick Draw!

Pokemon Card Sales

Hello Everyone.
I finally got around to taking photos of the cards I want to sell (well some of them)
I have a lot more then what's under the cut, but it'll take awhile to go through them all, so for now only holos/rev holos and some rares

Click the Cut to see the cards~

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Jeansama and Dezchu Tag Team GA Payments Required <3

Yep we won the big lot with some discounts :3, but sorry larvitarscar we won ours at the max bid ;-; no discounts for us

your totals are here <3 -> https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlzdjI2OdEnUdHZMb0hPNUtCblItNDB2SDRHTjlUS1E&hl=en&authkey=CMbW9bYJ

Please send your payments to darknisfalls(at)yahoo.com
and put your username in the title <3

Thank you C: the faster you pay ,the faster our items can get shipped out
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Finds, Gets, Wants, A cumulative post

Hey everyone, I don't really post much here, but after what I found the other day I felt excited enough to make a post about it!

Me and my boyfriend had decided that we wanted to sstart cooking meals together, mostly because he doesn't know how and I don't really have the motivation if I don't have to. So I figured we would make some asian inspired foods, because it seems so much more fun than just making hamburgers or pizza, or some really complicated french dish. So I made a trip to the local Asian Markets, and the first one I went to I was very surprised at what they had!

(Hopes my cuts work ;-; )
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As for gets, I haven't really acquired the furniture I want to display my collection or have a real collection post, but I feel like I should show some of the items I have gotten from the community, since you were all so nice to sell them to me! I am fairly sure I have kept up on all my feedback, so I knew alot of you knew that I had recieved your items safely, but here are some pics of them in their new home!

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So I'm looking for this:

I've decided I want to collect chatot, the most adorable pokemon parakeet ever. At least until they have tons and tons of Haxorus merchandise. If you have any information on this guy, or where to find him, or if you have one willing to sell, let me know. I'm not sure how much he's worth, but since I have yet to see him on the comm I can't decided if he's rare or just unpopular. :c

In conclusion!
Do you hve any suggestions for a new-ish collector like me? What do you think of my collection? Did you have trouble when you started out your collection, I'd like to hear such stories from other members. :3


I went through the 10,000 card lot I bought last week and I sold most of them to a few private collectors and store owners around town. I posted all the rest up in my store so the community can buy them up for super cheap!

If you want to buy a bunch, shoot me an offer!
I love this community and I want to help everyone out that needs anything I have sale!

Just added 1000 Cards to the Getupkid's 619 Pokemon Center!!
Lot's of 1st Edition WOTC English Cards added!
If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!

(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Card List Updated 02/18/2011 2:20 PM


Collection Meme + Customs Reminder

Just a heads up that my exclusive auctions for Pokedoll top hats on Mew, Flaaffy, and Tabunne/Audino end tomorrow night at 5:00 PM PST. So far the custom slot and Tabunne are at their starting bids, while Mew still has no bids! I won't make these ever again so I would bid while you can~

LINK TO THE AUCTION: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8405438.html#cutid1


Also to make this post less boring, here's a meme for you!

When I first started out here a couple years back, I was a die hard Froslass collector. I still love her to death next to my fondness for nightmarish lights and lady serpents, and my collection shows it with how much I've collected her from my start here to now.


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So I ask - who did you first start collecting when you came here? What's your collection look like after all this time?



Hey guys, this is a shortish post about some info I got from AAPF and thought I'd relay it here.
And a small collection update that I forgot to put in my last post...derp

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also: if anyone has a clear rayquaza tomy or the zukans or a venonat kid for cheapish I'd be interested, can't say i can commit at the moment though.
That's all for now, thanks folks.


Hi everyone! Recently I found out I will be working with a huge artist this summer in New York and I'm going to need to start saving up money so I have weeded out a ton of stuff from my collection that I don't really want anymore. Hit the jump for all the stuff. 

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LOT OF  SKITTY ITEMS DETAILS: Clippy arm skitty is missing one tail pom, skitty on the far right needs a little bath and the small figure on the right has a scuff the rest are in mint condition. I would like to get 40$ shipped for the whole lot of items but I am willing to look at best offer, I WILL NOT SEPARATE so please don't ask. SOLD



SHAYMIN KEYCHAIN: 6$, TALKING EEVEE (a little scuffed,needs batteries) 3$, SWINUB KID: 2$ SOLD




LEAFEON, ESPEON, UMBREON: 13$ each or 30$ shipped for all three 
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Big Multipurpose Post!

Today, I have a small collection update, some late mall tour pictures, sales, and a possible trade!
So first up, I added a few things to my sales! I added a Pikachu Kite, some shopper bags, a Tepig Patch, a squishy vinyl Eevee, and some backpacks! There are still lots of origami pages and other goodies up for grabs too!
Check it out here:


After the cut, I also have a Celebi Chupa Chup I'd like to trade!
VERY Image Heavy!
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LadyLegs = MAN

Updated Sales, Travel Buddy Meme

First of all, I sent out all packages from my last sales update/kiosk pick-up today, so they should be coming your way in the next week or so!

Next, I've updated my sales by lowering prices on some items and adding a couple Arceus UFO Plate plush and more Jakks plush including Lugia and Ho Oh! For the entirety of this upcoming week I will be roadtripping in California with a couple friends, so shipping will be delayed accordingly. We'll be visiting San Francisco, LA, and Disneyland! It will be my first time, so I'm quite excited. Hopefully I can add a bit more to my spending money with these last sales before I leave! -hint BUYSTUFFPLZ hint- ;P

Speaking of travel.. Who is your travel buddy? For this trip I have chosen my latest Darkrai pokedoll from the Tacoma Mall kiosk! Because I hired him as a stunt double, I've liberated him of his hang tag so he can travel more freely. :P

Helping Darkrai with his jazz hands routine and coming with us on the trip is a non-pokemon plush who is precious to me. I'm a big baseball fan, and I'm loyal to my local MLB team, the Seattle Mariners. I won this "special" little Mariner Moose plush (note that one of his legs has been attached backwards) in a raffle at an off-season event that the team hosts every year.

Now it's your turn! Post pics of your travel buddies, even better if you have pics from when you've done some traveling with them! :D

Tomy figure GA first payments needed!

We got our first invoice for this group auction! No discounts this time, but not much extra for anyone to pay, either! Pretty good if you ask me!

Here's a screencap of the invoice:

Totals are behind the cut! People involved are:

xxiiijamesiiixx, rypeltajaroll, warking_chocobo, rtrolezi, vaporeon_07, sneadres, winter_sonata1, jerybunny, minnakek, liewqi, marphoria, ryunwoofie, mkmoe, noksum, celebiii, __sasami__, azraelalexander, ushigofasweet, kiiyame, timea_klum, rythen, icandytechnodog, pokephil, poptartdino, zeldana, mitgas, meowllz, agirl3003, kitbug, rainyan, pokemonis1337, snowball21

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Thanks everyone! :D Now that you're looking this way, why not to check out my sales here, too? I added quite a few Eeveelution figures! ;D
Pika Pichu

Pokemon Mall Tour, Arcadia CA update

Location: Westfield Santa Anita
About 15 miles from Los Angeles
Date: Feb 19th/20th

Last update for the mall event this weekend.

Update for those planning to attend the Pokemon mall tour. I called the mall and got this information.

Ticket sales for the Pokemon movie start at 9:30-10AM at the pokemon information booth. The Mall tour event does not start until 10AM(which is normal store hours) However, the mall will be open as early as 7AM(just not the stores in the mall)
There will be five different locations throughout the mall for the event, the two gamestops in the mall will be participating.  The specific locations within the mall will not be known until the very last minute, because the people setting up the event will be coming in on Friday to set everything up(The lady I spoke to on the phone said they have to check the plug outlets and all that for setup)
The areas for the event are
Demonstration area
Character distribution booth at both gamestop locations
Activity zone
Retail area
Pokemon information booth

There hasn't been any designated meet up spot. I suggest meeting at the information booth at around 11AM. Our group will be getting there at around 10AM.


Livengood + four other people(Saturday)

Maybe Attending:

Hi There

Applause Plush GA Payments Round 2!

These guys came for me in the post today and I'm happy to say they're all in good condition.

I've updated the spreadsheet with postage/packaging costs so if you guys could pay (to jade1.4@live.co.uk) over the weekend I can hopefully get them all sent off Monday.

Spreadsheet here- https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0At610gnboOgTdEVqYXpMZTl4TC1RR1pLcC05TkRfSGc&hl=en&authkey=CLerqNUC

Please be sure to put your LJ username in the paypal notes! Thank you~

If anyone taking part in the GA wants the reverse-to-Pokeball Chimchar or Turtwig for $1, let me know!

In other news...
Anyone got anything for sale of this little guy?

shiny mew

Theyre here! Now community, what do you make of these things? XD

And the mystery deepens XD These were NOT the keychain version! These are slightly larger than a Pokedoll, while strainconductor 's keychain Mew is slightly smaller than a Pokedoll!

Im going ot the PO tomorrow morning, so if you can get in $$ tonight I can send them out asap! Otherwise I mayyyy not be able to send them out until Thursday b/c I have an exam Wednesday. We'll see!

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Charms came in yesterday, but sadly I dont have pictures of them since theyre already packed XD; Will be sending them out tomorrow.
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Hello I am Kurokitten

Hello there I am Kurokitten. I live in Oklahoma and I am a 23 year old Pikachu Pichu and Raichu collector. I am intrested in anything Pikachu Pichu and Raichu, Raichu is my favorite Pokemon out of all three of them though. I have a huge collection of cards and have obtained almost everyone of them in both Japanese and English except for the super Rares. I have also started to collect them in different Languages such as: Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, and French (and any other language out there) So I thought I would show you all my what I call "Chu" Card Collection. Chu is just easier to said then all three names. I have a huge wish list of "Chu" stuff that I want to add to my wall of awesomeness which I will eventually show you because we are rearranging things at the moment and I have to redo it all. I have been into Pokemon every since it came out back in 1995-1996. I have all the Games on the Gameboy Systems as well as a Pikachu DSi and Hey You Pikachu for the Nintendo 64. (I hope to one day get the Pikachu Edition of the N64 Both Blue and Orange for my collection). But I have been playing the games after coming out of collecting the cards after the Neo Series, but just recently got back into collecting. But only the Chu cards.

I have pictures I will post.

So look for them soon.
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Pokedoll Pickups: Round Two Information!!

Apologies for the delay in updates! Here is where we stand:

1. About half of round one packages have been shipped. Work got very busy this week (I have to mail the packages during my lunch break) and there has been bad weather + crowded trains, so I still have to ship the rest. That will happen this coming week.

2. I got all of the Pokedoll stickers and one third of the dolls for Round Two. I've had to deal with the bank putting a hold on my credit card since I was making such large purchases. I have gotten that sorted out, though, and I will be picking up the rest of the Pokedolls for Round Two next week.

3. That said, Round Two totals will be slightly delayed. I will have the totals post up for Round Two next week so bear with me.

I am going out of town this weekend, so I might be delayed in responding to questions. However! I intend to have everything shipped out by next Saturday, come hell or high water.

Unfortunately, I do not anticipate a third round for the Pokedolls. I might try to do another round of Pokedoll stickers, but I am not sure yet. I apologize to anyone who did not manage to get a Pokedoll slot!

I appreciate all of your patience and graciousness during this whole process. I hope this delay has not caused any inconvenience! I will get the Pokedolls out as fast as possible.