February 19th, 2011

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Offers Reminder

Boring post, I apologize!  Just wanted to give you guys the heads up that I'll be ending offers on the following items tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 19th at 2PM EST.  I have a few people waiting to hear back from me regarding sales, I apologize and will be getting through everyone's comments by tomorrow morning the latest :) 

Offers have ended, congrats to the winners :)

I've been consistently mailing out packages from past sales/GAs throughout the past week - if you would like to know the status of your particular package, just ask!

Thanks and sorry again for the super boring post ♥

Eeveelutions show them to me and Strange Emotions...

Good day folks!

I first wanted to say thank you for helping me out with my wants and my Nido line needs :3! I have decided to start a small Nidorina based collection after the B&W Tour comes my way (I have all my extra funds saved for that atm x3). 

I have another thing I need to cover after a bit of shopping the other day.

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Second thing has to do with Eeveelutions...

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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


Its that time again......where I need serious help.

For months now, I've been looking for the last two major items I need  for  one of my collections.......I haven't seen either one up for auction, when I do visit Y!J I skim through their threads with no prevail but now.....BOTH items decide to show up at the SAME time. X_o I am a trustworthy member on the comm, I have great feedback and I never ask for Y!J help unless I was truly serious about buying. So, is there anyone out there willing to help me and be my middleman? Seriously, these items are major for me. Any help would be appreciated and thank you all in advance for your services. <3 <3 <3

* I will delete once I find someone*

Asian // Luck cat

Jakks Figures for Sale!

A quick post, but check out what I found at my local store today!:

Espeon & Umbreon Jakks figures!! I couldn't find any sold individually (these tubes were pretty pricey for retail stock), but this is the first time I've seen any of my locals stores stocking any Eevolution Jakks so I nabbed them!

I'm going to keep the Espeon for myself and offer the rest to the community!
I was considering keeping the Umbreon Jakks, but what I've really been after is the Jolteon Jakks so I'd be willing to part with the Umbreon for the right price!

Chikorita, Totodile, Pichu, Cleffa, Lugia, Ho-Oh: $6 (or highest offer)
Umbreon: $16 (or highest offer)

Please feel free to make an offer if you think these prices are too high. I'm very willing to haggle! :)

- Shipping fees are not included. (Give me your country [or if you are in the US, your state] for a shipping quote!)
I ship from the USA and I'm happy to ship internationally as long as you're willing to cover any extra fees! By default I ship by parcel mail, First Class. If you would like insurance or tracking, please ask!
- I have sales permission, obtained back in 2008 (recently re-verified with denkimouse)! You can find my feedback stored here!
- I'm happy to provide more photos on request! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll do my best to help you out with any information you need to the best of my ability!

If anyone is looking for/interested in other Jakks figures, my stores stock a few other tubes!
This is what I saw available today:
Eevee, Cyndaquil, Arceus, (I forgot what the 4th one was, haha).
this tube: Shinx, Raichu, Electabuzz, Magnemite.
and this tube: Girafarig, Porygon2, Hoothoot, Togepi.

There is also a 2nd tube of the Umbreon set, but I didn't want to put down the money unless I could make it back. If anyone is interested in any of these, let me know! I could pick up other tubes for the community if there are enough claims. :)

The Eevee Jakks looks pretty good! So does the Raichu, Shinx and Cleffa, but really all of them are of nice production quality from what I've seen of them on the shelves. (I'm pretty surprised!) I'm tempted to go back and pick the Eevee up for myself if no one else wants to claim it!

on other notes:

All the purchases from my last sales post were sent out last week! They should all of arrived to their owners by now! (If not, they should be there soon!)
I've only gotten one confirmation from one of my buyers so far. I've left comments/PMs alerts for all my buyers when after I dropped the packages into the post! If anyone else has received their package already and wants to exchange feedback or wants me to leave them feedback, I'd be happy to do that for you!

I still have have a bunch of TCG cards available for sale! (And more to be photographed; I'm backlogged!)
If you see anything you're interested in, make an offer. :) I'm sure we can work something out!

coming soon:
what's this?? A high bag of brand new Pokedolls, is what it is!!
I haven't had time to take photos of all of them yet, but anyone is interested already feel free to inquire about what I have available!
I hope to have them up soon!

Lastly, if someone has a Jolteon Jakks that they're willing to part with, I'm in the market for one (at a reasonable price)! I'd also be willing to trade for one for any of the items I have available for sale!

funtab/amada sticker sales post + wants

hi guys! i have some new items in my shop this week. first up, these funtabs are up for offer:

also, i have some amada stickers (including vaporeon and mudkip) for offer as well. finally, for direct sales, i have a few puzzle standees (including zoroark, suicune and raikou ones) and yet more new amada stickers and kakumen retsuden kai cards ("menkos").

(follow the trail of soil crumbs towards the shop!)

i have some wants this time too - do let me know if you have merch on sale of the following blue round balls of fat:

thanks and have a great weekend ahead! =D

EDIT: my internet's wonky right now (plus i'm going to bed) so for all sales requests, i'd give you your totals within 24hrs!
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another super annoying mall question post!

Hey community!
Hoping this isnt a horribly "off topic" post, but its related to my collection - hardcore.

With the disappointing news of the Canadian tour, I've decided that I'm going to be heading to America-Land next weekend for the PA stop of the BW tour. Yes. It's a 9 hour drive. I may be crazy, but I think it will be fun. My brother snormax is going to make the voyage with me.

SO my question to everyone is, what time is best to go? I really dont want to drive 9 hours for nothing & I'm fretting inside (because I'm just like that) that I'll get there too late and the freebies will be gone and pokecentre will be sold out of what I want (which is EVERYTHING) haha.

I mean, I'll be there Saturday morning (going to get in probably Friday night) I'm just afraid of massive crowds xD

Also, if anyone goes to the Toronto "BW sampling" tour today at Kids-Fest, I hope they post about it! xD



Eeveelution pokedolls and... more pokedolls

Hey guys~ Life likes to throw us curve-balls sometimes huh? Because of a pretty bad turn of events, I have to part with my Eeveelution pokedoll collection.
They are all the Japanese Minky version in perfect condition.

Click here or the image above for details~

Also, if you want any of the pokedolls currently available check out my pickup thread~

While almost all of the pokedolls pictured are still available, the newbies are Giratina, Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, ArceusDarkraiShaymin, Skymin, Riolu, and Lucario.

Thanks ♥
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(no subject)

I finally got around to taking pictures of my whole collection (minus flats, they're stored away for now)
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OH my brother also asked me to post some wants for him.
He's looking for Mantyke plush for his girlfriend! We already got her the BK plush :3
Thanks guys!
Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

Searching for a middleman...

Hey guys! 

I have a favour to ask. Would someone from the US be willing to middleman to the UK for me? I'd love this beautiful DX Palkia in my life but they don't ship internationally. I would, of course, pay all shipping costs and be willing to pay you for your time also. <3

EDIT: found someone. Thanks, kitbug !

So this isn't a totally boring post, collection update preview under the cut! I'm waiting for 3 BIG parcels, which should come this week. :3
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A post with more bugs than you can handle!

First, MAJOR SALES!!! Featuring stickers and some figures and stuff. Check it out:


Also, if you've been trying to PM me, my PMs are being epic fails lately. Just to let you know. You can email me stuff at lonewanderer2989@yahoo.com :) also, as for plush updates, the two rankus should be done tonight or tomorrow. I should also have a bellplush auction in a few days as my Feb custom post, so look forward to that!

This post is slightly outdated as I have gotten some new things since, but here is my long delayed bug delight collection! Or what I have at college anyways ^^;
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Collection Update/ GA Reminder/ Questions

First off, a reminder about the gashapon GA I'm hosting...
Ends in 3 hours! 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Secondly, a collection update:)
I've had 2 or so more items come in the last few days so those are not up yet -_-
~~~~~I've finally made a webpage for my collection~~~~~~~~
-Please check it out!-



And finally, the question...Well not really a question afterall
If Pokemon sillybands/funbands were released 1-4(bands) in a blind package...Would you collect them all? Or just your favorites? What would you do with them?
LOL...A ditto silly band...poor fellow....

And one more question...
I know alot of people are doing the b/w tour pick ups...
But, all I really want is the free booklet and pin...
Are there people doing this?

[Pokemon] omgquag
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Oh, jakks. you had us going there for a second!

So, like lots of other members, I've been out searching for the new Jakks Eeveelutions. So far, I've only found Vaporeon and Leafeon (Leafeon I am taking offers on!) but... you know, when jakks started making awesome plush and gorgeous figures like FLAREON (I don't even like flareon that much but holy shit Jakks that figure is amazing!) We started to trust Jakks a little more. We thought "Oh jakks, you're getting your shit together after all! not every figure has paint transfers right out of the box!! We were wrong about you!"

But then we started seeing what they did to Vaporeon. :| SIGHHH. So here's how I fixed mine up!

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Thanks for looking!! :) Hope you're all having a good day!

collection update/ BW tour

hello all~ this is my second post since my introduction lol

i went to the BW tour stop at oakridge in san jose from February 12-13 and bought new things for my collection :>
i bet everyone is tired from reading all these journals about the BW tour though lol

o and can someone answer this question for me? do posters/ prints (flats?) and pins etc count as part of our collection too? or is it only official goods?

i am totally in love with the oshawott mascot *O* i wish i could take it home <3
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Pokeball, Tarot

My first Scraggy/Zuruggu collection update! (And Small Scraggy Sales)

 Hey everyone!  Dionashi here with my first Scraggy/Zuruggu collection pics!  As some of you know, I also collect Rotom and Croagunk, and now Scraggy is part of the family (something about their creepy and cute teeth showing smiles gets to me)~  

I've been spending a lot on this fellow buying anything I could find of him, I ended up with doubles of some of the items!  There'll be a small sales at the end of this post for that~ 

So without further ado, here's Scraggy!

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Thanks for viewing! 
Harry Potter - Plz

A few questions, a want and some rambling!

Hey everyone!

In my last post I mentioned I'd be going to NC for 3 months. Well, I'm here now, until May 17th! It's my second time in America, and I'm pretty psyched. So I was wondering if anyone who may live around here know of any good places to find Pokemon toys? My friend's local Walmart had nada :( but we'll be going further into Raleigh soon, so if anyone has any shop recommendations please let me know.

So I've developed a new Pokemon interest (I should probably stop doing that!) which is Phanpy! However, I rarely see any merch for sale/collection here. Is Phanpy an uncommon Pokemon, merch wise? I'd be interested in seeing anyone's collections! Unfortunately all my money is in cash right now (except for money I'm getting through to pay people here on paypal!), so I'm not able to buy anything Phanpy until the summer, but I'd love to see people's plushes and how much generally they cost? :)

For Christmas my mum bought me a Dragonite Pokedoll off eBay. However, it never arrived D: the seller refunded us, and so I'm again looking for a Dragonite Pokedoll. I've seen a couple pop up for sale on here, and really I'd prefer to buy off the community than anywhere else in case of booties or scams... so if anyone has one for sale pleeeease let me know because I can paypal you directly for it :D

Lastly, my boyfriend who loves Totodile, got the leather-like Banpresto plush of him off eBay a few weeks ago. He told me today that Totodile has arrived! I don't have any pictures of Toto yet, but I just *love* the leather-like plushes. Does anyone have plushes like that? I'm desperately seeking the Slowpoke one ('tis my biggest Pokemon want!) and I know a Phanpy one exists (which I'd also love to have)! I have no clue what other pokemon have ones like that, but if Totodile has one, does it mean Chikorita could? I've tried to google them but the results are sparse. Anyone with any info, I'd be very happy to hear :)

Sorry for the boring text post. I'll update with pics once I find some Pokemons. We'll be going to thrift stores soon too, maybe I'll be lucky and find some second hand Pokemons too :)
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A call out to everyone who got painting commissions and all!

For the people who won the auction pieces, I'll be shipping yours out in a day or 2.

For Everyone else, I've finished up ALL the stickers, and have sketched out the pieces and am starting painting. The Only thing is, I'm moving back home with my family (I'm currently in California, and my family is in Washington State.)

Now, I'm not flying up till Friday, but the moving truck is gonna be coming on Monday, so I'll only have the computer/internet tomorrow and that's it.

SO, I'll be finishing up the paintings, and then shipping them out once I've flown out, so that'll be this NEXT weekend.

If any of you have any questions or concerns, hit me up soon, cause I won't have access to the internet till after I've flown up on Friday.

NOW, so this post isn't boring, here's a whole bunch of new pics of the My Pokemon Collection plushies Courtesy of the AAPF blog! (some new ones!!!) So check it out below the Cut! :D

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Kio begging

Small Sales + Small Collection Update

Hey Everyone c: I haven't been posting much,been very busy with other stuff but I still lurk for any Eevee items I dont own.I'm trying clear out my sale's to have more room for newer stuff to come,
I have added in some new Plushes that are needing homes! so please check out my sales Post ^^,just click on my Lil Eevee Pic to go to sales.

and so this post wont be boring a collection update!

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Trade post for pokedolls, zukans and tomy MC

Hello, everyone. Since my last trade post did not go well, I decide to get my hands on the new wants. Sorry I ONLY tend to trade at the moment 'cause I spent too much in the previous couple of months. ;P

Please make sure you have enough feedbacks for trade. 
I am not selling at this time 'cause I'm not granted for sales permission, though I really want >O<. Thank you.

Wish I can make one or two happen this time. lol.
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(no subject)

If anyone is still doing pickups / if they still exist, I would love a Zuruggu charm still in its blind packaging.

In the case they stopped being sold, an opened one with its cute packaging would still do.

Multi-post of DOOM

I've got a ton of stuff today!

First, SALES!
I weeded my collection and I have some good stuff up for sale. I had a really hard time weeding some of this out, but I just plain have too much, something has to go.

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Second, grail acquired!
I got pretty much my most-wanted pokemon item ever in the mail today!

It's in this photo somehwere. XD

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And third, some customs stuff. I've finished another massive Eeveelution. This time it's Umbreon!

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Nothing else has changed since my last post, though I expect to finish at least one more custom plush this coming week, and I'll be making the next batch of bead sprites on Monday.
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Hey, New here!

I'm new here, and I guess I am supposed to post to show off my stuff....here is my journal to my plushies.

Look at my collection by clicking here!

Thanks for looking.   Tell me if I am doing anything wrong, I had no clue o.o

I am making a banner now...for my collection...I think. 

          I am getting two new plushies today, hoping for a Cleffa.  One of them is a Halloween Espeon, the other I don't know.  I have know clue if they are still selling Pokemon plushies there, it's been a long time.  I hope they are, becuase I really want another one, and they have supah-great prices, like $7 apiece.  It's pretty epic.  Last time I was there, there was a cleffa, and an Igglybuff, and a Shaymin.  I really wasnted the Cleffa most of all.  Right now, though, I am hoping they have something I don't have, (Likely) and also something cute.  Like Cleffa or Buizel.  It'd be E-P-I-C if they hd Vulpix, but I know that's not about to happen.  HWy are Vulpix plushies so rare, anyway?
            ~Xzeeko: Out