February 20th, 2011


Collection Update, Wants, and sales...

Hello guys,

Today is the time I want to show you guys some of my collection from this community :3
First, I have updated my shop so please check it out. There are many figures like eeveelutions kids, chou gets, pencil topper, etc. Just follow the link


Now, the fun part...my collection update...Image Heavy!!! >.<
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Thanks for reading, guys. I hope you enjoy.... Final words. I love this commmmmm XD Yayyyy

Stamp Sales!

Hi guys, I'm back with another sales post! =) This time it is a variety of stamps - Retsuden, chibi stampers, 151 stamps, mini stamps, and more! Here's a small sample of what's in the post:

Pokemon Stamps

I have a couple up for auction (like Mightyena) but most are up for direct sale.

Click here or the link below to check out the post!

As usual, you can also combine shipping with items from my other sales. I've shipped most of the Eeveelution auction items out, but if you paid on or after February 16th, I may be able to combine shipping for stamps with that order.

Thanks all!
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Feb 19th Tour :3

 If anyone seen someone carrying around a charmander wearing ash's hat that was me :3 through I didn't see anyone from pkmncollectors D:

anyways me and my mom got there around 8:30 and got in line for the tickets xD,beat most of the crowd except for the ones that got there earlier then us,I had fun other then sore feet.
My mom stood in line for the store while I ran around gathering our stamps,then swapped places with her and bought the stuff while she stood in line for the prize wheel and I joined up with her after taking the stuff to the car and bought mc donalds.2 and half hours later we got our prizes and went to try out the game,my mom won both of her battles :D -proud daughter-.

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I need help hunting!

It's incredible to admit, but I have not seen ONE Jakks Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, or Leafeon at ALL. Not even a Luxio!

I live in Orange County, CA and I have about 10 targets to visit in my immediate area and only two Walmarts that even carry Pokemon still! 

So I need help hunting. The help I need is the UPC or idenfitication number so I can call and visit my target and tell them to get it straight! I tried calling but they need some sort of number.

Heck if anyone can SCAN the back of there jakks item I'll print it out and shove it in there face! My goal is to get my collection covered, but if I can complain to all these targets and get them to stock it, I'd like to sell them to the community as well. I've never hunted so hard and come up so fruitless! If you can help, please do so. I have no problem reserving extras I find for you either!
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My Chu Card Collection

Here is my Chu Card Collection Finally for you all to see ^^ NONE ARE FOR TRADE OR SALE.

I scanned the pages because it looks a lot better then when I took pictures. lol but here it is. Some of the pages are missing but only because I dont have the cards that go in them so there was no point in putting them in here. If you happen to have any of the cards I am missing PLEASE let me know and I will trade or buy them from you.

Here is a bit of an explanation as to why the pages look the way they do. The Backs of the cards you see and the little pieces of paper are just place holders so I will know what goes there. I have them all in a certian order and didnt want to lose them. So please dont ask about that.

I am going to let you know UNDER each set of pictures which ones I am getting soon. That way I dont end up getting doubles of the ones I have already and if I do thats fine I can find a use for them. So no worries^^

Its image heavy.

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Pokemon- Desukaan Creepy

(no subject)

I unofficially closed my sales post back in December because PO lines and also I had been meaning to rephotograph everything and get it more pretty and up to date looking.

I finally got around to doing that today. :D So have a sales update as well as a collection update of sorts~

betonicifolia, methuselah31010, rtrolezi, xxiiijamesiiixx, and rainyan I apologize for not getting back to you while my sales post was hanging out in limbo. I think I've lowered the prices on several of the items you guys were asking about. You all can still purchase the items if you want, I will hold on to them until I hear back from you guys. :)

As for everyone else, I've lowered the prices on a ton of stuff in my shop and added lots of things like Pokedolls, rare stationery set Retsuden stampers, and large movie can badges! :D

Banner art by meuniere

I don't know when I will be making my next PO run. I want to transfer funds from PP to my bank account before I do because I really don't want to risk over drafting my account.

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keychains are sold~ but random question at the end!

Hi all~

I'm here today with a small potential sale! I have these super cute keychains of Eevee, Flareon, and Jolteon. But since I don't have all the Eeveelutions of this style (do they all even exist as this kind of keychain style anyway?), and since I'm not a hardcore Eevee collector, I'm thinking of selling them! I'm sure there would be some interested people :)

sold them, thanks so much!

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Edit: This is a random question, but how many of you collect more than one Pokemon? I mainly collect Marill whom I love love love, and then I have a small side collection of Eevee. But lately I've been looking at Snivy and Serperior... and I'm thinking about starting a side collection @_@ omg my bank account will hate me

So I'm just wondering if I should start another side collection or am I crazy? How many different Pokemon do you collect? Are there many of you who collect more than 2 Pokemon? :D


Hi everyone!

Up for my trading figure game collection!



I found it on ebay last week for 4,99 USD!

Click to enlarge my homemade checklist for the tfg third wave.:)

 I am Looking for:
23. Minum
26. Plusle
30. ???
37. ???
38. Whismur


I have two starters (with the 8 official figures) and  11 others which are very rare (found on ebay one year ago and without base :)

    Metagross                  Lapras                Larvitar                 Girafarig

          Elekid                 Armaldo                 Lairon                 Kadabra

      Smoochum               Spinda               wobbuffet

I am looking for:
2.Blastoise           3.Bulbasaur        4.cacnea
5.Cyndaquil          7.Flaaffy             11.Jigglypuff
12.Kabuto            19.Limoone         20.Mankey
22.Mewtwo           24.Noctowl          25.Poliwag
26.Psyduck          28.Slaking           30.snubbull
31.Spinarak          33.Steelix            34.Venusaur
35.Wartortle         37.Xatu                38.Zubat
40.Koga               42.Sabrina

Fo the Kaiyodo's  fan, I have seen new  figures of the last gen in preorder on ebay! Very cool!


That's all :)

rkt - u wan sum slowpokez?
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Looking for: B/W Tour merch~

Hellooooo there!

That Mall tour was a total blast, but I lament not getting more stuff while I was there D:
I've got the stylus set, but I'm looking for the following items that were tour-exclusive:

The Phone Charm with all three starters
A Zekrom Pin
The Starters patch set (I'm really only looking for Mijumaru, but the entire set would be awesome)

And the Big promo card with Zorua and Celebi. Ffff the movie sold out for BOTH days, and kids had multiple cards that they wouldn't give up!

If anyone has any of these, I'd be most interested in them. That and general trinkets, like phone charms.

Also, does anyone have any idea how to snatch up one of the staff tour t-shirts at a decent price?
eBay is not looking too good on that D:

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Starter Set Want + Seller Recommendation

 Hey there,

I'm looking for a set of Pokemon cards called the 'Red/Green Quick Starter Gift Box'. I've been looking on eBay and Y!J but as of yet haven't come across it (I've been told it's quite rare) - and so I thought i would ask on here to see if anyone has one for sale, or knows of anyone who might have one for sale? The picture below shows the set.

Recommended seller links + more below cut:
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Pokedolls - Big and Small! (and two lost ghosties...)

 Hey all!~ I recently posted to show the comm my complete collection of normal sized Pokedolls, and was overwhelmed by all the lovely comments I received - thank you so much! <3 The Pokedoll collecting is far from over though! Now that my normal size collection is complete, I'm concentrating on the other sizes (mini, oversized and DX!) - and on Pokedoll merchandise! Today, I thought I'd post to show some of my newest (and cutest) additions, and show my DX collection ^_^

"Why hello there, are you a water type too?~"

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Lastly, a tale of two ghosts...

These two cuties were part of a group auction I ran nearly a year ago - but I never received the final payments for them - I have sent a final message to the two people who should by taking care of them now, but if I don't receive a response soon then I will be putting them up for offer so that they can find nice new homes <3 Please let me know if you'd be interested, and leave any offers in the comments, and I will get back to you if I don't hear from the GA people

Happy collecting everyone!~

(no subject)

 Hi everybody, we have listed some cards from the VS Series which were released only in Japan with exclusive art to that set, definitely a must have for any collector. 

We've also come across these Pokeballs (they're made of a squishy foam-like material -- like a stress ball!) and were wondering if anyone would be interested in them.

Just to clarify these are the names of each pokeball in no particular order:

Fast Ball
Poke Ball
Lure Ball
Love Ball
Moon Ball
Heavy Ball
Level Ball
Friend Ball

These will be available for pickup orders at $6 before Paypal and shipping fees, please make sure you're committed to buying before posting, once we get it, there's no backing out.

Here are the links to our stores: 

Older store, has some items that aren't listed in our online store. 

Our new online store with plush!  Also TCG, coins, and other figures:

The store accepts only Paypal, so if that doesn't work out for you please feel free to ask us for a different payment method, we would gladly help you out. Please also keep in mind, that prices already reflect Paypal fees.

We are also still looking for this elusive guy, if anyone has one for sale/trade or what not please let us know!

Thanks everyone, hope to hear from you guys soon! ^^
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Cards Business!

'Ello again community, long time no post! I've been super busy with college business recently, and I haven't had the time for any major collecting. Lately I've been focusing my funds on Pokemon cards to keep from overspending, and I realized something today.
Sometimes, when I'm going through cards, even if the Pokemon on the card isn't one I really like, I'll just HAVE to have the card because of something...
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Mall Gets and My Wants!

:D went to the mall tour today! had a pretty good time ... but my BF works nights so we weren't able to get out there till about ~2 so we missed out on the movie :( and almost all of the prize merch was gone (only stylus and charms left :| ) AND! Oshawott was sold out ;(

It was kinda sad because the lady working at the prize booth said that they had started marking peoples hands because people were changing clothes or coming w/multiple stamped cards to get more than their share of the free-loots :( so not much was left for others.

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Pokemon B/W DSi for Canada :)

I posted this on the Pokemon community but here's a post in case some people don't watch the other one.

 Anyway, I  dropped by my local TRU and found this...

I checked the American TRU website and they don't have it up yet. I'm sure they will list it soon. Anyone planning to get one? I have the sads because I was saving up for the 3DS but also want the Pokemon Black Bundle.... :(

P.S: Just noticed this bundle also comes with a carrying case which I don't think the European and Australia bundle includes. :)

Original post: http://pokemonblackandwhite.net/?p=3688

Super Fast Bottle Cap GA!

Okay! Time for a LIGHTNING SPEED GA held by me and the lovely shiningmew 

The sellers description:

In the bag unopened.
6 Mew
9 Lucario
5 Weavile
5 Mime Jr
5 Bonsly
13 Swellow
10 Pikachu
10 Munchlax


- All regular GA rules apply! No deleting bids! We will know!

- This means NO SNIPING. Placing a new bid within the last 5 minutes will result in an extension until 5 min pass with no new bids

- Bidding will end on Monday, February 21st at 11:59pm EST

- Increments of at least $1 please!

- There will be 2 payments. One for auction price+shipping to deputy+fees, one for shipping to sapphire_kun + for shipping to you. No e-checks!

-shiningmew  will be claiming a Mew for $8 and I will be claiming a Mew, Lucario, and Weavile for $20

Bid away! WE WON! With no competition! Should be getting discounts :) I'll make a new post when were invoiced!