February 21st, 2011

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A collection update, progress shots, a small sale, and a meme

I have the worst habit of wanting to wait on more merchandise to come in before I do another update, so I decided to do one today once and for all!

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For now, I have something up for quick sale! Here's a teaser photo:

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t's also been a long time since my shop has been fully updated, but I was hoping to do that this weekend after the anime convention in Victoria. Is anyone else going to be in town for Tsukino Con? I figured we had a few locals in Vancouver who might be interested in checking it out, though I'm not keeping my hopes up since it's not a well-known convention that just started up a few years ago.

Random meme: What is your favourite figure in your collection?

(I totally need a shot of him grabbing onto something, herp derp)

For me, I'd say it's a close call between Lollybro and Grabberpoke. I love interactive, unique pieces of merchandise that you can actually play with. :D
Minun Pokemon

Pokemon B/W Tour: Arcadia Gets/What happened/Picz

My friends and I were supposed to get there muuuch earlier than expected so you can imagine our surprise when we saw people in line. It was rather awesome to see that many people who loved Pokemon and not just 10 year old children either hahaha. I met a lot of cool cosplayers and the better good looking cosplayers usually ignored us. Not to be mean but they gave off this air of superiority :P I also met awesome people from Pokemon Collectors. Thanks for saying hi sorcererhuntres and yaoi_queen!! means a lot! I tried really hard to look for people in the meet up but no one was in the info booth or the food court. By the end of it we were very tired! and it didn't help that people stopped us for pictures but it was all fun!! everything :DDD

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 hello everyone! I haven't been here in a while, but with the black & white ~bonanza~ coming around, I was just wondering... is there a tepig 1:1 plush? (or at least the biggest one out?) S: this weekend I had been at an anime convention and I bought a banpresto (the bigger one) tepig... he's so cute. ;_; i. i have been smitten! D8 he makes me think of cha siu baos. @__@

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Random Things, an introduction and wants

  Hello pokemon people! Im new  here,infact, i signed up to LJ just for this comm! My name? Its Mr.ManDudePerson!...But you can just call me Mr.Dude i guess... xD This looks like a fun place,I hope to have a great time selling,trading, and making stuff! I looked at the tour post and seen lots of people i seen there! Well anyways, HI!!! 

  So as you can tell, I went to the mall tour ^-^ And got an epic Zorua plushie thing. He was a little deformed and I seen some of the workers trying to hide him so no one would buy him, but i quickly snached him up(and paid for it)before anyone else could see him. Hes really cute. One ear is slightly smaller than the other, giving him that cute unique look. Ill post a picture later.

Heres a picture i drew of zorua, i know this isnt really an art comm, but decided to post it because of the specal'ish' ocasion of me joining (Plus the lack of photos).

  Heres a free draw picture i drew of him because i was bored...Sorry that its so small...Its my first postand im still trying to figure out that 200/480/345 nonsense, so yeah.

 And now for the wants. I have all the sudden gotten obsesed with spiky eared pichu,(also know as notched eared pichu). Anyone know where i can get some merch? I wouls prefer a plushie slightly more.
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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

4 Gengar Primes (..and a Mew Prime) For Sale

Hi guys! A friend of mine recently adbandoned his Gengar deck, and he traded his Gengar primes to me. I realize now that I only have use for one out of the five he traded me, so here are four, for sale! I also have a Mew Prime mixed in!

Each Gengar Prime is $31 shipped in USA, $32 shipped internationally. Take the Mew Prime for $10 shipped ANYWHERE! This can be combined with anything from Charon's Cove, my card sales, of course. Click here to go there, or anywhere in this paragraph.

Also, I had a BLAST at the Mall Tour in Arcadia. I will post pictures sometime soon! :) 

glaceon✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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Hey everyone!
It's been almost two years since last time I posted anything (besides commenting etc of course) on here and probably only a handful of folks remember me. I've been wanting to start being a more active member here, so I thought it would be a real good time to re-introduce myself. :'D

Anywho, on the net I go by Infaru or Pilveon. I joined this awesome community late 2007 when I really got into collecting pokémon merchandise, but I've been a fan of the series much longer. When the anime started to air on TV here in Finland around '98, I got completely hooked on Pokémon and still am. I don’t watch the anime very often anymore though I've got to say that Best Wishes season seems interesting.
When I started collecting I bought pretty much any plush, figures etc. I got my hands on of any pokémon, but nowadays I mainly collect the ones I like the most. Speaking of favorite 'mon, I like Glaceon, Jolteon, Ninetales (especially as shiny), Umbreon, Deerling, Sawsbuck, Zebstrika, Milotic, Salamence and a new found love - Gorebyss. <3 There are some other big favs (mostly pokémon that I use in my teams e.g. Skarmory) besides those, but I don't look for merchandise of all of my favorites actively due to the quite big number of them. Otherwise my wallet would be constantly empty. xD;

But I guess you'd like to see some shots too, hm? So less talk and more pictures~~ o/

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And that's all for now. I've some packages on the way, so you can expect me to make a collection update at some point. Thanks for reading and happy collecting~! <3

Multipurpose posts ftw C:

Well, guys, this weekend started out a bit slow, but the week and next weekend are going to be quite good for my collection!

First off, I will be posting update pics soon- a lot of things have come my way! I've now got 2/3rds of the shiny Beasts zukan, a new clipping figure that I've been pining for, a gold plated Pika card from BK as a reward for dogsitting....and I've started a line of customs that I think you guys may like, or at least find cute I hope!

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Oh, and anybody have a Charizard gold-plated BK card or ANY Jolteon kids? I'd love to throw money at you if so! :)
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New Stuff, Image Heavy

Hey, some of you may know I got new stuff.  A full post of the pictures can be found here as well as a little hint at my custom plush.  I know I'm not supposed to put that here, but OH. WELL.  It's only one picture.
NEWEST UPDATES: Finished my Umbreon!

Added a Want List to my post, feel free to tell me if you have one. 

New Banner!

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Noppin Box = Collectors Christmas (so many pictures YOU MAY DIE)

I've now realised why so many of you guys love you some Middle Man/Y!J action.
When the box gets to your house...

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Now for something new I'm tagging some stuff on the end.

Guys, what's up with PPP? 8|;; I went there to check some Lotad plush, and... it's a little broken. Reasons? Can it be fixed? I looked up the individual Pokemon, and their plush photos are still on Flickr. LOLWUT.

I want this plush.

For some reason I love the Sleepy Form Cherrim so much. :> HELLOOOO 50TH SIDE COLLECTION. If any of you guys have it, GIVE ME A HOLLAR. I'll take it off your hands. 8D And I'm in Australia, just to speed things up.

And that's all there is.
There isn't anymore.
Irene&#39;s Pokedoll
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Quick tcg wants

Hey community!

I had quit the Pokemon TCG for almost a year... and I kinda want to get back into it... hahaha I am very upset for missing the Triumphant prerelease and I'm currently trying to build a decent deck, anyone have some extra trainers?

I'm looking for these cards:
Would rather trade since I don't have much money, but also please give a monetary value you're looking for as well as a trade wish list if you have any? :) I have a bunch of cards lying around and also a sales post :) http://lordqua.livejournal.com/1472.html

3 Junk Arm (Trainer)from HS Triumphant
3-4 Seeker (Supporter) from HS Triumphant
4 Rescue Energy from HS Triumphant
1 Black Belt (Supporter) from HS Triumphant


Thanks so much!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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DX Tomys!

The GA for the DX Tomy figure lot arrived a few days ago, but I only now was able to make a post for it... which worked out in the end since I had a chance to go out and buy some boxes to ship them in. :D As it's an update to my Skarmory collection, I wanted to share the pictures with the entire community~

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Keep in mind that this won't be the last of me you'll all see for now- right on the horizon I'll be kicking off a new bell plush auction featuring premade plushies and custom commission slots alike. Keep your eyes peeled! :D
mijumaru happy!

Searching for jolteon, umbreon, snivy, oshawott, zorua, zoroark, and zekrom merch!

  Very generic but yes XD i already have the zorua, zoroark, snivy and oshawott pokedolls but i might grab another of them =) so if you have any merch of those for sale I'm interested, so just post!

  Also i am finishing up my 1:1 snivy shoulder/backpack plush so be looking for a post with that in the next couple of days!
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houndoom and slowpoke

Sales and Offers! Woo!

Hey there, guys! So- gasp! What's this? Katie's FIRST SALES POST!?
Why, yes, sir! (or ma'am.)

I have a bunch of random goodies available in my new shop, Hugs Incorporated, so be sure to check it out! We've got old BK toys, various figures, TFGs, and more!

ALSO- Some juicy things available for OFFERS! Including some of those fancy new eeveelution Jakks figures, and a few other desirables. :3

What are you waiting for? CLICK DAT BUTTON- you'll be magically transported to my sales page. WOWZERS!

*disclaimer: drawing not by me. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS, OMGAW. XD

And I also have one new addition to my plushie collection to show you guys. LOOK UNDER THE CUT FOR THEM FANCY PICTURES.

(One of these things is not like the other....)
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So I'm curious- do you guys have some piece of merch that you ABSOLUTELY ADORE, yet it doesn't make sense or fit in with your main collections? Some little misfit amidst your plushies or figures?
OR do you perhaps have a predominant color in your collection, like my orange gang here? Take some pics and show me! :D
S Greninja Pokedoll

One want and a quick update

Hello, community~ I've been mulling over getting something for a while now and have decided that I now really really want it. )8 What is it? I'm looking for the Japanese release of the Lucario Pokedoll. I'm guessing it's minky? It has longer hair anyway, looks noticeably fuzzier. I've seen a few around but the prices were a bit steep for me, however if that is what I should be prepared to spend then I understand. I'll just have to save. ^^

To make this post a little less boring, have a mini-collection update~

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I did a bit of a mass rearrange of my collection to put them into mostly same-coloured groups after I noticed my growing collection of blue/white 'mons, so a lot of these things aren't where they are in the photos anymore. XD I have a few more things on the way so will update properly next time! <3
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giant marill identification! + collection update (sorta?!)

Sorry if it seems like I'm posting a lot these past couple days. But I'm so excited right now because I just got a Marill in the mail today and she is sooooo awesome~ especially since I got her plus a ton of other plush for super cheap! But I have a small issue... I have NO idea what kind of plush she is! The tag just says "tomy" on it so that was no help. But maybe a plush/Marill expert can give a good guess? :D

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Also I have a collection update! Sorta... I've got a lot of new Marills since I last posted my collection before Christmas, but the thing is... it's a MESS. I'm so ashamed! But I keep getting new stuff so I haven't gotten around to rearranging and it doesn't help that I'm so freakin' lazy. Does anyone else have this problem? Please tell me I'm not the only one who is slow at arranging my collection after getting new items!

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thanks for looking! :3

Whitewolflarka GA Payments needed!

Whitewolflarka kindly accepted our offer on this GA, even though it was a little short of what she was expecting ;U; Which was nice of her! Thankyou for letting us GA this! 

Spreadsheet is HERE
Please send all payments with your LJ name in it to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk and mark yourself off on the Spreadsheet!

As for this GA, me and Fizzycat are still making threads, so we will re-post this, with a re-freshed 5 day timer on it when all the threads are done :) Bare with us! <3

Shipping/General update: I'm currently away from home for this week, so apologies if iv'e missed any payments or packages need shipping, all will be taken care of when im back :D

First payment due

 Attention GA Participants!

First payment is here!

We got some pretty nice discounts!♥

First Payment

darkangellilith  - $1.77 PAID
monta  - $2.96
nightmare_chan2 - $13.01 PAID
pannsie  -  $1.77 PAID
pheonixxfoxx  - $2.96 PAID
roxiexcore - $20.69 PAID
schenzi - $3.54 PAID
technicolorcage - $4.73 PAID
usagimakeup - $3.54 PAID

This includes cost of item, internal shipping, SMJ's wire fee & commission cost and paypal fees.

Please send payment to terry_rose@hotmail.co.uk with your username.
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Pokemon Center?

I went to the Tacoma Mall Pokemon Center today and was talking to one of the workers, he said I could recommend plushies they should stock by going to the website, problem is... what website? Is there a specific site for the Pokemon Centers? Pokemon.com didn't have anything (that I could find)


Sorry if this doesn't belong here, I just thought you guys would have the best idea about the answer!

Edit: It seems like the facebook page is dead and there isn't an official page... maybe they worker was just taunting me afterall? I'm going back in a week or so so maybe I'll find out then!


alright, before we begin, i'd like to say that this GA was just...a roller coaster ride.
from earning over $1300 to the price reduction the seller gave us. i have felt EVERY feeling there is to feel with this GA.

but here we are, almost done with this whole ordeal.
know, knowing my luck, more things will probably go wrong, but at least we have gotten through the worst part lol.
so here's to the most hectic/exciting/unbelievable GA i have ever seen and held.

k enough of that...

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