February 22nd, 2011

I See You

Searching for some customs

Been posting a lot recently... don't worry, I'll go back to lurk-mode soon. xD
Posted off all of the parcels for the Applause plush GA today~ Hope they arrive in short time.

Anyways I got this little guy on Saturday...

It's refound my love of the little chameleon. I'm looking for anyone who's willing to make me customs (any kind) of him. Not sure what I want so feel free to post anything at me. c:

Final sales post for probably a year. Everything must go!

Getupkid619 Final Sales Post!

Looks like I got called up to go back to Iraq. So this is my final sales post for a while.
Please take a look, I need everything to be sold!

I want to thank everyone in this community for buying my Pokemon stuff and helping me get items for my collection.
I'm leaving in 2 weeks so please leave a comment if you want something!
God bless and thanks!


If you pay for the card's be 3pm I'll get them out that day!

(C) Cards: $0.50
(U) Cards: $0.75
(R) Holo Cards: $2.00 (Unless Noted)
(R) Non Holo Rare $1.00
(R)Trainers Cards $0.50
(U/C)Trainer's Cards: $0.25

Card List Updated 02/22/2011 2:30 AM

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Re-Intro and Sales!

Hey all! :D 
Just wanted to re-introduce myself here because I tend to be more of a lurker and ninja-buyer than a regular poster here. I blame my lack of time (blah college!) and a good camera. ;~;

My name is Nicole! :D I'm 18 years old and live in CT, USA. I've been into pokemon ever since I got my first card (a ponyta!) in 1998 and I've been a part of this community for almost a year and a half now! I didn't REALLY get into collecting until I joined this community, but I did collect the TCG and plush when I was a young girl (all since are gone now :( ) .
I just started collecting TCG when I met my boyfriend (who I got into collecting plushes and he got me into collecting TCG! haha ) in October and now I have two large binders of cards! I love cards because I love seeing all the different artwork of my favorite pokemon. :3 I also collect plushes of random pokemon. My favorite pokemon to collect is the Totodile line. I have a soft spot for those cute crocs. <3 I tend to collect anything that I find cute/cool. I'll definitely post a collection post once I get the time and finish moving rooms. XD

I also have a weird obsession with LARGE plush; Ones that I could hug, so if anyone has any large plush of the Totodile line (actually, any plush at all! ), I'll definitely take a look! :3

Lastly, I have a small sales post (that I add to whenever I get the chance!) I have a new Jolteon pokedoll and a lot of TCG that I'm trying to get rid of !

Click the banner!

Intro Post!

I'm a n00b. My girlfriend captainangel made me join because she wanted me to show off my things ):
I like collecting Porygon, Mismagius, Magnemite and Beldum Evoloution lines. (:
I'm not as fond of Pokemon as I used to be but I still enjoy collecting my favorites!

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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Sales posts!


♥ I will ship worldwide!
♥ I only accept USD~
♥ Shipping is not included in the prices and will be paid for by the buyer~! Insurance is extra but optional. I am not responsible for lost packages if insurance is not purchased. Please ask for it if interested~ :3
♥ I accept Paypal and Money Orders
♥ Not looking for trades at the moment! Sorry~
♥ Holds are on a case to case basis depending on time frame needed.

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Thank you for looking~!

last sales for a while, pokedolls to be mailed asap

yes, okay i have left overs from my birthday. some friends didnt know i had them XD so i have envelopes ready to have them mailed asap, so if you buy them this week they will be mailed on friday.

Mew: $25  sold!
Suicune, entei, snorlax: $20

picture of the three that are left; http://i53.tinypic.com/23ij5s6.jpg

they do not include shipping but it shouldnt be too much ^^ they're all new from the nyc nintendo world store with the new tags that were first seen at seattle.

if anyone else had not received their packages OR a refund tell me and ill see if i can pick up a new pokedoll for you.

please note that i have a cat now, she is kept away from my items but you never know where a cat can get into XD

Possible GB?

Hey there! I found this lot on Ebay and thought you guys might be interested in it. Would someone possibly be willing to GB it? :3 [and before you ask, no I can't GB it, as I haven't had enough feedback to even apply for sales permission yet! xD; [I'll be there soon though! *^* ] I totally would if I could though, sorry guys :'c]

I was actually thinking about buying it by myself but the majority of figures I don't actually want, so that would just leave me with a bunch of unwanted extra figures!!! xD;;
And as I'm a starving college student with a bad sneasel/Weavile obsession, I really don't want to pay more than I have to.  So if anyone's interested in Hosting this as a GB, then I'll send you the link! x3
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New TCG Store!

I've finally found a site that can host my TCG sales in a way I can tolerate xD I've only added Call of Legends cards at the moment, so I'd like to use them to test things out :) Please check it out if you have a chance! I have nearly all the Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Trainer cards from Call of Legends in stock!

Now a question: would you rather buy cards from a shop like this or from a sales post that lists them?
I usually so sales posts, but they're annoying to edit and people tend to stumble across them 6 months+ later and try to buy things ^^; 
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Collection Update and sales

I caught them all! I still need to repaint Vaporeon's frill. XD Way to go Jakks!
The Flareon was the hardest to get (and most expensive) I got lucky with Jolteon. Found one for Buy It Now! <3

Sales are here. I am open to haggling. I also have a Luxio Jakks figure NIP for sale if interested!
Luxio figure-$15 shipped with tracking!


Hi everyone!

It's my boyfriends birthday soon, and I was looking to get ANY Ledyba Plush. He loves Ledyba to black and red pieces.

(not limited to whats in this pic)

At the moment, I'm offering to trade a custom plush - which would be minky or fleece - Sizes depend on what you have =3

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-Shipped to Australia
-Would need to be sent first, as b'day is soon, and custom will take a little while to complete and send

-Jakks Teddiursa found! (lightning fast)


Pokemon Badge Project: Johto Badge Design Update!

Not a whole lot of stuff to say for this part, just still working on getting the designs as solid as we can (be sure to email comments to me at pkmnbadges@aol.com, or post them here!)

Zephyr Badge -i.imgur.com/XP6q8.jpg
Hive Badge - i.imgur.com/CVlEt.jpg
Plain Badge - i.imgur.com/NDpSu.jpg
Fog Badge - i.imgur.com/KHqo0.jpg
Storm Badge - i.imgur.com/DQCTo.jpg
Mineral Badge - i.imgur.com/qboAF.jpg
Glacier Badge - i.imgur.com/ViFP5.jpg
Rising Badge - i.imgur.com/8Brxp.jpg

Some notes about these, I've decided that all the badges except the Fog, Storm, and Rising Badges should be 1.25 inches while those three remain at 1.5 inches. I feel like this will give them a uniform appearance while still shrinking them down a little for the people who prefer them smaller. 

Another thing, I feel like the Plain Badge and Mineral Badge are reaaaaally boring. Now, the Plain badge is suppose to be that way, but how would you guys feel with doing something similar to how the Cascade Badge was handled in the Kanto set (adding in a lighter shade of the color in a section of it, for those who didn't follow that)?


I'll try to get some preemptive Q&A going here too:

Q How much is this pre-order?
A: $35 for all 8 badges, and that price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Individual badges are $10 a piece (again including shipping), and I can combine shipping on order up to 16 badges. Just email me for more details!

Q: Why the price bump from Kanto for US and drop for foreign?
A: I wound up overcharging for shipping out of the country and undercharging in the US, mostly due to my not taking into account the costs of delivery confirmation and the fees paypal takes.  I also added a few bucks in for myself, since running this and shipping out near 300 orders is quite the time sink haha

Q: I hate *design*! Can you change it?
A: Absolutely! Just let me know what you'd like changed, and I can have my artist take care of it!

Q: Can I still order the Kanto badges?
A: Yep, but they're running out pretty quickly now! Those are $50 plus shipping (they're the sets I paid for personally to resale, if you wanted the lower price you should have pre-ordered =P)

Q: Can I see some images of the finished product?
A: Heh, no. I thought about having some samples made, but that would have required me to bump up the price some, and so I decided against it. Once the designs are in a good place for everyone, I'll print out some paper versions (to scale) for comparison to the Kanto badges.

Q: I ordered my Kanto badges forever ago, where are they?!
A: If I've forgotten you (and I have forgotten people before), please please please get in touch with me and we can get it figured out. I'm not looking to rip anyone off here, but if I don't know you're unhappy, I'm going to assume you're satisfied with your badges!



Intro Post

Hello everyone! I found this place about three years ago and I have been following it on and off ever since. For a long time I have had my collection stored away, but Black and White and the Best Wishes anime have brought back my love of Pokemon! I was always too shy to join here before but I thought that I should this time.

The Pokemon I collect are/will be Shaymin (both formes), Shinx line, Gizamimi Pichu, and spring Deerling, and the humans I'll collect will be Cilan, Chili, Cress, and Max (not looking to buy right now, but does he have any merch besides settei?). I'll also collect Meloetta and Volcarona when they get merchandise.

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I'll do my best to be a good member and follow all the rules!
Chillarmy Doll

Collection update!

Alright guys.~ I have won some more stuff from shoppingmalljapan! I haven't posted a whole collection post, but I will when I get a nice sized collection. So for now I will just be doing updates! :D

Now, some of the stuff I don't actually have yet... But I wanted to make a post anyways! :D I hope you guys don't mind...
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Also... Does anyone on here plan on having a meetup for the Black and White tour for the Jacksonville Florida stop? I haven't seen a meetup post, just wondering if anyone on here was going/having a meetup. Thanks everyone!~

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First post, kind of new collector

I'm new around this community, as I spend most of my time collecting Sailor Moon items and running smcollector
I started collecting Pokemon stuff after Pokemon Gold came out years ago, pretty much only have plush and cards from back then. I collected mostly Pikachu, Mew and Wobuffet stuff.

I hadn't bought anything in a long time until my friend had me visit the Pokemon center in Yokohama & Tokyo, and I found lots of cute stuff  *_*
I'm really in trouble now, because I already have a toy room filled with stuff (mostly SM) and I keep finding really cute Pokemon stuff.... LORD HELP ME
I plan on getting Black & White when it comes out, and finding my new favorite Pokemon before I decide what I want to collect... Basically, my collection needs to stay small, and probably character themed, because I am moving to Japan next month. My collection stays here for now, and I don't have much space. With Pokemon, I am mostly interested in keeping a plush collection- I cannot resist a super cute, soft plush  =3

Anyways, here's a peak at what I picked up at the center and in Nakano last week:
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In conclusion, I am happy with the stuff I got, but a bit overwhelmed at the amount of merchandise that's available, and high level of cuteness.
My favorite characters so far are: Choroneko, Munna and Emolga.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will post my whole collection once I organize it. Cheers, mates!

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Intro post and wants~!

Hi, i'm Dara, and I live in Hickville Oregon!
(seriously it's like redneck central someone save me)
I use a mix of english and japanese names when referring to Gen V pokemon because I'm an idiot idk.

I'm new to posting, though I've been stalking the community like crazy since I found it a month or so ago. I really want to get into Pokemon collecting. So far, my "collection" consists of a little Shinx plush, a talking Monferno plush, and a little Teddiursa plush I got for myself a few days ago.

SO YEAH I'm looking to get some more stuff for my collection! I'm mostly interested in plush, but I like keychains sometimes too. OH AND POSTERS.

I'm also very new to using eBay and buying online in general.. So it's still kinda hard for me to find the plushies that I want. any help with finding the items on my wishlist is very appreciated! <3

with that said,
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Rainy Plenair

(no subject)

Hello everybody. I realized I've made some posts for the mall tour. But I never actually made a proper intro post! For those who I haven't meet yet in person. I've had pokemon stuff since back during the original gold/silver games. Though most recently I actually started a collection. I also happen to be a cosplayer. I've cosplayed a Gijinka Weepinbell, Kotone, and Bel/Bianca.

My collection really isn't anything impressive and I don't really have any specific pokemon I collect. Though my two favorite pokemon are Mareep and Shinx and I have no merchandise of either(except a bootleg shinx figure)!

So here's my collection. Which includes a few pieces that are my fiance's.

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ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Angela_Samshi GA

Hey everyone, today I bring you a Group Auction for angela_samshi's lot that includes some rare PokéDolls, Figures and Cards! I'll be handling bidding, spreadsheets and all the management, while lovedbyahero will be in charge of taking payments and shipping everything.

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★ I've copied all the given information from Ange's original post about items, but please ask one of us if you'd like more information.
★ Bidding will end at 9pm GMT (UK time) on Monday 28th February.
★ Use the appropriate threads for bidding, and bid in increments of $1 or more.
★ There will be two payments:
1. Items + Shipping to lovedbyahero 
2. Shipping to you
Payments will be required ASAP after the auction ends if we suceed in raising enough.
★ If you have any questions or queries, please leave a comment in the appropriate thread below and one of us will get back to you ASAP.

I will be claiming the Charizard PokéDoll, the Palkia Battle Tomy and the Scyther TCG card for $27
lovedbyahero will be claiming the Celebi PokéDoll for $24


funtab offers reminder

hi guys! this is a reminder that i will stop taking offers on the Funtabs, Attack Amada stickers and Munchlax keychain stamp in my current sales post on 22 Feb, Tuesday, 9PM PDT. the funtabs in the first picture are transparent, with Milotic and Sneasel having a sparkly effect. the funtabs in the second picture are lenticular-style.

(eat an entire mountain by yourself here!)

just so this isn't solely a sales reminder, i shall ask a question: what is the most expensive single Pokemon item you have, and how much did you pay for it?
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New Stuff, Less Stuff, More Stuff, Fun Stuff! Image Heavy.

I am getting a few new pokemon plushes, and one is leaving.  Have fun looking through this entirely long post of all my newest updates and wants!  Just not I only take custom plush commissions for Pokemon plush, unless they are a GOOD vulpix. For a cheap price.  Here is a little hint for my post!

Click on the Umbreon for my Collection.......Click on the puffball for my
Update!....................................................commission info!

Pokedoll Question

I have been really wanting an Eevee, Umbreon and Buneary Pokedoll(I don't care whether they are US or Japan release). Sad thing is, I can't find any at reasonable prices. So, I was wondering if anyone is selling these pokedolls, or is doing pokedoll runs to any nearby nitendo worlds, for affordable prices($15-25 is affordable). I am a highschooler, and I make no cash at all(except for my allowence). Anywho, I bet this was a waste of your time, but I really do want these pokedolls! Also, if your reading this, thank you for bearing with my constant rants about how I'm a poor collecting highschooler. I bet it gets annoying. XP

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Intro post! :)

 Hi everyone!  
    I'm brand new to this community, (though I've been checking this place on and off for a few years), and this is my first post!  
I'm a huge pokemon fan and have been been since the days of red and green.  While those games got me into the franchise, after my initial nostalgia wore off I started appreciating pokemon on a deeper level.  As such my fav. gen is not gen 1, but is gen 3 (it is so under-appreciated but truly thoughtful and clever).  I've been collecting pokemon since about four years ago.  It all started when I found out about UFO catcher dolls on ebay, and, well, the rest was history.  UFO catchers were my gateway drug to the wonderful world of imported Japanese pokemon merchandise, and I now greatly enjoy clipping figures and Bandai Kimewaza kids.  I am also absolutely ENAMORED with the Pokedoll line, where they all look chibified and fantastic--- I can't get enough of that cute cool tag art!

I am currently a professional illustrator for a living, and my specialty is character design (something that was inspired by pokemon).  I draw mostly and I also sew, and I take a lot of inspiration from Pokemon.  I'm currently working on a flash game of my own cast of characters, and while my game isn't at all like pokemon, I hope it will someday spawn a franchise as big and beloved as pokemon. :)

As a collector I am not specific to any one character: I mainly collect whatever characters appeal to me or whatever merchandise I think looks really good!  I have a serious love of chibi versions of pokemon, and because of that my favorite collectibles are UFO catchers.  My favorite figures are Kimewaza Kids figures, because they end up looking so chibi.  
  I also have some pics of my collection too!    If you're wondering, the grey gengar is a metal sculpt my friend cast for me from a custom mold.  It turned out super cool! Then there are some custom buttons I illustrated and assembled, too. The last pic is a white-chocolate Machop that I made using a custom mold I built from a Kid figure!  
I hope to make a bunch of friends here and chat it up with fellow collectors. Oh, and my fav. poke is Castform. I do have a Kid of him, but he's in my car atm. :)  

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Hello Everyone

Just thought i would make a post and say 'HELLO" to all my fellow pokemon collectors.I've been lurking for quite some time and thought it would be appropriate :)

Anyway, I hope to make lots of friends on here  and of course start a collection XD
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three new gets~

 nothing too exciting, but I went to new york on holiday, and of course, went to nintendo world... :D so, my pokédoll collection grew a bit. well, I'm not sure if I could have called it a "collection" before, since I had just one, but now I'm up to four. not exactly impressive, but I can't say I'm as crazy as some of you... I mean it in the best way, of course. XD have to admire the devotion of some people, especially those who collect sought-after stuff like eeveelu. I'd kind of love to have some glaceon though, especially the canvas, hnnng.

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Trades post

Hi, I'm looking to trade some of my stuff for BW merch and pokedolls. I'm looking for ANY BW merch. As I only own sevral things so far. (Mijumaru tour plush, banpesto 6 inch plush and sukidoll) T_T I don't have sales permission so I figured I'd do a trades post. I've seen alot of people doing this lately.
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Harry Potter - Plz

BIG get & plush identification!

So as some of you may know, my highest priority want is the leather-like Banpresto Slowpoke. And today, I can happily say I no longer am searching for him!

This morning I woke to a message from the lovely marigoldkisses who found a 24 hour eBay auction for 3 Pokemon plush, one of them being LEATHERPOKE! Big big thank you, marigoldkisses, I would likely have completely missed this auction otherwise :3

So here is the seller's pic of him:

Description says that he has 2 small tears on his head. I could spot them in the enlargement of the image, but it's not a problem for me. I'm just so, so happy that I have him ♥ I really hope he travels well to my house. I'm in the US right now, but I've had him sent to my home in Wales as I don't have much room in my suitcase :3 and my boyfriend will be able to see him and put him with his 'bros on my Slow shelf ♥

As I mentioned, the auction came with 2 other plush, which I'll post images under the cut. Hoping someone will help me identify them (what make, are they rare etc.)? :) Been answered, thank you! ♥

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Really hoping they arrive to me safe and sound ^_^; going to be so excited to get an email from my mum letting me know Slowpoke's safe :D