February 23rd, 2011


more philly meetup info!

first off.... make sure you read our modpost!! even though it's only from a few days ago, it seems people forgot about what it said in the moments following it, and i've been deleting lots of off topic posts again. come on guys :(


WHEN: Franklin Mills Mall, February 27th SUNDAY at NOON
WHERE: Before we said "activity center" or just "the mall", and apparently these are not specific enough. therefore.... MEETING AT THE GIANT DRAGONS!!! Be at the giant dragons at noon, or else!
WHY: Pogeymans, and I will have snacks from the Tokyo Pokemon Center, and free toys for all!
BRING: A Pokemons toy who doesn't mind being photographed and having his/her photo posted to the internet.

note this meetup is on SUNDAY. this free snacks and toys offer is not available for saturday.

for more information, and a list of people attending, go here!

hope to see you guys in philly this sunday!
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Sales! Auctions! Smug!

Hello everyone!

It's been a fair while since I last posted to the comm, so today I bring you a sales slash auctions post! Here's a quick preview!

DSCF0236 DSCF0220
DSCF0309 DSCF0433

Hit the preview images or the cut below for all the details, plsu more awesomeness in general!

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And finally, I have been getting rather, shall we say, obsessive with the one and only Tsutarja/Smugleaf lately. I'm not sure what in particular I like so much about collecting her, whether it's dat leafy tail or dat instant win smugness. Here's a pic of my collection so far:


Right now, my biggest want for my collection is a Talking Smugleaf. Please let me know if you happen to have one for sale or know where I can find one! :D

That's all for today, I will be responding to all questions, comments, concerns, etc. in the morning. Night all! ;D

Can anyone help?

hey guys :D

I've recently decided i NEED the espeon and  umbreon jakks figures in my life xD
I love all the eeveelutions but as of late, i'm whittling down my collection to these two with the exception of tomys, zukan and a couple of plush :)
otherwise it's just be tooo expensive xD

My only problem is, i live in the UK :/ and no where near me sells any kind of pokemon merchandise...not even the cards D: and the only ones on ebay are going for $60+ including shipping O__O far too much IMO!

so i was wondering if there is anyone that could help me obtain them :D i would be soo greatful for any kind of help <3


(no subject)

First off, summerbeachhouse@hotmail.com, not sure of the username, I never received my bugs and it's been ages and my address is diff now, so please contact me.

Secondly, did they make anything of the second gen gym leaders aside from the VS cards and the sticker in the American book? I have decided to finally let my love for Bugsy loose and I need Hive gym things!

Thirdly, Sorry for the delay on customs. I am slowly dwindling the list, but right now I have a project I am working on that demands my full attention but should be done in about 10 days.

Finally, custom auction time! plushies AND a custom chibi person slot! (they are 3ish inches tall)

click here: http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/621656.html


(WANT!) Looking for Pokemon Center Jap. pickup!

Hello, just a quick want post! I hate to make this so short, but it is late and I am very interested in this one thing. =)

I am looking for someone who can pick up a Jalorda pokedoll from a Japan Pokemon Center! =)

This one here..............

Stole this picture from a post by fernchu. =p Thank you for the use of the picture...though I didn't ask >.< sorry... lol

If anyone can do a pick up OR has one for sale please let me know, I can send payments immediately. =)
(As soon as I see the reply)

Please include the price of the plush plus shipping.
Thank you!

Predictable BW Mall Tour Post + Pokemon Event

Peoples of Pkmncollectors!
How is everyone? I may not be remembered, but I used to frequent Pkmncollectors back in the day. My, how time has flown. ...Okay, so it wasn't even a year ago, but all of that aside - I've been popping in and out of here from time to time just to see how things are going. I've had to limit my spending, to a near nothing, which is why my activity here has been short. I do miss you all, this place, this community. But I hope to start becoming an active member again soon. Let's look forward to that, hmm? ^^

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I shall put an end to this post.
To make up for it's unbearable-ness:

With love,

P.S. If this post should be, it can be deleted. Sorry; I noticed a lot of unnecessary posts lately and I don't want to anger the mods. :'(
Zoro Derp

Holy ffffuuuu- Final payments for RubySapphire GA!!

RubySapphire GA has reached my apartment and I managed to get the shipping calculated for everyone! :D

A couple of notes before I go to the spreadsheet......

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A reminder that my shipping status spreadsheet is available and will give you updates on when your stuff gets packaged and shipped out. :)  It's finally updated with my past few sales and payments (including date of payment), so unless I've made a terrible mistake, I have shipped EVERYTHING except a couple of my most recent sales. :D

Huge post is huge, and I will conclude it with.... stay tuned for a big sales update and a collection update within the next week or two. :D
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Shipped and New Auction

All packages from the Plush GA and Kitbug Kids GA have been shipped!!  Thank you all so so much for your patience, both of these GAs, plus sales, totaled close to 100 packages to go out ;♥;

If you haven't paid for shipping yet, please check this post and do so! (List of way overdue payments here) The original posts have been updated with payment info as well for ages now.  I will have to start tracking down people soon - please make my life easier and just check the list, thank you :)

Also, the Clear!Kids Rush GA arrived the other day.  I'm in the process of getting final totals, please keep an eye out for those payments within the next few days!

I also wanted to let you guys know that my email was hacked this weekend and I lost all notifications of comments and PMs - I'm in the process of going through my backup emails now. If you're waiting to hear from me, you might as well re-comment here so I definitely get it :)

I now bring you a teeny tiny auction for a set of new February 2011 light up keychains:

♥ Auction will last four days - bidding ends next Sunday, 2/27 at 12 Noon EST (countdown coming soon)
♥ All keychains start at $3
♥ There will be only one payment, payable by Paypal only
♥ Participants are responsible for shipping to them
♥ No sniping, all other community rules apply

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Belated February/March Comission Slots

Click the images below for better pictures.

For more examples go to hottiehulio.deviantart.com

Hey guys I never got around to being able to open my shop up for any February Custon Plushie slots, but now I can. XD So I am going ahead and posting my slots for March a little early since I can go ahead and start ordering fabric and stuffs. ; ) So if your intrested please check out my shop by clicking my banner or going here hottiehulio.livejournal.com/5617.html

-Holly T.

Looking for Plush

I am looking for some plush that I can't find for reasonable prices anywhere else.... save for the figures because I'm looking for ones out of box instead of paying full price for something I'll take out of the box anyway.
I would love to trade but I need some feedback first lol

I'm trying to find these for under 60$ if its impossible I'll wait til I have money in the future.

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GA Payment Reminder + Other Updates

jensoxen and kazmalop I STILL need your payments for the Unknownrevenge GA. Please please pay ASAP, these are the last two payments I need in order to be able to get the lot shipped to me. You can find payment info here. I can't afford to front for you guys and I've contacted you both before!

Now as far as other updates...

Customs: All charms with the exception of spiralgenerator's (need to color it) and creampuffholic's (still need to get you your samples) have been mailed! As far as the cube commissions; I'm in the process of working on everyone's, I should have WIPs for everyone later in the week. :3

Wants/Sales: I'm currently looking for any card binders! Preferably the 9 pocket type, but I'm open to 4 pocket type as well. I'd rather trade customs/items for these but if not gimmie a price.

And I updated my sales post; (Cards still need a bit of updating but just ask for availability)

Thanks guys! :D
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Less of a 'wants' post, more of a 'how hard to find is this plush' post.

See this cute little guy? It's the mini pokedoll version of squirtle.

I have only seen one for sale before and I am concerned it might be too rare to chase after.

Anyone having any info about the going price or having seen one around, please comment. :)

To raise the cute factor in this post, I have some pics of my g/f's other starter Pokedolls.

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

(no subject)

Guess what came today! :D

Ok, so CHECK HERE FOR PAYMENTS!! I will be leaving negative feedback in 36 hours if someone hasn't payed! :(

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If you want Alomomola/Mamanbou, she is available for $7.50 SHIPPED anywhere in the world! Let me know! :)

Thanks~! I should be back for round two if I get enough interest in the comments!
Kio begging

Small Eevee Weeding Sales + Shipping Update

All packages have been shipped out today,both U.S and Intel,
those who have purchased and paid for your items from my sales few days ago.You should receive them soon within few days or weeks depending where you live c:

I also have updated my sales with a Few Eevee items I have,found or have extra off.
Im unsure of the price for a Eevee tail charm,or what size is the big one.But Im taking offers on the one I have.
You can post offers in my sales made a comment and just reply to it :]!

Click on Picture,to go to sales ^_^ thanks for reading.

Did I make a stupid move?

Ok, well I was on a bit of a Pokemon shopping trip in San Francisco today. And... now I need clarification if I have a fake^^ It's funny, because I'm usually VERY keen on spotting bootlegs/counterfits/etc, but sometimes I get too overwelmed looking at stuff, that I don't get time to really look over things... That, and timed parking doesn't help either in rushing >_>

So,  here's a couple things that are questionable: A Pokemon kid (I was soooo excited in finding one!), but it DOES have on the copyright "Pokemon". I think  I read something like if a figure (or maybe a certain brand?) shouldn't say "Pokemon" if it's legit? Maybe for things like Kids it's ok?

Next up, is a Tomy pack I got (I also picked up a double pack). Now, I've seen these packs before, and I've been so STUPID, that I didn't even realize that the language was Chinese!! Trust me, I know the difference, but since I was so focused on looking at the actual Pokemon, I never really paid attention to the packaging >_> Are these fakes? Or, are they legit Chinese figures, knowing legit licensed stuff DOES show up in China. They have all the legal copyright info on them, so nothing like that was left out. Even on the actual figure there is copyright info engraved into them. When original Tomy figures hit Japan, did they come in similar packaging, or were they always in the little boxes?

I need to be better at spotting authentic Pokemon stuffs! One, I could totally tell was a fake: A Marill plush whose... face looked funny for once, but had both an english Pokemon logo, and Japanese writing on the other side >_> Obvious telltale signs, but not always obvious in other items.

Help please!


Lookin For Sandiles!!

It's been a very long time since I posted! I just got my tax return money and decided I need to work on my Sandile collection. So far I only have the Pokemon Center Plush of him. If anyone has anything to offer of him or his evos lemme know!!
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Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

to de-tag or not to de-tag?

Hey guys. <3

I have a bit of a dilemma. My DX Dialga Pokedoll arrived, and I have an overwhelming urge to cuddle him. He is gorgeous. But, I'm hesitating to cut his hang tag off because I'm aware he's quite rare (and expensive!). So, I was wondering - how much do you think it would affect the value if I took it off? I'm not planning on selling him, but I worry about these things.

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So, a question: what do you guys generally do with plush? Do you like to keep the hang tags on and the plush minty fresh, or do you like to cut them off and cuddle them? (Toy Story 3 scarred me for life, okay? XD I can't not give toys any love!)

And a super quick wants - I'd love Vaporeon, Pachirisu, Mismagius and Wailord Pokedolls if anyone wants to part with theirs. <3

Place to order TOMY Figures in bulk?

So i have been looking everywhere and  can't seem to track down a source for these.
I'm really looking to get the new B&W but any will do.
I have made a couple orders for other pokemon figures but can't seem to find these :(
I did notice that Toywiz has loads of them so you have to be able to order from somewhere.
Any ideas?

Reminder Post-Eevee & evolutions bead sprites PLUS Jakks Leafeon!

hey everyone!

i hope eveyone's day/night has gone well. i am here to remind you all of my Auction going on for Eevee and her evolutions bead sprites! (IT ENDS TOMORROW at 6 pm ARIZONA TIME) they are the small party icon ones. only $4 a piece and no bids yet. come take a look! :) i also have a JAKKS LEAFEON up for offers and other small party icon bead sprites for sale.



Please help me identify? (Things I've never seen before...) & still remains a mystery...

I have obtained quite a few items lately, but I don't know what they are...
Could the community help me identify them or give me an estimate price? 
These will be offered in a future sales update.

~ Thanks for your time

Glaceon kid is just for size reference 

The piplup thing has a christmas tree in the background, it's hard to see.
I really love the detail in the pikachu figure. The platform it stands on is disassemble-able...
And for this dragonite thing, it's very light and shiny.

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Big VHS/DVD/Card Sales!

So I'm attempting to clear out some space in the cabinets in my room, so I thought I'd put up all my Pokemon VHS's for sale here! I have most of the first season and I have a few of the Johto episodes. As for DVD's, I have Pokemon 4Ever and Pikachu Party! I also decided to put up some cards from my very small collection up for sale. (This includes Topps Cards!) I think card collectors would appreciate them more.

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♥ BELL PLUSH AUCTION ♥ leftover valentine's day candy

So, Valentine's day has come and gone, and I'm here ten days late to offer you Valentine-themed bell plushies, including a couple of bones to anybody who plays VDex Project and/or Global Pokedex Plus! ...but to make up for my poor timing, I also made the one Pokemon who (if any) I feel would perfectly represent St. Patrick's Day- shiny Chansey (or as they call her in Japan, Lucky).

As I'm in quite a financial bind right now- and if I ever get out of it, I still have two video games and a mall tour (Dallas folks give me a holla!) to look forward to- I'm opening three commission slot auctions with BIN options all bought out! thank you guys ;o; ♥ and I'm trying my hand at the dreaded practice of drawing commissions. I also have a rare TRADE OFFER for official merch as I'm pining for a pair of plushies but I've never had the finances to be able to buy them- and I fear that my window of opportunity to get them is closing so I wanna take desperate measures!

Below the cuts you'll find detailed pictures of the plushies, auction info and more!

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And as promised... art sales!

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Finally, I'm seeking the Pokemon Center Lugia and Houou plushies- the 10"-ish ones. As I've been unable to purchase them from kiosk runs because of a strained collection budget, I want to finally (nervously!) do what I've been wanting to do and offer a rush bell plush commission to anybody who can fetch me both! Custom Slot guidelines above still apply, but I hope to have it done within a week (or even a few days if I'm not crazy busy) and I'll even offer a choice of use of colored elastic cord (red, green or blue) which is normally hard to find and expensive for me to buy by-the-yard cuts of.

Or if you believe it's too small, then I'll up the size into one of my currently experimental Pokedoll-sized bell plush! (Though as transportation is limited, I may not have all of the materials for it for a short while.)

I'll leave with a sales post plug~

Please do not comment until I strike out this sentence! Good luck and thanks for putting up with this obscenely long post! @__@
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TCG Wrappers?

So, recently I've decided to collect Houndoom TCG, and flats in general. Since I buy all of my cards as singles, I haven't had a chance to collect some of the awesome booster pack art that has featured Houndoom over the years. When I recieved the Undaunted Houndoom booster wrapper as a freebie, I knew that I had to have the other two as well, from Platinum (Rising Rivals) and Team Aqua vs Team Magma. If anyone has these empty wrappers, in good condition (no wrinkles, large rips, etc) I'd love to buy them! Now I have no idea how much to offer for an empty wrapper but I suppose 50c - $1.00 depending on the condition? Also, if you have any 'doom cards for sale, I might be interested, though I can't pay much atm.

Team Aqua vs Team Magma


Black and White Tour Colorado- Town Center at Aurora

so I'm sure you all know about the tour... this week it will be in Aurora Colorado at the town center at aurora. I myself have never been there but I only live about an hour away. is there anyone else who will be at the colorado tour? are there enough people to maybe plan a meet up? I'll be ther eboth days, I'll be easily spotted as a Gijinka pachirisu with a very large tail. (trust me if you see me you'll know!) but even if there is no meet planned if you spot me stop and say hello I will have a special gift for first three people from the community I meet.

(sorry for my lousy photo)
I made these three charms today. there is one of each starter, each are playing on a black or white nintendo DS. oh and tepig is trying to play with his snout because hooves are louse for gaming... but its first come first serve gift. I hope to meet some of you soon.
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Pokedolls + Doll up for Adoption :D

Hey guys! I have a HUGE update to do for Pokabu and Pikadolls including a special grail :D As soon as I get a few items I'm expecting, I shall be posting those :D

In the mean time, long story short, I got accepted into my uni's study abroad program and will be spending next year at Oklahoma State :D
To raise some funds, I've done some collection weeding as three collections is far too big for me at the moment :(

Note: I may be adding more pokedolls as I'm still weeding lol but these are the main ones

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As usual, I can combine these with anything in my regular sales

Charizard zukan and vulpix item offers ending soon!

G'day community!
Everyone who is owed a package from me - the last wave of them has been sent out. I've been making trips to the post office since Friday and finally have everything mailed. C:

I also want to remind everyone that I still have offers going on for a MIP Charmander Line Zukan and various vulpix items! I'm not exactly satisfied with the current offers, so I may just have to hold onto these items a while longer. Come give them a good home! ; o;

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Aaand a sales plug, since I quite desperately need the money!

Thanks for reading, my loves. <3

Quick Sales!


I've received mostly everything that I've been waiting for... just a couple more customs on the way. Hopefully they'll make it here by my spring break, so I can make a HUUUUUGE collection post. C:

For now, I have some extras left over from buying lots of random crap and GA's and stuffs so here are some quick, small sales!

As a warning though... I have a poster project, essay and two presentations all due next Monday/Tuesday, so I will probably not ship until AFTER those are done! But I promise I will ship them ASAP after those two days. For comfort, here's my feedback thread: SEE, YOU CAN TRUST ME GUIZ 8D

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Need help!

So I'm alittle nervous to try out SMJ but I found these two items- the Arceus I'm searching for...looking for a possible middleman?  At the very least can someone help me not feel so iffy about SMJ

Emergency sales

So fun story. Ran into some issues with my 401k at work, and I'm short for bills until my next payday, and naturally they are all due before that point. I'm looking to raise together a little bit of money to get things taken care of for the next two weeks.

I have plush, figures, and a couple zukan under the cut!

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Quick question ~

Hey all! Just a quick question for you Mewtwo collectors out there - what info do you have on this plush and what is it worth?

I was just asking as I'm under the impression he's pretty rare but I could be wrong? Any info on Charmander would be good too actually as I have even less idea regards him - I only bought the lot for Mewtwo, and all I know is they're reversible pokeball plushes :3

Thanks guys! <3