February 24th, 2011

GA updates, shipping updates and such! And interest in a mighty bean GA?

 Hey guys, me again :) 

Just GA updates and such from me, many apologies for the boring post! ;A;

First of all, with this GA...

we unfortunately lost due to some deposit shenanigans...I'm very very sorry! Many thanks to all those who took part however!

With THIS GA...

I FINALLY have your shipping totals!
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GA/GB number 3...

totals ONE and TWO have been combined, and they are due! Hence why the total is a bit higher :) See below the cut for list of participants and totals!

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also wondering if there was any interest in this as a GA? As I'm doing so many spreadsheets and posts atm, I'd like a co-host that can do spreadsheets, posts and such! I'd want to claim Raichu for $10-$15

Let me know if you're interested!

and nearly everything bought from my recent sales has been shipped! This excludes:
all the people who bought posters from my recent offers
rainyan trade
meijiatron (your items have dissapeared! D: trying to find them now)

I an hoping to get these shipped by the end of the week :) 

So yeah! I'm now very tired due to working all day on commisions for the comm and off the comm XD I know I have taken a long time and the patience of all of you has really moved me. Hopefully, I will have them all finished this week :) If anyone wants photos and an update, please don't hesitate to ask. I will gladly give them to you :D It's been a rough february so far for me, and the comm always helps bring a smile to my face :) Thanks so much everyone <3

a few wants XD

 so yes, I have just sold a whole four plush, and have $30 in readily-converted dollars in my PayPal account! 

so does anybody have:
Shinx (biggest want!)
Mew (big want!)
Pachirisu (same XD)
Plusle & Minun

Pokédolls (or just any I don't have, derp, inquire if you have any please :3), or any canvas Pokécen plush for sale? Thanks <3

So sorry for the lame wants post, have a photo of a recent get:
 THE BEST POKEDOLL. I say that every time without fail. But he really is so fuuaaaarrrkkking adorable <3333, I love his tag artttttt. Second Japanese Pokédoll @_@, I also adore dat Snover <33333. also 3 Eeveelutions arrived with him, Espeon and Flareon from the lovely happyjolteon and poizenkat, and one of the bootie Glaceons <3

ALSO, a fun meme for all ;D which is your favourite owned Pokédoll? as in, not one you've recently ordered, cuz mine changes each time XD mine atm is Charizard :> :>

black, Cat

My Current Wants List

Hey guys I am looking for anything small of Pikachu Pichu and Raichu  all they way from little figures that are medal to keychains and inbetween. I just got this really awsome new wooden Box that I decorated and am going to put all of this small stuff in it. So please let me know what you have of them. But here is also a list of some things that I am looking for

Items I am intrested in Most:

Metal Swing Keychains Raichu
Metal Swing Kyechains Pikachu

Official TCG Raichu Binder
Official TCG Pikachu Binder
Raichu Tins
Raichu Erasers
Pikachu Erasers
Change to Pokeball Pokemon Mascot Raichu Plush (I have the Pikachu one and would love to have Raichu to join him^^)

Raichu Marble Case and Marbles
Pikachu Marbles

Metal Raichus (All Colors)
Metal Pikachus (All Colors) 

Pokemon "Stamp 151" Series Raichu
Pokemon "Stamp 151" Series Pikachu
Raichu Pins Stamp Pin/Clip
Pikachu Pins

Raichu "We Stick" Magnets
Pikachu Magnets
Raichu Battrio Pucks
Pikachu Battrio Pucks
Raichu Coins
Pikachu Coins

Raichu Patches (I have the one from the 2010 Pokemon League) 
Pikachu Patches

Raichu Cloth Pouches (Also known as Dice Bags)
Pikachu Cloth Pouches (Also known as Dice Bags) 
and anything else thats small of them.

Please let me know if you have anything on my wants list.^^

I have a question about these figures

I saw this paul figure in a video on youtube,all what I know about this figure is that it is an unreleased figure,I would like to share it with everybody here,my question is,does anyone here have any other pic or information about this guy ?

my second question
I found this pic on my computer I don't remember from were I got it,it appears that it's one of these tomy trainer figures set,and this might be the fourth set ,if any one have these figures or any information please share it with us. :)
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Question about NJ Mall Tour and Totodile!

Hey guys! Just wanted to ask a question...

Is there any meetup for the NJ mall tour next weekend? I've been trying to keep my eye out for a meetup post but I haven't seen one. Have I missed such a post?

and just so this post isn't totally pointless...
my boyfriend got me a totodile plush! :D It was so random and I'm REALLY excited. He's basically a small version of my DX Totodile. :) 
I have the best boyfriend ever. <3
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Pokemon Merchandise Catalogue? + Aussie Collectors AIcon meetup

Hey guys, sorry to bore you with a post that contains neither sales nor collection update but I thought I give a shout out to the Aussie Pokemon community about this con:

AIcon (Anime Island)

Where: Derwent Entertainment Centre,
Brooker Highway, Glenorchy

When: 5th and 6th March

Why: I have a huge stall of B/W Pokemon stuff and it'd be great to meet
up with other collectors!! I'll be the fool dressed as Urahara
running around behind a pile of plushies XD.

Visit aicon.org.au if you're interested and let me know if you're coming!

Secondly, recently I've been mulling over the idea of making a physical catalogue of Pokemon Merchandise (sort of like a stamp catalogue if you know about those kind of things). So I'm curious - would you buy something like that? And if so how much would you pay for it? How would you want it done?

Option A) A once off print per year of merchandise which wouldn't be entirely comphrensive (e.g at the end of 2011 the 2011 catalogue is released and that would be the only ever 2011 release).

Option B) A completely comprehensive set of volumes covering all the years that would receive new editions yearly (so it would be revised, and any previously unknown items added in)?

Option A would work out a lot cheaper, but Option B would be more comprehensive. Either way, items would be arranged by company (e.g. Tomy) as opposed to Pokemon species (far easier to catalogue items featuring multiple Pokemon that way). So comment and let me know what you think!! (especially if you'd buy it or not)

And finally sorry for not having a Pokemon of the Week up in awhile ^^. I'll endeavour to get one up tonight!
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small, but priceless, collection update

After 3 + years, I am proud to say that I finally have these two rare beauties in my possessions! After acquiring these two, I believe I am only missing 3 zukans to complete my collection: Dunsparce, Ditto, and the Unown line.

Offtopic: Did anyone from Ontario attend the Canadian sampling tour in Mississauga? I'm interested in hearing how it turned out. :)
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Lots of toys n' stuff GA: Update

Hello all, just a quick update on our GA, I believe the package has been sent to Snowball21 and will be arriving shortly. However there are a few people who still owe money. Namely: Captainangel, Jeansama, Meijiatron.

Also, it is the utmost importance that you leave your Username in the payment AND label your packages destination (Country / Zip) in the spreadsheet?

Click image to go to original post


Hello, totally lost new member

February 24th, 15:26 I'm OLD, so that's probably why I'm completely confused how to use this site. Very frustrating. Hoping to find a friend or two to give me pointers as to how to use this site.

There are 3 things I'm (initially) hoping to achieve by being here.

1. I'm REALLY hoping to find someone who can help me find the ONE Pokemon Zukan I still need to complete my otherwise complete collection - that being Heracross. Have tried all sorts of things, and can't find anyone who can help me out. Seems like someone on this group might have some ideas, or even one to sell if I'm lucky.

2. I want to see if I can interest anyone in my Pokemon Zukan group over on Facebook. It's currently very thin on members. I've got photos over there of all my collection.

3. I'm hoping someone can give me some information on a pokemon toy I have - not seen it anywhere else. It's a Nurse Chansey, about 5" tall and is voice reactive. It dances and sings in response to hand claps etc. Just wondering what the history of this item is. I love it!

Anyway... not even sure if this posts anywhere where anyone sees it/reads it. Sigh. Wish I wasn't so techno-challenged.

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wee baby wants

hey, i'm just looking to see if there is anyone out there with a bulbasaur line zukan they would be willing to trade for a custom, or if anyone specifically has the ivysaur piece they would be willing to sell/trade. i just want that ivysaur lol. :P

and as always i also want that pokemon time bulbasaur plush, but that is old news.
thanks for reading! ^^;

(no subject)

Does anybody know if they made a plush for B&W Pokemon Doredia or US name Liligant? I dont have a pic of her but she has a flower crown on. If there is a plush does anyone have a pic or can get one? thanks everyone
Harry Potter - Plz

Sad story of a lost Dragonite!

Hello all, sorry for posting again so soon after my gets post on Tuesday.

Today my mum sent me some money by paypal - a refund from an eBay seller.

Before Christmas, last November, my mum bought me a Dragonite Pokedoll *_* it's the one Pokedoll I *really* want!

(image stolen from toysnjoys)

Well, you've probably all guessed that it's never arrived :( I don't know if it got lost in the post, or if the seller was trying to scam us... but we were given a full refund, so maybe not?

Le sigh. Anyway, if ANYONE has this little feller for sale PLEASE let me know. I have money ready, specifically to go on his little head :)

Also, I'm not clued up on the releases, but is the pic a minky one? Cos if a minky one exists and isn't like... super-expensive, I'd be ultra interested :) Answered, thank you!

ETA: Has anyone bought from toymandala.com? Is it a legit site?

Update - I have purchased Dragonite from toymandala.com with paypal! High postage cost, but hoping that's the only problem :3 if not, I'm covered with paypal :)
sad raven is sad

quick sales!

so these are some EMERGENCY SALES because my dad, long story short, is stealing my money on paypal. Using it without paying me back and then "forgetting" about it or making something up. This time I'm out $30 that was going towards my emboar pokedoll that I now have to pay for. I can't take the next few days to argue with him so I'm just saying "to hell with it" and I'm selling some stuff asap.

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Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Two Words.

Ever since this one phrase popped up on this community, I have always wanted to be able to say two words. I never could until today.

As one of the original members of the comm, a lot of you know me already, but for those that don't, I'm Growly and I hardcore collect Growlithe and Arcanine. :) I fell in love at first sight when I pulled a Growlithe out of my first deck of cards. I love puppies and dogs, and Growlithe's fat little stripey self won me over when I read it was a puppy. ^^ That was 11 years ago. Since then it has become my goal to collect one of every single piece of fire pup merchandise, including flats and even some unique bootlegs.

My first figure was the TOMY figure from a movie 5 pack sold here in America. I loved that little guy... sometimes I carried it in my pocket to middle school in secret, pulling it out between classes to look at. I thought it was funny his tail looked like a popcorn kernel too, haha.

I really am just a kid at heart even still, so I'm just as obsessed as I once was. I always would hope and wish for Hasbro or somebody to make a Growlithe plushie. I looked in every store, including a cool Japanese anime import store that has since closed. I could never find a Growlithe, so I just figured they didn't exist. I continued to add things to my tiny collection and saved lots of pictures of things I found on eBay to my wishlist (I wasn't really allowed to buy things online, so I just documented them!)

Then around 2006 I joined pokemon and everyone was abuzz over merch. :D I found out about all kind of new and exciting Japanese stuff I'd never seen before! Then of course pkmncollectors comm was born later and I immediately joined.
Got TONS of new Growlithe stuff for my collection, it started growing rapidly! Then one day I was talking with someone on the comm and they mentioned they saw a real Growlithe plushie in a second-hand store just a few days earlier! :OO This was all before the beautiful 2010 Canvas plushies were released, this was about 2008.

Amazed, I started a search... a tireless, endless search that's lasted years. I posted wanted ads for information, pictures, anything! People responded to my postings and confirmed for me it did in fact, exist! My obsession burned high and I started utilizing every resource I could find. I had so many false leads... people who once had it in storage only to find out upon looking for it, that it was given away years ago, or that it got destroyed, or sold in a yard sale when they were away. It was maddening. I couldn't even find a PICTURE, yet more people came out of the woodwork to tell me they once had one or had JUST saw one in a store the other day. x__x

From people's descriptions, I figured out what brand it probably was, and had a good mental image of what it looked like, so it's funny that what I finally found doesn't fit any of the descriptions I got at all.

I have always wanted to be able to say these two words.

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ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Angela_Samshi GA Update

Update on this GA:

My iPhone was stolen yesterday and I've just found out now that I can't claim for insurance on it... Because of this, I'm retracting my claims on the Charizard PokéDoll, Palkia Tomy and Scyther TCG. :( I will still strive to run this GA though!
The GA ends on Monday but we're still ridiculously far from our target so... get those bids in! Some very uncommon PokéDolls still going for very cheap at the moment.

Go go go!
[Pokemon] Derpsire
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(no subject)

As a final reminder, the ongoing Diorama contest is coming to a close!

Click the picture to go to the main info post!

As far as WHEN exactly the contest ends, We will no longer be accepting any entries past February 25th, 2011 at 11:59PM PST! Here is a countdown!

I hope we get a few more entries in before time is up! I've loved seeing all the diorama entries so far and I'm glad so many people participated. :) <3

Member's Site Link Exchange!

Alright collectors, get your links ready... We're doing a link exchange!

Remember doing a friending meme a little while back? :D Well, now here's one for your websites. I know quite a few of you have stunning websites out there displaying your pokemon collections, so why not spread the word around the community? Here's how it works!

Post a comment down below with the following information..

Site Name:
Some sort of banner
Link to your site

Everyone should make their own comment with the information above, then members can reply to your comment saying they've linked you. You'll be able to see their information and link back! :) (I hope that's not too confusing?)

I'll post mine to start off with so everyone can see the format!
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I will have a collection update tomorrow. I would have one today, but my mom wants to be the first to use her new digi-cam. I'm home, so prepare for an xbox huge Toge-collection. It's as complete as can be,sans some random, obscure flats that I am working to procure. Or rather, the Togekiss Aspect is complete. Not-so-much tic and def not pi as I don't care so much for the derp egg.

That is beside the point. The point of this post is to say that our auctions for lovely gen 5 customs ends tomorrow at 11:59 and you should bid because your bids secure the future of my Togeburds. Togekiss only appear where there is no strife and my bills are creating strife, so help my home be a Togekiss-happy zone. Do it for the burds!

Link: lonepichu.livejournal.com/621656.html#cutid1

I love how my Munna (she needs to get her own collection update. She was a mistake and I absolutely am in love with all 1.5 inches of her OMG, she is mine and I may make more of her if there is interest, but this one lives on my desk forever) is to scale with Kamitsure in this photo XD

Small Wants: Best Wishes Rocket Kids

I'm looking to buy the new Best Wishes Rocket Kids but I only want Jessie and James not the clear Pokemon that come with them. If you know where I can get them please let me know, or if anyone is willing to do a group buy for the Pokemon figures while I buy the Human figures. I found them on Brian's site but $20 plus shipping per set of 1 human Trainer and their respective Pokemon is personally a bit too much for me. Let me know Thanks!